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Features of our eCommerce website development services

DevTechnosys is one of the foremost and highly experienced ecommerce development company providing a variety of ecommerce website and mobile app developmentservices. We develop highly comprehensive ecommerce solutions to make sure the smooth running of your ecommerce website and mobile applications

Advanced search options

We make it easy for the users of our applications to search through the list of products using the categorized search and filter options. We have integrated advanced filters in our application so that the users can conduct customized searches for the desired product. Our ecommerce development services have uncluttered searching options.

Multi-currency in multilingual support

Our web and mobile application developers have years of experience in serving the Ecommerce industry and we truly understand the requisites of an Ecommerce app solution. We provide multi-currency and multilingual support features in our application so that users across various diversities can easily access the app.


Any E-Commerce application isn't whole without this feature. Integrate wishlist in our eCommerce application and help the business owners to generate maximum revenue. This feature encourages users to occupy or bookmark the products and might possibly purchase in the future. We conduct an extensive E-commerce web app development and through this feature help the online stores and sellers to give exposure to their products.

Customized solutions

We help you get an eCommerce application solution just like how you always wanted it for your business. We keep personalizing the application until it matches your designers and magnifies the application for different panels as well. Developers and designers will never hesitate to compile the emerging trends for your e-commerce application.

Multi-vendor inclusion

To conduct peculiar E-commerce web app development, we integrate multi-vendor inclusion in our applications. This feature is highly beneficial for the sellers as well as buyers as it gives multi-vendor access to both parties. To assist the sellers we also provide wallet integration options which make it easy for the buyers to streamline their purchase.

Challenges and Opportunities

Just like every other industry eCommerce industry too has a number of challenges and opportunities in its bag. By closely inspecting them not only you can prevent the fall of your enterprise, but also you can be a leader in the industry. Here is a close analysis of challenges and opportunities for ecommerce industry in the app/ website market.

Being a differentiator

The competition in the industry is sky-reaching and thus it is important to have a unique element added to your enterprise that helps you in attracting potential client base.


Digitalisation has entailed people to customise apps and websites according to their needs and requirements, which is still less seen in the e-commerce industry.


The functionality and performance of e-commerce websites are a deciding vote when we talk of their survival most of the apps don’t seamless work on every smartphone.

Global Competition

In the e-commerce industry the competition is not only with the contemporary locals, but is a global war of fluctuating economy and quality standards


Revenue generation is exceptionally high as the global market is full of opportunities, your unique services and technology can turn you into a global brand in no time.

No Middle Men

As you can reach your customers directly there is a major cost cut, which makes it possible for you to deliver products and services much cheaper.


Technology leverages high benefits when you skilfully indulge it in your enterprise, technology allows you to interact better with your customers.

Social Networking Promotions

Promotions on social networking sites can help you create a brand presence of your enterprise, it is highly efficient if you are just starting out.


DevTechnosys being a leading ecommerce development company follows agile Ecommerce mobile app development processes and ensures that our customers get supreme services.

  • Project requirements

    we thoroughly discuss the project with our clients and give them access to get in touch with our experts via Skype, call, or Live chat. We also enable them to share or discuss the project requirements through email.

  • Application discussion

    our ecommerce developers review the project and its requirements and reach back to the clients with a final blueprint. Our mobile app development team is backed by industry experts for discussing project credentials.

  • Choosing Technology stack

    while developing the project structure we also make sure to source highly engaging and emerging Technology models to fulfill project requirements. We incorporate emerging Technologies such as artificial intelligence, ML, blockchain to comply with the latest trends.

  • Project initiation

    we choose a high-end Technology stack and engagement models for allocating the E-Commerce delivery application to our designers and developers giving them an in-depth understanding of the business domain.

  • Delivery

    after successfully developing the application we conduct quality analysis where our project managers ensure that the project remains intact. We manage and update the application from time to time to make sure it aligns with the latest standards.

Latest Work

  • SomProduct is an e-commerce app, where you can find a variety of furniture styles with free delivery in comfort. Here you can purchase, synchronize the shopping cart and get alerts related to the latest promotions....

  • Konga is the free shopping app from where you can find a wide range of phones, tablets, games, computers, dresses and beauty products from premium and favorite brands with great offers and deals....

  • Siopaella is the e-commerce platform of Ireland from where you can buy and sell authenticated designer handbags. It also offers cash upfront for LV Neverfulls, Gucci Marmots, Chanel flaps....

  • TOMDIXON.NET is the place to browse the full Tom Dixon collection which ranging from famous pendant lights and furniture from the latest and newest home accessories. It developed from Magento platform and database stored in MySQL....

  • Redsea is an electronic e-commerce platform of Saudi Arabia from where you can get Home Appliances, ACs, Electronics - Top brands White Westinghouse, Bosch, Toshiba, Sharp, Rheem, Samsung and Apple....

