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“Art is anything that evokes a feeling. And if a computer can do that, then it’s art.” – Harold Cohen  

Quick Summary: Discover the essential steps to create an app like Imagine: AI Art Generator. Learn about admin, user, and owner panel features, emphasizing user engagement, security, monetization, and innovation for success.

With the significant advancement of Generative AI in past years, businesses have shown an avid interest in creating AI art generator apps that generate realistic-looking images. One such app that is gaining huge popularity is Imagine-a revolutionary AI art generator app that assists individuals to express their individuality via the design and creation of artwork.

According to Statista the market for AI art generators was estimated to be worth $257,175 thousand in 2022, and it is expected to increase to $299,295 thousand in 2023 and $917,448 thousand by 2030. This data depicts the demand for AI art generator apps will be two-fold in the coming years as a result investing in such apps can be beneficial for startups and entrepreneurs.

So, if you are someone who wants to develop an AI art generator app like Imagine, this blog will help you in creating a top-notch app like Imagine. Here, we have provided a proper roadmap to assist you in the AI Art Generator App development journey.


Introduction of Imagine: AI Art Generator

Imagine, an AI Art Generator, a beneficial device for reworking virtual artwork, launches on June 15, 2023. The app, developed by visionary virtual entrepreneur Emily Chang, received a reputation quickly and has been downloaded more than 10 million times from the Google Play Store.

Imagine’s consumer-pleasant interface and modern AI algorithms enable users to easily convert pics into breathtaking works of art. Market records indicate a first-rate area in reputation, with a 300% boom in monthly energetic customers over the primary half of the 12 months.  If you want to build an app like WOMBO Dream or Imagine, scroll down to learn more about it. 


Market Stats to Look AT!


Build An App Like Imagine
Source: https://www.statista.com/forecasts/1423989/world-generative-ai-image-tool-market-share
  • NightCafe, Dall-E, and Midjourney will maintain about 25% of the market proportion for photograph-generating equipment by 2023
  • These three generative AI technologies have had a significant effect on the artwork production area due to their posting in 2022.
  • Based on projections, the App Like Lensa marketplace may additionally grow at an exponential charge, with a compound annual growth charge (CAGR) of over 60% expected between 2023 and 2028.
  • However, AppstoreSpy goal is monthly earnings of over USD 220,000 by June 2023.


Build An App Like Imagine
Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/1403066/opinion-ai-created-images-videos-considered-art-us-gender/#:~:text=A%20survey%20held%20in%20the,are%20not%20made%20by%20humans.
  • In April 2023, a survey accomplished within the United States revealed that 67% of women felt that synthetic intelligence-generated images and films shouldn’t be proven as artwork because human beings were now not developing them. 
  • Given that 55% of respondents who identified as male felt similarly, girls are, in this sense, some distance more critical to AI than men are.
  • According to Grand View Research, the worldwide marketplace for AI artwork is predicted to make bigger at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 32.7% between 2022 and 2030, with an expected cost of USD 15.56 billion at that factor.


10 Popular Apps Like Imagine

Here in this table below we have covered all of the best AI image generators which you must know about for competitor purposes. 


Build An App Like Imagine


App Name

Launch Date

Downloads (Millions)



YouCam AI Pro: Art Generator Jan 2024 5+ Yuyu Chen iOS (Android soon)
Wombo Dream – AI Art Generator Jan 2023 100+ Ben Jackson iOS, Android
Wonder – AI Art Generator Aug 2022 20+ David Ha iOS, Android
Airt – AI Image Generator Feb 2022 15+ Alex Lin iOS, Android
Imagine – AI Art Generator Oct 2021 30+ Vyro AI Team iOS, Android
ARTA・AI Photo Generator Jan 2023 8+ Masaki Miyasaka iOS, Android
starryai – AI Art Generator Nov 2022 5+ Pavel Piskun iOS, Web
DaVinci – AI Photo Generator Dec 2021 10+ Yaroslav Solovev iOS, Android
Lensa AI Image Generator & Avatar Creation Mar 2021 100+ Andrey Usoltsev iOS, Android
Fotor – AI Image Generation & AI Photo Generator Jan 2021 50+ Zhiming Zhang iOS, Android, Web


Must Have Features of App Like Imagine: AI Art Generator

Before diving straight into the process to develop an app like imagine, it is vital to know about its incredible features. In this section, we have covered all of the amazing features from all three panels of the Imagine AI Art Generator app. Let’s know more by scrolling down below. 


