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Rev up your entrepreneurial engines as we embark on an exciting journey into the world of car rental apps! What is your vision for revolutionizing the transportation industry and creating an app that rivals the success of Ekar?

In this blog, we’ll take you through the exhilarating process of developing your car rental app like Ekar from scratch. Buckle up and get ready to navigate through the twists and turns of designing a user-friendly interface, integrating seamless booking systems, and implementing smart features that will leave your users in awe.

With our expert guidance and insider tips, you’ll be steering your way toward app development victory, propelling your business to new heights. So, grab the wheel and let’s accelerate toward success together!

What is Car Rental App Like Ekar?

Ekar is a car rental application that revolutionized car-sharing in the Middle East. Launched in 2015 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Ekar aimed to provide a convenient and affordable alternative to traditional car rental services. The app allowed users to locate, book, and unlock cars through their smartphones, making it easy for individuals to access vehicles for short-term use.


What is Car Rental App


Ekar quickly gained popularity, expanding its services to other cities in the UAE, including Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. The app offered flexible rental options, hourly or daily, with fuel and insurance included.

Ekar’s user-friendly interface and seamless experience made it a preferred choice for residents and tourists, promoting sustainable transportation and reducing traffic congestion in urban areas.


Market Stats To Look At!


Market Stats ekar


  • In 2023, the car rental mobile app segment is expected to generate US$104.00 billion in revenue.
  • According to forecasts, by 2027, the global market will be worth US$119.30 billion, with revenues rising by 3.49% per year (CAGR 2023-2027).
  • By 2027, 0.62 billion people will be anticipated in the segment for car rentals.
  • User penetration will reach 7.8% by 2027, up from 7.1% in 2023.
  • 30 US dollars is forecasted as the average revenue per user.
  • By 2027, internet sales in the Car Rentals industry will account for 72% of all revenue.
  • According to global estimates, the United States will generate the most revenue ($29,940.00m in 2023).
  • Five hundred thousand users have been successfully added to Ekar’s car rental platform.
  • Ekar records 150,000 active users each month, indicating strong user engagement.
  • Since its establishment, Ekar has facilitated one million car rentals, offering its users practical mobility options.
  • Users of Ekar often rent cars for 3 days, demonstrating a desire for brief leases.
  • With an impressive fleet of 10,000 rental automobiles, Ekar offers its clients a wide range of options.
  • Users looking for inexpensive car rental choices can find reasonable pricing on Ekar’s site, where the average daily rental fee is $40.
  • Ekar now provides car rental services throughout a large geographic area by expanding its operations to five cities.
  • Ekar enables convenient access to its cars throughout its operating cities with a network of 50 rental sites.
  • With an exceptional rating of 4.5 out of 5, Ekar has attracted a high level of client satisfaction that reflects the caliber and dependability of its services.


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Top Car Rental App Like Ekar

Rev up your travels with the ultimate wheels on demand! Experience the Ekar-inspired thrill and convenience with some car rental apps like Ekar, designed to fuel your journeys like never before.


Car Rental App

Downloads (Approx.)

Ratings (Average)

Available Platforms

Uber 500M+ 4.7/5 iOS, Android
Turo 5M+ 4.7/5 iOS, Android
Zipcar 1M+ 4.3/5 iOS, Android
Getaround 500K+ 4.4/5 iOS, Android
Car2Go 1M+ 4.2/5 iOS, Android
GoCar 5M+ 4.6/5 iOS, Android


If you want to use car sharing app like Uber, then knowing about the features, monetization and development process is crucial. Without further ado, scroll down in this blog and let your doubt become answers

Features of Car Rental App Like Ekar

Experience the freedom of the open road. Our car rental app like Ekar offers a user-friendly interface, effortless bookings, secure payments, detailed car listings, and reliable navigation, making your journey smooth and unforgettable.


User Panel


1. User Panel


  • Registration and Authentication:

Users can create an account using their email or social media accounts and log in securely to access the best rental car app Android features.


  • Search and Filtering:

Users can use different search criteria, including location, date, time, and automobile type, to find available cars. They can also use filters to limit the results of their searches.


  • Car Listings and Details:

The app provides detailed information about the available cars, including car models, features, rental rates, and user ratings/reviews. Users can view photos and descriptions of each vehicle.


  • Booking and Reservations:

Users can select a car and make a reservation for a specific date and time. They can choose the duration of the rental and review the associated costs.


  • Payment Integration:

The car rental business app allows users to securely make payments for their reservations using various payment methods linked to payment app like PayPal and some like credit cards, debit cards, or digital wallets. It may also support promo codes or discounts.


