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One of the surprising facts about mobile games is that users are not restricted from playing them based on their age. In simpler terms, it is like every age group of smartphone owners; mobile games have a separate fanbase.

Due to the evolution of mobile devices and app development, multiple mobile games are available over the internet, and people like to play these games on their devices. Mobile game development trends have been high since their launch. The best example is- Snake Game on Nokia Phones.

Another fantastic piece of information about game development trends is that these are not limited to any platform or device. The games are equally available on both major mobile platforms, iOS and Android. Any user can download, install, and play the game from their app stores.

From the market share point of view, the gaming industry is much bigger than our thoughts. Even if you want to start your own business, then launching a mobile game idea is the best in 2024, as this year, we will observe lots of advancements in game development trends and devices also.

Although launching a mobile game is the right idea for its development, it will be more helpful to take the services of gaming app development professionals from a game development company.

About how to hire a game developer, we will talk about it later. Let’s dive deep into the blog but first, start with some basic information about game development & its market trends.


What is Mobile Game Development?

If you have an idea about mobile app development, then it will be very easy to understand the whole concept of mobile game app development. In simplistic terms, you can understand it as it is the process to develop the mobile app that users will only use to play the game on their mobile devices(iPhone or Android).


Mobile Game Development


Several steps are involved in developing a mobile gaming app, such as planning, production, testing, and launch. Engaging the customers in the best way is the best to include advanced features, eye-catching graphics, and fantastic themes. Most of the popular mobile game apps contain all these.

Your overall objective is to offer a next-level gaming experience to the users, so they must enjoy a lot while playing the game with a seamless experience.

Around 1/3rd of smartphone owners actively participate in mobile gaming activities. PUBG, or Free Fire, is one of the biggest examples of mobile gaming popularity.

Continuing with this blog, let’s move to the next section, which is about key stats of mobile game development trends.

Key Stats: Game Development Trends


Key Stats: Game Development Trends


  • In 2021, Asia counted on the top position with a population of 1.29 billion, which is 48% of overall mobile gamers worldwide. In the second position, it was Europe, with 551.7 million mobile gaming users.
  • The mobile games segment is expected to reach $172.10 billion in 2023 and it will be $221.70 billion by 2027 with a CAGR (2023-2027) of 6.54%.
  • Worldwide mobile gaming app users are projected to reach 2,323.9 million users by 2027.
  • The USA is on the top in revenue generation, which is $46,070 million in 2023.
  • The mobile gaming content market will surpass 173.4 billion by 2026.
  • In 2022, mobile games generated revenue of 92.2 billion USD, which is 50% of the global gaming market.
  • By 2025, the major portion of Google Play Store revenue(71%) will be from mobile games, and there will be a huge contribution from Blockchain Development.

The above-mentioned key stats are telling a bigger story than our expectations.


cta free fire game

List of Top 10 Mobile Game Development Trends To Follow In 2024

The mobile game industry is dynamically progressing due to the worldwide user base’s considerable demand for unique mobile games. During the global lockdown, 75% of activity on mobile was gaming. It became one of the reasons behind the rise of game development trends in 2024.

It is one of the trending questions over the internet

  • What are the current trends in game development?

Here are some of the trends that you can follow if you are looking to develop a mobile app.


Gaming Streaming “The Next Big Thing” in The Gaming App Development to Invest


1. Mobile Cloud Gaming

 Have you heard about GaaS? It looks like a funny term, but it is Gaming As A Service and one of the most trending concepts in gaming app development. Consider it a hot game development trend to watch in 2024. It comes under the umbrella of Cloud Computing Solutions.

One of the best things about mobile cloud gaming is that users do not need to depend on resources, which is one of the core specialties of Cloud computing. It is one of the best trends to follow in 2024 for mobile game app development.


2. Blockchain-Based Games

Blockchain Development is one trending technology, conquering almost all market segments such as healthcare, banking & finance, and others. It also got a strong presence in the mobile gaming market.


Blockchain-Based Games


The advantage of Blockchain is that it provides a secure gaming environment where gamers can communicate with each other safely and do transactions without fearing cyber theft or bullying.


3. NFT Game Development

The NFT stands for non-fungible tokens and stores the digital assets as tokens in the Blockchain network. The NFT game development advantages are uniqueness, versatility, transparency, and safety.

You can choose the services for game development, such as full-cycle NFT game development, game co-development, game art and design, game concept creation, and more. The best examples of top NFT games are Axie Infinity, Alien Worlds, and The Sandbox.


4. Mobile eSports

Although esports is not a new trend, it is still famous compared to other games. Many users like to play their favorite games, including live streaming. The best example of mobile eSports is a streaming platform like Twitch.


Mobile eSports


It offers all the advantages to users who want to showcase their gaming skills to a worldwide audience. It is a surprising fact that gaming streaming will cross the figure of one billion viewers by 2024.


