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“Messaging apps are the new town squares.” 

– Mark Zuckerberg

Quick Summary: Put high priority on a user-friendly layout, powerful messaging capabilities, and the clean integration of multimedia material to build an app like KakaoTalk. You must know prioritising security and real-time chat will provide an exploration of monetization opportunities.

Are you fond of messaging apps? Do you know KakaoTalk is an incredible messaging app? If you are someone who wants to build an app like KakaoTalk, an amazing messaging app, then you should know this blog is for you. 

Due to its unique features and intuitive UI, KakaoTalk has gained global popularity. We’ll stroll through each degree to build an app like KakaoTalk, from thought to implementation. We will explore essential matters, which include backend programming, user interplay approaches, layout concerns, and feature planning. So, are you someone who wants to build an app like KaoKoTalk? Now is the time together. Let’s pass on this exciting app development adventure!


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What is The KakaoTalk App?

The famous South Korean chat software KakaoTalk was developed by way of Kim Beom-su and was first made on March 18, 2010. The Kakao Corporation made it. This device allows users to talk messages, behaviour audio and video calls, and alternate multimedia gadgets. the Kakaotalk app quickly gained tremendous popularity, with 10 million downloads globally.

Its many capabilities, person-pleasant interface, and smooth integration with many Kakao services all contributed to its success. The application additionally gives an extensive choice of stickers and emoticons for innovative communication. KakaoTalk remains the most popular messaging app development in South Korea, and it has a tremendous personal base someplace else.


Market Stats to Look At!


Market stats of KakaoTalk app


  • KakaoTalk is one of the most popular cell messaging apps from South Korea, with over 53 million active customers internationally as of the fourth quarter of 2022. 
  • Actually, South Korea accounted for around 47 million of the 50 million KakaoTalk contributors worldwide.
  • As of 2023, KakaoTalk had more than 53.5 million monthly lively users (MAUs) globally.
  • With more than 97% of the marketplace, KakaoTalk controls a monopoly-like part of the South Korean texting market. In this manner, all 47.6 million of its MAUs are entirely based totally in South Korea.
  •  When it was initially released in 2010, its current features—consisting of organization chats and unfastened audio calls—helped it grow to be well-known very rapidly.
  • Other well-known messaging apps encompass WeChat (1.2 billion customers), Viber (260 million consumers), and Telegram (700 million customers).
  • The international market for mobile messaging apps is predicted to reach a peak cost of USD 93.6 billion by 2023, developing at a compound annual increase rate (CAGR) of 5.2%.
  • KakaoTalk is to be had everywhere, despite the fact that South Korea is where it is most famous. The corporation’s “Our Local Market” initiative aims to attain a hundred markets by May 2023.
  • Over 1 billion messages are dispatched and acquired on KakaoTalk every day, illustrating the lively consumer network in the community.
  •  In addition to messaging, KakaoTalk’s sales streams include music, video games, and different media furnished by using Kakao Corp. In 2021, it brought in an astounding $4.8 billion in sales.


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10 Popular Apps Like KakaoTalk


Launch Date

Ratings (Google Play)

Downloads (Google Play)



WhatsApp Jan 2009 4.7 5 Billion+ Jan Koum, Brian Acton Android, iOS, Web
WeChat Jan 2011 4.6 1.2 Billion+ Zhang Zhidong Android, iOS, Web
Telegram Aug 2013 4.8 500 Million+ Pavel Durov, Nikolai Durov Android, iOS, Web, Desktop
Signal Feb 2014 4.5 100 Million+ Moxie Marlinspike Android, iOS, Desktop
Viber May 2012 4.5 1 Billion+ Igor Magazinnik Android, iOS, Windows, Desktop
LINE Jun 2011 4.4 700 Million+ Masayoshi Son Android, iOS, Windows, macOS
KakaoTalk Mar 2010 4.7 200 Million+ Min Seok Kim Android, iOS, Windows, Desktop
Zalo Oct 2011 4.5 100 Million+ Pham Hong Thanh Android, iOS, Web
KIK Feb 2010 4.1 100 Million+ Ted Livingston Android, iOS
BBM Aug 2008 4.1 100 Million+ Douglas Freeland Android, iOS, BlackBerry

Must Have Features of App Like KakaoTalk: A Messaging App  

It’s crucial to consider loads of functions for admin, users and owners carefully while developing an app with KakaoTalk. This section outlines every feature that you must know in order to build an app like KakaoTalk. 

