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Multi-Level Marketing or MLM, has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. Today, businesses want to leverage this powerful business model to expand their networks and boost sales with 2x speed. However, developing robust MLM software that meets your specific requirements can be complex, with various factors influencing overall MLM software development cost.

So, here in this blog, we will dive into the key considerations and major factors associated with MLM software development. After reading it, you’ll get a clear overview of the factors influencing the cost of developing MLM software and then make informed decisions.

Whether you’re a startup venturing into MLM or a well-known company looking to revamp an existing MLM system, understanding the MLM software development cost-affecting factors is essential. So, let’s discover the factors one by one.


What is Multi-Level Marketing?

Multi-level Marketing (MLM), also known as network marketing, is a business model where participants earn income from direct sales of products or services. MLM companies typically sell products or services unavailable in traditional retail stores.

Grand View Research reports estimate that the global direct selling market was worth $200 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow to $286 billion by 2028.

MLM software facilitates the management and operations of a Multi-level Marketing business. MLM software development handles the complexities of MLM business structures, including distributor management, commission calculations, sales tracking, and other administrative tasks.

MLM software serves as a centralized platform enabling MLM companies to streamline their operations, automate processes, and provide essential tools for distributors to manage their business effectively.


Step-by-step Process for MLM Software Development

With the hype of MLM software development, more and more businesses are planning to develop MLM software. So, if you also want to create a profit-driven multi-level marketing software, follow the development steps below.


Process for MLM Software Development


#Step 1 – Project Requirement Analysis

Start the MLM software development process by thoroughly analyzing the project requirements and MLM business objectives. Schedule discussions and workshops with the stakeholders to collect all the crucial information required to develop direct-selling software. It is the foremost yet crucial step to create multi-level marketing software, so invest more time gathering the data.


#Step 2 – Design MLM System

Based on the data gathered in the previous step, start designing an MLM system or prepare architecture for the online MLM software. This MLM software development step defines the database structure, modules, UX/UI, and interconnections. A user-friendly software design will help you outline MLM software’s overall functionality and structure.


#Step 3 – Choose Tech Stacks

Select appropriate technologies for developing the best MLM software. While selecting tech stacks for your MLM software, consider major factors such as scalability, security, performance, and compatibility with future enhancements. Including the top technologies helps add more value to any business software, so don’t neglect this step.




#Step 4 – Decide Features & Functionalities

Select the best-suitable features and functionalities of your MLM software. An application without useful features can never grab the users’ attention, resulting in software failure. So, when creating binary MLM software, focus on adding the best features. A one-time MLM software development investment will benefit you for years to come.


#Step 5 – Begin MLM Software Development

Once you complete all the steps mentioned above, start creating MLM software using all the information gathered. Start by designing the UX/UI of the software and then develop the core functionalities, including distributor management, commission calculations, order processing, and more.


#Step 6 – Conduct In-depth Testing

Conduct comprehensive testing of the MLM software to remove all the errors and bugs. Perform manual and automated testing to ensure the software performs as expected and meets the specified requirements. It will help you get 100% error-free MLM software that will help you speed up your business growth and profit in no time.


#Step 7 – App Maintenance & Support

Finally, the last step is to seek mobile app support and maintenance services from a leading MLM software development company. The professionals will help you maintain and update your business application per market trends. It will help to add more worth to your MLM software.

So, these are the seven steps to develop MLM software that will help you get perfect software within reasonable MLM software development cost if accomplished properly. Now that the step-by-step process is revealed to you adhere to it and start with multi-level marketing software development.


Key Features of MLM Software Development

The unique features and useful functionalities of MLM software make it helpful for MLM organizations to streamline their business operations. Here’s a list of the top MLM software development features that will help you create a perfect software within reasonable mobile app development cost.


Features of MLM Software Development


1. Managing Distributors

MLM software enables organizations to manage their distributors’ networks more efficiently. It involves profile management, distributor registration and tracking distributor activities.


2. Genealogy Tracking

Feature-rich and the best MLM software generates and maintains a visual representation of the distributor network, often termed a genealogy tree. It helps offer better insight into the network growth and streamlined structure.


3. Sales & Order Tracking

This feature lets businesses track product sales, orders, and inventory. Furthermore, it allows distributors to place orders, monitor sales performance, and view commission earnings monthly.


4. Communication & Messaging

MLM software often includes communication features, including messaging systems, push notifications, and announcements facilitating transparent communication between the company and its distributors.


5. Training & Support

With unique training modules, resources, and support materials, MLM software assists distributors in enhanced business development and provides detailed product knowledge.


6. Commission & Compensation

Online MLM software development facilitates accurate and timely commission calculations based on the company’s compensation plan. Businesses can tackle commission structures like binary, matrix, uni-level, or hybrid plans with perfect software.


7. Reporting & Analytics

With MLM software development’s comprehensive reporting and analytics capability, companies can analyze sales trends, distributor performance, and other key metrics. Such features help businesses make more informed decisions.