  • Booking Management:

Users can view their upcoming and past bookings, modify or cancel existing reservations, and check the rental details, including pickup and return locations.


  • Navigation and Directions:

The car rental mobile app development may integrate with mapping services to provide directions to the rental car pickup location or assist users in finding nearby fuel stations or parking areas.


  • Support and Assistance:

Users can access customer support directly through the app, chat, or phone. They can seek assistance for any issues or queries related to their bookings.


  • Ratings and Reviews:

Users can leave feedback and ratings for their rented cars, helping other users make informed decisions. This feature contributes to building a trustworthy community within the app.


  • Notifications and Reminders:

Users receive notifications about their bookings, upcoming rentals, payment confirmations, or any important updates related to their rental experience.


  • Loyalty Programs:

The best apps for car rental may offer loyalty programs or reward systems where users can earn points or discounts based on their rental history or referrals.


  • User Profile:

Users of car rental app like Ekar can manage their personal information, view their rental history, save their favorite cars, and update their communication preferences.


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2. Admin Panel


  • Dashboard:

A comprehensive overview of the car rental app, like Ekar’s performance, including key metrics, bookings, revenue, and user activity.


  • User Management:

Ability to manage user accounts, including registration, verification, and user profile information. Admins can also perform actions like blocking or suspending user accounts if necessary.


  • Car Management:

Complete control over the fleet of vehicles available for rental. Admins can add, edit, or remove car listings, manage vehicle information (make, model, year, mileage, etc.), and set pricing and availability.


  • Booking Management:

Access to all bookings made through the car rental app like Ekar. Admins can view, modify, or cancel bookings and handle any customer inquiries or issues related to reservations.


  • Payment Management:

Monitoring and managing transactions made on the platform. Admins can review payment details, handle refunds, and manage payment gateways or integration with third-party payment providers.


  • Discounts and Promotions:

Ability to create and manage promotional offers, discount codes, or loyalty programs to attract and retain customers. So if you want to start a car rental business online, add these exclusive features to your app to make it look more interactive with users.


  • Reporting and Analytics:

Generate reports and analyze data related to app usage, revenue, bookings, customer feedback, and other performance indicators. These insights can help make informed decisions and optimize the on-demand app development solutions operations.


  • Customer Support:

Access to customer support tools to assist users, respond to inquiries, resolve issues, and provide assistance when needed. It may include a ticketing system, chat functionality, or integration with helpdesk platforms.


  • Content Management:

Control over the car rental mobile app content, including static pages, FAQs, terms and conditions, privacy policies, and other information presented to users.


  • Notifications and Communication:

Ability to send users notifications, announcements, or marketing messages through the app or via email/SMS.


  • Analytics and Insights:

Tracking of user behaviour, app usage, and performance information through integration with analytics tools. This data can be used to optimize the app rent car functionality, user experience, and marketing strategies.


  • Admin Access and Roles:

Different levels of access and roles for administrators allow specific permissions and restrictions based on responsibilities and authority.

How to Develop a Car Rental App like Ekar?

Embark on the road to success by following these steps to develop a captivating car rental app like Ekar. Drive innovation through user-friendly interfaces, seamless booking systems, and efficient fleet management, steering you toward a rewarding journey in the digital marketplace.


Step 1: Define Your Niche

To create a car rental app like Ekar, it is important to determine the specific target audience you want to cater to. Evaluate your idea, identify the unique features that set you apart, and decide on the essential functionalities within the car rental mobile app. Examine the general architecture and functioning of the available car-sharing rental apps, then tailor them to your target market.


Step 2: Conduct Market Research

The next crucial step involves comprehensively analyzing the car-renting app market landscape. Determine your target market, examine the competition, comprehend the law, recognise market trends, and take into account regional characteristics.

To learn important lessons about their strategies and methods, research reputable businesses like Ekar, Udrive, and Uber. This knowledge can help you create sensible strategies and establish the proper course for your automobile rental app like Ekar.


How to Monetize a Car Rental Platform Like Ekar


Step 3: Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Develop an MVP in collaboration with your application development partner. Utilize the chosen features and technology stack to create a mobile app with a basic version & some essential functionalities.

It will enable you to collect real-time user feedback and evaluate your app’s performance. Use the feedback to continuously enhance the functionality of your app and address any issues that arise.


Step 4: Develop the Final Version

Based on the insights gained from the MVP, the car-sharing app maintenance services can proceed to build an improved and final version of the car rental app.

