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The advancement in technology and user needs are completely changing the outlook of today’s generation.

There is a wide range of mobile applications available that are grabbing the attention of every sector in the market, and on-demand babysitting app development is one of them.

Working parents do not get enough time to take care of their kids, and hence, they search for babysitters who can take proper care of their kids.

All this has opened up ample opportunities for new entrepreneurs to start a babysitting business and develop a strong online presence with the help of an on-demand babysitting app.

If you are also looking for a similar plan and wondering about the cost and features of an on-demand babysitting app, this blog is for you. It sheds light on everything about babysitting app development. So, let’s get started.


What Is An On-demand Babysitting App?


what is baby sitting app


Babysitting mobile applications enable parents to search for nearby babysitters to take care of their children. Such apps provide a marketplace solution where parents can easily hire professional babysitters and remain ensured of their child care.

How Does On-demand Babysitting App Works? 

On-demand Babysitting App Works

Using an on-demand babysitting app isn’t that difficult. Such applications have a user-friendly UX/UI and are very easy to access. 

1. Parents can simply download the babysitting app and start browsing nearby babysitters listed.

2. Once the parents choose a babysitter, they can send them a request.

3. The babysitters receive a notification; they can look at the details and accept the request accordingly.

4. As soon as both parties agree, the babysitter visits the place and begins the job of babysitting.

5. Finally, parents pay the babysitter and leave reviews & feedback on the application when the job is done.

 This is how the best development app for babies works and makes it easier for the parents to do their job without worrying about their children.

Now that you are well-versed with the working process, let’s dive into the On demand development process.

Step-by-Step Process to Develop On-demand Babysitting App

Do you want to create a babysitting app and need to know the step-by-step babysitting app development process? Here you go!

Step 1 – Conduct Market Research

First of all, start the babysitting app development process by conducting proper market research. You will only be able to create a perfect application when you are well aware of the ongoing market trends and technologies.

Step 2 – Do In-depth Competitor Analysis

Once you have completed the market research, start conducting in-depth competitor analysis next. It will give you an idea of the competitor’s babysitting applications, find their app loopholes, and overcome the same in your business application. It will make your babysitting app a success.

Step 3 – Choose the Features, Functionalities, & Tech Stack

Next, decide the major features, functionalities, and tech stack that you will include while creating a nanny finding app. Note down everything on a piece of paper so that you do not mess up at the time of app development.


Step 4 – Decide the Development Platform & Tech Stacks

It doesn’t matter, whether you are planning for a babysitting app or dog walking app development, deciding on the development platform is crucial in the mobile app development process.

Along with this, the tech stack you will include in your babysitting app will decide its success in the coming time. So, choose the tech stack and development platform wisely.

Step 5 – Start Babysitting App Development

Finally, when you complete all the steps mentioned above, start the process of developing an on-demand babysitting application.

If you have a team for the same, well and good, and if not, hire dedicated developers to create a perfect babysitting app for your business.

It is a simple step process to create any business application, be it an on-demand baby development app or any other. But, simply knowing the steps isn’t enough to create a successful app unless the right features are included in it.


Essential Features of Babysitting App Development

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Want to make your babysitting application successful? Include the following essential features as suggested by the babysitting android app development company professionals.

Unlike any other mobile app, the features will be divided into three panels, i.e., parents, babysitters, and the admin.

Babysitting App Features for Parents

This panel is accessed by parents who want to avail online babysitting services.

  • Simple Sign-in

This feature enables parents to register on a babysitting application and access online babysitting services to find professional nannies.

  • Filter & Search

Every parent has their demands and requirements for finding nannies for their children. Right? This is where the search and filter feature comes in handy. It helps the parents to easily search for nearby babysitters and send them a request.

  • View Babysitter’s Profile

Before finalizing any of the babysitters, parents can view the profiles of nannies while using this amazing feature.

hire developer

  • Push Notifications

Timely notifications are essential features to keep the parents updated about their children babysitting activities, special in-app offers, and more. Including this feature while creating a babysitting app will keep the parents engaged with the application and hence improve the app’s visibility.

  • Babysitters Availability

This feature helps parents know the babysitters’ time slots and availability to book their slots accordingly.

  • Live Chat Support

The live chat feature is one of the convenient ways for parents to communicate with their babysitters quickly. It also lets the users get professional support in case of emergency and queries. To incorporate this feature the best way, you can hire chatbot developers possessing desired experience.

  • Multiple Payment Integration

Every user prefers to have an easy and convenient payment option while availing of any of the online services. That’s why it is crucial to have multiple payment integration during on-demand babysitting app development.

  • Live Tracking

While availing of online babysitting app development services, parents sometimes remain concerned about their kids’ safety. So, this feature enables the parents to do live tracking of both the child and the nanny.