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Major Factors Impacting the Cost of MLM Software Development

‘What is the cost to develop MLM software?’ It is one of the major questions striking every business owner’s mind as soon as they think of creating MLM software. So, herein we have highlighted the major MLM software development cost-affecting factors.


Cost to Develop MLM Software


#1. MLM Plan Complexity

The uniqueness and complexity of your MLM software significantly affect the development cost. The complexity is also dependent on the type of MLM software developed. The more complex your software is, the higher it will cost. So, plan accordingly or ask the mobile app developers to create MLM software within your budget.


#2. Features & Functionalities

The number of features and functionalities required in the MLM software directly impacts the development cost. Advanced features like genealogy tracking, order management, e-wallet integration, and reporting/analytics require more MLM software development effort and contribute to higher costs.


#3. Third-party Integrations

The MLM software development cost will definitely increase if you add third-party integrations with additional services, including payment gateways, email providers, and more. Integrating third-party APIs will help you configure the necessary settings and ensure seamless communication contributing to the overall MLM software development cost.


#4. Custom MLM Software

If you are doing extensive customization to align the MLM software with your specific business needs, it will add more MLM software development costs. Customizations include user interface modifications, system integrations, or unique business rules specific to your MLM Company. So, when you hire dedicated developers for your software development, they will make the changes as per your demand.


#5. UX/UI Design

The UI/UX design level will also affect the cost to develop MLM software. So, if you want a visually appealing, user-friendly interface with unique branding elements, it will involve additional design and development efforts. The more unique or complicated the design will be, the higher will be its development cost.


#6. Tech Stacks & Development Approach

Technologies and software development approaches are the two most crucial factors determining the high cost of developing MLM software. With time, the trends and technologies keep changing. So, you must stay updated about the ongoing tech stacks and trending technologies during software development. It will decide the actual cost of MLM software development.


#7. Testing & QA

Many businesses simply consider the software development cost and forget the testing and maintenance expenses. Due to this, they end up falling short of budget. So, whether you are creating binary MLM or MLM management software, you should know that it will also require mobile app testing costs. It is advisable to hire dedicated QAs who can do the best testing and launch completely error-free MLM software.


#8. App Support & Maintenance

Finally, mobile app support and maintenance services are the last major factor adding a little software development cost. This cost is added right after the MLM software development and testing. Focusing on software maintenance will increase its lifespan and helps you keep your software generating profit for years.


Estimating The Average Cost to Develop MLM Software

MLM software development costs depend on multiple factors, as discussed in the abovementioned section. Still, two different segments are impacting the cost of MLM software, i.e., direct and indirect expenses.

Based on the research, the basic cost of software development begins at $7,000 and might go beyond $20,000, depending on the type of software developed. Everything depends on the requirements of the project.

That’s why software development services experts suggest businesses be clear with their project requirements before stepping into the development process. It will help them understand the mobile app development cost and ensure a smooth development process.


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MLM software development is undoubtedly a great way for organizations to enhance their business performance and productivity. The software helps to keep a timely track of the leads, manage customer relationships, and streamline work processes.

Always remember that consumers keep looking for efficient ways to buy or sell products and services. So, ensure you cater to every client’s needs and requirements with feature-rich MLM software. Now that you know the major factors affecting the cost to develop MLM software, it is time to start with MLM software development.

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FAQs on MLM Software Development

What are the Top MLM Software in the Market?

Here is the list of the top and most popular MLM software of 2023 and beyond.

  • Epixel MLM Software
  • ProMLM iCON
  • Firestorm MLM Software
  • MarketPowerPRO MLM Software

Which Is the Best MLM Software Development Company?

A huge list is available for choosing the best MLM software development company. Besides all, Dev Technosys tops the list. For decades, we have been serving all-scale businesses. Our dedicated team can help you get the best MLM software at a reasonable cost. Feel free to share your requirements with us.

How to Generate More Profit from MLM Software?

Generating profit from MLM software involves several key strategies and considerations. Here are some ways to generate more profit and sales from MLM software, i.e. –

  • Product Sales and Commissions
  • Monthly Subscription Fees
  • Upgrades and Add-Ons
  • Training and Events
  • Distributor Enrollment Fees

What Are the Benefits of MLM Software Development?

MLM software development provides several benefits for businesses operating under the multi-level marketing model. Some of the key advantages to develop MLM software are –

  • Improved Distributor Management
  • Streamlined Operations
  • Real-Time Sales and Performance Tracking
  • Enhanced Reporting and Analytics
  • Accurate Commission Calculations
  • Scalability and Flexibility
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance

How to Reduce the Cost of MLM Software Development?

Reducing or balancing the cost to develop MLM software development isn’t that challenging if you know the cost-affecting factors well. So, focus on the major factors impacting the cost to create MLM software, such as –

  • Features
  • Tech stack
  • Complexity
  • App size
  • Development platform
  • Hiring model