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ICO has gained immense popularity in the past few years. As per reports, in 2019, ICO raised more than $3.3 billion. The amount generated from Initial Coin Offering makes it a prominent tool for large enterprises and investors, including Microsoft. As a result, businesses are planning to create ICO and wondering about the cost to launch an ICO.

Do you belong to the same category? If yes, then read this blog. It will guide you through everything about the ICO token development cost and other factors associated with the cost estimation. So, let’s begin revealing everything one by one.

Overview of An ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

ICO or Initial Coin Offering is a process where investors get coins or tokens at a discounted price in ROI. Token creators further carry ICOs to boost capital for their businesses. If the ICOs run well in the crypto market, the investors get rewarded with amazing profits. ICO token development is highly unregulated, and there is no third-party involvement which is the best thing.



Initial Coin Offering


Also, investors are not bound to pay any amount in return, which is one of the major reasons ICO development services are in high demand nowadays. The number of profits generated from ICO smart contracts and others is rising at 2x speed.


What Are ICO Drops?

ICO Drops offers data and information about initial coin offerings (ICOs) and other token sales in the cryptocurrency sector. It is crucial to know that blockchain-based businesses can raise money through initial coin offerings (ICOs) by developing and trading their tokens or coins with investors.

If you are one of the people who want to take part in ICOs or keep up with the most recent token sales, ICO Drops is a comprehensive resource. The platform provides a range of options and services, like:


1. ICO Calendar

ICO calendar with upcoming ICO, their start and conclusion dates, project specifics, and other pertinent data.


2. ICO Listings

Detailed profiles and data on currently running and previous ico cryptocurrency, including an overview of projects, whitepapers, team members, token specifics, and funding targets.


3. Analysis and Ratings

Based on various factors, including team, technology, token economics, and community participation, ICO Drops rates and assesses ICO ventures. It aids prospective investors in evaluating the legitimacy and potential of various ICOs.


4. Updates and News

Additionally, the portal posts news, analyses, and updates about ICOs and the broader cryptocurrency sector.


5. Token Sale Statistics

ICO Drops provides data and statistics about token sales, which involve the amount of money raised, the breakdown of tokens, and the market performance.

Now the time has come when you must go through some of the incredibly active and upcoming crypto ICO. In this below section, we have covered almost everything you’re looking for.


Active ICO Drops



Total Token in $


Platform 150,000,000
Metaverse Kombat Gaming



Platform 42,000,000
Metapotamians Blockchain Service



Blockchain 1,200,000,000
Artyfact Gaming



Currency 21,000,000,000
Magical Blocks Currency



Marketplace 10,000,000
LimeWire Marketplace




CTA Strip



Upcoming ICO Drops


Category Total Token in $
CyberConnect Protocol


Flippin Labs

Platform 10,000,000
Eldarune Gaming


EGO( Paysenger)

Social Network 500,000,000
SupraOracles Platform



Blockchain Service 1,000,000,000
Tagp Verse Platform



Network 800,000,000
Cyber Arena Gaming






The Importance of ERC20 Token Standards For Your ICO

Step into the dynamic world of Initial Coin Offerings, where embracing ERC20 token standards becomes paramount, shaping the success and credibility of your venture. In this section, we have covered the importance of ERC20 tokens for ICO crypto, which you must know more about.


1. Compatibility

Standards for ERC20 tokens guarantee interoperability and compatibility across many platforms and wallets, making integrating and trading your token simple.


2. Broadly Supported

The Ethereum ICO blockchain’s most widely used token standard, ERC20, makes it simpler to win over the community and draw in investors.


3. Security

The risk of fraud or hacking is decreased thanks to security features included in ERC20 standards, such as prohibiting double spending and ensuring appropriate token transfers.


4. Liquidity

Being ERC20 compliant enhances the likelihood that your token will be listed on several exchanges, improving liquidity and accessibility for traders.


5. Smart Contract Integration

The Ethereum blockchain’s ERC20 tokens can communicate with other smart contracts invisibly, facilitating the creation of decentralized apps (DApps) and ecosystem integration.


6. Token Management

For managing tokens, ERC20 standards offer a set of predefined operations like checking balances, transferring tokens, and approving token allocations.


