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Time and Cost to develop a Web Application

Wiki says, "Web application development is the process and practice of developing the web application". Hmmm, Not enough to explain web application development, we know. The most common question we usually hear from our client is "How much does it cost to develop a Web application?"

The second one is, "How long would the process take?" Most of the clients who look for web development services in the market are not from the technology industry or contain very less understanding of what web application is.

The most generic answer for the cost of web development is, "It depends upon the features of the application". Letting this infant question behind, let's dive deep into the R&D of the website development process and its scope.

In this article, we will explore

  • The core technologies are proven the best for web development.
  • The ways to bring your application into your budget.
  • In addition, you will achieve an understanding of how long does it take to build a sound web presence.
  • How can you leverage the product in between?


Best Web Development Technologies


Core technologies used and proven best for web development services

From the heap of technologies or more specifically the language framework, it becomes hard to choose the one that is more sound, robust, and flexible. Sound and Robust is a common notion, but flexible is the more demanding tag over an application. With the ever-changing era, the developers keep hopping over the different technologies.

However, it is ok from the developer perspective but from your eyes, it boggles your system down, which one to choose? Trailing from the Python and Classic HTML to the advanced PHP frameworks and JS development, the custom website development companies have checked and validated every woof and warp of the Programming and now offering the amalgamation of the bests. 

1. Angular JS:

If you are tech-savvy or keep yourself updated with the trends, Angular Js is no new name for you. Angular is the Javascript open source framework, designed for the single page web applications. It is a front-end framework works upon the MVC architecture.

Ramming through all the hurdles, angular has reached to its third latest version with the contradictory nomenclature of Angular 4. Whatever is the name, the advanced framework deserves to be at the top and the crucial part of your web app.

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2. Laravel:

The sparrow named PHP has now become a large eagle now recognized with the name of Laravel. From 2011, Laravel has been in trend and shown the amazing way to developers. The open source PHP framework follows the MVC patterns and the first choice of any custom web application development company.

From a modular packaging system to the dedicated dependency manager, Deployment and maintenance utilities to relational database management, Laravel is powerful for backend development.

3. ReactJS:

Facebook! Yes, the giant social media platform has not even left the software development intact. React JS, the open source library owns a large developer community support. The renowned web development framework is used extensively in developing ever-changing UI for the large web application.

Can't do away with the information, React is onset to bring something very interesting known as React Fibre. It is the big thing for developers and two-year extensive research is the proof of it being countable. Hire app developer for the state of the art web application. 


Web Application CTA


How to keep development cost in the budget?

Cost cutting is everywhere allowed. Yes! whether it is mobile application development company or the web development company, whether it is the advanced Angular JS application or the PHP based simple web page, the cost can be cut and managed by the smart sorting of the features that actually you want.

  • Trim down your list of features to what actually reflects your business.
  • Avoid exaggerated designs and make your application as simple as possible.
  • Put the direct the message of your business in front.
  • Choose responsive designs to cut down the cost later.
  • Leverage the potential of JS design and MVC framework.
  • Put your development process on the Agile. Continuous development is the key to success for any app.

Do some research and assess why few web apps are more popular than others are. Cater to what exactly the customer is looking for.

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Time of web development

You either hire app developer or render the whole responsibility to a good Web development company. Without talking much fuss about the development factors affecting the time, I will go simplistically straightforward. On average, a general front-end web application and backend infrastructure are built in 4.5 months.

Here is the breakdown:

  • 2-3 months for a simple web app with database back end
  • 3-6 months for the complex business app.
  • 6+ months for the much complex app using research and analytics tool.


In the end, what matters is the customer's satisfaction for any custom software development company. Whether you are spending a huge amount of dollars or choosing the cheap option for development if you cater to what customer actually wants then you are perfectly befitting to the market. Another factor is communication, where the flawless communication between the parties not only results in the perfect integration but also cut down the time with seamless development. All it takes is the proper strategy, engaging design and smooth navigation to all sections of the application.  


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