5. Cross-Platform Mobile Gaming

The days are gone when you need to develop the same app for different platforms with different coding. The technology is out of the limit now; whatever app concept you want to build, you can do it easily.

You can launch the same app on different platforms via cross-platform app development. The same you can do with mobile game development. Using cross-platform technology, gaming companies are launching games that entertain all platform users. That makes cross-platform mobile gaming one of the popular mobile gaming trends to watch out for in 2024.


6. Crypto Gaming

Most of the time, Crypto stands for Cryptocurrency, but it also has applications in other segments. The gaming industry is one of them. The key advantage of Cryptocurrency is it is highly secure and traceable.

Most gaming companies are taking an interest in investing in Crypto gaming. Before the introduction of Crypto gaming, gamers could transfer characters, skin, and weapons to the other game or the other player, but it is possible with the help of crypto gaming.

The next advantage is gaming activity on the Blockchain network, which ensures high security of the data and player’s information. For more details, you can consult any cryptocurrency development company.


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7. Gaming Socialization

Gaming socialization has a direct relationship with mobile game development. Similar to traditional socialization, gamers want to chat, communicate, call and share their thoughts.

Due to shifting gameplay trends, gamers have become more interactive. You can leverage this trend to include in your app to offer a unique experience to gamers via your uniquely developed app.


8. The Metaverse Gaming

The Metaverse will be a game-changer in the upcoming decade and one of the fastest game development trends. In Metaverse gaming, the users will not only play the game, but they can also live the characters on the screen.


Metaverse Gaming


The objective behind the launching of Metaverse development services is to offer a unique experience of the AR – VR world to the users. Not only gaming companies even retail businesses and brands such as Adidas and Burberry are focusing on Metaverse to enhance their brand experience.


9. AI-ML In Gaming

Artificial intelligence game development trends is one of the game-changer elements for the whole gaming industry. If you want to develop a game that must be responsive, adaptive & challenging, then AI development is the perfect technology for the same. The best example is an AI-based chess game where you can lose or win from the computer in a chess match.

Using AI game development techniques, gaming companies are making it interesting by increasing the complexity at each level. It improves user engagement in a broad spectrum. Additionally, AI, including ML development while creating the game, can take the user’s experience to the next level.


NFT Game Development: Guide to Build An NFT Gaming Platform


10. Wearable Technology

Wearable app development has been trending for a long time. But do you have an idea how the gaming industry is leveraging it? The answer comes from AR-VR games. For real-life examples, visit any gaming arena and then visit VR games.

There you will find multiple wearable devices such as VR scope, body sensors, and more that take a user into the virtual world. Still, these devices are available for gaming zones and arenas.


Wearable Technology in Game Development


But the demand for home gaming wearables is rising, and in upcoming years, we will observe rapid advancements in wearables for gaming.

Here is your query regarding mobile game development. The above-mentioned mobile app trends are some of the best trends to follow in 2024 to develop a mobile game app for businesses. So, let’s proceed to the next section of this blog.

How To Develop A Mobile Game In Easy Steps

Instead of searching here and there it is always best ideas to develop a mobile gaming app following some valuable steps. So, here are some steps that you can follow for implementing any of the mobile game development trends to develop your next gaming app.


1. Game Plan

All popular games have one thing in common: they follow a unique game plan that engages a user from start to end. These games can be puzzle games or any type of racing game. If you want to produce something unique, develop a game plan per the target audience and also decide about the game’s central theme.


hire developers

2. Hire Game Developers

Deep expertise is one of the requirements to develop a mobile game app. As a business owner, you can’t perform all the tasks. So, the better idea is to hire game developers with expertise in all gaming software and apps. Before hiring, try to ensure that they possess the skills to transform your game app idea into reality.


3. Graphics & Designing

Most game developers are focusing on creating 3-D games that convince the users to be a part of the game. Although initially you can start with the 2-D game but try to follow at least one latest trend. It will create interest among the users and will help you with promotion as well.


4. Backend Development

Backend development is also important as graphics and UI development. It decides the seamless execution and robustness of the app. Hired gaming app developers will construct your app’s backend but you need to be careful whether that will it be according to your game plan or not. So, once it is developed take a trial run of it.


5. Testing

Testing is very important because any glitch can make the game experience worse. It would be best if you test the app in all possible directions to find out major to minor glitches in your newly built gaming app. Once the game testing is over the next step is brand promotion.


The Final Thoughts

As per business research, the gaming industry will be $138.63 billion at a CAGR of 17.1%. This decade will experience a different kind of gaming as Metaverse, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency continuously advance. It is a right to launch a game with the help of any mobile app development company.

Suppose you want to develop an AI-ML-based game, then hiring a Python development company is the right idea. It will be a great contribution from your side to the gaming industry, where you can expect good revenue for your business.