7. Verification and Auditing

Since external parties can audit and verify code more easily using known ERC20 standards, your ICO will be transparent and trustworthy.


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8. Community Awareness

ERC20 tokens are widely used by developers and consumers, which makes adoption easier and lowers the learning curve for potential token holders.


9. Token Evolution Standard

Over time, new versions and enhancements have been added to the ERC20 token standards (e.g., ERC223, ERC777). Your coin can gain from upcoming ecosystem improvements and changes by adhering to the ERC20 specification.


10. Ecosystem Integration

The ERC20 standard makes integrating your token easier with various Ethereum-based tools and services, including wallets, DEXs, and protocols for decentralized finance (DeFi). It increases the utility of your token.

Hence this is all on ERC20 token importance; hence it is crucial to know if you are one of the people who wants to know the Cost of creating an ERC20 Token, then you’re in the right place. Contact the ERC20 token development company to learn more about the cost and launch.


App & Web Development CTA

Cost Breakdown: 7 Factors Affecting The Cost To Launch An ICO

Wondering – How much does it cost to launch an ICO successfully? Let’s walk through the major areas of an ICO to determine the required budget to successfully launch ICO or ERC Token development and launch process.



Cost ($)


$5,000 – $15,000


$10,000 – $20,000

Security Audit

$10,000 – $50,000

Exchange Listing

$5,000 – $1,000,000


$5,000 – $15,000

Blockchain Dev

$5,000 – $15,000

Legal Expenses



10% – 20% of Funding Target

1. ICO Cabinet

Initial coin offers (ICOs) and token sales can be conducted using the ICO Cabinet. It is vital to know that it is a platform that provides various options, including establishing smart contracts, marketing plans, community administration, and legal assistance. ICO Cabinet can influence the cost of ICO token development in several ways.

They might offer assistance with legal and regulatory matters, marketing plans, technological advancements, and security measures. The overall cost can be impacted by the experience and reputation of the ICO Cabinet because their engagement may raise the project’s perceived trustworthiness.

It is a mandatory area for user sign-up, verification, purchasing & managing ICO tokens for better distribution. KYC verification process verifies the customer’s residence & identity while eliminating all the legal risks associated. The basic cost to develop an ICO cost lies around $15,000.

It is a mandatory element of an ICO that cannot be ignored at any cost, so be careful. You can take the assistance of a leading organization to create a successful ICO cabinet within the desired budget.


Cost to create an app cta

2. Whitepapers

Whitepapers can considerably impact the overall cost of starting an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). A well-written whitepaper can draw more investors and boost the likelihood of a successful fundraising effort by clearly communicating a project’s objectives, technology, and potential value.

But creating a thorough and skilled whitepaper takes time, knowledge, and resources, which might raise the entire cost of launching an ICO. The whitepaper’s accuracy and value may also affect investor trust, affecting the cost and anticipated ICO investment.

The next major factor affecting the cost of ICO development, i.e., whitepapers. The major aim of whitepaper’s is to showcase the product regarding how the token will be used.

Based on the information, investors will further decide whether to invest in that particular ICO development project or not. The average white paper ICO development costs will be around $5,000 – $15,000. In case of a limited budget, you can create whitepapers on your own.

3. Website

Nowadays, all information is available on the internet, so the demand for mobile applications and websites is becoming increasingly popular. A business website represents the major idea of the project, which is why it has to be appealing, informative, and adaptive to the users. Also, you need to update content timely to keep your ICO website interactive and attract potential investors.

Website development greatly impacts the total cost of starting an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Developing a solid first impression and attracting potential investors require an appealing and practical website.

Depending on the website’s complexity, which might consist of features like user registration, secure payment options, and interactive elements, the cost of website construction may vary.

So, the basic cost to launch an ICO website will be around $10,000 – $20,000 and more, depending on the features, functionality, complexity, etc. If you plan to develop an ICO-based business website, it is advisable to avail yourself of assistance from a reliable organization.

Having a high demand for qualified web designers and developers may increase costs. A website must be aesthetically beautiful and simple to use for an ICO to succeed, yet doing so can increase startup costs.

