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Are you planning to launch a web app-based business? We understand that the most difficult thing about a business is to come up with innovative web app ideas that are original and exciting enough to be a million-dollar company. The assets and money are not what make a business valuable.

Digital businesses are only as valuable as the potential of their static or dynamic web applications and the heights they can reach with their efforts. You can also offer non-tech startup services online through a web application.

These are the top web application ideas or progressive web app ideas that you need to check out. You can convert your website to a mobile app if you’ve already reached the custom website development stage for small businesses but don’t have sufficient capital.


List of 25 Top Web App Ideas for Beginners to Make Money

Here we have made a comprehensive list of the most popular web app ideas for newbies that can make money. so let’s have a look:


1. eCommerce Website

One of the best web app ideas to make money online is by opening an eCommerce store. An eCommerce store allows you to sell your items on the internet. Luckily, eCommerce solutions such as Shopify make it easy to create an online store.


E-Commerce Website


An ecommerce web app development builder gives you all the tools necessary to create a great customer experience and increase conversion rates. This is a great tool for entrepreneurs who have limited technical skills. Make sure you carefully consider the products you want to sell, then create a marketing strategy.


Here are some essential tips to assist you in building an online shop.

  • Choose a niche. It is easier to market and sell products in the same niche. This will allow you to increase your upselling potential.
  • Look into eCommerce platforms. Every website builder offers unique features, business tools, as well as payment gateways to suit different needs.
  • Embrace online marketing. Examine an online marketing strategy for eCommerce stores, such as social media and email.

2. Blog

Blogs can be the most popular web app ideas to make money which can help build your brand. This is a great way to express yourself and generate additional income. This is also a great website idea for beginners.

Ads, sponsored content, or a paid membership are all ways that you may make money off of your blog.

Another method for blogging income is affiliate marketing. It is a business model in which the affiliate makes money by promoting merchant products and services. Producing pertinent content that directs readers to affiliate links is accomplished.

Affiliate marketing can bring you a lot of money depending on how many people visit your site and how much traffic they generate.

Fiverr Affiliates and the NordVPN Affiliate Program are some of the widely famous affiliate programs. Affiliate networks such as CJ Affiliate, FlexOffers, and ShareASale allow independent affiliates to connect with companies.

It is easy to start an affiliate website. Start by writing blog posts about targeted products or services. Make sure the affiliate links are visible.


3. Portfolio Website

It takes time and effort to compile visual work. Portfolio websites can help you solve this problem and offer more job opportunities. This is one of the most convenient web app ideas to create.

It is easy to change the content and design of a portfolio website. Many website builders provide the tools you need to build an online portfolio for an affordable price. WordPress offers a variety of portfolio themes and page builders to simplify your work.


These are some tips for creating a portfolio website with an enduring impact.

  • Brainstorm business ideas for website designs. Explore inspiring portfolios such as Cyd Stumpel’s and Slava Kirilenko’s.
  • Your name should be used as the domain name. This will increase brand awareness and memorability. Our domain name checker can help you determine if your domain is available.
  • Provide a contact form. Allow people to reach you easily. Your portfolio website should include social media icons and a business email address.

Web App Ideas

4. Register for Membership

Members’ websites make money by restricting their access to exclusive content, such as higher-quality posts and discount codes. You may utilize this kind of website to raise the value of a brand and become one of the best web app ideas.

WordPress membership plugins are a great way to develop a membership website without any technical skill. The Premium Option, Limit Content, and Paid Memberships Pro are the most widely used choices.


Remember these things when searching for the best membership plugins for your website:

  • Choose the best plugin for your budget and needs. Premium membership plugins offer more tools and features, but the free ones are less risky investments that can help you get started.
  • Get more information about the accepted payment methods. Make sure your members can make transactions easily on your website. More subscriptions will be obtained if transactions are smoother.

5. Dropshipping Website

Dropshipping is one of the excellent web app ideas for those who want to manage their own online store and not have to deal with shipping and inventory management. You just want to build a site and then promote the products. Dropshipping partners will handle inventory and shipping.


Dropshipping Website


Dropshipping pages require a low initial investment. It is simpler to start up and gives you more freedom in running your company.

Dropshipping websites can be built on WordPress CMS using WooCommerce. This open-source eCommerce plugin can be scaled to your website and offers many paid and free extensions.


Before starting a dropshipping company with establishing eCommerce stores, these are some tips to consider.  

  • Dropshipping partners that are reliable and trustworthy should be a part of your team. Your partner’s work ethic will reflect your brand’s reputation and customer satisfaction.
  • Trending products are easy to sell. You should keep an eye out for the latest trends in products that are related to your niche.