Incorporate necessary enhancements, resolve any identified problems, and ensure a seamless user experience.Create a solid database, integrate APIs, and build the backend infrastructure to enable the functionality of the vehicle rental mobile app.


Step 5: Choose a Reliable App Development Company

Choose a reliable car rental mobile app development company that can help you realise your vehicle rental app’s potential. Consider their prices, portfolio, client testimonials, and level of skill. The skills and efficiency of the app development business you select will have a significant impact on the outcome of your project.


Car Rental App development cost

How to Monetize a Car Rental Platform Like Ekar?

Monetizing a car rental app like Ekar requires implementing various revenue streams. Here are some strategies you can consider:


1. Booking Fees:

Charge a commission or booking fee for every rental transaction through your platform. This fee can be a percentage of the rental price or a flat fee per booking.


2. Subscription Model:

Offer premium subscription plans to your users. Subscribers can enjoy discounted rental rates, priority bookings, or additional services. This recurring revenue stream can provide a stable income for your platform.


3. Featured Listings:

Allow car owners or rental agencies to pay for featured listings highlighting their vehicles and increasing their visibility on your platform. Featured listings could be displayed prominently in search results or have a higher ranking.


4. Extra Services:

Offer additional services that users can opt for during the rental process. For example, you could partner with insurance providers and offer rental insurance to customers for an extra fee. Other potential add-on services include GPS rental, additional drivers, or fuel delivery.


5. Advertising:

Collaborate with local businesses or automotive-related companies to display targeted advertisements on your platform. Advertisers could include car dealerships, automotive service centers, or travel agencies. Ad space on your website or in your best car rental apps for Android can be monetized through pay-per-click (PPC) or display advertising models.


6. Affiliate Programs:

Form partnerships with complementary businesses and earn a commission for referring customers. For instance, you could collaborate with hotels or airlines and offer discounted rates to your users. When users book these services through your platform, you receive a commission.


7. Data Analytics:

Utilize the data generated by your platform to provide insights and analytics to car rental agencies or other interested parties. Aggregate and anonymize the data to maintain privacy while offering valuable market trends, customer behavior patterns, and demand forecasts.


8. White-Label Solutions:

Consider offering your car rental platform as a white-label solution to other companies in the travel or transportation industry. It allows them to use your technology under their branding, and you can charge licensing fees or revenue-sharing arrangements.


9. Corporate Partnerships:

Establish partnerships with corporate clients or enterprises that require frequent car rentals for their employees. Offer customized packages, exclusive rates, and dedicated support to attract these businesses.


10. International Expansion:

If your platform operates in a specific region, explore opportunities for expansion into new markets. Adapt your car rental management app to cater to different countries or cities, and forge partnerships with local car rental agencies to increase your reach and revenue potential.

Remember, these monetization strategies should be implemented in a way that provides value to both your users and the businesses involved. Regularly assess your pricing structure, evaluate user feedback, and adapt your approach based on market trends to maximize your platform’s revenue potential.

The App’s Ultimate Pit Stop!

And there you have it, fellow adventurers! The App’s Ultimate Pit Stop marks the end of our thrilling journey of creating a car rental app like Ekar. We’ve navigated the twists and turns, fueled by innovation and determination. Now, armed with insights and strategies, you’re ready to hit the fast lane of app development. Buckle up, fellow app enthusiasts, and embrace the exhilarating road ahead!

Hence if you are eagerly interested in learning about the car rental website development cost estimation to start an online venture, then now is the time to get in touch with our experts!

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Car Rental App Like Ekar?

The cost to develop a car rental app like Ekar depends on various factors, including the complexity of features, platform (iOS/Android), mobile app development services rates, and location. It can range from $8,000 to $20,000 or more.


Q2. How Long Does It Take To Develop A Car Rental App Like Ekar?

The development time for a car rental app like Ekar can vary depending on the complexity of features and your development team’s expertise, but it usually takes several months.


Q3. Which Technologies Are Used To Build A Car Rental App Like Ekar?

Technologies commonly used include cross-platform development frameworks like React Native or Flutter, backend development with languages like Python or Node.js, and cloud hosting platforms.


Q4. How Can I Ensure The Security Of Transactions In My Car Rental App?

You can ensure transaction security by integrating secure payment gateways, using SSL encryption, implementing two-factor authentication, and regularly updating your app’s security measures.


Q5. Is It Necessary To Have A Website Along With A Mobile App For A Car Rental Platform?

Having a website alongside a mobile app can provide additional convenience for users who prefer to make bookings and manage their accounts through a desktop or laptop.