Are you looking to develop web applications with the laravel framework?

In that case, the developers must have suggested you opt for the Laravel frameworks. Many people do not properly know about laravel frameworks and why it is the best framework to use in web applications.

It is the most popular framework for PHP and one of the best-known web development languages.

Several people forget that one of the most difficult components of the early phases of web app development is selecting the correct framework.

However, there are many reasons to choose a Laravel framework, including its cost, expertise, and popularity. Laravel is also one of the most On demand GitHub repositories.

Many enterprises are hiring the best PHP development company to create web apps via the laravel framework.



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So, if you want to know more about the reasons, cost, and importance of laravel frameworks for web app development, in that case, you must take a deep dive into this blog and know what Laravel is and why it is still the most popular PHP framework today.

What Is Laravel Framework?

Laravel framework features a significant and magnificent structure in web app development that eliminates all of the errors involved in dealing with sophisticated PHP code. It is essential to know that it makes the whole web development process faster, easier, and more pleasant for web portal development.

The founder of laravel Framework is Taylor Otwell, who launched the framework in 2011. The core purpose of developing the laravel framework is to assist web developers in making complex coding easier and more illuminating.

Many people don’t know that Laravel is based on Symfony components, but it simplifies some of the more common chores, such as routing, authentication, sessions, caching, etc. In addition, these components of laravel frameworks help developers understand the critical feature implantation in the application.


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What Are The Current Market Stats of Web App Development?

Before going further, knowing about the current market stats of web app development is important. The information below showcases some important current stats of web app development that you should know before considering development.

1. Around 80% of marketers use web app development in their marketing strategy.

2. Using web app development during business promotion needs to increase #

● Sales By 62%
● Web Traffic By 53%
● Lead Generation By 40%
● User Engagement By 40%

3. The increased popularity of web app development made several businesses include web app development in their marketing strategy to enhance their marketing performance.


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4. By the end of the year, the revenue of web app development will generate US$76,360.00 million in the United States.

5. The revenue of app development is getting immense popularity which results in providing a reach of US$153.50 billion by 2022.

6. Annual web app development will grow at a CAGR of 7.17%, which results in an increased market volume of US$217.00 billion by 2027.


What Are The Reasons To Pick Laravel Framework For Web App Development?


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The section below has included some major reasons you should choose Laravel frameworks for web app development. However, if you consider web portal development, you must read the following reasons thoroughly.


1. MVC Architecture Support

The most important to choose laravel frameworks in web app development is that laravel offers MVC support. In addition, model view controller support allows you rapid web app development with multiple views by integrating easily with the JavaScript framework. All these features in MVC can provide variations in the model without making a serious impact on architecture.

Many people don’t know, but with the help of MVC support, the development of web applications or pages has become easier and perfect. So it is essential to choose a laravel framework if you want MVC architect support in your web app development, as it saves money and effort in the development process.


2. Ease of Extensive Programming

It is essential to know the most important reason for choosing laravel frameworks in web app development is that it permits access to the Laracasts tool. Laracasts are a tool that is especially desirable for practice and learning new complex coding.

The Laravel development company will offer you an effective framework that helps provide specific managed instruction for efficiently enhancing the arrangement of business requirements. Furthermore, extensive programming will allow developers to utilize code complexity to deliver unique web applications.


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3. Database Migration

Migration of databases is critical as it can cause serious problems in web applications. According to the best PHP development company, database migration has become one of the most challenging tasks to complete. So yes, many developers also face difficulty in complex database migrations.

It is essential to know if you are about to hire dedicated Laravel developers to create web app development. In that case, you should know database migration will be the most difficult part of the development process. Many business enterprises choose well-qualified and skilled Laravel developers to avoid the risk of losing important and private data.


4. High-Security Standards

The fact that Laravel is very secure is one of the main reasons several businesses utilize it for web app development. Laravel framework is highly secure as it can block any hack attempt to penetrate the web application development. Therefore, it is critical to know that Laravel frameworks protect your web app development data and codes from unauthorized access.

Many individuals are unaware that laravel is getting immense popularity due to providing excellent performance in web applications. Laravel framework will keep your web app safe from several cyber attacks. It has a unique application framework that protects the application from hazardous cyber attacks.


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5. Integrating With Mail

It is critical to know that mail service is one of the most important promoting factors after the development process. Therefore, choosing the laravel framework offers potential benefits to brand promotion by offering drivers such as SMTP, PHP, SparkPost, and Amazon SES.

After registering into the application, users will be able to receive promotional offers and deals, and other exciting information via email. Moreover, with the help of an effective Laravel framework, the application will work efficiently, enabling the SMS support notification.


6. URL Routing Configuration

Many business enterprises don’t know that URL routing is essential for the success of any web application. As a result, many massive web app development companies choose the laravel framework GitHub as it provides a superb URL routing setup.

During the development of links, developers only need to include the router’s name. The system will automatically insert the request URL with the help of the laravel frameworks.

