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Technology is speeding faster than ever and the world of development every second requires an updated set of skills and specialties. In the roster of DevOps, ShortOps, and Frontends, Full Stack Web Developer is also a booming term.

If you are looking for advice to hire a full-stack developer, you need to understand the skills of a full-stack developer. Efficient full-stack developers are most likely to be in demand. Essentials to know before hiring one are mentioned below-


What is the Full Stack Developer?


Full Stack Developer



All web development projects are classified into backend and frontend. The real business logic and data magic play behind the scene for the functioning of the web application.

A full stack developer can jump on every aspect of application from servers to the typical state structures. It works over every part of a web application without significant overload, which is a great advantage while designing new features.

When looking to hire full stack developer, it must be able to play with the business logic and take the full responsibility of the application. A custom software development company has people with multiple dimensions, which demand good coordination between team members.

The web application developers work longer whether it is the construction of an API, or the huge web development services, same team trip together.

A full stack developer is a super programmer who easily handles the interior segment and the huge task of web application development. Working with the stack developers is exceptionally demanding.


What Skills to Look Into a Web Developer in 2019 Before Hiring

Who is a Full Stack Developer?

Full-stack developers are capable of creating full-fledged applications including mobile, web for desktop. They are also efficient with front end and backend services, database management, MVC, APIs, hosting environment and so on.


Skills to look on


  • HTML/CSS- a full stack developer must have in-depth knowledge of HTML and CSS to facilitate enhancing the quality of content.
  • Javascript- JavaScript is one of the most popular web development services and its utility is remarkable in React native app development company. The developer must be capable of using its libraries, tools and frameworks.
  • Backend- A developer must efficiently know Node.Js, python, flask and other such languages and frameworks.
  • Database management- It is crucial for the developer to have knowledge of relational database management and storage.
  • Web architecture- The developer must possess the skills of front end and backend architecture along with code reusability.

A professional full-stack developer can become a useful asset for various companies in order to fulfill their objectives as a software development company.


The Advantage of Hiring a Full Stack Developer for Web Development Services

  • Rapid design of Protocols and use of wide range of progressive techniques.
  • Reduction of time and technical communication cost.
  • Less overload of team management.


full stack developer

Skills Which Looked by a Web Development Company While Hiring a Full Stack Developer


1. Git and GitHub

All good programmers know how to work with Git and GitHub. The version management over Git repositories makes the application development more easy and robust. If they work alone, the git and GitHub are highly required while if they work in the team, then necessary. Web Development services with the version management over Git and GitHub increase the sense of security and productivity.



HTML and CSS are the skills that are must for the beginner and advance both developers. CSS facilitates the decoration of the content.


3. JavaScript

Being one of the most popular languages for web development services and the only language that works on client side, it is also one of the most important languages for full stack developer. With the growth of this language, there is a lot to learn every time.

A good developer must know the use of new and better javascript libraries, framework and tools. JavaScript can also be used server-side with node.js. Every custom web application development demands the deep knowledge of JavaScript and its framework such as Angular and React.

Manipulation of Json, working with DOM, structuring the code and modularization is the essential skills for a stack developer.


4. Backend

Node.js is one of the most demanded languages now, being run on the server side. A developer must know the basics to run the code whereas Python is also demanded by web application development companies. Python is a too simple and refined language with frameworks such as Django and Flask.


5. Relational Database Management

Building a web application demands the knowledge of database and storage. It is crucial for the developers.


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HTTP protocol enables the communication between the server and the client. REST uses HTTP to generate operation over the data. In simple words, REST API powers the backend to understand the Frontend. So it becomes necessary for developers to know the relation between both.


7. Knowledge of Web Architecture

A full stack developer must possess the deep knowledge of front and backend both. He must know to reuse of the code, structuring of the code, safe storing of the data and performing the computational tasks.

The knowledge and skills of stack developer make special emphasis on the foundation of the project. Stack development is not meant just to fit the bricks in the wall, rather anticipate the huge workload wall is built to lift for.

Few Important Tips for Hiring a Stack Developer

  • For hiring competent skills, the search must be narrowed down. You can always take references from the company who are hiring Stack developer. Make sure to read the reviews and rating before hiring.
  • Set the high criteria: Setting the criteria high helps you to judge the developer and his skills. At the time of hiring, the test is the easiest thing to know, what a developer is good at. Whether he has all the required knowledge or not. Keeping your demands on high priority, you can have the best talent available.


We can say that a full stack developer is a professional with the master key of both front and back end. If you are fearful of the security risks, then you must hire a custom software development company, which offers the dedicated resources for web application development. This way you can have your tasks done with less overhead of keeping track of work and security issues