Admin Panel Features


Admin Panel Features of KakaoTalk App


  • User Management:

Admin needs to be professional in dealing with people. It consists of the ability to hold a watch on consumer interest and upload, pause, or delete users. Get in touch with the excellent messaging app development services provider to add these to your list. 


  • Content Moderation: 

Install a content moderation process to make sure that the platform is saved and freed from offensive or dangerous content.  


  • Analytics Dashboard: 

Provide admin with entry to a modern-day analytics dashboard so we can reveal consumer interest, features that customers like, and the overall performance of the app.


  • Security Controls: 

Implement sturdy safety features inclusive of encryption, -aspect authentication, and IP tracking inside the location. The admin has to get entry to protection records so they may reveal and deal with any threats.


  • User Support Tools:

Give admin the tools they need to assist customers correctly and fast. It must include ticketing assistance, FAQs for often-requested questions, and live chat help.


  • Customization Options: 

Allow the admin to change the app’s appearance, experience, and functionalities. It ensures flexibility in changing consumer options and market characteristics.


  • Push Notification Management: 

The purpose of admin ought to be to offer customers personalized push notifications. It is less challenging to announce adjustments, income, or vital facts while you use this utility.


  • User Activity Monitoring: 

Provide admin with admission to designated statistics of every movement taken with the aid of users. It consists of instances spent logging in and out, patterns of use for specific capabilities, and any unique conduct.


  • Report and Feedback Handling: 

Create a machine for coping with user evaluations and comments. It is capable of collecting statistics, drawing close to modifications, and clearing up users’ troubles right away.


  • Compliance and Regulations: 

Confirm that the chatbot app development complies with relevant legal guidelines and enterprise requirements for the protection of records.  

User Panel Features


User Panel Features


  • Messaging and Multimedia Sharing: 

Give customers the option to send text messages, pics, movies, and other sorts of multimedia content without difficulty.  


  • Stickers and Emoji Packs: 

Provide a whole lot of sticky labels and emoji packs to enhance communication and effectively elicit emotions.


  • Group Channels and Chats: 

Give customers the potential to create and join agencies. It is certainly viable for admin and users to alter group memberships and guidelines.


  • Voice and Video Calls: 

Features to ensure crystal-clear audio and video calls are blanketed. Users must discover it easy to make group or one-on-one calls.


  • Status Updates:

 Provide clients with the choice to establish and proportion popularity updates with their contacts. Its feature adds an extra personalized contact to the consumer experience.


  • Privacy Controls:

Strong privacy controls have to be put in the region in order for customers to determine further who can get the right of entry to their online recognition, profile info, and other private facts.


  • Multi-Device Sync:

Give users the choice to synchronize their discussions and information without difficulty throughout many devices without ensuring consistent enjoyment.


  • Location Sharing: 

By integrating an area-sharing device, one can percentage their contemporary place in actual time with friends and their own family through the best messaging apps.


  • Notification Customization: 

Give customers a choice to customize their indicators for optimistic dialogues and organizations, so they’re conscious but not overwhelmed.


  • Integration with Third-Party Apps: 

Provide integrations with famous third-party integration apps for seamless file collaboration, report sharing, and other productivity functions.


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Features Owner Panel


Features Owner Panel


  • Revenue and Monetization Dashboard:  

Owners are required to have entry to a dashboard that presents sales, employee development, and monetization strategies. It includes advertising, top-rate features, and subscription models.


  • App Version Management: 

Owners have to be responsible for updating and keeping the versions of their apps. Users are guaranteed access to the most recent safety updates and skills by doing this.


  • User Acquisition Tools: 

Give commercial enterprise proprietors entry to equipment, which includes marketing logs, tracking user acquisition charges, and referral programs with the intention of appealing to new customers.


  • Adaptive advertising tools: 

Utilize these answers to permit enterprise proprietors to tailor advertising campaigns that align with the options, movements, and demographics of their target audience.


  • In-App Purchase Management: 

Owners have to be able to alter in-app purchases, set prices for top-rate capabilities, and analyze purchase traits in an effort to optimize revenue streams.


  • APIs for Third-Party Integrations: 

Give developers from third-party integrations to your APIs with the purpose of creating plugins or extensions and increasing the capability and user base of your KakaoTalk mobile app development.


  • User Feedback Analysis: 

Rent a device for sentiment evaluation and client statement analysis to examine extra approximate areas for advancement and individual satisfaction.


  • Scalability and Performance Monitoring: 

App owners must be able to keep a watch on the scalability and overall performance of their product to ensure a continuing consumer experience even during top user activity.