        App Features for Nannies

        Babysitting App Features for Admin

        This panel consists of some additional features which are further accessed by the admin of the babysitting app. 

      • User Management

        This feature allows the admin to manage the users’ profiles, whether a user or a babysitter. Admin has access to view all profiles in one place and take immediate actions in case of any mishap.

      • Dashboard

        Like the users and babysitters have their profile section, the admin has a dashboard too. It helps the admin manage the profile and access all the in-app activities at once. It is an essential feature that makes the best parenting apps, so you shouldn’t miss incorporating this feature into an admin panel.

      • Managing Payments

        Another crucial feature of the babysitting app development process is that it enables the admin to keep track of service providers’ payments and the application’s revenue and profit. It helps to measure the success ratio of a babysitting app and take action accordingly.

      • Reports & Analytics

        Your babysitting app should generate monthly reports to help admin or babysitting app owners look at the business progress in a detailed manner.

        Along with this, getting an insight into the app’s analytics is a must to ensure successful on demand app development, so inserting this feature is a must for your app.

      • Advance In-App Settings 

        Only the admin has access to the advanced settings of the babysitting app, where the admin can increase or decrease the prices, access babysitters’ profiles individually, and more.

        Inserting this feature is a must to ensure smooth babysitting app processing and, in turn, keep the users satisfied and happy with the services.

      • ID Verifications 

        When users or nannies register on the babysitting app, they need to go through ID verification to access the application.

        So, the admin gets the right to verify all the details of both the users and service providers, verify their IDs, and allow them to use the applications. Inserting such features is a must to ensure the safety and security of the babysitting application.

        These are some of the must-have features that businesses shouldn’t miss incorporating while working on apps for babysitting. Now that the features of all the panels are revealed to you keep them into consideration the next time you develop a babysitting app.

        App Features for Admin png

    Tech Stack for Babysitting App Development

    Along with keeping an eye on the babysitting app features, businesses should also know the right set of tech stacks. It also helps to ensure the success of the babysitting application.

    So, here we have highlighted the set of tech stacks that could help you create the best developmental app for babies. Let’s discover them one by one.


    Babysitting App Development

    Server And Testing

    API & Payment Gateway

    Tracking And Management





    Android Studio


    Swift iOS





    MEAN Stack



    Google API







    Google Search Console




    Google Analytics



    How Much Does On-demand Babysitting App Development Cost?

    When it comes to developing a baby development app, one of the major concerns businesses have is ‘How much does on-demand babysitting app development cost?’

    There is no fixed cost for it as it keeps varying from one business application to the other.

    For instance, if you are hiring Nodejs development company professionals, the cost will vary as compared to hiring progressive web app development professionals.

    Besides this, the average, cost to develop a babysitting app starts from $35,000 and exceeds depending on the type of application you are creating.

    Other than this, the price varies on multiple factors, as highlighted below.

    • Features – The more features you will include in your on-demand app development, the higher its price will be.
    • Complexity – An application full of complicated features and functionalities makes the app more complex, which in turn adds more cost to the development process.
    • Size – Most businesses try to include unique features and technologies into their babysitting app, and hence its size increases which further adds to on-demand babysitting app development cost.
    • Development Platform – Different applications have different business requirements. Some want to create a business app for Android, while some develop it for Android. This is where the cost increases or decreases. A babysitting app for Android costs higher than the app for the iOS platform.
    • Tech Stack – Some applications demand more advanced tech stacks, while some apps can be developed with the basic tech stacks. So, the technologies you include in your babysitting application will influence its cost greatly.
    • Developer’s Location – Besides the development process, the type of developer you choose for creating a babysitting app will increase the cost. So, hire mobile app developers from the US, where you can seek the best services at reasonable prices.

    These factors could either increase or decrease the cost to develop a babysitting app. While keeping these factors in mind, businesses can remain ensured of developing a well-crafted babysitting app in hand without burning a hole in their pocket.


    Price Range for Australia Eastern Europe Western Europe North America
    Android Developer $80 – 120 / hour $100 – 150 / hour $80 – 120 / hour $100 – 130 / hour
    iOS Developer $100 – 130 / hour $120 – 150 / hour $100 – 130 / hour $120 – 150 / hour
    Web Developer $90 – 135 / hour $110 – 140 / hour $90 – 135 / hour $130 – 150 / hour


    Summing Up!

    On-demand babysitting app development isn’t a big deal when businesses know ‘how to create a babysitting app?’ ‘How much does the on-demand babysitting app costs?’ ‘

    What features to include in a babysitting app?’ and more. We hope that this blog is helpful enough to clarify all the concerns that businesses have regarding babysitting mobile app development and offer a perfect solution to businesses.

    Dev Technosys, being a leading mobile app development company has a team of dedicated developers who focus on crafting result-driven business applications.

    Share your app development requirements now and get a perfect solution in hand. Feel free to get in touch any time.