  • Case-Mate is the design leader of stylish premium smartphone cases, watch bands and accessories. Shop everything from Rose Gold to Glitter for iPhone, Samsung, and more. Case-Mate has ensured that every design is built to protect as well as fit...


At Dev Technosys we render to your enterprise’s industry specific needs with innovative solutions and cutting edge technology. We have endless solutions to your everyday business needs whether they are B2B or B2C.

Web Development

Development of websites and web applications that allow you to showcase your enterprise and its product on the global face.

  • Content management
  • Promotion and discount code
  • An easy-to-use checkout
  • Search engine optimized code and layout.
  • Reporting tools
  • integrated blog

CMS development

Now change the way you manage your content, work smarter, better and manage your content like pro with skilfully designed CMS.

  • Administrative features
  • Publishing tools
  • Social media integration
  • Personalization capabilities
  • Email marketing integration
  • Reviews and comments

Mobile application development

Mobile apps that are made to work on various platforms such as iOS, Android, etc., we cater endless solutions to your mobile application development needs.

  • Registration process.
  • Support multiple payment options.
  • Push notifications.
  • Custom branding.
  • Social media integration.
  • Great user experience.

Inventory Management System

Efficient and robust Inventory Management system development, that handles your inventory like a pro.

  • Barcoding & Tagging
  • Tracking
  • Forecasting
  • Alerts
  • Security and Backups
  • IoT Integration

3rd Party Integration

Skilful 3rd party integration of API’s providing agility and scalability to the customer payment methods

  • Quicker production
  • Lower cost
  • Improving Customer Experience
  • Insight Into Customer Behavior
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting

Web Design

Themes and design development to give your e-commerce stores a personalised look, we make your enterprise themes interactive and relevant to your industry.

  • Content management capabilities
  • Email marketing features
  • Email marketing Integration
  • articles section
  • custom report features
  • discount code tools

Application panel

We offer a broad range of eCommerce website development services to our customers with added expertise in the E-Commerce industry.

Customer panel

we offer various handy features with our e-commerce applications that can enhance the customer experience.


  • Shopping Cart: Shopping Cart features enable users to purchase multiple products at the same time. We have specially crafted this feature to be simple and it can drastically reduce the cart abandonment rates for your app
  • Advanced search: we offer advanced search options to the customers that help them find the exact product they are looking for in a single click. We ensure giving them access to the advanced filters that can make it easy for them to precisely get the product.
  • Social integration: social integration feature in eCommerce development services assures giving quick app access to the users. It also helped the brands to directly increase your brand visibility.
  • Multiple payment options: we empower the users and give them absolute freedom to choose desirable payment options and improve their overall experience with The E-Commerce app.

Admin panel

this panel has the essential features that facilitate the application owners and advance to the most.


  • Push notifications: through push notifications admins can easily send out new products or launch alerts to the users. We allow admins to market their products from the inventory and enhance their sales
  • Application analytics: this feature empower the sellers and admins to analyze their product to reach and use the insights to develop excellent marketing strategies
  • Geolocation: Geolocation features enable the admins to guide the customers through their brick-and-mortar E-Commerce stores.

Latest technical standards

Incorporating emerging technologies is the backbone of our e-commerce mobile app development. We not only help the buyers and sellers to get connected over a unified platform but also ensure effective management of the deliveries and orders.


  • We extend blockchain technology in our eCommerce development services to secure the transactions
  • We enable customers to enter time-stamped online transactions that can enhance the product traceability
  • We also simplify and increase the rate of card payments


  • Our chatbots can easily take over the customer requests and resolve them before time
  • this can easily engage the customers and influence them to make the purchase
  • Chatbots can handle incoming queries for customer support


  • AI integration in e-commerce applications checks for product relevance
  • Gives personalized experience to the customers right from the moment they set foot in your application
  • Streamline the product purchase and transactions


  • It unifies The E-Commerce application with the sellers and buyers
  • Gives virtual shopping experience to the customers
  • Provide realistic feel and effects of the products

Why choose ecommerce development company

We are one of the most renowned ecommerce website development service providers offering end to end eCommerce services to clients. We are capable of developing customer-centric and high and website and mobile applications that can help you remain a step ahead of your contemporaries.


Personalized services

DevTechnosys is committed to offer customer-centric and design rich E-Commerce applications. We personalize the applications and customize them as per the buyer’s preferences and purchasing behavior. We have years of experience in conducting excellent E-Commerce design and development. We also provide a customized dashboard to the users through which they can easily access many products simultaneously.


Contemporary UI/ UX

for developing proficient and user-friendly applications we always make sure to incorporate the best industry standards special in terms of user interface and User experience designs. Our E-Commerce app development team is backed by the leading professionals having vast industry experience and skills.


