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Coffee is the first choice worldwide. Be it a date or a formal meeting; coffee is the best companion. As per research, coffee shops are one of the preferable hangout places for youngsters, working professionals, and even love birds.

Agree or not? Well, this immense love for coffee has opened the doors for cafe owners to develop a strong online brand presence. With technological advancement, businesses plan to develop a coffee shop app to generate profit and sales digitally.

As we all know, in today’s time, most people are working professionals, and hence they don’t have the desired time to walk to a coffee shop every time. As a result, many of them prefer to order coffee online. Here comes the role of a coffee shop ordering app that delivers the coffee to customers’ doorstep.

Today, everyone wants convenience, and popular coffee shop apps like Starbucks ensure ultimate user satisfaction. The market is already booming with custom mobile app development solutions and the concept to build a coffee shop app isn’t new. So, if you are also an owner of a café or run a small coffee shop, you should develop a strong online presence.

Read this blog to learn about coffee shop app development 2023 and let your shop get noticed among coffeeholic.


Coffee Shop Apps – How Are They Gaining Popularity?

Coffee shop ordering applications aren’t a new concept at all. Many popular coffee apps like Starbucks have been running for decades, and the trend will not stop anytime soon.

The mobile apps for coffee shops are helping businesses build trust among users and brands simultaneously. Also, custom coffee apps create a sense of community among users globally and make them feel valued.

It is one of the reasons why custom and on-demand mobile app development solutions are being preferred by maximum business owners and gaining immense popularity.


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The working process of mobile coffee apps is the same as other business applications. People can simply install the coffee delivery app on their smartphone and order their favourite coffee with amazing offers and discounts.

So, are you impressed with the popularity of online coffee shop applications and planning to develop them for Android or iOS platforms? If yes, then let’s get straight into the development process.


Coffee Shop App


5 Popular Coffee Shop App Examples 2023

The number of online coffee shop apps is unlimited. So, let’s just look at the top 5 applications for coffee businesses that are gaining popularity today.


1. Starbucks

Coffee Shop App

With a user base of $18.9 million active members, Starbucks mobile-order-ahead app has been getting the most attention among coffeeholic in the US and other regions.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Starbucks?


2. Caffè Nero

cafe nero

This amazing coffee app offers a loyalty card that provides a free drink to customers when they collect all nine stamps. Users can easily find their nearest Caffe Nero store to experience a different coffee taste outside or order online.


3. Dunkin’ Donuts

Coffee Shop App

This popular coffee shop app provides a contactless pickup option for takeaway coffee. This app is best for those who want to grab a coffee midway.


4. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Coffee Shop App

Do you love flavoured coffee? If yes, then the CBTL coffee app is the right choice for you. Their new line-up of fall flavours, from a reimagined pumpkin cold brew to a salted toffee, is enough to give you a new experience of coffee.


5. Halsey’s Deli

It is a UK-based business with a huge coffee and tea selection. The best part is that users can purchase any of their 12 coffee beans & 24 loose-leaf teas from Halsey’s Deli.

Coffee Shop App

These are the five most popular coffee shop applications widely used today. If you want your name under these top 5 applications, come up with a unique idea for your coffee business. Along with this, get well-versed in the development process as mentioned below.


Coffee Shop App Development | Step-by-Step Process

As we mentioned earlier, the process of coffee shop app development is similar to other types of mobile applications. However, the process includes some challenges that can be easily overcome if you know the step-by-step process to develop a coffee shop app. So, whether you are planning for android app development, iOS app development, or both, refer to the following steps carefully.


Coffee Shop App


1. Brainstorm & Define Business Idea

Before beginning any mobile app development process, be clear with the concept and business idea in mind. For instance, you are planning to develop a coffee shop app, so make it clear – What type of app do you want, what features to include, what tech stacks, what target audience, and more?

Knowing all of this in advance will make everything clear in your mind, and then you’ll be able to come up with a unique and the best app for coffee shop owners. After that, you can begin planning to develop a coffee-ordering app online.


2. Conduct Market Research

There are undoubtedly ample coffee delivery apps available, and being a business owner, you are also well aware of this. Right? So, it is advisable to conduct market research before indulging in the coffee shop app design and development process.

Dig deeper into the details of the popular coffee shop apps and know everything about them. It will definitely help you at the time of development and assist you to come up with a perfect coffee mobile app.


3. UX/UI Design & Development

An application design is a very important and strong element to make it successful and catch users’ attention simultaneously.

Many business owners still do not know it and neglect to focus on the design of their business applications. But, you should take care of it and consider a unique design for your coffee shop app. It is also a part of the development process.

Once you decide on the design and have a perfect plan in hand, you can begin the online coffee shop app development process. As developing a unique app requires expertise, hire dedicated developers from a renowned mobile app development company where experienced professionals work.


4. Coffee App Testing

As soon as you complete the development of your coffee shop ordering app, start its testing. None of the users will prefer to use an application full of errors and bugs, so make sure you resolve all the errors before finally launching the app for your coffee business.

The more carefully you test your business application, the smoother and more seamless it will perform. So, go for it.

The best advice is to hire quality analysts and testers and seek mobile app development services for your coffee shop app. The same process is applicable to food delivery app development and other types of mobile applications.


