React JS is one of the most loved open source web development frameworks by developers worldwide. Due to having several advantages, the enterprises also prefer to have robust web applications that they can leverage for their respective business. Read this blog to know more about how to hire ReactJS developer ?

As per statistics of 2020, it is used by 8000+ industry leaders and is preferred by 40.14% of developers around the world. It is such a dynamic framework that supports full stack web development.

Most used web frameworks among developers 2022

If you are looking to hire ReactJS developer in 2022, this blog can help you as a great guideline. While reading this blog, you will go through all the aspects of hiring dedicated developers for React JS development.

Before diving deep into the blog, here are some key statistics that you would love to read about ReactJS.

  • 9%of respondents have expressed their interest to continue with ReactJS
  • The¬†total number of websites¬†worldwide is¬†1,282,284, and the unique domains are 636,748.
  • USA is on the number of ReactJS websites are 260,731, and then next number is of United Kingdom using the high number of websites.
  • It is recognized as the¬†4th top popular JavaScript framework

In addition to these, you can find additional statistics on the internet. Due to the increasing demand for innovative solutions, the development pattern and framework choices are changed and ReactJS becomes one of the most recommended JavaScript-based frameworks.

What is Hire ReactJS Developer?

Till this section of this blog, you have gone through some useful information about the Framework that is necessary to know before hiring ReactJS developers. Although the answer to the mentioned question is simple in terms such as when an enterprise avail the service of ReactJS development from an expert then it called hire ReactJS developer.

Hire ReactJS Developer

There are three categories of ReactJS developers:

1. Junior Level 

You can count these developers as fresher or college graduates who have been in this profession for a short time. The junior developers are responsible for developing basic applications using ReactJS framework and its libraries, writing JavaScript code, using programming tools. The only disadvantage of hiring junior-level ReactJS developers is that they can’t handle complex issues.

2. Mid- Level

Midlevel React developers are professionals having less experience than senior level and having more than experience than junior level. Whenever it comes to hiring a dedicated ReactJS developer, most businesses prefer Mid-level as they are experienced and require less cost than senior-level developers. They can be a perfect choice for enterprise web development.


3. Senior Level

The most experienced ReactJS developers fall into this category. In terms of skills, practical experience, the number of projects, knowledge of using tools, code optimization and managing workflow, they always remain on the top.

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a senior-level developer is that they can easily handle complex issues by utilizing their experience. Senior-level developers are best for a business looking for Full stack ReactJS development.

There is no certain rule that you must hire web developers from any specific category above. It depends on the work that which one will be suitable. Suppose you need only intermediate expertise, then mid-level developers are best, but if you want to develop a complex application, none other than senior-level developers can help.

Instead of hiring from here and there, it would be best to hire developers from an experienced React development company.

Why You Should Choose ReactJS?

There are several advantages of using ReactJS for professional web development. It’s one of the advantages that it is open-source, so anyone can use it without hesitation, and another advantage is its’ features that you would like to know.


Here are some of the key features-

1. Virtual DOM

One of the top-notch features allows ReactJS programmers to perform their tasks with 360-degree freedom. It also stands for fast and flexible application development using this technology. It is empowered by a memory reconciliation algorithm that replicates the webpage in virtual memory. The advantage is that only changed components updates, not the other existing components.

2. JavaScript XML Aka JSX

It is similar to HTML and influences the appearance of an application’s user interface. Using its syntax, developers used to create React components. It facilitates the developers to write the building blocks and make programming effortless.

Hire ReactJS Developers

3. One-Way Data Flow

One of the major advantages of ReactJS development is that it supports unidirectional data flow. In turn, it allows the developers to have control over components and development tasks. It allows flexibility to develop the professional application.

4. Clean Abstraction

It is also one of the best features of ReactJS development that allows the Fullstack developers to create the most impressive web applications without focusing on MVC, MVVM, or MVP, as there is no need to know of these. Having a simple understanding of life Cycles, components, states and properties.

5. Component Reusability

Instead of initiating the new components, the developers can reuse the existing components that make ReactJS development cost-effective and one of the most favored options for web development. Once you have written a function, you can use it anywhere. It is beneficial in terms of reduced code size and beneficial in terms of scalability.

The Key Steps to Hire ReactJS Developers


Finding an appropriate ReactJS developer for hire is quite a complex task as just with going the profile only we can decide that particular developer or ReactJS development company is best or not.

So, instead of deciding in a hurry, you can go through the stepwise procedure:

1. Market Research

market research

Although you have decided to go with the ReactJS development, before initiating the action for hiring the developers, you first need to do the appropriate market research that people are doing with ReactJS. It also includes competitor research that is also important. Once you have done with it, you can proceed to the next step to hire the developers.

2. Company or Developers Profile

It is your choice that you can hire a web development company or individual developers. However, the best option is hiring developers from a well-established development company where you can acquire all resources at a time instead of arranging it.