  • Strategic Partnerships:

Enable the created order of strategic partnerships with different structures or corporations, which will decorate the consumer experience and environment of the app.


  • Comprehensive Reporting: 

It’s vital to provide owners with in-depth analyses of market traits, client demographics, and essential overall performance signs (KPIs). This record is crucial for plans and knowledgeable choice-making.

7 Steps To Build An App Like KakaoTalk: A Messaging App  

It takes careful plans and a mobile app development company to build an app like KakaoTalk. Let’s dive into this fantastic seven-step guide to building an app like KakaoTalk, which we have mentioned below. 


Steps To Build An App Like KakaoTalk


1. Define Your App’s Objectives and Features

This is the first stage to build an app like WhatsApp, in which you must outline your messaging app’s features and objectives in clear terms. Determine your goal marketplace, critical functions, and differentiators.

Think about capabilities like group chats, multimedia sharing, audio and video conferencing, textual content messaging, and other present-day components. If relevant, describe your monetization technique.


2. Market Research and Competitor Analysis 

This is the second stage to build an app like KakaoTalk. You should hire a mobile app developer to realize client alternatives and notice holes inside the modern-day messaging app environment, conducting in-depth marketplace studies.

Examine opponents along with KakaoTalk, WhatsApp, and Telegram so that it will gain a perception of their benefits and drawbacks. Determine the elements your users find appealing and look for methods to set your app aside.


3. Choose the Right Technology Stack

This is the third stage to build an app like KakaoTalk in which your performance and scalability of your app depend upon your preference for era stack. Choose between developing a pass-platform app or a native app for iOS and Android. For move-platform development, consider using React Native or Flutter, and select backend technology based on the specifications of your venture.


4. Assemble a Skilled Development Team 

It is the fourth stage to build an app like KakaoTalk in which you should employ QA professionals, designers, and developers who understand how to create mobile apps. Seek candidates with a strong basis in languages like Kotlin/Java (for Android) or Swift (for iOS), as well as competence with pertinent frameworks and gear.

It is crucial to get in touch with a mobile app development company and work together with UI/UX designers to develop a consumer enjoyment that is aesthetically attractive and intuitive.


5. Create a Prototype and Design UI/UX 

It is the fifth stage to build an app like KakaoTalk where you must create a prototype to peer how the capability and drift of the app work. To produce a consumer interface that is both aesthetically beautiful and intuitive, collaborate carefully with your UI/UX designers.

Give the person revel in pinnacle priority to guarantee easy navigation and consumer involvement. Test the prototype on potential customers to get their input on a way to make it better.


6. Develop the App and Implement Features 

This is the sixth stage of building an app like KakaoTalk, in which you must divide the undertaking into sprints to begin the development technique with the help of a messaging app development company. Include crucial features like institution chats, multimedia sharing, and real-time texting.

Give safety features pinnacle precedence to protect consumer statistics. Include push indicators to get hold of updates on time. Test your KakaoTalk messaging apps frequently to locate and solve errors and make sure they’re stable and dependable.


7. Test, Launch, and Market Your App

This is the last to build an app like KakaoTalk, in which you must make sure you take a look at your Kakao Talk app development thoroughly on a variety of platforms and gadgets with the purpose of locating and fixing any bugs.

Launch the app in app stores in case you’re happy with how it works. Create a robust marketing plan to promote your messaging app. Use influencers, social media, and other systems to elevate attention. After the app launches, get user remarks and make updates based totally on what you analyze from them.


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How Much Does it Cost to Build An App Like KakaoTalk?  

The messaging app development cost may depend on its features, complexity, and available sources. The cost to build an app like KakaoTalk, simple, average and complex, varies depending on the table mentioned below. 


App Complexity

Cost Range

Simple $8,000 – $16,000
Average $16,000 – $25,000
Complex $25,000 and above


These are the few estimates of mobile app development cost that may change primarily based on the area, satisfaction, and mobile app development company, among other matters. Basic functionalities are part of easy development, while further factors like multimedia sharing are a part of normal development. Sophisticated features and colossal customization are catered to through complicated development.

It is critical to remember that these estimates no longer cover server costs, enhancements, or ongoing preservation. Furthermore, due to the fact the app development market is so dynamic, the cost may alter.

 It is suggested to talk with iPhone app development services to attain more significant particular cost estimates, which can be based totally on particular undertaking data.


How Much Does It Cost To Maintain an App Like KakaoTalk? 