1. Admin Panel Features:


Build An App Like Imagine


i. User Management:

By efficiently handling user money owed, permissions, and access levels, administrators can guarantee safe and regulated surroundings in AI art generator apps like Midjourney. 


ii. Content Moderation:

By using AI-powered content moderation technology, directors may prevent objectionable or fallacious content material from being uploaded and proven and, as a result, maintain a compelling consumer experience.


iii. Analytics Dashboard:

Data-driven choice-making is made possible via a complete analytics dashboard, which gives actual-time insights into famous artwork patterns, user engagement, and other crucial variables.


iv. App Version Control:

Admins can monitor and manipulate the IoT App Development versions, which guarantees clean upgrades.


v. Report Management System:

By allowing consumer reporting, administrators can efficaciously handle and look at issues that might be mentioned, keeping the platform stable and compliant.


Build An App Like Imagine


vi. Payment and Subscription Management:

Administrators can supervise financial transactions, manipulate subscription plans, and deal with payment-associated troubles to guarantee a safe and clean cost technique for customers.


vii. Security Protocols:

Admins can enhance protection through defensive personal information, stopping unwanted entry, and addressing vulnerabilities through sturdy security features.


viii. Integration Support:

The capability and user revel of an app like Synthesia is advanced by means of the seamless integration capabilities that admin panels regularly offer with 3 party tools and services.


ix. Customization Tools:

Imagine Ai app’s- settings, patterns, and capabilities may be altered by directors to shape person options and bring a unique and thrilling experience.


x. Customer Support Interface:

Administrators may additionally efficiently respond to users’ questions, remarks, and troubles by imparting a specialized customer support interface and constructing strong personal bonds.


2. User Panel Features:


Build An App Like Imagine


i. Art Style Selection:

Users can personalize the creative output to fit their tastes and artistic vision by choosing from quite a number of AI development solutions generated artwork styles.


ii. Image Upload and Editing:

Users can create specific and fascinating artistic endeavors by uploading pix and using quite a few editing equipment.


iii. Social Sharing Integration:

Users can also share their works with buddies and fans through the app’s seamless reference to social media structures, expanding its user base.


iv. Community Engagement:

Users can interact with an energetic community by imparting feedback, praising the works of others, and taking part in competitions or institutional initiatives.


v. In-App Purchases:

Give clients the opportunity to make their innovative enjoy by presenting them with the right to enter a marketplace for premium art paperwork or other skills.


vi. Real-Time Preview: 

By allowing customers to study the AI-generated artwork in real time, they can make quick edits and concentrate on a great track that fits their choices.


vii. Profile Management: 

Users can showcase their work, maintain track of their innovative processes, and control their profiles in the best AI apps environment.


viii. Artwork Library:

It is a single area for person-generated artwork that gives a simple means for people to go back and collaborate on their creative works.


ix. Notification System: 

By getting timely signals on AI-generated art to imagine app updates, community happenings, and user engagement, users are advised to feel worried about the platform.


x. Offline Mode: 

By permitting users to hold their creative tactics even if they aren’t connected to the internet, the offline mode increases accessibility and patron convenience.


3. Owner Pane Features:


Build An App Like Imagine


i. Business Intelligence Dashboard: 

By presenting strategic insights, a comprehensive company intelligence dashboard assists proprietors in making adequately informed selections and lengthy-term strategies.


ii. Monetization Strategies:

To guarantee enduring revenue streams, owners can plan and execute several monetization procedures, commercials, subscriptions, or partnerships.


iii. Scalability Tools:

As the consumer base expands, proprietors can manage higher consumer hundreds to scalability talents, guaranteeing the best free AI image generators balance and responsiveness.


iv. Brand Collaboration Interface:

Through backed art styles, demanding situations, or unique functions, owners can work with groups to create profitable alliances.


v. Globalization Support:

The proprietor panel guarantees the Imagine app worldwide enchantment and relevance to an extensive range of audiences with the aid of supporting numerous languages and cultural adjustments.


vi. Research and Development:

Future of AI development is bright, so owners can set aside a budget for non-stop studies and development to keep apps like Imagine AI at the slicing-edge of the AI artwork creation era and innovation.


vii. Strategic Marketing Tools:

To boom, imagine AI art app awareness and user acquisition, advertising and marketing equipment within the proprietor panel, centered campaigns, person acquisition tactics, and promotional sports.


viii. Feedback Integration:

To improve the app’s functionality and trendy consumer revel, owners can actively seek out and adopt user recommendations by using integrating remarks loops.


x. Legal Compliance Management:

The proprietor panel has competencies for managing prison compliance, ensuring that copyright laws, records protection rules, and different pertinent standards are accompanied.


x. Continuous development Initiatives:

Owners might also ensure their app stays particular and aggressive by launching ongoing enhancement projects in reaction to consumer input, enterprise trends, and technical enhancements.


8 Stages to Build An App Like Imagine: AI Art Generator

Now, the time has come when you must know the process to build an app like imagine. It is vital to know that there are eight important stages to build an app like Imagine Ai generator app. So, if you’re wondering how and when to start, this section will tell you a lot about it. Come along and join. 


