In the last few years, the consistent progress in web development has offered enough opportunities for every web development company. With the expansion of the business, the revenue has also seen multiple increases for the enterprises. Here, CodeIgniter redefined the web development and flourished the businesses in ample ways. Read this blog to know more about why should you select CodeIgniter for your web development project.

Though, there are many factors which affect the growth of the business, choosing CodeIgniter ascertains a reliable, alluring and engaging website. It has known as a trusted PHP CodeIgniter framework to develop multifarious websites or web applications.

What is CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter minimizes the coding time. It is a PHP driven dedicated framework but should not be termed as a PHP substitute. PHP is known as a server-side scripting development language for dynamic and high performing web based applications.

It contains simple interface, libraries and a perfect logical structure for accessing plug ins, libraries and other resources solving the highly complexed functions of PHP. CodeIgniter easily maintains a consistent high performance. It comes with a dynamic website, interactive website within a shorter time.


Furthermore it supports MySQL new version or 4.1 or PHP version new or 5.2.6. As a result m your website is developed more robustly and it is easy to read and maintain your code. The important part is that it’s an easy to install, light weight and a free toolkit.

CodeIgniter is known as an MVC framework, where when a user opts for a resource, the MVC responds primarily. MVC understands the request of the user and then request further for the required data, if required.

Why Choose CodeIgniter Web Framework?

Why Should You Select CodeIgniter For Your Web Development Project

1. Fixing Errors or Bugs

Though to develop effective web apps you need a perfect framework. Here, CodeIgniter is quite popular between the developers. So if you are an IT company or a CAKEPHP developer and want to develop a dynamic websites with high compatibility and impeccable design, you should choose CodeIgniter.

The finest USP and active feature of CodeIgniter is fixing errors or bugs so quick. It fixes every bugs or error that hinders your website directly or indirectly from an optimal functioning.  It is obvious that no user wants to experience a slow-responsive websites freezing or crashing unexpectedly.

Fixing Error

Here, the most important thing for the good website is a smooth and rich user experience. Every developer who is developing a website and wants it to be devoid of errors or bugs will pick CodeIgniter. It ends up with a high performing, quality websites with a least errors.

2. Flexible Configuration

CodeIgniter allows customizing the websites according to your need. The developers plan to develop websites according to the client needs. So here to meet the expectation of the client, the developers are required to take time, cost and technology in the due consideration.

To meet the expectations of the clients, the developer uses CodeIgniter framework. It is simple and completely based on linear progression and comes with a convenient use of the folder structure. Here, the platform provides a simple code, quick error fixing, fast and flexible configuration.

3. High Security

The most promising reason for choosing CodeIgniter for web development, it comes with XSS filter security that devoid all malicious JS code or cookies harming your websites. So here in the comparison to the other available platforms, the decryption and encryption characteristics of CodeIgniter is far better.

Today most of the web development company dedicatedly prefers using CodeIgniter integrated and secured payment gateway. Here, it’s important to built website with a secured payment gateway. Deploying a highly secured payment gateway is quite a difficult task but here CodeIgniter simplifies the entire process and eases the addition of relevant plugins with limitless custom options for the PHP developers i.e. CAKEPHP developers.


4. Rich User Interface

What do your clients need for their websites? How the websites fetch the users’ engagements? So here the powerful functionality, rich user experience and quick responsiveness all you need for the rich website. CodeIgniter allows a multiple functions so that you can handle front and back end effortlessly.

Another considerable point is able to carrying out the functions by the module method. CodeIgniter tools and controller helps you to implement the changes you need in the future, without any kind of issues.

5. Data Migration

CodeIgniter helps developers in building a rich application with an effective performance opinations. It doesn’t make a difference that what website you are developing.  It simplifies updating, data migration and server migration process. It assures about the security of your data. It is not a matter of the concern where your data is stored. So here you can head to use CodeIgniter platform with no further issues. In case if you experience an difficulty, it is easy to get suggestions from CodeIgniter community.

6. Model View Controller Design

The CodeIgniter runs on model view controller design boosting the platforms’ reliability. The framework is specifically popular as CodeIgniter speed optimization. The need to hire CodeIgniter developer will prove promising for developing a quality and quick ecommerce development project. They can easily develop the through a test driven approach for development.


Here, the developers work according to the clients’ requirement and they can effectively develop and test the modules. It enhances the process of the development and excellently integrates with JS framework.

7. SEO

The traffic for your websites depends on the interface of the website with high retention of the visitors. Every client wants to have a high ranking websites which easily fetch the large number of the visitors. Here CodeIgniter works for you. It can help in getting high in Google ranking with competitive, relevant and innovative features that helps in promoting modifications.

It doesn’t request for a drastic change, instead it makes it easy to have a fundamental change that is necessary to fetch the visitors.

