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Food delivery apps offer an excellent experience to customers with their fantastic features. Developing such an app will expand the reach & flexibility of your business. Apps like Seamless have raised their great bars in the market. 

Due to its craze, various businesses want to invest in meal delivery app development. Food delivery apps like Seamless have assisted several people globally in ordering their favorite meal at their doorstep. Due to its exponential growth, many entrepreneurs want to put money into restaurant booking app development. 

Are you also one of those who want to create food delivery apps like Seamless? Then you have reached the appropriate place. Here you will know everything about the food delivery app, inclusive of its features, cost estimation, development process, and so on.  So, let’s get rolling into this blog but first, let’s look at the market stats of meal delivery app development. 

Current Market Stats of Food Delivery App Development 

Let’s have a look at the current market stats of food delivery app development so that you will get an idea about the market size and food delivery trends of the same.


Food Delivery Apps Like Seamless


  • According to Statista, users are anticipated to reach 217.1 million in the online food delivery market by 2027.
  • Rappi has recently emerged as the preferred app for Latin Americans intending to place an online food order.
  • DoorDash, with more than 50% market potential, is the most famous app for food delivery in the United States.
  • The COVID-19 outbreak significantly positively impacted the worldwide last-mile food and grocery delivery sector, which saw revenues of almost $25 billion in 2020. By 2025, projections show this amount at roughly 72.3 billion dollars.
  • The size of the worldwide cloud kitchen marketplace was predicted to be $56.71 billion in 2021 and is expected to increase to $112.53 billion by 2027.
  • $402.5 million was spent on marketing and sales by Grubhub Inc., an increase of 92 million dollars over the previous year.
  • In America, 119 million people used the platform to customer online food delivery in 2021.


Food Delivery Apps Like Seamless


  • The worldwide online meal delivery service market was worth 107.44 billion dollars in 2019 and is expected to reach 154.34 billion by 2023.
  • Global investments in the food delivery and logistics markets peaked in the third quarter of 2021 at 7.1 billion U.S. dollars, a three-year high. By the middle of March 2022, e-commerce businesses that deliver food items had collected 3.5 billion dollars in quarterly investments.


How on demand food delivery app helps food ordering platform

List of Top 7 Apps like Seamless

Here is a comprehensive list of apps like Seamless you must look into:


Apps Like Seamless

Available platforms



Android | iOS 10M+
Uber Eats Android | iOS 100M+


Android | iOS 10M+


Android | iOS 100M+


Android | iOS 100M+


Android | iOS 100M+


Android | iOS 10M+


Cost to Develop a Food Ordering App like Doordash

Features of Food Delivery Apps Like Seamless

Assimilating various Food Delivery App Features can certainly assist you in getting a competitive edge over the competitors. Apps like Seamless must undoubtedly have a great set of features and be feature-rich. It enhances user engagement and the experience of your application. So, let’s see the essential features to be included in an app for different panels: 


1. User Panel


  • Sign-up

It is an essential feature to be included in any app. With this feature, the users must be able to create an account by filling in the required details like emails, numbers, names, etc.


  • Push Notifications

Every delivery app must have this push notification feature. The users will get timely notifications regarding food and app updates.


  • Cart

Cart is another feature that allows users to add food items in it for later. Users can see the list of food items in the cart, including price, and can apply a promo code and check out.


Food Delivery Apps Like Seamless


  • Numerous Payment Options

With multiple payment options, it gets easier for users to pay. Instead of cash, users can be able to pay the amount with mobile banking, in-app wallet, debit/credit cards, GooglePay, etc.


  • Real-time Tracking

Customers get notified of the status of their orders thanks to this feature. For instance, customers can see when their order was placed, when it was processed, and when it was shipped. It is a fantastic tool for maintaining client interest.


  • Rating and Feedback

It is an amazing feature for any delivery app. After receiving their food from delivery boys, users can rate and give feedback in the app about their experience.


  • Customer Support

It is the most crucial feature for apps like Seamless. Customer care or support provides the user to solve any query or complaint regarding the order or delivery.


  • Wallet

The wallet is another amazing feature to add to the food delivery app. When paying for the order, it can be utilized to store a virtual balance. Hire Dedicated developers that can implement this feature in the app.


