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“Editing is the invisible magic that transforms raw footage into a captivating visual experience.” – Angus Wall


Do you want to build apps like GoPro Quik? Continue reading this blog. As digitalization and technological developments are occurring all over the world, the need to advance communication technology is increasing.

Smartphone technology never misses a chance to create a useful utility for its users. They are always one step ahead in bringing value to individuals, whether it is by phoning, taking pictures, storing them, setting alarms, or laying the groundwork for custom apps.

In this era, Video editing apps like GoPro Quik are becoming popular and users love them for their user-friendly features and outstanding editing options. Video editing tools can be used to improve or enhance videos. Users simply need to record the video and use them to edit it.

However, because of the success of software like iMovie and Adobe Premiere Rush, more entrepreneurs have decided to invest in the same sector.

Before hiring a mobile app development service provider, businesses need to understand what features they require and how much the cost will be to create mobile video editing apps like GoPro Quik.

So let’s begin.


What is GoPro Quik?

GoPro Quik is a video editing mobile application that allows users to create high-quality videos from GoPro footage, or any footage on their mobile devices. This app is available for free on both iOS and Android.


What is GoPro Quik


The gopro editing software offers a simple and intuitive interface. It allows users to edit films quickly and easily.Music, sound effects, and filters are just a few of the many video editing options the programme offers. Quik offers pre-made templates which users can customize with their own music and film.

Quik’s ability to automatically cut video is its main advantage. Machine learning techniques are used to analyze footage and create a video clip which matches the style and the tempo of selected music. The user has the option to build their own themes or select from a choice of pre-made ones. The app allows users to change the length of the video as well as the transitions in between sections.


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Market Statistics of Video Editing Applications


Market Statistics of Video Editing Applications


  • Global video editing software sales reached 779.8 millions U.S. Dollars in 2018, and are expected to reach 932.7 by 2025.
  • GoPro Quik was Norway’s top-grossing app for video players in February 2022. The gopro phone app generated revenues of over 4600 U.S. Dollars.
  • In the period measured, Google Cast and Android TV Streamer TV cast amassed about 3800 U.S. Dollars. TinyCam was the second most popular app, with 2858 U.S. Dollars through Google Play Store.
  • In July 2021, GoPro Quik ranked first in the Google Play Store for mobile video players in Switzerland with approximately 83.6 thousand downloads. Google Play Movies & TV ranked as the second most popular app with 63.5 thousand downloads.
  • GoPro’s worldwide revenue fluctuated between 2012 and 2021. In 2022, GoPro generated global revenues of approximately 1.09 billion U.S. Dollars.
  • GoPro’s revenue is divided into three geographic regions. The Americas region will generate the largest amount of revenue for the company in 2021; approximately 607 million U.S. Dollars.
  • The company has spent more than 123 million dollars on R&D.

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How Does Video Editing Apps like GoPro Quik Work?

GoPro Quik makes it easy to edit and enhance videos taken by GoPro cameras. Quik analyzes the video footage to automatically select the best moments, based on factors such as action, faces and highlights.

The quick gopro app uses computer vision and advanced algorithms to identify these elements. App then uses pre-built transitions and effects, as well as templates and transitions to create an engaging and polished video.

Video editing app development technology allows users to personalize their videos with text, music and the ability to adjust the length of each clip.

It also offers video trimming, slow motion effects, and automatic color correction to improve the quality of footage. The user may export the movie to their smartphone or post it straight on social media when editing is complete.

Examples of Top 5 Video Editing Apps like GoPro Quik

Now that you know how apps like GoPro Quik work, it is time to checkout some of the best video editing apps that are ruling the market. So let’s begin.


1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro, a video editing app of professional quality, is widely used by the film and TV industry. It is one of the best video editing software for gopro.

Users may edit films with a variety of tools and features that provide them creative and precise editing options. Professionals and fans alike like Premiere Pro because of its user-friendly interface, robust editing capabilities, and compatibility for several file types.


2. Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X, a video-editing software created by Apple for macOS, is a powerful tool that allows users to edit videos. It offers a smooth editing experience by combining advanced editing tools with intuitive controls and a sleek user interface.

Final Cut Pro X offers 360-degree video, multicam editing and advanced color grading. It is also popular among Apple users because of its seamless integration with Apple’s other products and services.


3. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve offers powerful video editing features that are professional in both color correction and editing. It is widely known for its advanced color grading features, which are used by the film industry.

DaVinci Resolve offers robust editing tools as well as multi-user collaboration and high-resolution format support. The software is available both in a free and a paid version, so it’s accessible to all users.


Cost of Developing a Video Editing App Similar to GoPro Quik


4. iMovie

iMovie, a video editor developed by Apple, is a simple app that can be used on iOS and macOS. Its drag-and-drop editing interface makes it ideal for inexperienced and casual users.

To assist users in producing professional films, iMovie provides simple editing tools and transitions. It effortlessly connects with all of Apple’s other products and services. This makes it a favorite among Apple users.


5. HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express, a free video editor software, combines professional editing tools and visual effects. Users can create visually stunning videos using a variety of transitions, effects and compositing tools. HitFilm Express offers 2D and 3-D effects, advanced color grading and keyframe animation. It offers a variety of tutorials to help users master the features.

Benefits of Video Editing Apps Like GoPro Quik

Now that you know the top editing apps, we will now discuss the benefits of GoPro Quik video editing app.


benefits of GoPro Quik Video editing apps


1. Automatically Sync and Organize GoPro Footage

The Quik app allows you to easily organize and manage all your GoPro footage. You can easily access the videos recorded by the camera. It allows you to sync videos across multiple devices, so that they are automatically available on other devices.


