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The agile software development model is a technique that helps to provide software quicker and handle customer’s preferences/urgencies in a much more efficient manner than various other models out there.

Customer’s out there who are willing to avail web development services may not be even aware of what “agile software development model” means. We will try to throw some light on the various understandings of customers regarding the aspect of Agile software development.

What is Agile Software Development?

Here we are providing the basic fundamentals of Agile listed below:

1. Teamwork

Under this technique companies hire web developers and nurture them to work collectively as a team. This interaction between the developers paves the way for the creation of innovative ideas.

2. Prototype Software

The custom software development company needs to be ready with prototypes rather than just comprehensive details on paper then. Hence they will able be deliver much faster and attend to more requirements by the customers.

3. Involvement of Customers in The Development

The best software development company tries to get their customers involved in the software development process in order to intricately develop the software as per their requirements.

4. Modifications During The Development

The developers try to split the development process into bits. This may lead to the emergence of new unique ideas in order to modify the software in later stages.

Agile is a technique where there is a lot of room for enhancement. It doesn’t follow the conventional method of development where changes are made after the software is launched.

No matter how well the software is developed at first it will require changes. But in Agile one can go on making modifications in the duration of the development process. This makes agile much more cost-effective from the customers’ point of view.

In orthodox techniques, the customer lays out the requirements to the company and it acts on the basis of those requirements. Therefore it is less of a gamble and it makes it duller.

But in Agile the best software development company makes their best developers sit with the customer to brainstorm unique out-of-the-box ideas to create a platform/software which is alluring.


The Procedure of Agile Software Development

1. Prerequisites

In this stage, the customer approaches the custom software development company with the various ideas that he has thought of. The developers sit with the customer and chalk out the requirements.

2. Materialization

This part is where it actually begins. After the aforementioned stage, the web development services company reaches back to the customer with a plan on how they wish to implement the project.

  • Once they receive the go-ahead from the customer they go on to work on the main features of the software. These features are basically the framework of the product that is to be delivered.
  • Again the developers reach out to the customers to get their take on the progress that has been made. In this stage, the customer is again asked about his views i.e. whether he feels some modification/alterations are required or not. Everything is made as per the taste of the customer.
  • After getting a nod from the customer the product is in the finishing stage. Here the software is put through rigorous tests to check whether every feature is working or not.

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3. Delivery

The working software is handed over to the customer after thorough testing in the previous stage.

An analysis of the above shows how much customer involvement is there in the whole process. The software is built from scratch and during all the intermediate stages it is run and showed to the customer for more enhancements as per his requirements. Hence there lies a lot of room for improvement.

To showcase a specimen we take into consideration a food delivery app. The developers design a basic web application form where the user can place orders. In the beginning, it can start off with a limited amount of restaurants.

Then gradually increasing the territory to various small to large food joints. After which some new features such as membership plans can be incorporated for customers to avail them in order to get discounts on delivery costs. Hence agile helps customers enhance their platform step by step.


Advantages of Agile Software Development

  1. Vigorous customer and developer interaction and brainstorming bring out more distinctive ideas which can be incorporated into the platform.
  2. Once the groundwork has been laid down by the customer the developers crack on with the job of preparing the necessary features. In due course, they gradually go on to improvise and add new details and options which are again reviewed by the customer. Hence customer satisfaction is taken care of.
  3. If the customer finds that some major alterations are required in the product at any given time, then they are custom-made as per the requirement.
  4. No major paperwork is required for such kinds of software development. Illustrations and visuals go a long way rather than printed sheets of A4.

Advantages of Agile

Disadvantages of Agile Software Development

  • If the communication between the customer and the developers are not thorough enough, then there might be repercussion resulting in a mediocre platform which may be unappealing.
  • As the area for changes/modifications in Agile is high, there are chances of something not going according to plan. Due to this, some hindrances may occur in due course of time which the developers have to deal with.


The software companies hire web developers who are experts in their trade to provide services to customers in the most bespoke way possible. Hence, Agile there is no endgame and is a continuous process for discovering and rediscovering.