Build An App Like Imagine


1. Define Your Vision and Concept  

This is the first stage to build an app like Imagine, in which you must start by outlining the goals and goals of your AI art generator application. Recognize the unique characteristics that will make it stand out. Determine the tastes of your target market.

Make sure your concept fits the expectations and dispositions of the industry. The whole manner of development will be directed by using a nicely defined imaginative and prescient.


2. Research and Feasibility Study 

Do intensity market studies to discover opponents, possible boundaries, and business prospects. You must keep in mind to examine whether or not imposing AI artwork-era functions is technically viable.

It is vital to analyze the want for such an app in the market. The number one functionalities, aesthetic additives, and consumer enjoyment, which are vital for fulfillment, will be found out via this research.


3. Create a Detailed Specification  

Get in touch with a machine learning app development services provider in producing a radical specification file. Describe the person interface layout, capabilities, and functionalities. Name the stack of technology that has to integrate AI.

Describe the consumer’s direction, the app’s workflow, and any extra technological desires. A thorough specification ensures that builders have a comprehensive draw close of the task and serves as a roadmap.


4. Hire a Competent Development Team

Avail a mobile app development services from a reputed firm that is informed about AI and image processing and has much experience. Hire developers who have a vital document manufacturing comparable apps.

It is vital to consider their familiarity with the frameworks and programming languages required for your mission. Ensure to work with designers, AI developers, and quality manipulation professionals to create a cohesive group that may comprehend your concept.


5. Implement AI Technology  

Include the AI era to drive your features related to art creation. Collaborating carefully with your AI developers from the best AI development companies in USA, follow device getting to know fashions or deep neural networks to create algorithms that could produce unique and beautiful artistic endeavors. To enhance the AI model’s originality and flexibility, ensure it’s well-trained on various datasets.


6. Design a User-Friendly Interface  

It is vital to hire designing team to increase an interface that is both aesthetically appealing and intuitive for users. To enchant a wide variety of customers, emphasize simplicity and value.

Integrate on demand app development solutions that skillfully leads customers through art creation. To improve the user experience, consider including preview functions, filters, and personalization picks.


7. Develop and Test the App  

The Android app development company may also start developing the app now that the specifications and layout are in the region. Develop and test capabilities iteratively by the use of an agile development method.

Conduct usability testing on a regular basis and acquire feedback to make vital adjustments. Pay close attention to the app’s scalability, security, and speed. Thorough checking out ensures a strong and straightforward product.


8. Launch and Market the App 

The software desires to be developed, examined, and polished before it is officially released. Create a clever advertising approach to draw in clients and lift cognizance.

To put it up for sale, your AI art generator uses social media marketing, app store optimization, and other advertising avenues. After the app launches, encourage a person’s critiques and remarks to improve it even in addition. Sustained fulfillment for the app could be facilitated via ongoing advertising and marketing projects.


How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Imagine?

The cost to build a mobile app like Imagine depends on various things, such as functions, complexity, and development hours. Typically, development cost range from $8,000 to $25,000. Based on features, complex designs, more customization, and complicated AI version integration, the estimate may vary. In this section, we have covered the breakdown cost to build an app like Imagine factors:


Build An App Like Imagine


1. Features and Functionality

The quantity and complexity of features, which include AI artwork introduction, person engagement, and social sharing, have a widespread effect on the cost of build an app like imagine. 


2. Design Factors

Detailed and compelling designs that permit customizable issues, avatars, and art styles can increase the cost to build artificial intelligence project.


3. Third-Party Integrations

 If you enable payment integration in your AI art generator app like Imagine, it can increase the development cost. 


4. Integration with AI Models

One core factor that influences the cost to build an app like imagine is the difficulty of integrating and modifying AI models to include artwork.


5. Platform (iOS/Android)

Creating cross-platform apps that work with both iOS and Android users is more luxurious than growing for an single platform. Connect with an iOS app development company for custom requirements depending on platform choice. 


6. Simple App Development

This essential cost to build an app like imagine is suitable for an access-level AI art generator as it has commonplace capabilities, a minimalistic design, and inexpensive fundamental skills.


7. Average App Development

Better functionality, a more attractive layout, and additional features like social sharing and teamwork equipment will affect the mobile app development cost


8. Complex App Development

The cost to build an app like imagine with a complex user base, sophisticated capability, modern-day AI integration, elaborate design, and innovative, collaborative functions will be expensive.


Development Complexity

Cost Range

Simple App Development $8,000 – $16,000
Average App Development $16,000 – $25,000
Complex App Development $25,000+


It’s vital not to forget that these costs might also vary depending on the project demands. Consider availing artificial intelligence development services for realistic pricing precise for your app concept; our knowledgeable workforce can provide you a thorough and custom-designed quotation.