2. Interface That is Intuitive and Interactive

The user interface of the app was created from the bottom up to make editing films simple for users of all skill levels. GoPro quik video editor is a great feature for both experienced editors and beginners to learn how to make videos.


3. Auto Edit Feature

The Auto Edit feature is a powerful tool that lets users select clips, drag them into the application and edit them together. This app allows you to edit in a cinematic way without having to spend hours changing clips. The app uses visual and musical elements to create a video.


4. Professional Quality Results

GoPro Quik delivers professional results, just as a professional videographer would. Quik’s features give the finished result the appearance that it was made by a professional cameraman.


5. Extensive Range of Platforms that Support

GoPro editing app is compatible with all operating systems, including Windows, Android and macOS. Users have a wide range of options when it comes to creating and editing video content.

Features to Integrate in Video Editing Apps Like GoPro Quik

There are some features that you must have in any video editing application. But to create apps like GoPro Quik, there are a few more features to consider that are approved by an entertainment app development company. So let’s check out.


1. Importing Footage

Importing footage from different sources, such as cameras, mobile phones, etc., is the first thing that any content creator does to edit videos. It is therefore essential that your video editing app has this feature. Without it, the user will not be able to edit or create videos.


2. Trimming and Splitting Clips

The ability to split and trim clips into smaller videos, which can then be edited within the app, is one of the most useful features of quik video editor app. Trimming allows users to remove unwanted portions of a video and only use those that are needed for the final product.

Splitting a clip allows you to include a transition, or even another clip. However, you can now edit and trim video in an app like Lightroom, applicable for only iOS users.


3. Add Music

Addition of music is a feature that every video editor app should have. Music (or voiceover) is an important part of every video. Users must be able to add music or voiceover.


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4. Text and Titles

Text and/or titles should be able to be added to videos in all video editing apps. The app allows the user to create an opening screen without having to use another software or app. Additionally, Including AI features in your app may significantly increase its utility, user experience, and competitive edge. So you can take assistance from professionals of AI development solutions.


5. Filters and Effects

Video content creators enjoy the option to add effects and filters. Filters are preset edits which enhance the quality by altering the saturation, color, contrast etc. You can find many of these filters, such as on Instagram, which allow users to apply the desired effect with one click.


6. Create Transitions

The ability to create and add transitions is another must-have in any video editing software like GoPro edit software. Transitions enable the editor to place clips one after the other without losing the audience.


7. Frame Rate Adjustment

The frame rate is what determines the video’s speed. By allowing users to alter the frame rate, they can create a time-lapse or slow-motion effect. However the video editing rate will vary depending on the software you use and the professional you hire.


8. Exporting Options

The users should also be able export the video to their preferred format. Video creators usually use 1080p or 2140p for their videos. Users should be able export the video to these formats.


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Factors Affecting the Cost to Develop Video Editing Apps like GoPro Quik


Cost to Develop Video Editing Apps like GoPro Quik


● Platform Compatibility

When creating an editing software for GoPro, the first thing you should consider is the platform that you plan to release it on. Your choice of platform will have the biggest impact on cost, as the more platforms your app is available on, the higher it will cost.

Currently, there are four platforms available: Android, iOS and Windows. You will pay more to have your app available on all platforms. This allows you to reach as many users as you can.


● Features and Functionalities

Some features are necessary for every video app, but others are nice to have. Features like changing the frame rate to change the speed and offering interesting filters can add cost, but they also make video editing easier and more enjoyable for your users.

Therefore, to create a high-caliber, feature-rich mobile application for iPhone devices, use the services of the top ios app development company.


● UI/UX Design

Video editing can be a difficult task and requires a lot of skill from the editor. This task can be made easier by a well designed user interface. For a video-editing app such as GoPro quick many options and tools need to fit on the screen of a smartphone or tablet.

The UI/UX must be designed so that editors can easily access the tools they need. A UI like this will increase the cost of creating a video editor app.


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Cost to Develop Video Editing Apps Like GoPro Quik

The cost to develop a mobile app like GoPro Quik can influence the total costs of an app. This requires careful consideration of many aspects.

The platform, complexity, size, core functionality and advanced features of an application are all important factors. Also, consider the team structure and technology stack of the developers as well as their location.

You can reach more customers by creating an app that works on both iOS platforms and Android. Let’s calculate a rough estimate based on what we’ve discussed thus far.

To build apps like GoPro Quik would cost between $8,000 and $20,000. This cost may increase if you want to include more features or make your app compatible with multiple platforms and browsers. So it is better to consult iOS or android development services providers to get an accurate cost estimation.



An effective app should be created with the demands of your target market in mind. Before your apps like GoPro Quik can go live, a well-organized team must be in place to manage the many steps in the app development process.

Your plan should give you a good indication of how much money you’ll need to invest in the project. The convenience of the user should be carefully addressed while developing your app’s monetization approach.

Now that you know the cost estimation of video editing apps like GoPro Quik, you can now turn your idea into reality. Getting help from experienced developers might be beneficial if you want to create a video editing app that is cost-effectively comparable to GoPro Quik.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Create a Mobile App like GoPro Quik?

The process to create a mobile app like GoPro Quik is mentioned below:

  • Define your app’s purpose and target audience.
  • Plan the features and user interface.
  • Design wireframes and mockups.
  • Develop the app using programming languages like Java or Swift.
  • Test, iterate, and refine the app.
  • Publish it on app stores.

How Long Does it Take to Develop Video Editing Apps Like GoPro Quik?

The time it takes to develop a GoPro Quik like video editing app can vary depending on its complexity and functionality. It can range from 4 to six months on average.