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In 2020, the coronavirus outbreaks affect most of the business and the grocery business is also of them.

With this second wave of the pandemic, the people are requested to stay in their respective houses in order to reduce the spread of it.

Now here the on-demand grocery delivery apps like Big Basket and Instacart, help people to fulfil their grocery needs by seating art home.

These are just like the normal delivery applications, where you can order groceries like fresh fruits and vegetables, canned foods, spices and other raw materials needed for cooking.

Plus, on-demand grocery applications created by grocery delivery app developer, provides two facilities to the customers.

The chance to get affected with the virus from the crowd of the grocery store will be zero. Secondly, as the products that you’re buying direct comes from the wholesalers you can buy them at cheaper rates.

Before the pandemic situations, it has been seen by Brain and Companies that 3 to 4 per cent of the population used these applications to fulfil their grocery needs.

But after the coronavirus that percentage increases to 17 to 20 per cent. And there is around a 300% hike in just one month that is from February to march.

So, the applications like Big Baskets and Instacart hired more people to cover the increased demand of product supply.

At that time many new entrepreneurs started a new business in this market line and full the increased demand of the customers.

Plus, they also assured the public that they will provide the same quality of support after the pandemic situations also.

So now if you are a newcomer in this market you have to implement an innovative and unique way to earn users in this market.

And same applied to the established applications. As there is a chance your usual customer may again opt for the normal traditional grocery system. So, you have to find a way to maintain customers interest in your application.

To gain more knowledge about these on-demand online grocery website development applications.

And how they work, earn and full fill their demand along with the development cost, please continue this blog.

What are on-demand grocery applications?

Living in the 21st century, it is safe to say that apps play a very important role in your daily activities. Today we have applications for almost everything.

But there is one thing which is common on almost every application and that is delivering services. Some of the application deliver products as their service while the other delivers assistance as services.

On-demand grocery applications are the delivery applications that deliver grocery items to their customers.


Generally, in these applications, the products are delivered to their customers within 24 hours of placing the order.

And that why these types of online grocery shopping app development need daily updates on the product so that they can track the number of units left in the logistic.

It is basically a supermarket where instead of pushing a shopping cart and visit every aisle for getting the required product you can just open up the app on your phone and buy the same products without any effort.

You can do the shopping while sitting at home and also have them delivered to your home without any hassle.

In 2019 the revenue earned by on-demand grocery delivery applications w around 14 billion dollars but at the end of 2020, the amount rises up to $30 billion. Even the average sales revenue of America for these applications is around $6 billion.

What are the benefits of these on-demand grocery applications?

There are many benefits of online grocery software, that can make out lives easy going. Those benefits are,

1. Enhanced connivances

This is the most essential thing that you can provide to your users. In the traditional grocery market, you have to travel a certain amount of distance.

Then you have to carry a cart and pickup grocery then wait in line to make the payment for it.

But in the case of on-demand grocery apps, you just have to open the app, add the required grocery to the virtual card, and pay for it.

The delivery partners of the app will deliver you the order in your comfortable time and place. Also, you will be able to enjoy cheaper rates and offers which is kind of an add-on to this benefit.

2. Better customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is the factor that may be the reason for the success of your on-demand grocery business.

There are many customers who will choose quality services. You earn customer loyalty by providing them with the best product possible along with a personalized and intuitive user experience.

This will help you maintain the existing customer and also attract new potential customers.

Moreover, this process can be also done by implementing a loyalty reward system. That means introducing reward points, bonus or discounts on every time a user’s place an order.

You will be able to analyse the revenue that you are earning from the potential customers easily.

3. Live to track of order status

This feature helps the users to increase the trust in your organizations. Providing the live tracking options to your users proves full transparency on their order.

This means the users can track whether the product is coming from authorized locations or not.

For providing this benefit to your users you will need a responsive make your own grocery delivery app.

As everyday nemourids numbers of orders are placed by the users, and without a responsive application you will not be able to provide them live tracking of each and every order.

4. Efficient order and inventory management

This benefit is for the business owners. Usually, in the traditional inventory system, the business owners or employees have to go through every aisle of the inventory and update whether any product needs re-stocking or not.

Also, you have to hire a person for that, maintain a logbook and spend much more effort on this.

On the other hand, there is a unique management system present in almost all on-demand grocery applications.

It is known as Admin Panel. This option will help you to manage existing products of your inventory by accessing the application through your smartphone.

