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How Much Would it Cost to Develop a Node.js Web Application?

Being an open-source environment to execute the code along with based on the JavaScript language, Node.js certainly has quite a different usage in the case of web browsers. In order to complement the web browsers with their various web APIs, the Node.js comes with its own different set of APIs for the inherent purpose of backend development.

As it is open-source in nature as well as the package manager, the NPM, it also significantly contributes to the extensive growth of this particular framework. Especially in the case of a web application which is quite an essential requirement in this competitive market, there is a constant demand for Node.js web application.

Node.js is a particular JavaScript framework which offers the runtime environment. It allows the developers a platform for the development of the required application. In order to know the cost of custom web development of the web application, you have to consider various aspects.

Node.js has been massively accepted by major companies all over the world like Uber, PayPal, Netflix, and eBay etc. It can easily allow the developers to create different real-time applications like IoT products, Chats, Messaging apps, web app through use of HTML, Streaming data apps, Single Page application, web dashboards, as well as APIs.

Node.js has various inherent advantages which makes it a top choice framework among the developers due to its plethora of features and functionalities. It has major scope in the development of high-end applications. However, if you wish to develop a Node.js application, you must know the cost of development of Node.js web application.

Cost of Development of Node.js Web Application

Node.js is actually a new and latest framework where a lot of developers have few years of experience. Moreover, JavaScript is quite a popular programming language, which makes it quite easier for the JavaScript developers to create Node.js web applications if they know about Node.js. A lot of developers have the knowledge of writing both client-side as well as server-side applications. Also, Node.js community offers access to various code packages along with modules that anyone can easily make use of in order to create different functions. It helps in creating web applications quickly and with an ease that saves a lot of costs.

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To know the cost of development, you need to know the cost of hiring a right Node.js developer for web applications. There are certain vital points that you should consider that will certainly help you to hire the Node.js developer that will affect the cost. Some of them are as:

  1. Developing Right Job Description: There needs to be a list of different responsibilities along with duties for the Node.js developer. You should also know the expected skills and experience that need to be clear as well as specific. It also consists of tasks, company information, job description, past projects, and qualifications.
  1. In-depth Evaluation: To filter out the right candidates for the different technical interviews, you need to work for the right set of interview questions. You should check the communication skills as well as the problem-solving capabilities of the developer. Ask for questions with different challenges that aren’t just related to Node.js. It would be better if you decide to take the services of web development services to compile the set of right interview questions.
  1. Search at Right Place: Along with searching in the Node.js community hub and Npm, there are Stack Overflow, GitHub, Stack Exchange and different other freelance portals where you can easily find right Node.js developers. The key is to evaluate the candidates on the basis of their previous work and clients that are often mentioned on these platforms.
  1. Knowledge of Best Programming Practices: The applications and programs that are built with the Node.js aren’t similar to the ones which are based on different technologies and tools. They need much more strategic thinking from the Node.js developers, and he shouldn’t fall for different common mistakes such as blocking the event loop, invoking a callback more times, not to properly use the supervisor programs etc.

    As opposed to these points, the experts who are are technology savvy, recommend that you need to consider before you hire the Node.js developer. It consists of accepting only those particular candidates that have years of experience, not just the Node.js specific queries in the entire interview process. Also, you shouldn’t limit the search to the local area or just preferring the full-stack developers instead of dedicated backend developers.


Other Factors Affecting the Cost of Development

  1. Features: The various features and functionalities of the web applications have their inherent cost. They require a lot of coding which means more working hours. The more the features are, the more the cost will be. The features may include payment methods, integration of different APIs, etc. Each feature is associated with its own developmental hours.
  1. Complexity: The complexity of the web application also affects the development time. The more complex the web application is to build, the more will be the development time. This means the cost of development will increase substantially.
  1. Third-party Services: Most of the web applications take the use of third-party services. These third-party services provide the much-needed features to the web applications to provide the holistic user experience.
  1. Maintenance and Support: A web application can face different issues from time to time. There are instances where the users experience discomfort due to issues with application. It is essential to provide regular maintenance of the application to fix bugs and error handling. It is necessary to provide a seamless experience to the user. Also, proper support is required to answer the queries of the users in case they face any trouble. Each of these aspects come at their own cost. This should be included in the total cost of development.
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Now, if you are wondering the entire cost of development of a Node.js web application after you have carefully considered the requirements of Node.js developer and different factors that affect the development cost, you can estimate the cost of development. When it comes to the average salary of a dedicated Node.js developer who is well-versed in custom web development, it can range from $50,000 to $80,000 per year.

For more skilled developers, the range can go even higher. If you wish to develop an application on an hourly basis, then you can simply multiply the total time of development of an application with their hourly rate. On an average, a good Node.js developer charges from $25 to $50 per hour. In case your web application takes about 500 to 800 hours of development time, then the total cost of the Node.js web application development can range from $12,500 to $40,000. Also, you need to include the cost of maintenance and support which can add additional cost.

In case your applications have many features and functionalities then the total cost of development will increase with the increase in total development time. The complexity of the web application will also play a vital role. Hire web development services which can work in your budget as well as provide the required web applications with required features and functionalities. It should also provide the right maintenance and support in case of any issues or problems which arises.


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