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Did you ever picture yourself as someone’s face? Face-swapping allows you to reimagine it. Right?

One of the most popular trends on most social media sites is the best face swap app. These applications are trending on the internet by making people entertained with face swap transformations.

Are you wondering what is the best face swap app? Then you should know that the best face swap app is an application with filters that allow users to transform their face into someone or anything else that is quite popular.

If they transform into a baby, they can make their visage appear younger, older, or however, they choose. Getting a picture clicked with a face transformation application has become a trend.

Agree or not?

Nowadays, everyone is passionate about taking pictures. The social media application has increased photography passion extensively.

Smartphones have become the best friends of people who love photography with possible advanced photo editing applications.

Face swapping pictures have become immensely popular with their fascinating interchanging face features that change users’ faces with hilarious and sometimes with demand filters.

Several small to large-scale business entrepreneurs now want to invest in best face app development. However, this blog has something more tremendous for the people loving these new trends.

In this blog, we have gathered some exciting information on the best face swap apps, which you must look into to know which one is the best. Please read this entire blog to avoid missing out on important things.

A Closer Look at Face-Transforming Apps Market!

It would help if you went through the amazing market stats that show how these best face swap apps have become a current trend.

face swap app stats

  • Around 428 million people used the photo and social networking app Snapchat every month in 2021, an increase of 20.9 per cent from the year before.
  • 1% of web users use Snapchat overall. By 2024, it is predicted that the platform will have more than 500 million active monthly users.
  • In 2022, the Photo & Video industry will be expected to generate a total of US$17.60 billion.
  • By 2026, the total revenue is predicted to expand by 9.13% annually (CAGR 2022-2026), with a market size of US$24.96 billion.

List of Incredible Top 10 Face Swap Apps in 2024

Several face-swap apps are available in the market, but in this section below, we have covered the best face-swapping apps which you must look at.


Top 10 & Best Face Swapping Apps Platform Availability
Reface Android | iOS
Snapchat Android | iOS
B612 Android | iOS
FaceMagic Android | iOS
 Face Swap Booth Android | iOS
FaceApp Android | iOS
MixBooth Android | iOS
FaceLab Android | iOS
Instagram Android | iOS
FacePlay Android | iOS

Top 10 Face Swap Apps in 2024

Now the time has come when you must go through these amazing face swap app details. In this section, we have gathered important data on the best face swap app, which you must read to know more about. So do take a look!

1. Face Swapper

face swapper

Icons8‘s Face Swapper app for smartphones utilizes artificial intelligence to change faces in pictures and videos. It’s user-friendly UI and precise facial detection and recognition technology allow for smooth face swapping. The programme also offers a variety of customization options, including the ability to blend faces, match skin tones, and change certain facial traits. Both Android and iOS devices can use Face Swapper.


  • Face swapping in photos and videos
  • AI-powered face detection and recognition technology
  • Skin tone matching and face blending customization options
  • Ability to adjust facial features
  • Available for iOS and Android devices

2.    Snapchat

best face swap app

Snapchat is another best face-swap app with its own social media platform. If you’re a social media user, you must know Snapchat has a massive user base.

You can get advice from other users, share comments and thoughts, and use various third-party filters. Additionally, you must know this best face swap video app offers you just changing the shooting mode; you may change the faces in both still images and moving pictures.

However, Snapchat also offers you a feature to edit old pictures. To build a similar app like Snapchat, you must hire the best web app development company.


  • It has multiple filters and effects
  • You can open videos and photographs
  • The camera immediately starts up.
  • You can modify old pictures.


Ratings Downloads Release Year
Google Play- 4.2/5

Apple Store- 4.8/5




3.    B612



There are several best face swap apps in the market, but when it comes to creative and hilarious face swapping, people choose b612. Face transformation is a feature of this best free face swap app, B612.

When you take images and videos, it lets you employ a range of multiple filters. Hence it is vital to know that some filters include funny elements like animals, famous people, and cartoon characters.

If you’re interested in GIF creation, then the best face swap app is ideal. You may also create GIFs and montages with the B612 app.


  • It is an extremely basic best gif face swap app.
  • It applies an advanced AR effect to the image and modifies your face’s form, colour, and haircut.
  • Provides services including photo editing, makeup application, face resizing, and more.
  • You may add inscriptions, glowing lines, and stickers with its features.


