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Today, online marketplaces are gaining immense popularity at an incredible pace. As per reports, the era of B2C marketplaces is anticipated to reach $3 trillion by 2024. The success of online marketplaces like Amazon, Airbnb, and eBay has offered more assurance to entrepreneurs about investing in online marketplace development.

As a result, they keep searching for online marketplace ideas for 2022 to start their own business. But, as ample marketplace development options are available, entrepreneurs often get confused about making the right choice.

Are you also sailing in the same boat? If yes, then you have landed in the right place. This blog could be the best guide for the app development marketplace. It talks about the top 10 online marketplace ideas that are trending in 2022 and can be your best bet to invest in. So, let’s get an insight into each picture one by one.

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Online Marketplace Development Statistics

In the past few years, the trend for online marketplace development has gained immense popularity, and the demand will not stop anytime soon. Here are the current stats showcasing the rise in the online marketplace sector.

Online Marketplace Development Statistics

● Around 79% of the US population make online purchases
● In 2021, approximately $3.23 trillion was spent globally on 100 marketplaces
● 85% of US people admitted that they went online daily to purchase
● 40% of adults with an annual household income of $75,000 use the internet
● 230 million people shop online & the number is expected to increase in the future
● By 2020, customers have spent $2+ trillion on online marketplaces

Are you an entrepreneur planning to develop an online marketplace platform for your business? Need help with online marketplace ideas? Here’s the list of the 10 custom marketplace development ideas ruling 2022 that will continue to grab market attention in the coming time.

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10 Popular Online Marketplace Ideas Ruling 2022

Are you an entrepreneur planning to develop an online marketplace platform for your business? Need help with online marketplace ideas? Here’s the list of the 10 custom marketplace development ideas ruling 2022 that will continue to grab market attention in the coming time.

1. Food Ordering & Delivery Marketplace Development

During the pandemic, everything went online, and the food & restaurant industry was no exception. From that time, there was no looking back, and the demand for online food ordering & delivery increased with lightning speed. Due to this, businesses earned a golden opportunity through online food ordering & delivery marketplaces.

Businesses that want to serve foodies and step into the food industry can choose such unique online marketplace ideas for food ordering mobile app development.

Online marketplace ideas

Top Food Delivery Marketplace Examples 

● Postmates
● DoorDash
● Grubhub
● Uber Eats

Why Invest In Online Food Delivery Marketplace Development?

● In the past 5 years, the food delivery industry’s revenue has tripled and surpassed $26 billion.
● According to the study by National Restaurant Association, 66% had ordered takeout or food delivery for dinner and 47% for lunch within the same period.
● The online food delivery market is expected to grow to $43 billion by 2025.

2. E-commerce Marketplace Development

The eCommerce marketplace is a trending platform that brings buyers and sellers together while empowering third-party sellers and buyers to avail services from eCommerce platforms. While using eCommerce marketplaces, users access multiple brands’ products on a single platform.

So, if you already have a small store or are planning to start a similar online business, the eCommerce online marketplace ideas could be a game changer.

E-commerce Marketplace

Top Ecommerce Marketplace Examples 

● Amazon
● eBay
● Etsy
● Walmart

Why Invest In Ecommerce Marketplace Development?

● By the end of 2022, the eCommerce market is expected to reach $5.55 trillion and will increase more in the future.
● Online eCommerce marketplace growth is expected to reach 25% by 2025, which is about a 6.7% increase in the past 5 years.
● Retail sales online will reach $6.17 trillion by 2023.

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3. Grocery Delivery Marketplace App Development

The invention of online grocery delivery applications helps people to order products from the comfort of their homes. Such marketplaces facilitate online food ordering and delivery, benefiting users and businesses greatly. After the popularity of online grocery delivery marketplace development, more businesses want to develop marketplace apps to increase revenue and profit in no time.

If you are looking forward to starting a business with low investment, opting for the online marketplace ideas of grocery delivery is the right option.

Grocery Delivery Marketplace App

Top Grocery Delivery Marketplace Examples 

● Kroger
● Instacart
● Shipt
● Wallmart

Why Invest in Grocery Delivery Marketplace Development Solution?

● Popular grocery delivery app, Instacart generated $1.8 billion in revenue in 2021
● In the US, food, and retail e-commerce revenue is expected to exceed 24 billion by 2023
● More than 50% of the US population prefers to order groceries online via applications

4. Health & Fitness Online Marketplace Development

In this highly modern and technically advanced era, there is hardly any service that we can’t find online. Agree or not? Health and fitness is one of the most popular and trending online market websites and app solutions that are gaining tremendous profit. Today’s individuals are becoming more health conscious, and hence the demand for healthcare marketplace developers is increasing at 2x speed.

