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In the years, we have witnessed a trend of using on-demand services that have been provided in different industrial verticals, like transportation, food, automobiles, healthcare, etc. Electronic items have become much more popular than ever before due to the increasing role of mobile application developers. Irrespective of different types of services that are offered, there are few mobile applications that allow the end-users to have access to these services.

With the emergence of Android app development services, it is observed that there has been a considerable number of tasks which are carried out by smartphone owners, other than their usual daily tasks.


On-Demand Services – Catering Needs of Users in Vast Spectrum

Various services ranging from business consultancy to medical services are now utilizing the assistance of mobile apps. It has certainly led to increased demand for on-demand app development which resulted in different companies to venture into this field.

It has been observed that everyone who generally gets exposed to the latest and advanced technologies such as a smartphone is essentially aware of how things actually work on these smartphones, and how it is actually possible to utilize different services via a mobile app.

Owing to this, web portal dependent users have now shifter their own dependency on mobile apps, and this has led to the mushroom growth of companies providing on-demand services like in case of transportation services, Uber.

However, there are a certain variety of reasons for the people to actually start relishing on business ideas such as Ober as they are quite easy to use as well as more user-friendly.


Accuracy, quality, speed, and customer satisfaction are the main values that shape up the entire on-demand economy. It has certainly motivated entrepreneurs to implement new innovative ideas and even manage to retain their startups in quite an efficient way.

By simply observing the major prevalent factual benefits carefully, it is evident that this particular trend of using services has to lead to success for customers, investors as well as startup owners.

However, there is a multitude of reasons which have attracted the entrepreneurs and concerned authorities towards the entire on-demand economy. Investors have now started considering these various on-demand startups as a great source of attraction since they have the inherent ability to easily predict the future of every trend, which results from technological as well as business integrations.

Expectations of customers have increased due to these high-quality services which are being provided in a much shorter time span.

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Owing to the high availability of different options, the customers generally prefer to get the required as well as the desired satisfaction level, or they look for different other options.

This has turned the on-demand economy quite competitive for businesses. Also, the ever-increasing demand is being utilized as a golden opportunity for industry leaders and investors to shift their entire focus to the entire on-demand business.

Also, the entire credit for the stupendous success of on-demand mobile applications simply goes to the customers who have duly learned to take the benefits of their smartphones.

It has shaped quite a world where any service can be booked with a few simple clicks. The different pioneers in industries, investment agencies and successful investors who keep an keep on the entire on-demand economy at higher levels actually believe that the entire world is currently witnessing the first phase of a massive shift to the on-demand business. A mobile application development company can leverage this shift to develop the best on-demand apps.

The vast and hidden potential within the different industrial departments is essential, revealed by a large number of business owners and entrepreneurs. Customers have also managed to easily reciprocate this in an appropriate fashion by means of appreciating the benefits of the on-demand businesses.


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Scope of On-Demand Business

The complete model of on-demand services seems to be quite an efficient model and become a big success in a short time.

After observing the different ways it has completely changed the behavior patterns of consumer and their buying patterns, it wouldn’t be an improper exaggeration to claim that the entire on-demand economy might actually lead to more businesses catering to the requirements by providing essential services like repairing damaged goods, delivering gas cylinders, waters, etc., the list is endless.

The main focus is on how different on-demand mobile applications can certainly decrease the overall efforts of the customers without actually compromising the services’ quality.

Different on-demand startups, as well as businesses, have made it quite easier for the customers to have easier access to different solutions by providing a symbiotic relationship and equilibrium for the present on-demand economy.

However, the four distinct values which would certainly grow the already booming economy at a much faster rate are accuracy, speed, quality, and convenience.

It will certainly be made feasible by the constant genuine efforts of android app development services that, at the time, aren’t managing to retain their user-friendly nature of mobile apps and to offer customers with better and satisfying experience owing to management issues.


Things You Should Know In Order To Create A Successful Startup In On-Demand Market

In case you are going to seek to find the list of various untapped goldmine industries and services where you need to expand your on-demand business, then you will be sorely disappointed.

There are no on-demand startups success tips that will help you out. You have to, however, depend on mere research and observation to find the right market to tap into.

What certainly helps in launching an on-demand business is essentially identifying the process which people would do anyway and then try to bring them on the particular on-demand space. Look at the different pain-point of the people, points which aren’t addressed easily via the internet.

The idea of finding a particular service that has to come on the particular on-demand market is not just o brainstorm different ideas that haven’t made an appearance in the industry, instead, look at the different services which could use some proactive measures and instantaneousness. Hire app developer who has experience in creating an on-demand app for instantaneous service providers.

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After settling on an idea and have the potential which it comes with it, the subsequent stage is to make sure that the zeal with which you actually ideated the particular on-demand app transmits to your end-users or customers as well. Also, the only way to make sure of it is by knowing what the different pitfalls to avoid are. Talking about these pitfalls, what would be better than actually knowing what particular ideas didn’t work for other businesses in the current on-demand space, such that you don’t go on to repeat the same mistakes.


On-Demand Business Models for Start-ups

Knowledge of the right business model and choosing it helps in finalizing the operational processes which need to be followed in the daily business as well as carries a massive impact on the profit model along with the quotient of success of an on-demand startup.

Let’s consider the most commonly adopted business models:


1. Scheduled Delivery or Instant Delivery Model

Among the most crucial decisions that you need to make in terms of providing real-time product or even service is deciding whether or not to provide it in an instantaneous mode. Hence, either you can offer “Book Now” or “Book Later”. No matter whatever you choose to start your on-demand startup with, you should know that you have the option to expand, always. For instance, if you have an instantaneous on-demand business model, then you can certainly add a Schedule feature later on.


