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The popularity of AngularJS is known to everyone as it is among the top JavaScript frameworks. In a very short span of time, it has become one of the most preferred frameworks for developing feature-rich and attractive websites for top AngularJS development companies and frontend developers. Read this blog to know more about some of the most prominent advantages of AngularJS.

But have you ever thought about why AngularJS is extremely popular and why the top web development companies find it compelling to hire Node.js developers? In this article, we will get to know the AngularJS framework along with a list of its advantages:

A Glance At The AngularJS Framework

Developed in the year 2009, AngularJS is an open-source web development framework that is maintained by Google. This structural framework is well suited for creating dynamic web applications and it allows developers to use the HTML5 template language and extend the HTML syntax for expressing their application components transparently.

The data binding capacity and the dependency injection of this framework reduce the amount of code that developers have to write otherwise. And all of these features are within the browser itself, which makes it an ideal partner of the server technology irrespective of its type.


And to top it all off, the AngularJS framework is capable of developing incredible applications that can run across major browsers or devices including iOS and Android.

AngularJS is a perfect platform for developing large-scale, easy-to-maintain, and performance-oriented applications. The general features of the AngularJS framework are as follows-

  • It is an efficient framework that can develop rich internet applications
  • This framework offers an option to develop client-side applications to developers with the help of JavaScript in a model-view-controller way
  • The applications that are written in this framework are cross-browser-compliant and they can easily handle the JavaScript code that is suitable for the browsers
  • It is an open-source framework and is used by thousands of app developers globally

List of The Advantages of AngularJS

If you are willing to create lightweight web applications that are not only easy to maintain but are also easy to test and modify, then AngularJS is your best bet.

This is a TypeScript-based web app development framework that enables developers to create highly interactive applications. Below you will find the major advantages that are offered by the AngularJS framework:

1. Open-Source

AngularJS being an open-source app development framework enables developers to make flexible changes without any hassle. As it is a JavaScript-based framework it is much affordable for business owners and developers to extend its functions for their solutions.

Even the developer community can make quick changes in the existing source code of an application as per their customer’s preferences as AngularJS can easily simplify them into smaller or short codes. It is one of the most advantages of AngularJS that encourages companies to hire dedicated developers in the same domain.

2. No Expertise Or Platform Knowledge Required

To work on the AngularJS framework it is not required for developers to have additional scripting knowledge and skills as even if they have a basic understanding of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, they can get their hands on Angular as well.

These frameworks are not very difficult to understand and hence you can easily navigate your way through the full stack development services.

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3. Automatic Synchronization Through Two-Way Data Binding

Many frameworks offer one-way data binding but with AngularJS you can take advantage of two-way data binding. This feature synchronizes data easily between the model and the view and as an outcome when the data gets changed or modified both of these components automatically get updated without any delay.

This process occurs in real-time and prevents AngularJS or Node.js development services professionals from investing additional efforts in making manual changes.

Unlike other web development frameworks that implement two-way data binding and use fragile event handlers or listeners, AngularJS makes this an integral function of the whole architecture.

4. Simple Application Architecture

Yet another significant advantage of AngularJS and the reason for which it is much preferred is the simplicity of its application architecture. This architecture makes it easy for developers to code the application solution and this promotes companies to hire AngularJS developers.

Simple Application Architecture

Developers on the other hand can add any type of preferences or features as per their client’s requirements and turn the whole application into a highly productive solution.

This framework is extremely easy to work with as it has the potential of handling complex web prerequisites and has various components to manage large-scale applications.

5. Optimizing Server Communication

With the help of AngularJS data caching becomes simplified as it limits the additional burden of the CPU by developing static files. On the plus side, the response time of AngularJS to call an application programming interface is extremely faster in the framework.

It also enters the pages in the document object model for users to initiate actions. Unlike other tech stacks, it can instantly reduce the efforts of developers by creating static web pages. It provides an overall good user experience and it does not consume much time for users to make an application interactive.

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6. POJO App Models To Reduce Additional Dependencies

AngularJS deploys the Plain Old Java Object model, which is commonly known as the POJO model and it is used to make the code structure independent and easy to access.

In this manner, AngularJS saves a developer or a web development company from adding complex functions or structures in the program.

Furthermore, it reduces dependencies on external plugins or frameworks. The POJO model enables developers to keep their quotes clean and make the whole framework goal-oriented as this model requires minimal coding and the application that is built from it loads instantly and offers excellent performance.

7. Testing Is Comprehensive In AngularJS

Testing of the full stack development services or web apps solutions in the AngularJS framework is integral and all the JavaScript codes in this framework require to go through a long series of test automation.

The comfort that is offered in this type of testing enables a developing team to create projects easily from scratch along with seamlessly testing its components.