If you plan to target fitness freaks, such online marketplace ideas will do wonders. Also, you need not spend a huge amount bringing your health and fitness business online.

Health & Fitness Online Marketplace

Top Health & Fitness Marketplace Examples 

● Cult
● TrainHeroic
● ClassPass
● SugarWOD

Why Invest In Health & Fitness Online Marketplace App Development?

● From 2020 to 2027, the global online fitness marketplace is expected to grow at a CAGR of 26%.
● Health & fitness market size was valued at $6,046 million in 2019 and is projected to reach $59,231 by 2027.
● Thousands of individuals/fitness enthusiasts visit a gym daily to keep their bodies in shape.

5. Online Retail Marketplace Development

Rentals marketplaces offer an online platform to firms/entrepreneurs where they can rent out some products or services from each other within the platform. Businesses or users who do not have the desired budget to buy things go for rental services, including cars, apartments, and more.

This could be one of the best online marketplace ideas to generate more profit in less time. The best thing is that you need not spend bucks while choosing an online rental marketplace mobile app development.

Online marketplace ideas

Top Online Rental Marketplaces Examples

● Airbnb
● Lyft
● Click&Boat
● Hertz

Why Invest In Online Rental App Development Marketplace?

● In 2014, the value of the global sharing economy worth was $15 billion, which is anticipated to ascend to $335 billion by 2025.
● 70% of US millennials and generation Z prefer renting over buying.
● The US’s growth rate is unexpectedly high due to increased demand and improved online rental marketplace services.

6. Tours & Travel Marketplace App Development

Gone are the days when individuals consult travel agents to plan their trips. Now, travelers have become more independent and prefer to visit tours and travel applications to plan everything on their own. This has significantly spiked the demand for tours and travel marketplace development solutions.

So, choosing such online marketplace ideas can succeed if you are fond of traveling, exploring, and planning. The best part is you do not need a firm setup to begin this business. All you require is a well-developed tour and travel marketplace app, and you can step into the travel industry.

Tours & Travel Marketplace

Top Tours & Travel Marketplace Examples

● Booking.com
● Peek
● Airbnb
● Expedia

Why Invest In Tours & Travel Marketplace App Development?

● More than 50% of bookings, tours, and travel activities are online.
● In 2020, the global online travel market was around $396 billion, expected to reach $690 billion by 2026.
● 83% of US adults prefer to book hotels and do other travel activities online.

7. Online Service Marketplace Development Solution

An online service marketplace platform facilitates online selling and buying between service providers and seekers. Today’s generation wants everything from the comfort of their home, whether self-pampering, doing work, or anything. All this has ultimately raised the demand for online service marketplace development and helped all-scale businesses reach thousands of users via feature-rich marketplace applications.

If you are also thinking to develop an online marketplace app and searching for the best online eCommerce marketplace development ideas, what else is better than this?

Online Service Marketplace

Top Online Service Marketplace Examples

● Urban Clap
● Upwork
● Fiverr
● Thumbtack

Why Invest In Online Service Marketplace Development?

● Around 90% of US people are working professionals and hence go for online services to fulfill their daily needs.
● 80% of Americans prefer to avail online services from their home.
● The demand for online service is increasing at lightning speed & isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

8. Liquor & Alcohol Delivery App Marketplace Development 

After the innovation of modern-age tools and technologies, all businesses have shifted online, and online liquor & alcohol delivery is no different. Now, people rely more on digital services & online transactions and get things delivered to their doorstep. Therefore, it could be an amazing opportunity for all-scale liquor service providers to develop a strong web presence.

Liquor & Alcohol Delivery App Marketplace

Top Liquor & Alcohol Delivery Marketplace Examples

● GoPuff
● Drizly
● DoorDash
● Instacart

Why Invest In Liquor & Alcohol Delivery Online Marketplaces?

● In 2017, online liquor and alcohol delivery sales were 32.7% which is expected to grow tremendously by 2025.
● Alcohol e-commerce is expected to grow by over 66% between 2020 to 2025.
● By the end of 2022, the alcoholic beverage industry will stand at $146 billion.

