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Online learning has gained immense popularity in the past few years, and the e-learning industry started booming during the pandemic. As per the reports of Global Market Insights, the EdTech market will be worth $375 billion by 2026. With the ever-growing demand, education businesses are planning to bring a change, and hence, the demand to create online learning platforms like Udemy is increasing.

Today, ample e-learning products are available in the market, such as mobile apps like Duolingo and others that offer the best educational content. Thanks to technological advancements, virtual classrooms, learning management systems, and other hi-tech business solutions are available in the market. Due to this boom in the education industry, businesses are searching for ‘How to create online learning platforms like Udemy?’ So, if you are also planning for the same, this guide is for you. It sheds light on everything you need to know about online e-learning platforms.


What Is Udemy & How Does It Work?

Online Learning Platforms Like Udemy


Udemy is a massively open online course that offers an online platform for candidates to design and get market courses of conventional post-secondary education. Users can enroll in courses to receive technical certification credit or to learn or hone various job-related skills. With the rise in e-learning development, the demand to create online learning platforms such as Udemy has increased.

An app like Udemy works on a marketplace business model where it organizes its products and services as per the instructors and categorizes them subject-wise. Udemy is free to use and acts as a mediator to offer the best education to students online.

An Ultimate Guide To Creating Successful E-learning Apps like Udemy

7-Step Process to Create Online Learning Platforms Like Udemy

Building an e-commerce platform is a very challenging task as the competition is increasing every passing day. So, to help businesses create a successful platform here is the step-by-step process to build an online video learning platform like Udemy.


Online Learning Platforms Like Udemy

Step 1 – Know Your Target Market

Before you plan to build an online platform like Udemy, conduct market research to discover who your target audience is. E-learning platforms are highly beneficial more than high school or university students and benefit people looking for a new job. While searching for your target audience, you should consider the major objectives, users’ demographics, and learning preferences.

This is the foremost step to Create online learning platforms like udemy that will smoothen your development process and ensure success for years to come. So, spend enough time researching your target audience, identifying their interest, and offering business solutions accordingly.

Step 2 – Develop Your Business Vision

Create an accurate business vision highlighting the appearance of your products and their primary functions. Here, you will have to decide on the features and functionalities of your products and services. Always remember that your business vision is incomplete if you fail to articulate the outcomes and goals to the team of mobile app developers, designers, and investors.

Also, when you create online education platforms, answer all the questions highlighting how your product will work and run. It will help you at the time of e-learning app development.

Step 3 – Create A Business Strategy

Next, develop a working business strategy for your online video-learning platform like Udemy. Having a plan in hand will help you create a budget and make income projections in the future. You might need professional advice to examine your business expectations and analyze the market. In that case, you can contact an e-learning app development company professional.

It would be really beneficial if you also considered your platform’s monetization strategy. A unique working strategy will help develop a better e-learning platform that will earn more revenue within less time.

Step 4 – Hire Dedicated Developers

When you have a complete plan for educational platform development, the next step is to hire dedicated developers who can help you build a successful business app. Rather than simply increasing your in-house team, it would be advisable to hire developers full-time, part-time, or hourly basis. You can make your decision based on the complexity and requirement of your project.

An experienced and dedicated developer will help you choose modern-age tools and technologies for your e-learning app right from the planning to release. Also, this process would be cost-effective as compared to hiring an in-house team of developers.

 Online Learning Platforms Like Udemy

Step 5 – Plan A Development Strategy

Now that you have decided to hire dedicated developers to create online learning platforms like Udemy, it is time to plan a development strategy. Here, a business analyst can help you create technical specifications that act as precise specifications of the project’s technology stack, features, and stakeholders.

During every development stage, the professionals will take your approval, so make sure to keep entire control of your online video learning platform. This is how you will stay updated on the ongoing project status and get the best business solutions on time.

Step 6 – Create An MVP

An MVP or minimum viable product is essential to evaluate the product without spending more money and effort. Creating an MVP gives businesses an idea of how the product or an application will look and then make the changes accordingly. It is an intelligent tactic to eliminate all the errors and bugs before the users encounter them.

During this stage of Udemy education app development, the experts’ team will curate your platform’s technical diagram, UI/UX designing, testing, and launch. Once your MVP is final, you can go for the final version of the mobile app.

