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As smartphone applications are growing larger and larger every passing day, it is obvious for the internal spaces of the organization to run out of space and memory within no time. Read this blog to know more about how much does it cost to hire AngularJS developers?

It is known that integrating a dynamic web application solution is a go-to option in this tech-savvy world. Keeping the same concept in mind, web applications have offered a permanent solution to business owners having memory concerns with their digital space.

When it comes to developing single-page applications, nothing else could beat the efficiency of the AngularJS framework. The top Web development company prioritizes selecting the framework as per their project complexity.

Once the web app development Framework is shortlisted, you have to hire dedicated developers to develop an excellent web application. If you have a large project and you are willing to develop a unique solution then hiring an experienced company or a developer can turn out to be a great benefit. However, hiring an Angular JS developer is never an easy task and plenty of barriers can cross your path.

In this article, we will go through the checklist that you must follow before hiring any professional for your app development project.


What is The Role of AngularJS Developers

AngularJS refers to a JavaScript framework that is in huge demand at present. However, only a few professionals or business houses are aware of its technical details.

Others only choose it as it is technically referred to as a Framework that offers supreme quality features and benefits at affordable costs. As per the latest reports of the top AngularJS development company, app developers in Asia prefer using this framework as one of the most extensive frameworks.

An Angular JS developer is a professional who works on the user interface (UI) aspect of the software solution. These professionals develop bits and pieces of the software and integrate them into the final solution.


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Working with multiple app development frameworks requires a specific set of skills and technical expertise from the developers as well. To hire Angular JS developers for your project you must be aware of the expertise they should possess. For instance,

  • The developer must have knowledge and solid experience with the AngularJS framework, especially the version you are willing to use.
  • They must know HTML and CSS components because these are the fundamental skills that come in handy when the developer seeks solutions.
  • Every web or mobile app development company prefers the employer to have in-depth knowledge and expertise in typescript and JavaScript because they are the recommended languages for developing angular.js applications.
  • The developers must have the ability to develop single-page applications, components, and models of the software.
  • They must be capable of understanding the web development services used within the software. They must preferably know the node package manager as it is required to install AngularJS web development packages.
  • The developers must be proficient in using the command-line interface of the AngularJS platform as it allows developers to configure or code the application easily
  • The developers must know the application programming interfaces and REST architecture of the framework
  • The developers must have an understanding of server-side rendering, and methodologies liand like KISS, SOLID, and DRY, and they must be able to manage the application sockets
  • It would be very much appreciated if the developers could have soft skills like good communication, attention to detail, creativity, problem-solving approach, ability to work as a team, etc.


Technical Skills That You Should Focus On While Hire AngularJS Developer

If you are particularly looking to hire an AngularJS developer for your project then below mentioned are some of the skills that you should focus on:



  • Knowledge of HTML5 and JavaScript
  • Knowledge of the fundamental AngularJS practices along with the modules
  • Capability to develop complete and easily testable models and application components
  • Understanding of SEO and reactive extensions for the JavaScript library
  • Knowledge of Backbone.js, Node js, jQuery, Polymer, React, etc

The application development experience or knowledge can differ from developer to developer and they might not be able to meet all the aforementioned requirements.

It doesn’t mean that you should stop considering them as some the developers can learn quickly, and others might have the essential knowledge and skills of the alternate tools.


Should I Hire A Fresher Or An Experienced Company?

Hiring a freelancer for your project is indeed a cost-effective solution plus you can entertain them at your convenience. On the contrary, hiring a fully-fledged web development company requires a lot of investment and management among the internal team members.

So the question remains intact- should you hire a reputed Web development company professional or a fresher? If you are planning to develop an AngularJS web application, hiring a developer for a company entirely depends upon the project’s complexity and scope.

How to hire AngularJS developers for your web application development?


If your platform-specific project is not extremely complicated and moderate in size then you can hire a fresher AngularJS developer with a few years of experience.

However huge projects with extreme complexity require fully-fledged app development companies. It is equally true that both freelancers, as well as top web development companies, are proficient with their work. But how did apply to the project depends on your circumstances and app development requirements.

There are certain limitations that you have to follow before you hire AngularJS developers on a freelance basis.

  • Developing a project with average complexity requires hiring different professionals in diverse roles and fields
  • Sometimes the freelance team might not have qualified professionals or resources, so make sure to go through their profile before hiring
  • Sometimes freelancers might not be consistent with their development work
  • Some freelancers are only capable of technical expertise but they can not manage the project accurately that’s when you will have to arrange for the project managers as well

If you are still considering hiring freelance developers then you must know that there might be chances where the developers might not be familiar with AngularJS’s latest version.