4. Smart Contracts

Smart contracts significantly impact Initial Coin Offering (ICO) launch costs. By utilizing blockchain technology, smart contracts automate several operations, including token issuance, distribution, and investor authentication. As a result, there is no longer a need for intermediaries like solicitors or regulatory agencies, which lowers related costs.

Smart contracts also make transactions clear and secure, boosting investor confidence. Overall, using smart contracts simplifies the ICO procedure, saves operating costs, and boosts efficiency, eventually lowering the cost of the ICO launch.

So, to develop perfectly working smart contracts, you will have to hire dedicated developers. They will not only develop a perfectly working business website but also cross-check all the work characteristics to make it more accessible for the users.

All you have to do is decide on the features and characteristics required for a smart contract. The entire process might cost around $8,000 to $10,000, depending on the type of smart contract prepared.

5. Security Audits

As ICO website development will require a lot of transactions, they must feature strong security. If your business website or app does not contain the desired security, it won’t be able to attract the contributor’s attention. Even a minor error will cause a great loss that cannot be covered easily. This is why conducting a strong security audit is a must for business owners.

However, it is crucial to know that security audits heavily influence the cost of conducting an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). By conducting thorough security audits, you can find smart contract flaws and vulnerabilities, protecting investors’ money.

Security audits are a crucial step in preserving confidence and trust, but they frequently demand substantial financial investment. It can be expensive to hire ICO developers, run code reviews, and put in place the essential security precautions.

So, on average, a proper audit cost of ICO development might cost somewhere from $10,000 – $25,000. This is the cost to hire mobile app developers who are well-versed in mobile app development or web development.



6. ICO Token Marketing 

Marketing is a strong asset to let businesses achieve success and profit while gaining strong brand visibility. The approach used to communicate an ICO to investors has an impact on future collaboration & market confidence.

ICO token marketing can considerably impact the cost of launching an ICO. A successful token sale might result from marketing techniques that raise awareness, draw new investors, and establish confidence. However, marketing strategies need to spend money on advertising, influencer collaborations, content production, and social media advertisement.

These promotional charges add to the overall costs associated with creating an ICO and other elements like team salary, regulatory compliance, and technological development. Therefore, it is advisable to invest your time in marketing as well. The process will cost around $10,000 to $20,000, depending on the type of marketing strategy adopted.

7. Post ICO Launch

Finally, the last step to increase the popularity of your ICO project is placing it on exchanges. The cost to start an ICO might be considerably impacted by post-ICO launch. Market conditions, legal compliance, and token performance influence the associated costs.

The price to launch follow-up ICOs may rise due to increased demand and market expectations if the ICO & initial exchange offering is a success and the token appreciates.

In contrast, following ICOs may see lower investor trust and lowered costs or difficulty recruiting funds if the initial coin offering (ICO) fails if the token underperforms. Future ICO launch costs may vary depending on current market conditions and the project’s reputation.

The average ICO development costs vary from $10,000 – $18,000. Also, you can work on email marketing to send important information, including news, ICO links, new updates, ICO capabilities, and push notifications. Here, you will need the experts’ assistance.

So, when you avail of ICO development services, ask the professionals whether they will provide post-support or not. It will help you know the estimated budget required.

These are the seven major factors associated with the cost to launch an ICO. Now that you are well-versed with each of them make your ICO development plan while considering these factors. It will help you create a perfect budget without burning a hole in your pocket.


Factors Affecting The Cost To Launch An ICO

Major Challenges Businesses Encounter While Launching An ICO

Got an idea of the cost to launch an ICO? Ready to bring the ICO development process? Wait! Before you proceed, get well-versed with the challenges you might encounter to ensure that you do not stop in between the process. 

# Challenge 1 – Explaining Investor’s Benefits

Convincing investors and justifying their benefits is one of the major challenges that businesses usually encounter while looking for someone to invest in their projects. But, convincing someone for such a huge investment is a challenging task.

For that, you would require to ensure that you come with strong project documentation highlighting every aspect. Also, make sure your project holds a huge value in the real world; then, only the investors will be ready to spend their money on your project.

For better assistance, get in touch with a blockchain development company or cryptocurrency wallet development company where there are tech experts. They will resolve your concern and suggest the best ways to pitch the investors or get some funds for your ICO-based project.