Step 7 – Review & Revise

Ultimately, it is time to take a final look at your e-learning mobile app development platform to ensure the application is perfect and ready to launch. Now that you understand your target audiences better, like what features they use the most or anything, prepare your app accordingly. Carefully revise your app and check it against all the errors and bugs before the final launch.

Overall, simply review and revise your app before you create an online learning platform. It will benefit you long term and that too, without making much investment.

These are the seven simple steps to build online learning platforms like Udemy. Now that you are well-versed in the step-by-step process of online video learning app development starts immediately.

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Must-Have Features Required to Create Online Learning Platform

The following is the list of the essential features every business owner should know while planning for e-learning mobile app development. Let’s look at the features one by one. 

Online Learning Platforms Like Udemy


1. Dashboard

A dashboard should list every course a user is presently registered for and enable them to pick up where they left off in those courses. Users should be able to view the status and development of their courses on the dashboard. Your tutors will also require a dashboard that provides information on the student’s activity, including the total number of enrolled students, the number of active students, and more.


2. Reviews

One of the most crucial considerations for users when selecting a course is reviews. Users should be encouraged to submit feedback during and after a course’s completion. Star ratings and reviews are frequently combined. Ratings can be displayed in thumbnails and on course pages.

So, incorporating this feature while planning to create Online Learning Platforms Like Udemy would be a revenue-generating factor. It helps to build trust among the users and keeps them engaged with the application for lifelong.


3. Advanced Search Filters

Different individuals have different preferences and hence watch different videos. Right? So, to help everyone with hassle-free online searching, incorporate advanced search filters to surf the video content as per the preference. It will make the mobile application more sorted and efficient, ultimately increasing the profit greatly.

Online Learning Platforms Like Udemy


4. Push Notifications

Use timely and custom push notifications to remind customers to finish their courses. Also, this feature will let app users know about new courses or deals on their preferred courses. Although you can use them on your website, push notifications work best on mobile devices. So, make sure to use the best integrations that enable the video learning platform works well.


5. Payment Gateway

A seamless payment procedure is something that everyone expects, be it a user or a business owner. So, make sure to integrate the best payment gateway while developing online learning platforms like Udemy. In case you are availing the assistance of on-demand app development company experts, ask them to add unique payment gateway integrations into your video learning platform like Udemy.


6. Video Streaming

This is the key feature of a video learning platform, as it promotes a more advanced way of teaching. Permit the professionals to live-stream their lessons so that they can interact with students more effectively. Use live chat next to videos so instructors can respond to queries immediately. It will add more worth to your mobile app and website like Udemy.


7. Gamification

Use gamification to make online video learning more enjoyable and interesting. You can use a gamification system to encourage users to complete all the assignments while finishing the course, as people love to compete and advance to new levels.

Flashcards, quizzes, and awards can all be used by instructors to gamify their lessons. The same features are applicable during video streaming app development and other types of development.

Every business owner should know these essential features to create online learning platforms like Udemy. Now that you know the features well, integrate them the next time you think of developing a video learning platform like Udemy. Along with this, having an idea of the video learning app development cost would be helpful.

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What Is The Cost To Create An Online Video Learning Platform?

On average, online video learning app development costs between $30,000 to $50,000 and more. The cost keeps varying depending on the type of mobile app developed. For instance, if you are planning for android app development, the cost will be slightly less compared to iPhone app development. Also, there are other factors too that affect the cost to develop a video streaming app or online learning platforms like Udemy. Let’s discover the factors one by one.


Online Learning Platforms Like Udemy


  • App Design Complexity
  • Number of platforms
  • Third-party integrations
  • Mobile app support & maintenance
  • Project size and scope
  • Technology stack
  • Hourly cost
  • Developer’s location

These are some crucial elements that might define the actual cost to create an online video learning platform.

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Final Thoughts!

Nowadays, one of the most popular types of online media is video, and the most effective video learning platforms like Udemy are gaining immense popularity these days. Online education is more significant than ever today. All this wouldn’t have been possible without the invention of online video learning platform development.

After reading this blog, we hope you have a better insight into video streaming app development and start the development process. You can also hire educational app developers for better professional assistance.


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