If you are hiring an AngularJS development services company, initially you might find it costly. However, gradually you will understand that it is an ideal choice for your application development and ensure its smooth functioning. Some of the ideal advantages of hiring Angular JS development companies are-

  • Your project will get exposure to the dedicated team of developers
  • The essential resources and components will be present within the company itself
  • The work environment quality and standards will be maintained
  • Your platform would be able to finish the project with minimal cost and within the stipulated time frame.




Cost To Hire AngularJS Developers

If you want to develop a web application with an AngularJS platform, the first dilemma you have to deal with is to hire a proficient AngularJS developer or a company.

In this particular segment, we will present an estimated cost for AngularJS app development services. We will also discuss various factors that can affect the cost along with exploring the advantages of AngularJS at multiple stages.

The cost of hiring AngularJS developers in India is not as high as in the US and other geographies. If you are average on a budget then you can easily deal with the cost that comes along with it.

 How Much Does It Cost To Develop An AngularJS App and Website?


The only condition that we have to consider is to select the right developer and company for your project. Plus, the process of estimating the cost of developing an AngularJS application is also easy. All you have to do is follow the information and conduct your cost estimation.

If you are determined to Hire dedicated developers for your project from the US then you must know they might charge you $84, 344 for a year and $ 45 for an hour.

If you go through some other portals then Angular JS developers can demand a salary somewhere around $ 79, 556 to $ 120, 991 per year. It might seem costly to you but do not worry as in India you can get comparatively less costly solutions.

If you are not hiring a mainstream web development company or a developer then you can easily go for an AngularJS web development company.

AngularJS is a platform that will give you all the features as it possesses the skills to do the same, so you can conveniently drop the idea of hiring the mainstream platforms.

They might charge you somewhere around $8000 per month and $15, 000 annually. Compared to the US, the mainstream companies in India do not cost much.


COUNTRIES            SALARY (Per Month) the 
USA $8000
United Kingdom  $7,500
Australia $6000
Eastern Europe $3500
India $2500


Cost to Hire AngularJS Developers according to Per Hour


USA $100 to $500
United Kingdom $80 to $400
Australia $60 to $350
Europe $100 to $500
India $10 to $30

Cost & Time To Develop A Web Application


AngularJS Development Cost Affecting Factors

Among all the JavaScript web development frameworks used at present, AngularJS is extensively used and deployed by developers. It is used for developing single-page applications as developers prefer this framework to develop highly scalable application solutions.

If you are willing to hire dedicated developers in the same stream then you must go through the features and cost required to develop one such solution. Let us now explore the factors that can lead to a significant increase in the cost of developing Angular JS web development services.


1. Basic Functions;

AngularJS is a framework that has a huge range of basic functions that you can choose from and run your application on it. However, most of these functions are also interlinked with each other which makes them distinctive as well.

This is why all these basic features require separate coding and space to perform. In simple words, if your application has basic functions to integrate then your app development cost would also increase.

This is because the application developers will be required to perform intensive coding. On the contrary, if an application has made functions then it will require less development cost.


2. Storage:

It is obvious that just like any other digital solution, AngularJS development company solutions also require a minimal amount of data to be stored. When the web application directs interaction with the user, it initially displays a particular section to them. To reveal the information to the user, it is crucial to store them.

Storing the data also requires a small amount other than the Angular JS development budget. The more amount of data has to be stored, the more will be the amount of investment required


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What Are The Advantages of Hire AngularJS Developers?

Now that you have an understanding of the aspects and costs related to hiring AngularJS developers to build a solution, you should understand the benefits that you can access from the same. Let’s catch up with the top advantages you can have while hiring an AngularJS development company or a developer.

  • You can hire the developers and follow ‘your choice, your rules’ criteria for your project
  • The team will ensure the implementation of the project successfully and with in-depth responsibility
  • Hiring an experienced Angular JS developer can increase the overall productivity of your organization as well as the project
  • Angular JS developers focus on delivering optimal satisfaction with their solutions and they offer quick responses.

Hiring an Angular JS developer is never an easy task and it requires lots of research, technical understanding, thorough interviews, and inquiries. In the end, it will be worth it if you have partnered with a proficient developer or a company.


Concluding Scenario

At present, AngularJS is one of the most popular and widely used front-end web development Frameworks in existence. The necessity to hire AngularJS developers in India is also emerging.

There is a huge category of angular web applications ranging from small businesses to Fortune enterprises having their specifications. If you are planning to develop an Angular JS application or modify your existing project then you must partner with a fully-fledged platform or a developer. The cost to develop an application still depends on the features and complexity of your project.