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Software maintenance holds crucial importance, just like software development. It helps to improve the business software performance while increasing its adaptability to accept changing business environments. Whether you have developed highly secure & functional software for your business, it will showcase bugs and errors after some time. This is where you will need software maintenance services and how much software maintenance costs.

But, many business owners do not understand the importance of software maintenance and hence only avail of software development services. In the end, when the systems start showing bugs or errors, they will have to pay huge software maintenance costs. That’s why software developers always suggest maintaining the software properly, just like its development.


Analyzing The Cost To Maintain A Software

On average, software maintenance services cost around 20-25% of the license cost per year, and the rest depends on multiple factors that we will discuss later. For instance, if you hire dedicated software developers for maintaining software, it will cost around $7 to $20 per hour.

Still, experts say that the software maintenance costs can reach three times much higher if it isn’t maintained for long. To avoid this situation, it is better to maintain the software timely.


Analyzing The Cost To Maintain A Software


If you are one of those businesses that aren’t aware of software maintenance, cost, and more, this guide is for you. It has done a complete analysis of software maintenance. So, let’s explore everything about maintaining software one by one.


What is Software Maintenance?

Software maintenance is the process of updating and maintaining software after its release. Just like software development, its maintenance also matters to achieve success. The primary objective of custom software maintenance is modifying and updating the software after deployment.

It helps to fix bugs and improve the system performance to a great extent. This process can only take place once the software development process is completed.


Software Maintenance


Regularly maintaining software requires less software maintenance costs as no major bugs will be found. This further boosts the system’s performance while eliminating bugs and errors.


What Are The Different Types of Software Maintenance Services?

The software development process can be categorized into four different types. While undergoing software maintenance services, a product has to undergo one or more types of maintenance.  


Types of software maintenance


1. Corrective Maintenance

This type of software maintenance service helps to identify errors in the existing solution, which is further corrected for seamless software performance. This software maintenance is majorly performed in small chunks and not as a whole. Performing this activity aims to remove all the bugs and errors issues in the software.


2. Perfective Maintenance

This maintenance service helps modify all the elements, abilities, and functionalities to enhance performance and system operations. The perspective maintenance services resolve the issues relevant to usability and receptiveness. The process includes altering the current software functionalities by either inserting the new features or removing the existing errors.


3. Adaptive Maintenance

Adaptive maintenance is the process of system conversion to make the software compatible enough to adhere to changing business needs and environments. Focusing on this maintenance service ensures continuity within the existing software and keeps it working for a long. As per the custom software development company professionals, this maintenance service focuses on enhancing software frameworks.


4. Preventive Maintenance

This type of software maintenance service helps to prevent the system from all vulnerabilities. While doing preventive maintenance, businesses can improve their software and safeguard it for the future. This maintenance service is generally performed to prevent the product from all alterations. Not only this, but preventive maintenance also makes it easier to maintain the code and handle the legacy system securely.

So, these are the different workings of the four types of software maintenance services. Each of them plays a different role in boosting software productivity and performance.

Deciding on the usage of any of these maintenance services requires a professional’s assistance. So, it is better to avail of enterprise software product management services. The experts will help you with software development and maintenance.


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Why Are Software Maintenance Services Essential for Businesses?

Many businesses still have this question, and they keep on wondering, “Why software maintenance is essential?” The software product developers have highlighted some major reasons behind software maintenance. If you also belong to the same category, the following section will resolve your concern.


1. Outdated Functions Removal

The unwanted and outdated functionalities of the software are useless. Such functions affect the software’s efficiency and slow down the process. This is where software maintenance becomes essential as it helps to replace the existing UI and coding elements with new ones. Doing so makes the system adaptive to cope with changing business environments.




2. Bug Fixing

This is one of the major software problems that ruin the performance and speed of software. The process consists of error identification and removal that results in speedy software performance. Software bugs or errors can occur at any hour of the day, so maintaining it becomes crucial to keep the software 100% error-free and seamless. That’s why  software maintenance services experts suggest focusing on maintenance along with development.


3. Performance Improvement

Timely testing and maintenance are crucial to keeping the software working without any glitches. This cannot be fulfilled while availing of software development services. So once your software is developed, avail of CRM software development services or any other to improve the performance of your software and keep it running lifetime. Coding restrictions and data security also come under software maintenance as it prevents the project from other vulnerabilities.

These three are the major reasons why software maintenance is crucial in today’s world, which is full of Cybercrime and security issues. We hope you have understood the importance of software maintenance services after the development. Now, let’s figure out the major factors affecting software maintenance costs.


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Major Factors Affecting Software Maintenance Costs

Every factor contributes a little to increasing or decreasing software maintenance costs. It is further divided into two different categories, technical and non-technical.


Technical Factors Impacting Software Maintenance Costs

Here are some technical factors affecting software development costs. 


Technical Factors Impacting Software Maintenance Costs


#1. Programming Languages

Some software is developed in high-level programming languages that are easier to understand and require less maintenance. For instance, programming languages like C++, JavaScript, Pascal, PHP, Ruby, etc., require less maintenance than other programming languages. So, the language used in your software greatly impacts its cost.


#2. Software Validation & Testing

A software’s design and testing hold immense importance in determining its performance. The more time spent on designing and testing, the lower its maintenance cost will be. So, if you want to decrease the software maintenance costs, ask the software developers to test the application deeply.


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#3. Configuration Management

Besides, designing and developing, keeping track of documents, and ensuring their consistency also impact the maintenance cost of the software. This means that effective configuration management can help you reduce maintenance costs and increase them if not done properly.


