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You must have come across the term “Tech Stack” but have no idea what it means. Well, this is one of the words of our jargon language like every working field has. And it is not something that you can neglect. It is way too important for software product development. That is why here we will understand what it really means and why is it so important for people working in the tech sector. As the name suggests it is a stack of something related to technology so developers may already know about it or find it easy to do so. Also, it is a part of web development services.

What does it mean by Tech Stack?

A tech stack is an integral part of the process of web development or the development of a mobile application. And it usually comes to the surface when talks are going on about the blend of software and computing languages while working on the creation of an application. Starting with the right combination is very crucial for the progression of the project. This helps in preventing the whole process to repeat again. The tech stack in your project is like the root of it and to make sure it stays strong you must hire a cloud architect from a custom software development company.

Now, the tech stack is the foundation of your project application on which everything else is built upon. These include other software solutions, frameworks, and computing languages. For instance, if you used Ruby on rails for the making of your project then it provided you with the framework to built on using its language. It can also access the database made by PostgreSQL. A server is also required for the hosting and you can go for servers like Apache. All of these come under the stack of server-side. Now we will discuss what is included in the client-side stack. This contains computing languages that will convert your application into a readable one. These are HTML, Javascript, and CSS.

For the software product development procedure of a mobile application, the stack is quite small. As it is hardly a native application and nothing more and one which is made with Xcode or Android Studio. Now comes the software part, you should use the best of the best software for the development of your application. Go with the most efficient software and management tools. Also, the more advanced your application is the more complicated it will be its development. Hence you will need more people to work on it.

To manage such a complex process and so many developers you should use a project management software that will help you and your team to work in an agile way. One such software is Hubstaff Tasks. With its task cards and sprints, your team will be able to work efficiently as they can add comments, due dates and assign tasks, etc. This is not essentially part of your tech stack but is useful in working effectively.

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Why tech stack is important?

Its name may not sound so interesting but learning about it is quite an intimidating task. As the technology that you will use in the development of your application matters a lot especially if you own a custom software development company. For instance, some servers are compatible with high-read operations but not with high-write traffic. This is an important point to note if your application is transitioning from local to cloud storage.

Also as mentioned earlier, decide your tech stack before everything. Because once you start with the production of your application and then realize you need to change the stack. You will find yourself in big trouble and it is not an easy task. And this tech stack is a part of the web development services, so you will need to pay attention to it. So it will be better if you do that in the beginning as procrastinating will only cause problems for you. Planning beforehand always proves to be beneficial especially when development at a larger scale is involved.


How to Choose the right tech stack?

It is quite obvious that unless you are an expert developer yourself, you will not have adequate information needed to choose the perfect tech stack. But if you are the one looking after the production of the application then it is your responsibility to make the right decision. The best way to do this will be by working with or hiring people who have knowledge of this specific field. And then comes the server part, which server do you want to use more, server-side or client-side. This depends on your target market.

While making decisions you will definitely come across the prize factor and that is why it is necessary that you decide a budget beforehand. And lastly, you will need to choose the languages for the development of your application. Pay important attention to flexibility and upkeep that your system will require. This thing often goes neglected but it is very important for smooth working in the future. The best way to do this will be making a list though it will keep on changing.

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Preparing your technology stack for success

Do not confuse tech stack development with fullstack development services. As the name suggests tech stack is completely technical in nature. But even then the people from the non-technical field can also understand and work on it. This is important because just like the employees of all companies have an understanding of the full-stack development, they should have thorough knowledge and role play in the tech stack.


This may seem like an overload on top of all the work but it is necessary for the creation and development of the application for which you have been working on. Now to learn this in an interesting way you should start by talking to people who have experience in it. You can tell them about your requirements and priorities and what ideas you have for the future of the app. This way you will be able to learn and enjoy as well.