9. Online Learning Marketplace App Development

The online learning trend started during the pandemic, and now it has become a new normal for institutes, schools, and universities. The introduction of online learning marketplace development solutions has eased the job for both professionals and students. While the edtech applications have opened up doors of success for businesses, they assist students in online learning anytime.

So, if you want to step into the edtech sector, this could be one of the best online marketplace ideas for you. Just think of a unique learning app and get started with online edtech services.

Online marketplace ideas

Top Online Learning Marketplace Examples

● Courser
● Udemy
● Skillshare
● edX & Open edX

Why Invest In Online Learning Marketplace Development?

● By 2025, the global e-learning market is forecast to reach $400 billion.
● The US E-learning market is predicted to grow by $21.64 billion by 2024.
● Around 35% of the US population uses online learning marketplace platforms to gain knowledge.

10. Fintech Custom Marketplace Development

Finally, coming to the last yet the most incredible online marketplace development ideas, i.e., developing fintech marketplaces. It is a growing sector as most individuals prefer to avail online financial services rather than struggling with offline financial documentation. This has opened up amazing opportunities for small finance and banking service providers to step into the online world. As a result, businesses prefer to hire dedicated developers to create a profit-driven fintech marketplace.

So, if you are also planning to take your finance business to heights, this could be the best online marketplace idea to opt for.

Online marketplace ideas

Top Online Fintech Marketplace Examples

● MoneyLion
● Nubank
● Robinhood
● Coinbase

Why Invest In Online Fintech Marketplace Development Solutions?

● Around 70% of senior banking executives admitted that online finance and banking services are crucial to earning success.
● Online transaction value is expected to increase annually by $82.14 billion by 2027.
● By the end of 2022, the per-user average transaction value in marketplace lending is expected to increase to $13.73 billion.

This is the list of the top 10 online marketplace development ideas for entrepreneurs that are the best picks for 2022 and beyond. So, now the list is in front of you; it is your turn to choose the right-suitable online marketplace development idea to start an online business. But, simply getting an idea won’t help unless you know the marketplace app development steps well. Right? So, here we have given a quick glimpse of it.

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Best Ways to Ensure Successful Online Marketplace App Development

There is a 50% chance that entrepreneurs or beginner businessmen have a unique marketplace development idea with them, but they fail to make it successful. Do you know why? The lack of an online marketplace development approach is the reason behind it. So, to help those businesses with a quick idea, here we have highlighted the step-by-step marketplace development steps in a glimpse.

Choosing the Right Business Model for Your Marketplace | by Globalluxsoft | Globalluxsoft | Medium

Step 1 – Research the Market

As we all know, today’s marketplace development competition is touching heights, so conduct enough market research. It will help you choose the right path for your marketplace business.

Step 2 – Analyze Your Marketplace Competitors

Next, analyze your marketplace competitions well. For instance, you want to develop a marketplace app like Airbnb, so research it to know the pros, cons, features, success stories, and loopholes. It will help you develop online marketplace that brings more success.

Step 3 – Choose Marketplace Business Model

Next, choose the marketplace business model depending on the type of marketplace you are developing.

Step 4 – Develop Marketplace MVP

Now, it is time to start developing a marketplace MVP. Preparing a minimum viable product before the launch of actual marketplace software would be advantageous for you. It will let you know all the loopholes or feedback and improve accordingly.

Step 5 – Build Your Initial Supply

As you have developed a marketplace platform for your business, you might definitely have some product or service to sell online. Right? So, it is time to make a digital build of your supply. In addition, it will help you know how your products will appear in the marketplace.

Step 6 – Test Marketplace Platform

Next, test it carefully to eliminate all the errors and bugs when you complete the app development part. None of the users will prefer to surf a marketplace platform with many errors and bugs. So, you must spend enough time on testing.

Step 7 – Launch Your Marketplace App

Finally, when you test your marketplace app, successfully launch it after cross-checking and verification.

And Hurrah! You are done. Simple. Isn’t it? This is how you can develop marketplace apps that bring in desired profit you have been aiming for long.

Building a marketplace platform CTA

Final Thoughts!

Whether it is about getting groceries, doing some self-pampering, or consulting a doctor, everything can be done in just a snap of fingers. All thanks to online marketplace development solutions that have made things accessible online. Businesses are also taking advantage of it and, as a result, referring to multiple online marketplace ideas to get a perfect marketplace platform for their business.

We hope the list of the top 10 marketplace ideas mentioned in this blog is helpful enough to make the right choice. Once you decide, get in touch with a leading marketplace development company, and share your requirements to develop a successful marketplace software.