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Small business applications are simple to utilize and let you run every element of your company from your house, workplace, or mobile device. The owners understand the importance of being agile and efficient.

Although mobile devices are likely to play an important role in your daily life, it can be difficult to choose the right apps. This is because you only need one type of office software and will not want to move documents between apps.

You’ll also need to have a variety of useful business apps in order to deal with the most pressing issues. It doesn’t really matter what type of apps you’re using, such as calendar apps or networking apps. There are also a lot of free cloud apps.

This blog will focus on the most useful business apps for small and medium-sized businesses. Besides offering valuable functionality, these apps are also reasonably priced. Check out these apps for small businesses that we recommend.

List of 25+ Useful Business Apps That are Useful for Small Businesses

List of 25+ Useful Business Apps That are Useful for Small Businesses

Here we have compiled a list of 25+ useful business apps that you must consider if you have a small business venture. So let’s have a look.

1. monday.com

Monday.com allows you to manage your entire marketing strategy using one dashboard. You can even access it from your iPad and Android devices.

You don’t have to scroll aimlessly through Facebook and Twitter trying to decide what post to make. This workforce software Monday helps you make your five hours per week more productive by tracking campaigns and planning content.

It’s easy to see why 50% of business owners don’t have a plan for marketing. The marketing calendar template will help you make a strategy and enhance your productivity.

Your marketing plan can be viewed in one place, eliminating the need to look for different ways to promote your company.

You can forget about the endless to-do lists, productivity apps, and multiple to-do lists. Using our template to organize your thoughts can help you and your team know what you are looking for, even before you ask.

2. FreshBooks

Small business owners have many things to worry about. FreshBooks was built specifically for small business owners.

The cloud-based platform is proof of this. This is one of the most useful business apps for small business owners. No matter where you’re located, you can view and sync all of your finances from any device.

You can easily respond to client feedback, and you can view the status of your payments directly from the mobile application.

Also, you may photograph bills to promptly add items to your expenditures. It also provides excellent time-tracking capabilities. The ability to control every facet of your financial flow couldn’t be simpler.

3. Mailchimp

Many marketers view email marketing as the ultimate ROI. 80% of businesses anticipate higher email interaction in 2020. Response rates increased by 10-20% from April.

It’s time for you to improve your email game. Mailchimp iOS makes it easy to send sales emails and newsletters from your smartphone.

The whole free edition is ideal for businesses that are just starting out with email marketing. It will not take much time to set up your first Mailchimp account.

Mailchimp’s integration with monday.com allows you to view your email stats directly from your dashboard.

You don’t need to wait until Carol’s weekly report for information about how many people are opening your email messages.

4. Gusto

Gusto could be a lifesaver for small entrepreneurs who have a team to operate. Gusto manages payroll, benefits, and taxes in one mobile app.

It assists in onboarding new employees, reports to the government about new hires, handles all taxes at the federal, local, and state levels, and automatically deducts and subtracts worker’s comp payments. Additionally, it emails employees their pay slips. The first month is completely free.

5. Scanner App

This app is free for small businesses and allows you to send documents and forms anywhere. It takes a photo of the document and converts it to a PDF or JPEG.

Multiple photos can be taken and rolled into one document. You can also add a signature. It is not accessible to android users. Additionally, if you want to develop an app like a scanner, then it would be best to hire dedicated developers.

6. Square

Right now, Square is the best payment app for small businesses. Square is a great payment app for small businesses, from beauty salons to retail shops and food trucks. Square, useful business apps, is available for free and includes a reader that allows you to swipe credit cards.

This tiny reader attaches directly to your smartphone or other device and allows you to quickly and easily process payments. Square takes 2.75 percent off all credit card transactions.

You will have to pay more for a reader that can use chip and contactless cards. Square Register, a point-of-sale system from the same company, is available to you if your store has a physical location. Square offers a variety of plans to suit every business.