Plus, if any specific product needs restocking, the app will send you the notification so you can provide a better service to your customers.

This benefit helps the users of the app to get a continuous product flow from the grocery delivery software.

5. Decreased overhead

To run a traditional grocery business effectively you will need a sufficient number of employees. Not only that you will need employees who are experienced enough to perform certain task quickly and efficiently.

Searching and hiring this type of employees can be a tedious task for organizations. Plus, you have to pay them a standard salary for the services.

But in the case of on-demand grocery applications, you can reduce the number of employees after the set-up of the logistics is done.

As most of the work will be done by the applications. Only a few numbers of employees can cover standard delivery demand every day.

You just have to pay the hire dedicated developers for developing and maintaining your applications. And providing the best customer service to your users.

6. Versatile payment options

This is also of the important benefits for using on-demand grocery application. Every customer is comfortable with different payment options.

Some are comfortable paying through credit or debit card, UPIs or Banking applications or net banking.

New customers can also opt for the COD (Cash on Delivery) payment options because it is natural, they don’t trust your organizations fully.

Availability of all the necessary payment options in the application can increase the user base for your applications.

How does the on-demand grocery delivery application work in the market?

These types of application are basically creating a connection between the buyers and shoppers present in their locality. To fulfil the daily grocery requirements of the buyers.

These types of applications are accessed by 3 types of people, such as buyers, admin and shoppers. Each and every user have specific functionality that all together run the applications.

Here is a detailed overview of how these applications works and how can the revenue for your business is earned.

  • First the shopper’s login into the website or the application with their emails or phone number. Then they validate the presence of their organization by providing documents like trade licence and lease of the physical location of it.
  • After the approval of the grocery store, the admin creates its online presence of the store with the help of online grocery store development
  • Once the online presences are created the buyers can access the different products which are available in the store.
  • And the buyers can add the products in to the virtual cart and then place the order by paying through various payment method available in the applications.
  • After the payment are confirmed with the admin the list of order goes to the shoppers from where the products are packed for shipping and delivery.
  • Once the products are packed and ready for dispatch, the delivery executives take the order and deliver it to the customers in their desired locations.
  • In case of any issues done on the whole process the admin of the applications provides the buys with 24X7 customer support. Where users can exchange the defective products or apply for a refund.

In the above process, the buys are able to fulfil the grocery needs whole sitting at home, and the shoppers are able to maintain the same number of customers during the pandemic times.

Then what will be the profit for your applications? don’t worry you will be able to earn profit from every one.

Firstly, users will pay you to get a membership and enjoy special services like offers, discount and promo codes.

Then you will get more and more sponsors to push their new products in the market through your on-demand grocery delivery app.

And they usually pay a significant of money to these types of applications. this is mandatory to develop a better application with the help of the best android app development company available in the market.

What are the basic features of the on-demand grocery applications?

Alike every application present in the market the on-demand grocery apps also come with various useful features.

grocery app features

All the features that are usually implemented in these applications are for fulfilling all needs. The features of the applications can broadly be divided into 3 categories such as

1. Shoppers features

If you login in to the application as a shopper. You will be able to get the users delivery requirements and address.

In order to register your shop in the applications, you have to go through a series of validations. Where you have to verify that you have a legitimate business with your trade licence and the lease agreement of the organizations.

This process is done so that the application from the hands of fraud organizations and secure users’ money.

In order to start the validation process, you should go through the website of the on-demand solutions, or continue the verification process from the applications. Here are some of the features of the application for new shoppers,

  • User profile
  • A list of due and fulfilled orders
  • Barcode scanner
  • Google Maps integration to get the exact delivery address
  • Changing of order status in case of delay.
  • Order description
  • Messaging and calling services

2. Admin features

The features which are implemented to manage the buyers and shoppers of the applications are known ad Admin features.

The main need of the admin is to verify the new shoppers who want to register in your application. And finalize the payment done by the buyers and send a confirmation notice to both of them.

Plus, admin is the part that provides immediate solutions to the users in case of any issue via online chat or call. Here are some of the features that make the work of the admin easy-going and efficient. Such as,

  • Category list
  • List of existing buyers
  • List of existing shoppers
  • Authentication of user profiles
  • Order lists
  • Transaction and payment option
  • Administrator login
  • Validations of the shopper profiles.