Build An App Like Imagine


How Much Does It Cost To Maintain An App Like Imagine?  

Imagine’s mobile app maintenance and services will cost around $15- $20%, depending on the cost to build an app like Imagine. For instance, if the cost to develop a mobile application like Imagine is $20,000, your yearly mainline may be between $3,000 and $4,000. This includes website hosting servers, imparting non-stop protection, and applying upgrades to improve performance. 

Dev Technosys guarantees mobile app maintenance and support services persistent development, and flawless functionality as your devoted development associate. Contact our Dev Technosys crew to explore custom-designed answers, discuss upcoming enhancements, and ensure your software program remains a masterpiece. So let’s maintain the colorful and flourishing innovative canvas!


6 Prominent Reasons To Build An App Like Imagine

Are you curious to develop an AI app but wondering about its benefits? Don’t worry! We have got you covered! Developing an app with Imagine: AI Art Generator offers access to notable technological advancements and innovative possibilities. The following are six compelling motives to start this creative adventure:


Build An App Like Imagine


1. Unleashing Creative Expression  

With AI in web development, building an Imagine gives people the freedom to express themselves artistically. Creating an app that is similar offers people an area to express their creativity and turn standards into breathtaking digital works of art. It encourages people to create without barriers, ushering in a brand-new age of artistic experimentation.


2. Meeting Growing Demand for AI Art  

The concept for this app is suitable due to the fact that AI-generated artwork is becoming increasingly popular. Developing an app inclusive of Imagine satisfies the growing need for creative and custom-designed virtual art stories.

The app places itself at the forefront of a transformational artwork motion, attractive to users looking for new approaches to engage with technology and express themselves creatively.


3. Fostering a Creative Community 

Imagine cultivates a thriving creative network further to individual creative output. Creating an app comparable to this promotes cooperation by allowing users to interact with each other’s artwork, trade ideas, and even work collectively on initiatives. It establishes an online art network where users can also interact, share ideas, and draw notions from each other’s numerous creative creations. 


4. Integration of Advanced AI Models  

Developing an app like Discord or Imagine makes it viable to incorporate modern-day AI models, facilitating the creation of complex artwork. The application might also provide customers with an intensive selection of issues, filters, and art styles by means of utilizing a brand-new technology.

The quality of the generated artwork is improved via this integration, which also establishes the app as a pacesetter within the discipline of artificial intelligence and artwork.


5. Revenue Opportunities 

The app gives some approaches to making cash: backed content, in-app purchases for one-of-a-kind artwork patterns, and collaborative challenge capabilities.

Additional earnings abilities are provided through the freemium version, in which elevated functionality needs a membership, and essential capabilities are accessible. The app can check out joint ventures and advertising projects as its user base expands to boost sales even more.


6. Technological Innovation  

Developing an app along with Imagine demonstrates a dedication to technological advancement. Artificial intelligence, the development of a smooth person interface, and the maintenance of a solid backend infrastructure all display a commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological functionality.

By presenting the app as a technological marvel, it attracts users who cost the fusion of innovation and modern-day generation. However, it is only possible when you hire an AI development company


Build Your Own AI Art Generator App With Dev Technosys!

Hopefully, you liked this blog and now know how to build an app like Imagine. As everybody is conscious, the want for artificial intelligence has grown during the last several years due to drastic modifications in our way of life. Many marketers are utterly interested in developing something that can help their earnings and those after looking at the overpowering use of synthetic intelligence.

Therefore, if you’re looking to build an app like Imagine with a few in demand for decades and effectively create cash, assemble it nowadays. If you want to use your startup to create the essence of artificial intelligence. In that case, you must build an app like Imagine.! Hire dedicated developers to turn your vision into reality with Dev Technosys. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


1. How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Imagine?

The cost to build an app like Imagine would vary from $8,000 to $25,000, depending on the capabilities and complexity. Hire mobile app developers from Dev Technosys. This is customized to your unique desires by soliciting a personalized quote.


2. How Long Does It Take To Build An App Like Imagine?

After contemplating the processes of concept, development, trying out, and deployment, growing an app like Imagine takes about four to 8 months.


3. What Are The Benefits To Build An App Like Imagine?

Some blessings are gaining traction within the marketplace for AI-generated art, helping an innovative network, and providing clients with a distinct and customized virtual art experience.


4. Why You Should Choose Us To Build An App Like Imagine?

Select Dev Technosys for creativity and determination to offer notable apps. Our team ensures an easy development technique from concept to implementation, presenting a customized and reliable solution.


5. How Can You Monetize an App Like Imagine?

Some monetization opportunities include sponsored content material, collaborative undertaking capabilities, and in-app purchases for top-rate art styles. Revenue can also be increased by presenting a freemium version with upgraded advantages for paying customers.