  • Search and Filter

This feature allows users to search for their favorite food. Users can also apply filters like price and food category accordingly.

2. Driver Panel


Food Delivery Apps Like Seamless


  • Registration

The driver should be able to register before using the app through either social media or by entering data such as their name, address, license number, and car identification number.


  • Dashboard

It is an essential feature for any food delivery app for the driver panel. With the dashboard, the admin can see the summary and data of the successful, awaiting, and rejected food delivery items.


  • Status of the Order

With this feature, the driver will access the status of the order they deliver. One-tap options for updating the status of food orders must be available to the delivery executive.

  • GPS-Navigation

This feature lets the driver track the location of delivery. The application must have a GPS navigation feature for the driver to deliver the order quickly and conveniently.


  • Payment option

Besides COD, the app must have payment options like online payment, Google pays for receiving money from the users. It is a useful feature for food ordering mobile app development apps.

3. Admin Panel


Food Delivery Apps Like Seamless

  • Registration

The admin must also register in the application before entering the website portal, just like the user and delivery panels.


  • Order Management

The administrator has access to every aspect of the active order and designates the driver who is most convenient for both the restaurant and the customers to pick up.


  • Discounts and Coupons

The admin must periodically provide users discounts and coupons in order to keep their loyalty. The admin panel must use a different system for coupons and discounts.


  • Push Notification

The push notification feature is essential for the admin also. With this feature, the admin must be able to send new updates regarding the apps, discounts, and coupons to users by text message, email, etc.


  • Transaction History

This feature allows the admin to see the transaction history of the users. Admin must be able to choose the cost of delivery and use the built-in app analysis to monitor all profits and earnings.


Food Delivery Apps Like Seamless

Cost To Build Food Delivery Apps Like Seamless

The development cost of a food delivery app depends on the features and functionalities you want to add to your application. Still, we cannot determine the exact cost because it keeps fluctuating.

However, the average estimated cost to build food delivery apps like Seamless would be between $8,000 to $20,000 depending on various factors like app complexity, platform, testing, etc. It’s critical to be aware of the various factors that affect the cost of developing a food delivery application.


The factors that influence the costs of food ordering mobile app development are shown below:

1. Tech Stack

The technology stack is the first factor affecting the cost of developing apps like Seamless. There are various tech stacks that can be used in app development but choosing the best and most convenient one is vital.

2. Development Team

When building apps like Seamless, hiring a development team with years of experience and proficiency is essential. The cost to develop an app at an hourly rate in the United States is $50-200.

Whereas in Europe, the development cost of an app a company charge is 30-100/hour. However, there are several companies from where you can hire a food delivery app developer for your project.

3. App Design

The design of the application also affects the development cost of food delivery apps. It is crucial to have a very captivating and convenient design for an application to make it unique and different.

It is vital to request that the developers employ rapid and advanced technologies that need more time and resources to attract more customers’ attention.

4. Platform Section

The platform section is another essential factor affecting the development cost of meal delivery apps. There are two types of platforms on which we launch iOS and android.

It is crucial to know that the IOS app development would cost more than an android app. So always ask the development company about the hourly rate they charge.

5. App Size

Another factor influences the cost of developing an app like Seamless. The size of an app depends on the app’s complexity and the number of features you want to incorporate into your application. It is vital to know that the more features and functionalities you add, the more expensive it will become.

6. Type of App

Another factor influencing the development cost of food delivery apps is the type of application. The cost estimation depends on the cost type, and it is shown below:


Type of app Cost ( $)
Simple food delivery app 8000-13000
Average food delivery app 14,000-22,000
Complex food delivery app 23,000-30,000


Note– Now that you have seen Food Delivery App Features and the cost. You have got an idea about what features and functionalities are essential for it. It is vital that a tech stack is crucial for any app development. Therefore, let’s have a look at the development step and tech stack of apps like Seamless.


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How to Develop Apps like Seamless?

Developing food delivery apps like Seamless is a complex task requiring assembling many elements. To succeed in the restaurant booking app development sector, you must consequently have a suitable approach in place when developing your meal delivery application.


