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Google recently came out with an all-new, innovative approach to ensuring app development, and it has been quite a hit. The primary aim here is to bring about a shift from the platform-locked design featuring limited functionality and something more dynamic.

Due to this, the approach was referred to as the PWA –Progressive Web App development. It has gained huge impetus by assuring the delivery of an unmatched experience fusing together the capabilities of native apps within the web with the help of top-notch mobile app development services.

PWA was the term given by Alex Russell (a leading Google engineer) in association with Frances Berriman. The ultimate aim of devising this innovative concept was to ensure that PWA rules over the mobile apps industry with the help of some key advantages offered by this high-end technology.

What is PWA?

In recent years, web applications have evolved significantly. The mobile apps that are developed with the implementation of PWA concepts from professional progressive web app development services are known to deliver a great mobile experience to the end-users.


PWAs can be regarded as web-based services that help in delivering a mobile-like experience to the users. It is achieved with the help of leveraging the benefits offered by modern web technologies.

Some of the leading instances of PWAs from a reliable progressive web app development company are:

  • Twitter Mobile
  • Paper Planes
  • Flipboard
  • The Washington Post

Top Benefits of Using PWAs

When you are using the concept of PWAs to enhance the user experience, here are some additional benefits that you can expect out of the same:

  1. Fast-loading experience
  2. Consistently updated as content get refreshed continuously in the background
  3. Ease of discovery as search engines are made to identify the same as proper apps
  4. Linkable with the help of a URL
  5. Ease of installation on mobile screens
  6. Delivering the same mobile app-like experience to the users
  7. Utilization of advanced push notifications
  8. Progressive as capable of working on any browser
  9. Impressive offline functionality –remains connectivity independent
  10. Secure as it gets served upon HTTPs
  11. Responsive interface

The initiative of PWAs is known to make greater sense. This is because it is estimated that around 70 percent of economic growth across the globe is going to come from the emerging markets.

These markets are expected to be based on native mobile development principles while featuring the problem of weaker connectivity.

This is the reason why PWA can be placed strategically to serve as the driving force of immense growth in the coming times.

pwa benefits

The feature of improved connectivity offered by PWAs has made most of the tech giants in India jump to this concept recently.

For instance, Flipkart –one of the largest e-commerce platforms in India, has come out with the innovative PWA-based concept of its website –referred to as the Flipkart Lite.

After doing so, the e-commerce giant has witnessed significant growth by claiming around a 70 percent increase in the total conversions.

Additional Benefits of Using PWAs

By using the concept of PWAs in enhancing the user experience, some of the additional benefits to look out for are:

  1. Shorter Development Time
  2. Instant and Simple Updates
  3. Innovative PWA approach
  4. Unified Customer Experience

Shorter Development Time

As you are only required to develop a single platform-based version of the mobile app, the services powered by PWAs can be easily accessed by the end-users irrespective of the operating system and the device.

Instant and Simple Updates

With PWA, there is no more requirement of downloading any app or updating the same every time you would be changing the services.

As such, PWAs can help in keeping everyone up-to-date concurrently. Due to this, the user can look forward to benefitting from the latest updates instantly and seamlessly without the requirement of downloading the app all over again.

Innovative PWA approach

With the help of the innovative PWA approach, the dedicated developers can look forward to eliminating core issues, including software fragmentation.

This is because this issue would sometimes force the business to extend its respective legacy support for previous versions.

Unified Customer Experience

As PWAs tend to be platform-specific, all customers, as well as users, will have proper access to the same version of the app.

This will help in ensuring a uniform user experience. Moreover, it helps in maintaining proper brand experiences across multiple devices. You can also look forward to consistently delivering optimized user experiences to the target user base.

Will PWAs Replace Native Mobile Apps?

Most of the developers and enterprises raise this question to estimate future markets. As Google continues pushing PWAs from a reliable PWA development company, more deeply into the Android app development platform, you can be assured that PWAs are going to stay here for long.

You can expect a major global shift as we are moving towards eliminating the need for mobile app development altogether.

While most experts believe the same, there are others who contradict the same. It is believed that while PWAs are going to be highly widespread in the coming years, the native apps out there will continue playing a major role in most industries out there.


The mobile economy in the modern era is far better than what it was a few years back. Most of the websites, as well as mobile app designs, are highly responsive and interactive.

However, even then, the websites are still not able to provide the user-desirable experience. In simple words, it is expected that the mobile-based website should be quick and provide advanced features –just like PWAs.

To top it all, PWAs have been successful in offering the best of both worlds. Using the same, the users get the opportunity to enjoy the functionalities of an app while leveraging the overall accessibility of a web-based portal.


Whether it is about readability or shareability, uniformity, or visibility, PWAs serve to be highly effective in comparison to the native apps out there.

As the major shift towards PWAs continues, the end-users are expected to prefer the same over available alternatives. This would prompt more companies to invest in this innovative blend of web as well as applications.