7. Clearbit

It can be very time-consuming to research leads. If you are looking to close the deal, it is not worth spending time reviewing the website of a lead.

It’s not the best way to spend your valuable time searching Google. Clearbit is the solution. Clearbit pulls data from your monday.com dashboard automatically when you add a lead’s email to your sales pipeline.

It’s not necessary to spend hours researching every day before you start your business. Don’t waste your time. Get more appointments in your calendar app.

8. nTask

Let’s begin this amazing list with an app worth its weight in gold – nTask. It’s the best app for small ventures to operate their tasks effectively.

Because it is free forever, it’s ideal for small businesses and startups. This is why nTask has a top ranking in the app for the small business roundup.

Thus, the mobile app development cost for a nTask app will depend on various factors if you want to build an app like nTask.

nTask, an app for small businesses, is a must-have. nTask’s low-cost features and other amazing features make it a great program. This app is great for small and medium-sized enterprises. nTask provides a Kanban board, calendar management, and Gantt charts with a friendly interface.

9. Microsoft 365

Although there are various office software options, Microsoft Office 365 is still the best and most popular suite for small enterprises. It has been rebranded as Microsoft 365. Microsoft Office utilizes a package that you bought and then installed on your system.

It is still possible to use Microsoft 365 on your Android or Apple devices. However, you can now download app versions for iOS and Android.

Microsoft 365 includes all three major office software applications you will need: Word Excel Powerpoint, Excel, and Word. Online backups are another function of OneDrive. Even if you currently use Dropbox or Google Drive for your online storage, this is a fantastic tool. Data security is important and it’s a good idea to have multiple backup options.

10. RingCentral MVP

RingCentral MVP is our top choice for the amazing business telephone system. Not only does it offer many features and options, but the pricing is also very affordable.

The telephone service is based in the cloud and is designed with corporate needs in mind. It is compatible with any device that has a web browser, whether a Windows computer, an iPad or an Android smartphone.

Basic subscriptions provide call control and telephone systems management. There are also options to rent conference phones or desks. RingCentral MVP is the most comprehensive phone service available, with an extensive set of features.

11. PayPal


The most utilized payment processor by internet retailers is PayPal. PayPal, useful business apps, makes integration with payment gateways easy for major ecommerce platforms. Frequently, all that is needed is an address and a few clicks.

Every once in a while, entering an API key is the most challenging procedure for setting up PayPal transactions. There is no monthly charge for the Web Transactions Standard offering for smaller firms.

The number of sales determines how much the service providers are. Many shopping carts may be set up to take PayPal.

Nevertheless, by simply inserting a transaction number into an email, you could also utilize it as a stand-alone platform to collect one-off cash payments from consumers. You can also subscribe by default.

12. TripIt

TripIt is a great app for small business owners who travel frequently. TripIt tracks all of your travel information and alerts you about any flight changes. It can help you to find the best seat and a new flight.

TripIt will update your travel schedule across all devices if you email your itinerary to it. Your itinerary can be viewed offline so that you don’t have to roam when you are out of the country. The basic TripIt account costs $99 per year, while the Pro version costs $49 per annum.

13. MileIQ

MileIQ isn’t very fancy, but it does the job. MileIQ is a free app that tracks mileage and can track multiple vehicles. It can also track up to 40 trips per month. You can categorize your trips as business-related or personal.

Employees can also add notes. MileIQ automatically calculates the amount you can deduct from your taxes for each trip.

The average MileIQ user subtracts more than $6,500 annually. The IRS allows you to deduct 54.5c per mile for business travel starting January 1, 2018.

MileIQ integrates with FreshBooks, so you can import and add to your expense reports. This integration will make it easy to report your mileage and claim a deduction at tax time.

You can upgrade to the paid version for $5.99 per month, or $4.99 per month if purchasing an annual subscription.

14. Zendesk

Maintain calm and make customers happy. Customers and employees can become frustrated when support requests aren’t answered promptly.