Ratings Downloads Release Year
Google Play- 4.2/5

Apple Store- 4.8/5





4.    FaceMagic



When it comes to the best face swap app, the most preferred choice by the majority of the population is the face magic app. Due to obvious reasons, face swapping features in videos are fairly challenging for a consumer app.

Additionally, this best free face swap app offers a variety of face swap effects. FaceMagic is the ideal option if you are looking for the best app for swapping faces in pictures &want to add a humorous twist to your films without employing a face swap tool.

It is vital to know how to use the feature. You must upload a selfie and do so in a relatively basic manner. But you’ll have the best filter swapped result image after using this app.


  • There is no need to sign up.
  • Directly from the app, you may download or share material.
  • You can make as many quick videos as you like.
  • It is the best app for swapping faces in pictures that permits face-swapping for all group members.
  • Your information is kept private and is only accessible to you.
  • Supports uploading content directly to social media networks.


Ratings Downloads Release Year
Google Play- 3.8/5

Apple Store- 2.6/5






5.    Face Swap Booth

Face Swap Booth


Face Swap Booth app is another one of the best face swap apps that makes your face over a single photo as many times as you like. It also offers to swap faces across numerous photos, change faces with celebrities, and much more.

It is vital to know that this best photo editing app for face swap can concentrate on finding ways to make your pictures as fun as possible by using the best face swap app to alter the faces in all photos accurately.

You can also get this app developed by hiring the best mobile app development company.


  • It has a huge collection of images and famous people’s faces
  • It has facial characteristics that are combined
  • Face Swap Booth is the best photo editing app for face swap that offers auto-face recognition
  • It also utilizes objects
  • This app stabilization of an image takes time.


Ratings Downloads Release Year
Google Play- 3.8/5

Apple Store- 4.5/5





6.    FaceApp


FaceApp is an automatic and one of the best face swap apps. The app is created by using neural networks and is called AI Face Editor.

Additionally, you must know that this app will offer you modified, finished photos and naturally swap faces in your photos. Hence If you want to take flawless selfies photos, try utilizing the hilarious filter in real-time.

Knowing that you can choose the perfect makeup and hairstyle based on the app’s recommendations is essential. It is the best free face swap app for iPhone that offers a feature where you can alter your skin tone, gender, and age. Imagine yourself as a superhero by putting your face next to pictures of them.


Face Swap CTA


  • You can alter your beard, moustache, and haircut.
  • It offers different effects and filters
  • FaceApp is the best free face swap app for iPhone that allows for tattoo addition
  • It has artificial neural networks
  • It provides users with numerous premium filters and functions
Ratings Downloads Release Year
Google Play- 4.5/5

Apple Store- 4.6/5




7. Mixbook


Mixbook is one incredible or best face swap app with a unique feature instead of swapping the faces in your photos. MixBooth combines two faces into one, which is also rather entertaining.

The application also allows you to input your images and photos of people whose faces you want to be automatically detected and combined with your own.

It is vital to know that through this app, you can combine your face with the faces of random people or famous people to see how you would look.


  • It has the function of combining two faces to create one face recognition function.
  • Mixbook has a separate gallery
  • It operates without a network connection
  • Mixbook does not merge faces with your gallery’s images
  • It has facial features that are occasionally significantly warped.


Ratings Downloads Release Year
Google Play- 2.2/5

Apple Store- 4.1/5





8.    FaceLab

FaceLab logo

Use Facelab to enhance the impression of your dreams! Face Lab is another fascinating one of the best face swaps with a massive user base.

The app is popular for modifying the colour of your hair, whitening your teeth, contouring your face, and smoothing out your skin. The finest selfie touch-up tools! Facelab is skilled at minimizing your imperfections and emphasizing your beauty.

FaceLab is the app for you if you want to age and change your gender using entertaining filters. It is the finest free age and gender-swapping app for the greatest user experience and accurate facial ageing.

The Face app is driven by AI technology. So, hiring the best AI development services is the ideal choice if you want to create an AI-based application.