2. Partnership or Own Delivery

Now, the next major business model decision you have to make is deciding whether you will be supporting a few of the associated partners with a fleet or you will be allowing them to handle it themselves. For instance, in the case of the food delivery market, you can have two distinct models. In the first case, you can have your own riders to pick and drop the food orders from a particular restaurant to a particular end-user. In the second case, you can rely on delivery persons of the restaurants to deliver the order.


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3. Choice or Anonymity

We explain this business model with a detailed example. There is a mobile app that allows users to choose a particular service provider and there is an app that gives an option to choose a mode of transport as well as a class but doesn’t give the option to choose the car model or the driver. Hope, both of the examples were able to differentiate the business offering type of both the business. Even though there isn’t any clear answer which one is the better among the two, it is quite safe to say it would actually depend on the particular service you are actually planning to offer. Here, the mobile application development company you hire can provide you with necessary feedback about how to deal with this issue.


4. Absolute Degree of commoditization

The absolute Degree of commoditization is quite a crucial factor in the entire success of on-demand business. Essentially, the Degree of commoditization actually refers to the exact number of variables that are associated with the service or the product that you are offering. So, a product or a service with a higher degree of commoditization means it will certainly have a lesser number of variables and the lower degree of commoditization means a higher number of variables.

For instance, in Uber, the user has to choose the type of car. But in case of Airbnb, the user has to select the rent, booking data, number of days, location along with many other facilities.


5. Platform 

In order to run a successful on-demand business, you will have to either aggregate the smaller existing businesses or simply curtail the entire supply. It is quite evident that achieving the former is quite easier than the latter comparatively. However, in order to do this, you require a platform as well as an on-demand business model that could act as one.


6. Pricing structure

Another critical factor is pricing which you need to consider while defining the on-demand business model. It is quite imperative for you to decide whether to opt for a singular pricing structure or to have multiple ones for the complete platform. It should be based on the actual Degree of commoditization which we discussed earlier.

Now that you have the knowledge of what are the distinct business models and what actually separates them from one another, we would suggest you should choose after aligning them with the different sets of features which are you are actually planning to offer to the customers in the market.


Benefits of On-Demand Mobile App Development

On demand app development links to different product and service providers with a large number of potential customers as well as retains loyal customers. Nowadays, people are using their smartphones for a variety of tasks and can get things done or even delivered with a single tap of a button. To ensure great user experience, there are certain mobile app features which should be integrated into the on-demand startup app.


1. Offering Convenience

Convenience is synonymous to on-demand, and it shouldn’t be restricted only to services but to the overall app performance along with its intuitive user interface, a minimum number of required clicks, speed as well as simple login along with easier checkout processes etc.


2. Tracking – Real-time

The overall possibility to update the product or order status and live track it actually benefits the longer-term customer loyalty by offering greater customer satisfaction to the users.


3. Seamless Payment

It is another step to a cashless society and towards loyal customers. Hence most popular and easiest payment options integration should be done to allow the development of customer base at a fast pace.


Whenever thinking of a startup idea, an innovator should actually focus on developing a state-of-the-art custom app to drive the business forward at a rapid rate. The startup should hire an app developer who can integrate such payment methods with ease.


How to Create a Successful Startup in On-Demand Market

In order to gain the loyalty of the customer as well as success, the android application development services should tailor their services as per the needs and interests of the customers. Here, flexibility is the key. The end-user should always receive what he really wants from the app as well as support is needed round the clock for better customer satisfaction.

Even technology integration needs to be seamless, and the same should be the case for the entire customer journey right from the beginning to the end step on the highly intuitive platform of your startup. A better pricing strategy is quite important for a better definition of the monetary value of the app. It needs to be lower than the actual services offered along with the strategies of the competitors in mind.

The main features which should be implemented in the on-demand app of your startup are:


  1. Registration and Authorization
  2. Login and Sign Up
  3. Product Search or Service Search
  4. Live Tracking of Delivery – Time and Geolocation
  5. Notifications and Messaging
  6. Calculator for Payment
  7. Integration of Payment Methods
  8. Reviews and Ratings
  9. Customer Support and Helpdesk


It is quite crucial to keep in mind that various on-demand services are generally quite attractive since they are simple and cheap, but the credit needs to be sustained at the highest level via proper checking of data and certificates of service providers as well as minimize potential risks. You need to figure out the ways to have an edge above your competitors as the on-demand market is already overflowed with various on-demand apps. You should find a way to be quite unique.




Mobile apps have become a lifeline to people as they are highly dependent on them for a variety of purposes. In this regard, we have seen various startups and businesses offering on-demand products and services to leverage the massive penetration and usage of mobile apps. There are numerous on-demand apps that are overflowing the market as on-demand mobile app development has leapfrogged in recent years, owing to the success of on-demand apps like Uber, Airbnb, etc. However, there are certain factors that need to be considered before going for on-demand application development for your own startup, which we have mentioned above.

In the upcoming future, we will see a massive demand for on-demand mobile app development by entrepreneurs and businesses. We have discussed some of the popular on-demand business models for you to consider in order to create a successful startup in the entire on-demand market. However, there are certain factors that should be considered when developing an on-demand app for your startup, which we have discussed earlier.

It is imperative that the success of on-demand businesses like Uber and Airbnb will propel the development of on-demand apps in almost every industry. However, choosing the right business model and features of the on-demand apps will be quite crucial for businesses and startups. A startup will need to hire an application developer who has knowledge of on-demand application development. Different pitfalls will be needed to avoid and considering customer satisfaction as utmost priority will ensure the success of an on-demand startup.