8. Documentation

The use of the code proves when you get them easily while web development. Here with CodeIgniter the developer will find effective documentation features which help them in the need. So with large document resources the developers can easily complete their tasks without delaying and make changes as per the need of their clients without compromising with the quality of ecommerce development project.

9. Handy Testing Mechanism

With a consistent advancements in CodeIgniter a new version of it comes with a handy testing mechanism. With the help if this innovative mechanism , it is easy for the developers to test the website at every stage with no need of fully developing it.  It doesn’t matter what size of your website and glitch remains, CodeIgniter provides the flawless performance.

What Are The Features of CodeIgniter Framework?

Though there are numerous features of CodeIgniter making it more preferable choice for the developer. So in case you use PHP CodeIgniter framework it offers you the incomparable documentation. CodeIgniter comes with the MVC and quite easy to use and expand.

With a plan to hire PHP developer, you need to understand the need of the framework. The importance of the framework excels the quality, performance and development project. Every framework comes with many advantages and complexities at the same time. So here it becomes quite important to talk about the reason behind choosing PHP CodeIgniter framework.


CodeIgniter requests for less server requirement. In comparison to other available PHP framework, It is quite far ahead with significant reliability and features for the developer. It is able to use with version PHP4 and PHP5 as well. Here CodeIgniter is quite advantageous and easy for the developers who switch between PHP4 and PHP5 constantly.

1. Easy Configuration

CodeIgniter comes with model view controller architecture. Here, it makes it more relevant for the developer to use it. The use of MVC is not a new to the framework; in fact number of coding frameworks built on MVC. It makes it quite easy to configure. Here, it is not complex to develop large apps with MVC. The clear and separated coding makes it more manageable to develop even large apps with MVC. CodeIgniter allows you to go through the MVC route for your web development project.

2. Easy and Expandable

Though there are many framework but CodeIgniter is easy to use and expansion. If you make a significant comparison between different types of PHP app frameworks, CodeIgniter brings variations with new libraries, innovative behavior and effortless framework.

CodeIgniter is very easy to use and expand on. This is compared to other types of PHP application frameworks, as shared by developers. It is easy to bring variations with CodeIgniter, including writing new libraries, changing its behavior and that of the entire framework with as little effort as possible.

CodeIgniter comes with everything  that is required for high performing web development by the developer. Built in libraries like validation, calendar, sessions, unit testing etc. are relevant for the quick and easy web development.

CodeIgniter provides default helpers for forms, file handling, array, directories, strings, cookies and much more. It doesn’t end here, you can also use your own libraries and helpers, and finish with codes that are still not developed.

Though every framework has a complexity, CodeIgniter not request for installation. The installation of the new framework can be challenging sometimes, and it becomes a big issue for the developers.

Here, with CodeIgniter you need not be worried about the installation. It doesn’t need modifications in server or PEAR packages. You can run PHP framework easily. You just need to upload your relevant files to the server and now it’s ready to work.

It is important to mention here that best frameworks come with database abstraction layers. With CodeIgniter you can expect it naturally. It makes it easy to create, insert, update and delete statement without any need to use raw SQL.

Furthermore it allows to tweak your database like way to create new tables, add or remove new columns and remove old tables through database forge library.

3. High End Security

One of the primary benefits of using CodeIgniter is the built insecurity tools. Security is always a considerable factor while choosing the development framework. With CodeIgniter, you can decide the level of security needed for your web development project. It comes with default functions like runtime directives are switched off while enabling system initialization. Furthermore, you can easily enable handling session data with the use of a cookie encryption or database and many others.

4. Extensive Support

Since you need to hire CodeIgniter developer for the project, but still the choice of the development language or platform depends on the user’s community. Here, CodeIgniter has a vast active user community and it is growing consistently.

So, in case of having any issues while developing website project you can refer to the global community of CodeIgniter. It is an active CodeIgniter community to solve your problem in case if you experience it. It is one of the major reason for the web development company behind choosing the CodeIgniter for your web development project.

5. Quality Documentation

CodeIgniter is comparatively having better quality documentation than other framework. It has different types of available PHP framework that is included in the documentation. It is the result of growing CodeIgniter community and trustworthy framework.

6. Time Saving

CodeIgniter excels in saving the time for the developer. It delivers the quick result than other competitive frameworks. When developers start working on the projects for their clients, timeline is always not a negotiable consideration Developers should finish their projects on time with a dedicated effort, smart work and as per the expectations of the clients.

Here, CodeIgniter can be called as the embodiment of quality and quick development. It makes it possible for the developers to finish the clients’ eCommerce development project within accurate time frame and minimal coding.



In the competitive development framework, CodeIgniter has carved out easy, quick and flourished way of development. Although with many factor affecting the entire web development project.

Here, CodeIgniter redefined the web development and flourished the businesses in ample ways.

Though, there are many factors which affect the growth of the business, choosing CodeIgniter ascertains a reliable, alluring and engaging website. It has known as a trusted PHP CodeIgniter framework to develop multifarious websites or web applications.