6. Site for Product Reviews

If you like trying new products, this website can be a side business and can become one of the amazing web app ideas. This website is designed to provide information about products currently on the market or that interest you.


Site for Product Reviews


Many bloggers use this website idea to promote affiliate links. You simply need to create a review website, choose a niche, and search for products to write about.

Your website will become more popular, and you could be a trendsetter in your industry or niche.

You can also create a website where customers can post user-generated exclusive content, such as online reviews, and earn revenue from advertisers. G2 is a great example of such a website.

7. Reseller of Web Hosting

This is the practice that allows you to rent and resell a certain amount of server space or resources to other users. For web developers, this may be one of the successful web app ideas for a side business.

You can bundle a customized hosting plan with your web design project. As a result, you may increase your income and provide your clients with more services.

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8. Podcast Website

You might consider starting a podcast if you don’t enjoy writing blog posts. You can record yourself speaking about products and other topics and then publish the files as episodes.

This one of the popular web app ideas is highly monetizable, with affiliate marketing strategy and sponsorships.

This website idea is great for creating exclusive content for a membership site.

Many WordPress plugins and themes are available at a wide range of price points. You can subscribe to a podcast online platform like Castos or Buzzsprout for easy publishing and analytics.


These are the key factors to starting a successful podcast:

  • Invest in proper equipment. Although you can get started with the built-in microphone on your device, upgrading your recording tools will improve sound quality. You might also consider purchasing additional audio equipment, such as an audio interface or studio headphones.
  • Be consistent. It is not necessary to publish a lot of episodes within a short time. Maintain a timetable so that listeners are aware of when to check-in.

9. Online Classroom App

The education sector is the industry with the most technological innovation. Although eLearning apps such as Vedantu and BYJU’S have been around for a while, online classroom apps were not in high demand until recent years.


Online Classroom App


The education sector recognized the need to transform the way schools and colleges were run after the pandemic. Many web apps today connect schools and colleges with students and educators. This has become one of the most trending app ideas worldwide.

Live video posting, online attendance and notifications are some of the most important features. These web app ideas could be a good way to earn enough money.

10. App for Language Learning

This is one of the easiest web app ideas you can find. It is a common need for people to speak different languages. If you can help them by creating a simple web application, it will solve their problem.

The most important features of elearning app development include profile creation, signup/login options, different levels of teaching, quizzes and gamification, practice tests, paper evaluations, and download certificates.

11. App for Food Delivery

Food delivery app is one of the best and most cost-effective web app ideas for newbies. You don’t need to invest a lot as all you have to do is create a web app that connects with local restaurants.

Your customers need to be able to easily find their favorite restaurants and place orders from them. You must ensure prompt delivery. Although Zomato and Swiggy are already market leaders in this area, you can still make a difference by providing solutions to the many problems that customers face when ordering.

The most important features include quick sign-up, interactive search and dynamic listing, ratings and reviews, recommendations, quick ordering as well as order tracking and group orders.

12. Review Web Apps

You can review books, movies, and plays. Getting people to sign up for your app and leave reviews on the movies and books they’ve read is possible.

Perhaps you have looked at sites such as IMDB and wondered what these review sites do to make their money. They make their money using either an advertising or subscription-based model. You can pick your preferred monetizing method and create a review website app.

You can also build an app like Reddit, where content and discussions are upvoted and downvoted. These Reddit app suggestions will help you select the right one for your web application.

13. Social Platforms for like-minded Minds

Today, there are many social networking websites available. These include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Twitter. Some of these sites are more for entertainment than others, but you can use some to build professional networks.


Social Platforms


You need to think strategically because social media giants such as Instagram and Facebook have become an integral part of our daily lives. You will need to consider how social media apps can help your business.

Social media web app development is possible that allows people with similar interests and hobbies in today’s hustle-bustle world. This web app could be a single online platform allowing users to browse and connect with other community members.

How do you monetize your exclusive content? Sponsored exclusive content, ads, or a membership fee. These social app ideas are vital to your app’s success.

14. Guide to App Development on-Demand

Web applications are a way to connect clients and service providers by making services available on demand. On demand app development is more user-friendly and costs less.

Examples of web app ideas include delivery services, domestic and commercial cleaning services, taxi services and repair services. To build the robust web applications you want, you might need to hire dedicated developers.




15. Training and Employee Orientation Web App

The web app for employee orientation and training is a vital thing for both the employer and employee. It helps new employees adapt to the company’s culture. This can be considered as one of the best web app ideas for beginners.

Due to manual orientation, HR finds it harder to find papers or give vital materials to new employees.