Zendesk, small useful business apps, integrates seamlessly with monday.com. Customer support tickets are now automatically routed to the correct person.

Sharing the ticket with the client and other members of the team will keep everyone informed. Now you don’t need to email your IT guy 17x for a status update. We don’t know what else to do but feel happy about this.

15. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is one of the useful business apps that allows you to create surveys to measure user experience, and user engagement, get feedback from customers on your website, pricing, and products, and understand the demands and needs of your target audience.

It offers tips and tricks on how to create different types of questions and how to answer them. The survey creation is collaborative.

All members of the team can see the results and reports without having to share login information. Surveys can be created using a template and brand with your logos and colors.

The survey results can be viewed by you as soon as they are received from the respondents. You can also send the survey via your email, social accounts, or website.

16. Evernote

Evernote is an essential part of every PC user’s environment. However, how many people actually use Evernote to its full potential? It syncs across all of your devices to make it a note-taking application. To make it easier to take notes, you can attach web links.

Evernote users love web clips. Evernote allows you to create complex note systems with multiple “notebooks”. You can also search for it, making it one of the best note-taking apps.

Evernote makes it easy to avoid losing your notes by backing up your computer.

Finding what you’re searching for any time you require is simple thanks to the quick and precise search tool. These useful business apps are great for small businesses to collaborate and for personal use.

17. Xero

The Xero accounting app offers a subscription service that helps businesses manage their accounting processes such as accounts receivables, purchase orders, and accounts payable.

This app allows you to save data and access it from any mobile device, including iPad, iPhone, and laptop. Your data will remain secure even if the device is lost or destroyed.

Xero can be installed on your mobile device so you can manage business accounting transactions from anywhere. Real-time accounting allows you to track cash flow quickly and easily.

18. QuickBooks

Quickbooks is the best accounting app. It makes it simple to meet business needs regardless of company size. You can easily analyze expenses and create and send forms such as invoices, quotes, accounting reports, etc.

Mobile App Development Process

It allows you to see your cash flow and is extremely user-friendly. Quickbooks connects to your company’s bank account, Square and PayPal.

It also performs real-time data uploads that will help you monitor the financial health of the company. You can upload photos and track expenses from your smartphone, which is a great benefit during tax season.

19. Asana

Asana is a visually pleasing platform for work management. It gives you an overview of all the tasks that you are performing.

Asana, useful business apps, supports scheduling, progress tracking, and a variety of collaboration apps. Asana’s minimalist interface makes it easy for users to see the big picture and follow each project’s progress. You can either create and manage projects within your organization or work with clients.

20. Trello

Trello says that it utilizes the idea of boards that coincide with projects. Within boards are cards that represent tasks. The cards can contain lists that can be used to track progress or simply categorize items.

The minimalist interface of Trello is ideal for complex projects. Trello is a great choice for any business, large or small, and has been used successfully by UNICEF and Kickstarter.

21. Inigo

This business card app makes it easy to not have to bring business cards around with you. Inigo, a network app that allows you to make and share business cards by simply tapping on your smartphone with another person, is called “Inigo”.

This is one of the useful business apps because it allows you to share business cards easily, eliminates business card loss, and offers real-time solutions through networking. Thus, if you want to build an Inigo app, you must hire an android app development services provider.

21. LastPass

You’ll be managing multiple software plans as a new owner of a business. If you deal with sensitive client data, your cyber security is even more critical.

It is not a good idea to utilize the exact password for all your accounts. A password manager is a great app for managing business passwords.

LastPass attaches to your browser and can be used on Android or iOS. LastPass is the best application to assist you to create long, unbreakable passwords.

You may be sure that your information is secure with LastPass encryption. The base plan is free and you can add additional people and devices to your plan with the premium version.

22. MailChimp

Mailchimp allows you to send newsletters directly to customers’ email addresses. You can also sign up for forms, create landing pages and advertise on Facebook.

Mailchimp’s interface is simple to use, its exclusive templates are professionally designed, and you can even start it free of charge.