#4. Documentation 

While developing or maintaining software, proper documentation is required. So, if you have clear software documentation, you will have to pay fewer maintenance costs. But, if the documentation isn’t proper, there will be too many glitches, and no proper software maintenance will be there. This will further affect the cost to maintain software.


#5. Development Platform

The type of platform for which the software is developed greatly influences the cost. For instance, maintaining iOS-based software will charge more than Android-based software. Also, the cost to hire a software developer for both platforms differs, so decide it as per your budget.


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Non-Technical Factors Impacting Software Maintenance Cost

Here are some non-technical factors affecting software maintenance costs. 


Non-Technical Factors Impacting Software Maintenance Cost


#1. Stable Team

With a small team of software developers, it becomes difficult to maintain software timely. Especially when you are new to the business world, investing in hiring a team for testing and maintenance isn’t possible. Also, if you don’t have a team for the same, the maintenance process becomes costly. So, it is advisable to hire software developers part-time or hourly who can help you with timely software maintenance.


#2. Software Scope

When your software idea is well-defined with a bright futuristic scope, you will have to spend less on maintenance. As there will likely be very few or no changes, less maintenance will be required, further cutting down the cost.

On the other hand, if your software idea is completely new, you have to be ready to spend some amount on maintenance. The frequent changes in the software will require expert assistance, which will increase software product development costs.


#3. Hardware Stability

Apart from software, hardware stability also contributes to the cost. For instance, if you have chosen stable hardware and will not change anytime soon; the maintenance cost will reduce to zero. But, this situation is very rare as only a few hardware are stable.

So, ask the software product developers to choose a product that is quite stable and does not require much maintenance. This will help you manage the maintenance within your project budget.


#4. Software Lifecycle

When your software becomes outdated, you will be required to change the original hardware, and this conversion will demand more software maintenance costs. This factor comes into a technical aspect, so consult your software developers regarding this, and they will look into the same.


#5. Time & Efforts

Finally, coming to the last yet one of the most crucial factors of software maintenance costs, i.e., the time and effort required. The more complex the project idea is, the higher will be the cost. For instance, if your software is unique, it will be counted as complicated for middle-level developers and, in turn, will require more time and effort.

This is how the cost will increase. On the other hand, if you have chosen a basic software development idea, less time & effort will require, and hence businesses have to spend less on maintenance.

This is all about the cost to maintain software. Now that you are well-versed with both the technical and non-technical factors affecting software development costs, it is time to know the steps involved in software maintenance, as highlighted below.


software maintenance costs


Simple Step Process to Maintain A Software

Here is a step-by-step process of software maintenance that will help you keep your software updated and efficient for a long.


Step 1 – Create A Well-Developed Software From Beginning

The very first step to software maintenance is undoubtedly software development. So, focus on creating well-developed software from the beginning. Ensure that you have used a functional software platform with the right features and functionalities; your software will require less maintenance. To get assured of the same, hire dedicated developers who possess years of experience in creating unique software.


Step 2 – Consider Software’s Scalability

Always remember that your software’s infrastructure should be able to tackle multiple numbers of users. When your software grows, the number of users will start increasing automatically, and this is where you need to maintain your software to ensure smooth and seamless functioning. So, it is better to consider the software’s scalability during development and maintenance.


Step 3 – Create A Strong Team

It doesn’t matter whether you have an in-house team of software product developers or outsourcing chatbot software development services from professionals; you must have a strong team.

There are fewer chances of errors when software, application, or any product is maintained under professional assistance. So, if you have a team, well and good, and if you don’t have one, hire dedicated software developers. It will help you during both development and maintenance.


Step 4 – Keep on Checking Analytics

Once your software is fully developed, deployed, and maintained, the final step is to keep on checking its analytics to ensure smooth performance and speed. Keeping a check on software’s analytics will help you measure your software’s monthly profit and loss and, hence, help you make improvements accordingly.

These are some simple software maintenance steps that, if followed properly, will help you keep your software well-maintained and developed from the beginning till the end.


software maintenance costs



Generally, there is no universal formula to calculate exact software maintenance cost as it keeps on fluctuating depending on the software features, functionality, complexity, and more. On average, maintenance costs can make up to 90% of a software’s project total cost.

So, if you want to get an exact cost to maintain software or the cost to hire a software developer, it is better to get in touch with the professionals. They will help you get an exact estimate of the software maintenance pricing and more.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. How Much Does it Cost to Maintain Travel Software?

An Average cost for travel app maintenance will be around 15 – 20% of the total travel software development cost. For instance, if your travel app costs around $30,000, you will have to pay 15% of its cost for its maintenance.


2. What Are the Different Types of Software Maintenance Services Are There?

There are four types of software maintenance –

• Preventive maintenance
• Corrective maintenance
• Adaptive maintenance
• Perfective maintenance


3. What are the Costs Factors involved in Software Maintenance?

There are basically two types of cost factors involved while maintaining a software

1. Technical
2. Non-technical


4. Is Maintenance of Software Expensive?

No, it is not if you maintain timely software maintenance and support. It might be a little expensive process for systems with lifetime support and maintenance. So, when you pitch organizations for software development, ask for the software maintenance costs too.


5. How Long Does It Take to Maintain A Software?

There are no time boundaries and limitations for software maintenance. The process always goes with the flow. So, right after the mobile app development, you can seek mobile app support and maintenance services to maintain your software timely. It will also reduce the additional cost to maintain the software in the future.


6. What Is the Average Cost to Maintain A Software?

The basic software maintenance cost is approximately 20 to 25% of the total mobile app development cost. And, if you hire mobile app developers to maintain software, you will have to pay $7 to $15/hour.


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