To keep papers online, HR can utilize the web application for employee orientation and training. Documents can be authorized instantly and accessed whenever necessary.

You can also use the progressive web app development to give access to training materials to new employees.

Employees can also obtain information about the team with whom they will be working and the contact information of the team.

Online applications for employee orientation and training can be used to reduce confusion and inform employees about the absence of their manager.

16. Web App for Job Recruitment

The job seeker can create an online account to upload documents. If these job seekers meet the requirements, recruiters can view their profiles and contact them directly. A web application for job recruitment that can be used on both mobile and desktop devices might be easy and user-friendly for job seekers and recruiters.

17. Chatbot Web Apps

Technology has evolved over the past few years. One such technological breakthrough that has greatly helped firms to serve their customers is the chatbot.

Online chatbots enable businesses to provide customer service 365 days a year, seven days per week. Chatbots offer exceptional customer service, which makes them loyal customers.

Statista estimates that the global chatbot development industry will bring in 454.8 million dollars of sales by 2027, an increase of 40.9 million in 2018.

18. CRM for Start-ups & Small Businesses

CRM is one of the most popular and widely-used web app ideas allowing brands or businesses to maintain customer relationships.

Over the past few years, small and medium-sized enterprises have seen a steady demand increase for CRM Software Development.

Statista reports that the customer relationship management market (CRM), generated $56.5 billion in revenue in 2019, according to Statista.

19. Q & A Forums Web App

A web-based question and answer forum can be a great tool to create communities that allow people to share their industry knowledge and also allows contributors to ask questions and get the appropriate answers. You must hire dedicated developers who can build web apps with a programming language framework.

20. HealthCare Web Application

Patients can utilize one of the Healthcare Web App ideas to make a medical appointment. To connect with a doctor near you, the patient only needs to give their basic information and then schedule an appointment at one of the slots.


HealthCare Web Application


Patients who made medical appointments had 3 times the number of searches than those who didn’t. Despite the pandemic, there is still a growing need for internet-based healthcare technologies.

21. Directory Web Application

Directory websites and marketplace websites have been popular for a long time and still are. Marketplaces are similar in that they bring together data from various sources into one place.

These websites are beneficial for users because they allow them to find all the information they require in one place.

The startup owner can also make money selling ads, using freemium models, and employing other revenue-generating methods.


Web App Ideas

22. App For Tour & Travel

The Tour & Travel website can help users select from various destinations. You can choose from many travel packages that will suit your budget. Various tour and travel-free apps make money from several monetization strategies in the market.

The online application allows travelers to share their travel experiences and can be used by other potential travelers to help them make decisions.

Tourists will need information about nearby tourist destinations once they arrive at their destination. This tour and travel application also provides this information.

23. eLearning Platforms Web Application

E-learning platforms have seen a surge in popularity due to the pandemic crisis. Education providers need new ways to communicate information and education to students. eLearning tools can be a bridge that lets students and teachers reach their objectives.

An education website development platform is one of the great web app ideas for educational institutions to manage classes, conduct lectures, administer quizzes and exams, and organize class recordings.

Udemy and Skillshare are the most well-known online platforms for learning.


24. Web App For Event Management

It is another one of the web development startup ideas that beginners can choose. It can be hard to find experienced event management companies. Potential clients can reach out to various event management providers using this website.

The event planner’s specifics may be found online, and you can read client testimonials regarding the business. This can help you make a decision about which event management company to choose.


25. E-wallet

An ewallet, which is linked to your bank account and allows you to make payments wherever the platform supports it, is what you need to know. You can also receive a cashback of up to 15% on a transaction or other promotions (rewards coupons, discounts, etc.) People can also track and view their transactions in real-time.

These web application ideas benefits are expected to drive the market by 33% each year between 2019 and 2026, even though this payment method was only 5 years old. Due to many promotions, 39% of e-wallet users used this payment method once or twice weekly.

But app developers don’t pay enough attention to desktop users. This is the feature you could use to your advantage. Some complicated processes (e.g., You can pay your bills online, transfer money, and many other complicated processes.) It is easier and quicker to complete online transactions. It’s not necessary to enter 12-digit bank account numbers each time.


Do you have several proposals for new web applications but struggle to choose just one? Perhaps this collection of simple web app ideas will be helpful to you. You will study numerous methods for making money and be able to select the notion that best fits your business strategy. Nowadays, there are several options for creating online applications for organizations.

Finally, you have to make a choice depending on how much money you spend, consumer expectations, and potential revenue flows. However, if you want to develop a robust website application for your business, hiring a web app development company would be best.