Dependency injection in AngularJS manages the controllers and the scope of the solutions and because of this feature unit test function forces dependency injection to perform the app testing.

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It is done through the dummy data or injection mock into the controller and this procedure is followed by a quick assessment of the output or its behavior.

The most interesting advantage of this framework is that it has mock HTTP instances to push fake responses whenever required from servers to controllers.

8. Comprehensive And Latest User Interface

The material of the AngularJS framework follows the material design guidelines that are specially formulated by Google. Hence it offers belt components like button, layout, indicators, navigation elements, data tables, etc.

This framework is not just about developing an eye-catching user interface for an application but it also helps to develop applications like Google. Applications like Google Drive, Android OS, and so many more have become extremely important for users nowadays.

9. Angular And Single-Page Applications

There are two major aspects of ensuring the smooth function of any single-page application. First is the mandatory codes like CSS, HTML, or JavaScript that can be retrieved at any instance whenever the page loads.

Second is the retrieved mandatory codes that need to be dependent on user action or behavior. When a user browses through an application, the page reloads stops, which in turn includes a dynamic communication among the service.

But the ability of the AngularJS framework of handling complexity is efficient as it can easily facilitate page reloading whenever a user browses an application. If your application idea revolves around developing a single-page application then AngularJS is the best choice for you.

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10. Code Consistency And Powerful Ecosystem

Behind the success of any powerful development framework for the environment, the consistency of its code is the ultimate key. The command-line interface and the documentation style of the AngularJS framework have the potential to drive consistency and superiority at the pioneer level.

Its CLI tool allows developers to create their project at the initial stage along with running tests and adding multiple features in the same while keeping up with the team members’ interests.

Code Consistency And Powerful Ecosystem

Many a Node.js development company or developers are thankful to the style guide of AngularJS which supports active communication among team members and makes sure that it is well interpreted. This framework has a powerful ecosystem and it has given the exceptional power of various resources and dependency injection to developers.

11. Model-View-View Model Architecture For Unifying The Independent Structure

The efficiency of AngularJS has encouraged companies to hire Node.js developers or experienced professionals in the same domain as the platform can simplify app development structure with the help of its two-way data binding and MVVM architecture.

Moreover, this framework takes limited time to implement the changes that are made in its view layer to data and vice versa. This is one of the most prominent advantages of this framework when it comes to developing large-scale applications.

12. IVY Render Which Is The Next-Generation Renderer To Enhance App Performance

The IVY AngularJS engine has super optimized features like bundle size, dynamic loading of components, loading speed, and many more. This engine aims to offer parallel code debugging along with delivering a user-friendly experience.

It has the potential to make this framework extensible for every developer or user and set an example by limiting file size but not its features. Currently, Angular 8 serves this search engine better for Node.js development services providers.

13. Easy To Access Data And Active Community

Ever since AngularJS emerged it has been a favorite platform of engineers or developers due to its myriad of advantages. This framework has a pool of resources such as study materials, FAQs, reference documents, and many more.

AngularJS is extremely easy to integrate for the developers who can make the most out of it. The major communities that have come forward for this platform to join are Stackoverflow, Dev.to, AngularAir, etc.

14. Enhance Productivity Through Code Reusability

Nothing is as precious for companies than to hire dedicated developers and build solutions without worrying about its large scale or voluminous size.

With the help of the AngularJS framework, application developers can invest minimum time and effort during its development, which helps them to streamline the whole app development process.

The feature of code reusability results in bringing out additional functions with smaller codes. It is extremely productive for teams that are working on the same project back-to-back.

15. App Design Development Workflow

This is a significant advantage of the AngularJS framework in which app developers or coders can easily refrain from the CSS HTML markup whenever they are creating an application, and add markups in it without breaking its development chain.

Rather than rearranging app codes during the development phase, all they have to do is to shift the corresponding components around the whole code.

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16. Ease Of Use

One of the major advantages of AngularJS is its flexibility in coding which is like no other framework. Even a web development company appreciates the AngularJS framework’s flexibility and ease of use along with its simple app design architecture.

In terms of convenience, it allows newbies to easily get started with the application and make changes to ensure seamless integration of the application. It can also handle complex web applications loaded with advanced features or components really well. What more can app developers ask for?


Many full-stack development services providers will simply agree to the fact that there is no such thing as the best suitable or the most perfect framework.

This is because the requirements of various businesses irrespective of their scale and domain are different, and hence they can’t get access to one-stop solutions in real-time.

However, the benefits of AngularJS are worth considering and it is developed and maintained by Google itself. Additionally, the AngularJS framework offers a powerful platform for creating applications or websites that can also deliver maximum engagement to businesses. Hence, it is hard for any Node.js development company to resist using this platform.