#Challenge 2 – Securing ICO 

In today’s time, Cybercrime has ruined all-scale business security. Even a small security breach and hoax can ruin the efforts and put the business at risk. This is where having a smart ICO token development security team is a must to secure your project. For that, you will have to implement the following things.

  • Two-factor authentication
  • SSL encryption
  • Verify code and smart contract T&C
  • Pre and post-ICO launch

To overcome the challenge of securing an ICO, you can seek professionals’ assistance. The security and testing will incorporate technologies that will ensure your ICO token’s high safety and security.


mobile app cta

#Challenge 3 – Proving Your Business or Brand

As there is a huge list of growing entrances in the ICO market, it becomes really difficult for new business owners to grab the market’s attention. Proving your brand is non-fraudulent and outshining competitors is the major challenge here that every business owner encounters. With the number of fake ICOs’ running in the market, more investors have become aware of it and are well-versed with whom they want to invest or not.

Proving your brand is genuine, and non-fraudulent is a major task that will require time, effort, and cost, of course. In that case, developing a secure ICO token that will speak for itself and profit your business in the long term is better.

Every success can only be achieved after overcoming the challenges and leaving them behind. Agree? Well, the three challenges we’ve mentioned above are the major ones that almost every business owner encounters while working on ICO development. Now that you know the challenges and their solutions get into action and come up with a profit-driven project.


Summing Up!!!

The popularity of ICO is on the rise; therefore, the demand for ICO development is also increasing with 2x speed. As a result, businesses often search for the cost to launch an ICO. Considering businesses’ concerns on priority, we have mentioned all the major factors impacting ICO development costs.

We hope you are pretty satisfied with this blog and found it helpful. If still, you need ICO token development services, it would be better to get in touch with the experts. They will guide you throughout the development process and help you come up with a better project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Smaller Budget Still Launch A Successful ICO?

While having a lesser budget does have some drawbacks, with proper preparation and resource management, it is still possible to conduct a successful ICO. To maximize the available resources for a successful launch, it could be necessary to concentrate on key services, use cost-effective marketing techniques, and look for partnerships or advisory support.

Are There Ongoing Costs After The ICO Launch?

There are expenses after the ICO launch, yes. Depending on the project’s demands, they could include platform and website upkeep, marketing and community management, token liquidity assistance, regulatory compliance, and extra development or security assessments.

How Much Does Smart Contract Development Cost For An ICO?

The complexity and functionality needed will determine how much it will cost to construct a smart contract for an ICO. Simple ERC-20 token smart contracts can cost between $5,000 and $20,000, and more complicated ones with more features might cost as much as $24,000.

Does Legal And Regulatory Compliance Add Significant Costs To An ICO Launch?

Establishing legal and regulatory compliance is important for a successful ICO launch, but doing so can add a lot of money to the overall budget. Depending on the jurisdiction, different compliance needs may be necessary, such as legal advice, KYC/AML procedures, regulatory filings, and getting the required licenses.

What Are The Essential Services Involved In Launching An ICO?

Project conception and whitepaper development, token design and smart contract development, security audits, website and platform construction, marketing and PR campaigns, legal and regulatory compliance, and community management are all crucial steps in the launch of an ICO.

What Factors Determine The Cost of Launching An ICO?

An ICO’s launch price is influenced by several elements, including the project’s complexity, the required technology, marketing and public relations efforts, legal compliance, and the team’s level of expertise. The price can differ greatly because every ICO is different.

How Much Does ICO Development Cost?

The cost to launch an ICO begins from $25,000 and might go up to $60,000 and more depending on the type of ICO token developed. So, to get an exact cost estimation, prepare documentation highlighting everything about your ICO-based project. After analyzing the requirements, the experts will let you know the cost associated with ICO token development.

How Much Is Time Required To Launch An ICO?

The required time to launch an ICO completely depends on the type of ICO token developed. So first, you will have to share your ICO token development requirements with the experts, and then they will commit the exact time.

What Is An ICO Token?

ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings are cryptocurrencies used by businesses to raise capital. While using ICO trading platforms, investors can get cryptocurrency tokens in exchange for their monetary business investment.