Furthermore, the manually changed route will also be implemented automatically. Therefore, it is essential to know that URL redirections will enhance the user experience and faster development.


7. Automated Unit Testing

Testing a web app before it is released is critical. The major reason behind this is to guarantee that your application doesn’t have any errors and bugs. Avoid launching the application without testing. Many developers cannot detect bugs, errors, crashes, and other issues in such cases. Experts suggest using the laravel framework. laravel framework provides several built-in testing tools.

It is also critical to know that the Laravel framework provides web application development free from bugs and errors before and after the launch, which results in a better user experience.

8. Less Loading Time

One of the important core reasons for choosing Laravel frameworks for web app development is that it offers fast-loading features in web app development. One of the major features of every business search in developing web applications is faster website load times.

Laravel framework offers a fast loading time in web applications that allow businesses to generate more revenue. In addition, back-end caching will be integrated by the best Laravel web app development company to increase the speed or loading time of an app, resulting in a faster load time.


What Are The Top Websites Developed Using Laravel Framework?

Suppose you are still confused about laravel framework productivity. In that case, you should know many big companies use the laravel framework in web app development. Below we have mentioned some companies that develop Laravel frameworks, including these.


1. Disney


Disney+ app


Who doesn’t know what Disney is? Disney is a massive global hit entertainment web application used by tv, consumer products, and streaming media. However, many people don’t know that Disney enterprise has also used Laravel frameworks to develop the best on-demand mass media entertainment company in the world.

2. The New York Times


The New York Times


New York Times is an American newspaper enterprise with a massive worldwide audience of paper and online web app services. It is essential to know that the network times have also used the laravel frameworks in its web application to become one of the most in-demand newspapers across the globe.

3. 9GAG

9GAG is a community-based online platform that aims to entertain users by providing endless scrolls, including memes, viral videos, and preferable images. One of the most popular social platforms worldwide also uses the laravel frameworks in web app development.

What Are The Factors That Affect The Cost of Developing A Website Using Laravel Framework?

The below-mentioned section has covered some companies that influenced the cost of development. However, it will help you to have a perfect cost estimation if you’ll understand the following factors below.

1. Technical Complexity

It is essential to know that the application’s complexity influences the cost of web app development. Therefore, choosing complicated mobile application technicalities will take excessive time and work, which will result in increasing the cost.


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2. Functionalities

When it comes to the cost estimation of a web application, features and functionality boost the cost of development. It is critical to know that the more massive complex features or functions you’ll add to your web application, the more the cost will increase. Feature and function are other features that also affect the entire cost of web app development.

3. Development team cost

Choosing several features and functions requires a large development team, which increases the cost of web app development. Are you wondering how? The number of developers involved in creating the web app will determine the development cost. If you have chosen the normal features and functions of app development in that case, you can hire full-stack development services, which reduces the cost of development.

4. Hours taken

Many people neglect this factor, but it is one of the most important elements affecting web app development costs. Before the web app development, you should make sure to fix the hours of web app development as several full stack development services increase the excessive development time, resulting in increasing the cost.

The cost will increase with each hour increased. It is crucial to ask your development team for an hourly charge for development and manage your budget accordingly to reduce the cost.

5. Location

Last but not the least, the development cost of a web app ranges depending on the developer or developer team location. It is essential to choose a developer or development team that does not increase your cost due to location factors.

What is The Cost Estimation of Using Laravel Framework in Web App Development?

The table below showcases the Laravel frameworks’ cost estimation, including the most important steps in the web app development process.


Development Steps Development Hours Development Cost
Market Analysis & Research 1 to 6 weeks $50 to $30000
Testing & Deployment 1 to 5 weeks $100 to $65000
Design 1 to 7 weeks $60 to $60000
Maintenance Enduring $40 to $15000/year
Development 3 to 27 weeks $5000 to $300000


It is essential to know that all of these steps mentioned above of web app development have different development hours and costs that may vary the total development cost of web app development.

Generally, web app development using Laravel frameworks costs $20 per hour. Therefore, the total cost estimation will be calculated after examining every cost-affecting factor and the cost of the web app development company.


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Key Takeaway!

Hopefully, the blog mentioned above offered you a great piece of why you chose laravel frameworks for web app development. The blog has covered all the important aspects that you must know if you are considering development using laravel. For the best framework, you must hire Laravel developers. As it is effective to say that hiring the best will offer you the best web app development with updated versions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Laravel The Optimal Framework For Web Applications?

Every business enterprise chooses this framework to develop their web application because laravel offers Elegant structure in web applications. Laravel also makes the development process easier and more viable by solving difficulties that arise in web app development, such as authentication, routing, and caching.

Which Databases Can Use In Laravel?

The database servers used in laravel are MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, and SQL.

Is Laravel Great For Big Projects?

It is essential to know that the laravel framework is the best framework to choose when it comes to massive web app development. Laravel is good for providing authentication and security instruments to make it easier for the developers to manage the development process and enhance the entire performance of the web application.