5.  Launch & App Maintenance

Finally, when the application is tested extensively, you can successfully launch your coffee shop app online. The cost to build a coffee app and launch will depend on the platform. For instance, the cost of android mobile applications is low compared to iOS-based mobile apps.

But, wait! Do you think your work is done after the development? Not yet! Timely mobile app support and maintenance are essential to keep the coffee application running seamlessly. So, if your budget allows, seek maintenance services from professionals.

It is a 5-step process that you will have to follow to build a coffee shop app for your small business. Now that you know the step-by-step process, it is time to develop an application. Also, make sure to insert the right features.


Coffee Shop App


7 Essential Features of A Coffee Shop App You Shouldn’t Miss

Want to know the essential features of a successful coffee shop app? The list highlights the top 7 features that can make your coffee shop ordering app unique and effective.


Coffee Shop App


1. Order Coffee In Advance

Whether you want to order a coffee midway or don’t have to wait at the coffee shop, this feature will come in handy. While using this amazing feature of the coffee shop app, you can place an order in advance and get it ready before you visit the shop. Incorporating this feature will quickly grab the users’ attention and make your mobile coffee app different.


2. Loyalty Programs

Every business wants to develop a strong customer base who keeps visiting their store lifelong. Right? In that case, loyalty programs can do wonders.

You can simply add a feature of loyalty programs and offer a free cup of coffee on an accumulation of reward points. Research states that loyalty programs can help businesses increase their turnover greatly.

What could be an amazing feature of the best coffee shop apps than exclusive rewards? Nothing. So, don’t miss this feature.


3. Customized Push Notifications

Like any other business application, your coffee app will also send customized push notifications to keep customers updated about their orders, ongoing offers, and new product at the store.

To engage the audience better, you can send personalized messages to users they can’t resist clicking on. It will increase your application’s usage and visibility, which will benefit your business.


4. Table Reservation

Today, many formal meetings are conducted in coffee shops, but getting a table or the right place at the last moment isn’t guaranteed.

So, there is no better option than a table reservation via a coffee shop app online. This feature will allow the customers to book their slots in advance and pay online through the application.

Very few apps have this feature, so you can grab it as an opportunity to make your mobile app for the coffee business unique.

The feature is applicable when creating an on-demand food delivery app or any other application in the food and restaurant industry.


5. Digital Menu & Recipe

Displaying your menu on the application will showcase all the items in your coffee shop. You can also describe the coffee or particular item with its recipe to grab users’ attention and urge them to try your product once. It is definitely a sales-driven technique that will earn you more profit within less time.

Not every business owner does this while developing a mobile app, so be the first to bring the change and outshine the market.

For better assistance, it is advisable to share your business idea with a professional mobile app development company, and they’ll suggest better ideas and let you know the cost to develop a coffee shop mobile app.


6. Find The Nearest Store

If you are running a coffee shop business on a large scale and have multiple outlets, this feature is a must to incorporate. It will help coffee lovers find their nearest store and all available outlets. But, this feature doesn’t apply to all business owners, so it is optional.


7. Geo-Location

GPS integration is a must for all business applications as it benefits both users and business owners. It will let the customers easily track their coffee orders while enabling drivers to reach the customers’ doorstep easily.

In addition, you can also insert the feature of adding home instructions where customers can leave their voice notes to reach their place.

Developing a perfect application for coffee businesses requires immense effort and the right set of features, of course. The features highlighted above will add more worth and value to your business application while helping your business grow.

Well, there are a lot of other features too that you can insert depending on your coffee business requirements. Business applications have different costs associated, so keep your budget in mind while choosing.

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How Much Does It Cost to Develop A Coffee Shop App?

Developing a coffee shop app isn’t a different procedure, so the development cost will also be somewhat similar to other types of applications. On average, the cost to develop a coffee shop app lies between $8,000 to $25,000 and more depending on the app. Well, there are ample factors that impact the cost to a great extent, such as –

● Features
● Tech stack
● Development platform
● Functionalities
● Developer’s location
● App complexity

These are some of the factors that will affect the coffee shop app development cost, so businesses have to take care of them. Other than this, the dedicated mobile app developers will let you know the cost as per the business requirements.


Coffee Shop App


Final Thoughts!

Developing a mobile application for all-scale businesses has become a need of the hour. Today, the coffee shop business is flourishing at an astonishing rate, and the love for coffee is increasing quickly.

The best part is that online coffee shop applications can grab all audience attention, from working professionals to youngsters, couples, and friends.

We hope that this blog has made you clear about – ‘How to develop a coffee shop app for your business?’ now, you can proceed with the development process.

For better assistance, search for a good coffee shop app development company where dedicated developers can assist you with app development.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Hire Dedicated Developers to Develop A Coffee Shop App?

To hire dedicated developers for coffee shop app development, you can choose from the hiring models available, i.e. –

  • Hire full-time developers
  • Hire part-time developers
  • Hire dedicated developers hourly


What Is the Cost of Develop An Online Coffee Shop App?

The average cost to build a coffee shop app lies between $25,000 to $120,000 and more, depending on the application’s type. The more complex the application is, the higher its cost will be. So, if you do not have enough budget, insert only limited features and functionalities into your app for the coffee business.

How Long Does It Take to Develop A Coffee Shop Application

There is no fixed time to build a coffee shop app as it completely depends on the type of application being developed. So firstly, you will have to share your business requirements with the professionals, and after analyzing your business requirements, they will let you know the estimated cost.