Before approaching them, you first need to go through their profile at the portals such as LinkedIn, Clutch, and Topappfirms. You need to find out their experience and their product deliveries to date.

3. Find Out the Reviews

Find Feedbacks and Reviews

Now, it is time to find out what others have previous experience with that particular developer you are planning to hire. There are multiple ways to find the reviews offline or manually and online. On websites such as UpWork, Freelancers or Fiverr you can check their ratings and reviews provided by their clients.

4. Conversation

Once you have gone through the profile and reviews, the next important step is to do a meeting with the developers to check them based on their communication skills and technical knowledge. You can also involve some of your business friends who have gone through all the phases of ReactJS development.

At this step, you have to check whether the developer can help you meet the expectations. The next point you have to focus on is the previous project. It will give great insight into their skill. You must not forget to discuss your project requirements deeply to eliminate any future issues.

React vs. Vue – Choosing The Right Framework For Development

5. Hiring Model

Another most important thing is the hiring model, such as full-time, part-time, and hourly.

  • Full-Time Hiring– It refers to¬†hire dedicated developers who will work for you till the completion and delivery of the project.
  • Part-Time HiringThe ReactJS developer will work dedicatedly 3-4 hours on your project under this hiring model.
  • Hourly basiswhen you hire the developers on an hourly basis, you have to pay according to the total hours spent on your projects, where the cost starts from $20/ hour.¬†¬†

How Much Does It Cost to Hire ReactJS Developer?

Avg ReactS Develope

There are some key factors such as experience, location, team size, and complexity of the project that decide the project’s cost. Usually, ReactJS¬†website development cost varies between $10,000- $12,000. However, if you want to go with the region-wise cost then the following are some details that you might find useful such as ‚Äď

Country Senior Level Mid-Level Junior Level
Asia $100- $150+/ Hour $40-$100/ Hour $20-$50 / Hour
Australia $70- $130+/ Hour $60-$100 / Hour $40-$60 / Hour
Europe $100- $120+/ Hour $60-$100 / Hour $40-$80 / Hour
UK $100- $150+/ Hour $60-$100+/ Hour $50-$80 / Hour
USA $150- $250+/ Hour $80-$150 / Hour $60-$90 / Hour

The above cost figures are based on common data available. The cost may differ that you can confirm with the ReactJS development company you will hire. The biggest factor that decides the cost of a project is complexity.

Places from There You Can Hire ReactJS Developers

For hiring the developers, you can search on Google, and there are some specific websites that you find helpful to find out the suitable developer for your next ReactJS project.

1. LinkedIn

If you are connected with professional communities, then there is no need to mention the name of LinkedIn as it is one of the most favored portals to find the developers and skillful professionals of other fields. It is a subsidiary of Microsoft, having 630 million registered users and having a presence in 200 countries over the globe.

2. Angelist

It is also one of the best websites available to find skillful professionals. On this website, you can find the details of the professionals with their CVs. As per the details, there are 2,300,000+ professionals available on this platform.

3. Top App Firms 

Suppose you are looking to hire ReactJS development company for your project, then you can consider Top App Firms a perfect place to find them. Although it started a few years ago, it gained popularity due to listing some of the best industry players in a short span.


The Arc. dev formerly known as CodementorX. It is a community of 2K ReactJS developers and freelancers worldwide. The best part is you can have the services of the project manager who will collect the details from you and choose the development experts. You can directly work with them as per your requirements.

5. Toptal

It is another fantastic portal and choice of many businesses worldwide to hire experts. The Toptal is a global platform from there you can find developers as per your project requirements. In addition, you can also find project managers, website designers, graphic designers and many other professionals.

hire dedicated developer

Top-10 Brands Using ReactJS

  • Facebook: A social media leader and own the rights of ReactJS.
  • Instagram: An image-sharing platform and run by Facebook.
  • Twitter: A social media platform that facilitates the users to express their feelings quickly.
  • Yahoo Mail: One of the leading e-mail platforms built using ReactJS.
  • New York Times: One of the topmost newspapers and websites of the USA.
  • Netflix: A leader of media streaming platforms having a user base worldwide.
  • Airbnb: One of the accommodation brands that facilitates the users to choose their place of stay for trips.
  • Khan Academy: An American non-profit organization that provides education worldwide.
  • DropBox: It is a cloud-based data sharing and synchronization platform.
  • Grammarly: A great tool for writers around the world.

Wrapping It Up!

ReactJS is such great technology and framework that developers use worldwide to develop fantastic websites with a robust backend and front end. It is one of the top-notch choices by brands worldwide that makes it undoubtedly one of the best technologies.

If you are also planning to hire ReactJS developer, you are on the right path only; you need to focus on your requirements, and the professionals you will hire have ample experience.

It always works fine when you get the development services from an experienced full stack development company. The reason is that here you can find all the resources that will help you to achieve your business goals and to create something that can engage your customers in a well-defined way.