Interactive services

as a top eCommerce development company we ensure that the E-Commerce application is as vibrant as expected by the online community. We are specific with grabbing the attention of the masses and deploy strategies that can successfully impress the users and enhance the sales for the E-Commerce stores. Our app development community has experienced and skilled programmers who are capable of using the latest technologies required for E-Commerce app development.


Timely delivery

we are especially known for our commitment to the project and its time constraints. At DevTechnosys, application developers and programmers are committed to giving value to the time and always deliver the project on committed time. Through our assistance, you can easily launch your product in the market and formulate the marketing strategies that can work best for your business in the long run.


Perfect combination of eCommerce

we have a vast team of e-commerce designers and developers who manage the coordination between imaging, coding, and market research in the industry. Every application developed in our company passes through various parameters to ensure its credibility in the application store. While developing any E-Commerce solution we give use credit to the customer reach and business growth.


Cost-effective Development

We design our services to provide maximum efficiency. You can rely on us to suggest the latest technologies that are within your budget. The services we provide are highly customized and effective. This way, you will get the most out of the resources you spend on the project. Any additional service or cost will be discussed with you for approval.

How Dev Technosys delivers Business Value?

At Dev Technosys our converging focus is at delivering you best in-class products that make you a leader in your business domain. We try to capture the essence of uniqueness in your idea and embellish it with relevant features that help you gain long term benefits and gain high business returns.

One stop vendor

Dev Technosys is a one stop IT solution Provider Company that deploys advance technology solutions to meet enterprise modern needs and help them combat business challenges with latest tools.

knowledge retention

We cater services that are best at retaining knowledge and use it for further utilisation. We try to capture the essence of knowledge and expertise with latest technology.

team scalability

At Dev Technosys we have a balanced team; here you will find experienced and expert developers that are creative and innovative with a strong leash on latest development frameworks and platforms.

dedicated working environnment

Dedicated Working Environment Our developers work in a well incubated environment that increases their productivity and work proficiency. Our developers are highly dedicated to deliver you highly functional apps that make your enterprise standout from competitors.

Frequently asked question

How much does it cost to develop an ecommerce app

As there are so many companies that come up with the eCommerce app. So it is very important to come up with a unique idea. If you want to know the average cost that is involved in e-commerce applications development then it way ranges between $10000 to $50000. This price may vary depends on the different types of design or the app that is used.

How much does it cost to build an eCommerce platform?

When creating an eCommerce solution application, it’s essential for all businesses.s as most people are ordering things online. The eCommerce platform can range from $10000 to $50000 or even more. This price mainly depends on the company and all the features they are providing.

Why choose DevTechnosys for ecommerce development?

Below are some of the main reasons that will help in choosing DevTechnosys for eCommerce development:

  • SEO optimization
  • Simplified dashboard and open-source services
  • E-commerce specialisation
  • Ever-increasing customer-centric features and shopping experience
  • Support cross-browser compatibility
  • Multilingual and multicultural support
  • Supports secure payments and upgrades

Why is an ecommerce website important for a business owner?

Most people buy everything from online platforms in this way people don’t have to go out from home. An Ecommerce Development Company will help in building a website that will help the business owner a lot.

  • Helps in extending the brand.
  • Convenient
  • Increasing the reach
  • Helps in marketing opportunities
  • scalable

How can we pick the best platform for our ecommerce business website?

Ecommerce is a place where people buy and sell their products on an online platform. Below are some of the best tips to select the best platform for the ecommerce business website:

  • Easy to shop setup
  • Easy to secure and navigate
  • integrations
  • SEO-friendly
  • Mobile friendly

How do I develop a mobile application for an online e-commerce web store?

  • Enter the name of your app and then select the category that will suit the best for your eCommerce business
  • Here you can add the features that you want.
  • Then you can public your app in the app store. This will help in making eCommerce shopping easier.

How do I hire an e-commerce developer at a reasonable rate?

  • Always check the testimonials and then review
  • Then check the profile properly
  • Then request the profile of developers
  • Then estimate the cost
  • Take time to market
  • Communication is one of the important key.
  • Then post go-live support

How long should it take to build an ecommerce app?

For calculating the total time on developing an eCommerce mobile application and also sees the development process structure. This can be even divided into different work types like in design 120 to 200 hours. Android/ios front end 200 to 300 hours and for the back-end development it can take 130 hours to 160 hours.

How do I build an eCommerce Android application?

  • First, you have to enter the name of your application. Then select the category that will suit best your needs.
  • Here you can add the features that you want to and then create the important eCommerce app.
  • Then publish the app in the app store and then make shopping easier with your eCommerce app.

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