It lets you reach users and create new ones as you increase your marketing efforts. Mailchimp grows with your audience. Mailchimp is small and easy to use. It lets you enhance your marketing goals.

23. Skype

Skype is an excellent app to enhance team communication. You can chat with your team members even if you are far away. You can be sure that both your clients and employees are familiar with it as it is one of the most useful business apps.

Although there have been some competitors to Skype’s video conference kingship, the app remains very popular and highly effective with over 10 million Google Play reviews. Skype allows you to make voice and video call around the world.

Up to 25 people can use this app to call, send files, photos, video, and voice messages, share their computer screen and transmit video and file attachments of various sizes.

24. HubSpot

HubSpot could be the perfect app for you if you are looking for an inbound marketing platform that is a complete package.

The software comes fully equipped with everything you need to manage, launch and evaluate your marketing campaigns. HubSpot has it all. It also has consistently positive reviews on the internet.

25. Nimble

Nimble allows you to grow your business quicker by using CRM and lead generation software. It’s a marketing CRM app that helps you turn your community into potential clients.

No matter where you are located, it offers smart results and smart insights. A CRM can be used for marketing purposes to help increase sales and retain loyal customers.

Nimble is a social media and automation app that allows your business to keep track of all customers and their email conversations. It also lets you coordinate social listening across different social networks.

26. ZoomShift

ZoomShift provides everything you need for job scheduling. This includes time offs and shift swaps. Existing templates can be used to create a schedule. On the calendar, you can drag and drop shifts.

You can share the schedule via email, push notification, or message. Each member of your team has the ability to set availability, request time off and preferences, view their schedules, and pick up open shifts.

Hire dedicated developers

27. HootSuite

HootSuite, a cloud-based solution to manage social media presences, is HootSuite. You may build, schedule, publish, and operate content across multiple channels.

Additionally, you can automate some of your daily activities to save time. In addition to collaboration tools that let you spread work among your staff, assign tasks, and communicate reports, analytical applications are accessible to assist you to assess the success of your initiatives.

28. Todoist

With the help of the task management tool Todoist, you can keep track of your work and adhere to dates. It operates in an exact way to your daily to-do lists.

Although it sounds simple, the intuitive interface makes it easier to track your tasks than using a lot of paper and notebooks. This best B2B mobile app for managing your business app is great for managing your business tasks, but you can also use it for your personal life.

29. Toggl Track

You can track your employees’ time to improve your invoicing accuracy and work-life balance. Toggl is a fun, free time-tracking app.

You can have up to five users and access a variety of cool features. Unlimited time tracking, project, and task management are all available. Your employees can clock in using the mobile app from anywhere they are. This allows for more accurate time tracking.

Three Tips on How to Efficiently Use Small Business Apps

Now that you know the list of 25+ useful business apps, let’s check out some essential tips on how to use an est B2B Mobile Apps For Managing Your Business

1. Choose a Scalable Environment

The potential to scale useful business apps is as important as the quality of their functionality. It’s not a wise decision to get an application that you won’t utilize for several months. Migrating data and work in process is easy once you are comfortable with one platform.

2. Look out for Integrations

You must look for goods that are compatible with workflows, so you can exchange information automatically. Your workflow should be as simple as possible. You don’t want to have to manually copy data from one platform to the next. To make things easier for you, many of these apps can be used with popular business services via the connector app or straight out of the box.

3. Rinse, Test, and Repeat

It takes a lot of trial and error to find a solution that fits all your needs. There is no single useful business apps that will work for everyone. You should schedule demos, take advantage of trial periods and find out what works.

Software Advice, Finances Online and Capterra regularly review useful business apps. You can also check the Apple and Google stores to get feedback about mobile products.


It can be tiring to search through so many mobile apps. But, once you have found the right useful business apps, you can save a lot of time. A project management app is vital to the growth of your small business. Every business could use more time in a given day. A reputed mobile app development company can help you no matter what your goals are.