Mobile Application like Seamless | Food Delivery App - EngineerBabu


Therefore, we have mentioned the simple steps to create your own food-ordering app:


1. Market Research

The first step to creating a food delivery app is conducting thorough market research, including market size and forecasts. The market research would inform you about the competitors, target audience, and the latest food sector trends and patterns.

Every day new apps are developing, so to be different from others, you must do in-depth market research. Evaluating market surveys and thinking of feasible outcomes will intensify the comprehensive growth of the business and its apps.


2. Choose Food Delivery Model

The next step is to choose the food delivery model for your app after you are done with conducting market research. The food delivery model allows you to meet business objectives and user demands. For that, you must hire dedicated delivery app developers that can make a smooth-running app like Seamless.

A delivery model, a revenue model, and a strong marketing strategy are all crucial parts of a great business model for meal delivery apps like Seamless. Hence, you can advertise your application on all platforms.


3. Select Essential Features for Apps like Seamless

After choosing the business model for your app, the next step is to determine what features you want to put in your food delivery app. The features and functionalities are an essential part of any app.

It is vital to know that an app must include features of every panel. For example, the customer panel, admin panel, and delivery panel. With these three panel features, your app will show immense success.


4. Pick the Right Tech Stack

After picking up the essential features for your app, the next step you must consider is picking the right tech stack. Choosing the right technology stack will improve and enhance the user experience of your food delivery app. Some of the essential tech stacks to use are shown below:

  • Databases – MySQL
  • Mobile app development – Django, Kotlin
  • Frameworks – Ruby on Rails, React Native, Javascript
  • Payment Gateway – Google Wallet

5. Design

Once you decide on the right technology stack for your food delivery, the next step is to design the food delivery app. Knowing that customers are attracted to the application’s design is vital. So, you should hire a food ordering app development company that can make your user interface attractive and outstanding.


6. Development

After you are done with the designing part, the next step is the development of food delivery apps like Seamless. It is the most critical part of the whole process. Hiring the best food delivery app development company would be the best option, and you can also customize it accordingly. The app can be made within your budget with a team of skilled professionals.


7. Testing and Maintenance

After the development of the food delivery app, the process doesn’t stop here; testing and maintenance are also very crucial. Before launching an app, proper testing is mandatory because it shows any bugs and errors in the app. However, it is quite helpful to get the app surveillance with the assistance of the QA & testing team of the Food Delivery App Maintenance Services. 

So these are the crucial steps to follow for developing food delivery apps like Seamless. However, hiring a restaurant app development company would be the best option to develop a food delivery app.


Food Delivery Apps Like Seamless

Crucial Tech Stack of Food Delivery App Development

Here is the crucial tech stack of cuisine delivery app development that a food ordering app development company uses to make a smooth-running application. So let’s have a look at each of them:



Tech Stack

Push Notifications Twilio, Push.io

Braintree & PayPal, EWallets

Email MailChimp Integration
SMS, Voice, and

Phone Verification

Nexmo, Twilio
Database MongoDB, Cassandra, Postgres
Cloud Environment

AWS, Google, Azure

Map Navigation Google Map
Real-time Analytics

Hadoop,  Apache Flink, Cisco


You are aware of the significance of having an app to generate revenue for your company if you have noticed the increase in the industry of online meal delivery app development. To satisfy the demands of the online food market, you must take into account the features, cost estimation, and other elements that constitute a successful app when deciding to build an app for online food ordering.

Fortunately, this blog post has given you a thorough understanding of food delivery applications, including their features, costs, and development steps. Now it is your turn to Create Your Own Food Ordering App after being fully informed about the app.

For better results, hire a Food Delivery app development company that can assist you in making smooth-running meal delivery apps like Seamless.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to monetize food delivery apps?

A monetization strategy is essential for every meal delivery app. To generate profits, Seamless also has a financial model that they employ. For commercialization, you must adhere to the following steps:

  • Advertisement
  • Premium or subscription model
  • Peak hours
  • Delivery charges
  • Commission percentage


Q2. How does a food delivery app work?

A user begins by selecting the eatery of their preference, then scans the catalogue, picks an item, and then decides whether they want it delivered or picked up. Then, when picking up the food, you can pay with cash at the eatery or use a debit or credit card using the application or the website.