  • It offers functions like smoothing skin, whitening teeth, changing the colour of your hair, erasing blemishes, and more.
  • FaceLab provides accurate face switching using AI
  • automatically chooses skin smoothness and colour
  • It is an integrated meme creator
  • It is a reliable Internet connection is necessary


Ratings Downloads Release Year
Google Play- 3.8/5

Apple Store- 4.8/5




9.    Instagram


Many of you know about Instagram one of the most successful social media app development examples. Now there are several entrepreneurs in this era that want to create an app like Instagram due to its amazing features and offering of exacting functions today’s generation love.

It is an app that is not only popular for social interaction but produces the best face swap results. It assists in making connections with new people worldwide by learning what’s new.

It is vital to know that it contains tools to combine your images with others in the most natural way possible and another editing tool to match the skin tone.


  • The content you post to your Instagram story will be available 24 hours.
  • This best free face swap app, android, allows you to video call and message your buddies to have face-swapping conversations.
  • Additionally, it features some top-notch photo editing applications like Boomerang,
  • There are possibilities for many captures and layouts in software, and you can also browse fantastic effects.


Ratings Downloads Release Year
Google Play- 4.3/5

Apple Store- 4.8/5




10. FacePlay

FacePlay lgo

Foreplay is a leading face swap app that is preferred in several cities as the best face swap app that provides a selection of face-changing themes for quick videos.

It is vital to know that with only one click, you can become any character of the video of your choice. You don’t need to be a skilled editor to use this best face swap app.

The best free face swap app, android, is easy to use and has many well-known face effects and filters. It is an app that allows you to change the faces in videos.

It has tools that make it easier to make detailed video clips. The time it takes to create a special effect face-changing clip is simply a few seconds.


  • It has a professional photo montage
  • Many unique frames, stickers, and effects
  • It uses a selfie camera
  • It has an integrated image library
  • It replaces faces with creatures
  • Face plays only work with images
  • It does not maintain facial characteristics


Ratings Downloads Release Year
Google Play- 4.1/5

Apple Store- 4.5/5




11. Reface

Reface app

Reface app is one of the leading & best face swap video apps among the best face swap 2024. You can swap your face with that of actors or actresses from movies with the reface app.

It is essential to know that reface apps offer features where you can change the gender and make a funny meme into a gif or video to post on social media.

It is one of the trending apps for making face swaps and sharing them with your friends. You can generate new GIFs using the numerous GIFs and photos included in this best face swap app.


  • It has the best gif face swap app.
  • It has the capability of making custom memes
  • Using Based deep learning technology
  • Real-time face swapping is available.
  • Three days are all that the trial version lasts


Ratings Downloads Release Year
Google Play- 4.2/5

Apple Store- 4.7/5




Ready To Make It Happen!

Hopefully, you liked this blog and have witnessed all the amazing top 10 & best swap apps of 2024. However, you must know that these applications are trending in 2024 with a massive user base.

However, do you know that behind the creation of these applications was a team of a custom mobile app development company? These amazing apps with impressive

AI development isn’t easy to build. So, if you’re looking to create the best face swap app, in that case, you must hire dedicated developers.

Only the mobile app development team will help you cheat a beautiful app like Snapchat, so go on. Although you can also read mobile app development trends for a better understanding.

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How To Hire Mobile App Development Company To Create Face Swap App?

Well, you know hiring a mobile app development company isn’t an easy thing. You need to follow some important steps. Below are some stats to help you hire the best iPhone development services for your new project of the best face swap app.

  • Confirm Your Budget.
  • Review Experience of App Development Team.
  • Interview the App Dedicated Developers.
  • Contact a Developer or a Company.
  • Look for the Full Stack Mobile App Development Team.
  • Hire web app development services

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Face Swap App?

When creating an app for face swap, you must know about the cost. The mobile app development cost ranges from around $20,000-40,000. However, knowing that the best face swap app cost may differ depending on several factors is vital. Several factors affect the cost of creating a face swap app, including app complexity, size, platform, and developer location.

How To Create a Face Swap App?

When it comes to developing a face swap app, you must know that you need to follow these step-by-step guides thoroughly. Here’s the guide that will take you to incredible app development.

  • Define Your Business Idea
  • Perform Market Research
  • Create A List of Features & Functions
  • Hire SaaS app development services
  • Decide on Tech Stack
  • Development Process
  • Launch & Marketing