3. Buyers features

These are the most basic features that you will find on almost on-demand grocery delivery applications.

The needs of the buyer are adding or removing items from the virtual cart, detailed search on any product, etc.

Here are some of the features that can enhance the buyer’s experience of the apps developed by the full-stack development company,

  • Product search engine
  • Product catalogue
  • Product description
  • Shopping cart
  • Wish list
  • Payment gateways
  • Live order tracking
  • Order status
  • Information of delivery person and shoppers
  • Registration via Google or Facebook
  • Recent deals and offers
  • Feedback for every order
  • 24X7 online chat or call support in case of any issues.

What is the cost of developing the on-demand grocery applications?

Developing these types of application can cost you more if you want every feature to be created from the scratch.

But as a new entrepreneur in this line of business grocery delivery app development companies may recommend you to go for MVP configures application.

MVP means ‘minimum viable product’. An MVP configured product contains basic features of the applications along with a limited number of products. Plus, they are easy to develop, cost less and provides better time to market value.

The developed product can be launched into the market with a minimum amount of time. And according to the demand, user base and popularity you can implement new features, product and services.

The development services of your application will include all the development works along with management of the project, fixing bugs or glitches, and quality assurance.

Also, a well-established web development company will provide you with detailed technical documents along with security services, installations and maintenance services, deployment of applications, and clickable prototypes.

An MVP induced project can take up to 4 months to deploy in the market depending on the complexity of it.

Developing a feature-packed on-demand grocery delivery application can cost you $60,000 to $80,000 dollars depending on the mobile app developers for hire. And it could take from 8 to 10 months to make an application ready for launch.

Strategies that you may follow to fulfil the supply for your demands

During the pandemic situation, people are afraid to go out even for their needs. That is why they are maintaining proper social distancing techniques.

In these difficult times, you can help your users to meet their everyday grocery and essentials need properly.

And also ensure the growth of your business in this competitive market. Here are some of the strategies that you may follow for increasing your user base. Such as

1. Delivery of high-quality services

Providing the best customer services is the most important key to success. If the customers are satisfied with your delivered product along with your user services.

Automatically they will help you to bring new users to the applications who can be your potential customer for the rest of their life.

Delivery of better and fresh quality of products along with 24X7 customer service is also needed. And try to full the demand of the users as early as possible.

To ensure this you have to develop a feature-packed application from a mobile app development company.

The better services will prove your loyalty and dedication towards your customers. And they will trust your services in this uncertain time also.

2. Implementing an innovative way of contactless delivery

In order to maintain the social distancing according to the government norms. In it mandatory to implement different contactless delivery ideas for the users.

The delivery partners can leave the product in front of their doors, or any places from where the users can get the product easily.

You can try to keep your users safe from coronavirus by limiting the interactions with delivery personals.

3. Providing measures for personal protection

As a responsible business owner of the country keeping safe your employees and users should be your number one priority in this pandemic situation.

Implementing some guidelines and imposing them on both users and employees can do the work.

Provide detailed information on how the employees can work only when they are wearing a mask, face shield, and hand gloves.


Plus, they should sanitize their hand frequently along with daily temperate check before start working in the storage and distribution units. The delivery personals should sanitize the product before delivering it to the customers.

And guides for the user like the use of face shield and mask while accepting the delivery.

4. Expansion of partner network

To maintain the government norms i.e., to stay away from the large crowds and obey social distancing laws.

People are staying in their respective houses to stay safe. This decreases the sale of offline supermarkets and stores by 40 per cent.

And these stores don’t have that much capital to hire react native developers and develop an on-demand grocery application.

So, they are joining the already existing grocery delivery applications. This is beneficial for both the local vendor and your application business.

As the more local support you get from the vendors more you will be able to fulfil users demands. Also, with an increased number of products, you can deliver them on the same day depending on the stock.

Again, instead of going out of business or running in loss the local vendors can also earn profit from the partner applications by fulfilling everyday targets and providing better quality products.

Along with all these strategies, you can always expand your user base by developing the application for Apple store users also.

For that, you need to hire an iOS developer who can provide you a progressive application for your on-demand grocery delivery business.


During the pandemic situation, your on-demand delivery application should be cable enough to fulfill the increased demand of your users.

If you are able to deliver high quality of product and the best customer service then your app will get success in no time.

For the new start-ups, this is the right time to enter this market. With your innovative ideas, features and service you will be able to challenge your competitors easily.