A mobile app maintenance and support service typically charges 15–25% of what it costs to provide, which may be anywhere from $8,000 to a$25,000. For example, if the cost to build an app like KakaoTalkis is $20,000, the typical yearly maintenance cost may be between $3,000 and $4,000.

Updates, bug patches, server fees, and feature upgrades are some of the variables that affect maintenance costs. Maintaining the most effective performance and personal happiness requires everyday care.

Please get in contact with an Android app development company to talk about specifics in more excellent elements and create a preservation timetable for your app. To study comprehensive solutions and attain an in-depth price breakdown according to your precise requirements, go to our website or get in contact with us at once.


Why Should Entrepreneurs Build A Messaging App Like KakaoTalk?  

If you are curious about developing an app like KakaoTalk, you should also look into some incredible advantages that correspond with the changing nature of verbal exchange. Here are seven robust ideas for enterprise owners to think about getting into this market:


  • Explosive Growth of Messaging Apps :

Kakaotalk web app have grown at an exponential charge, becoming a crucial part of regular verbal exchange. The fact that there are billions of customers of these apps globally indicates a significant market need that enterprise owners can meet.


  • Diversification of Features : 

Apps like kakaotalk are going past easy textual content exchanges. Users are given a flexible platform with incorporated multimedia sharing, cellphone and video conversations, stickers, and more, making it a one-forestall shop for quite a few verbal exchange wishes. 


  • Monetization Opportunities : 

Messaging apps offer diverse avenues for monetization, consisting of in-app purchases, advertising and marketing, and premium functions. Entrepreneurs who provide profitable and exciting content material can also build a regular increase in profits.


  • Global Reach and Localization: 

Entrepreneurs can customize their Kakaotalk desktop app for numerous places, as it can be adopted globally. The use of localization features, language help, and culturally applicable content material improves personal engagement and attracts a wide variety of customers.


  • Privacy and Security Issues: 

In a time when worries about records privacy are more conventional than ever, commercial enterprise proprietors might gain from growing a messaging app with solid safety features. User acceptance as accurate can be fostered by way of privateness-targeted features and quit-to-end encryption.


  • Integration with Emerging Technologies: 

By introducing chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) into their messaging app, entrepreneurs may additionally stay ahead of the curve. Intelligent functions improve consumers’ enjoyment by increasing the app’s intuitiveness and appeal. Hire an Android app developer and invest in Kakao Talk app development right away. 


  • Brand Loyalty and Community Building: 

Building a messaging app presents entrepreneurs with a unique possibility to foster network engagement. Users broaden their feeling of network and commitment to the business enterprise when they have to get admission to capabilities like network channels, boards, and organization chats.


Ready to Build a Messaging App Like KakaoTalk? 

Dev Technosys is prepared to create a modern-day messaging app like KakaoTalk. Our professional team specializes in creating feature-rich, fluid packages that provide an incredible consumer revel in.

We make sure that your particular wishes might be met with a tailor-made answer that focuses on sturdy capability and creative layout. For a superior messaging app that captivates customers and stands proud in the industry, accept as accurate with Dev Technosys.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How Much Does It Cost To Create A Messaging App Like KakaoTalk?

Features, complexity, and mobile app developer can all affect the cost of developing a mobile app. Complex app development costs $25,0000. A simple messaging app would possibly begin at $50,000. Complete venture specifications are necessary for correct estimations.


2. How Much Time Does It Take To Develop A Messaging App Like KakaoTalk?

The complexity determines how long development takes. More sophisticated versions can also soak up to a year; however, a primary app can take four to six months. Efficient cooperation and verbal exchange are also vital for the timely finishing touch.


3. What Are the Benefits Of Building An App Like KakaoTalk, A Messaging App?

The reputation of KakaoTalk is attributed to its person-pleasant capabilities, multimedia sharing, and smooth conversation. Developing a comparable app satisfies lots of communique demands and affords worldwide connectivity, income capability, and user engagement.


4. Why You Should Choose Us To Build An App Like KakaoTalk: A Messaging App?

Our group’s revel in app development ensures a reliable, expandable, and consumer-friendly very last-end result. We are a suitable companion, seeing that we place excessive precedence on customer delight, powerful venture management, and open conversation at some stage in the development procedure.


5. How Can You Monetize and Like KakaoTalk: A Messaging App?

Make cash using targeted ads, in-app purchases, subscription services, and freemium enterprise fashions. Revenue is accelerated by way of imparting stickers, more excellent offerings, and top-rate features, which improve personal experience. Sustained monetization approaches are ensured by means of frequent adjustments and incorporation of personal remarks.