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Technology says that smart devices reduce the workload. On the other hand, they mess the work if not applied inappropriately. The managers understand this risk and therefore most of the time stay away from the mobility. The mobile devices are made to decrease the time and efforts to communicate the information, but gradually it became the mainframe point of many business apps working incessantly. Do you want your business to be better streamlined? Do you want your business processes to be more managed?

If yes, enterprise mobility can ease the task. It is a catalyst for the betterment of processes, performance, customer services and many further aspects of the business. Also, the great things come along with many risks and challenges. Therefore, enterprise mobility to brings some innate challenges which senior manager weigh against the profits. It poses a great difficulty for the IT department, but mobility is an essential component for gaining an advantage in modern businesses.

Here we have gathered a few most prominent challenges, that IT professionals and senior managers face while adopting enterprise mobility services in their business. The below details will elaborate, how the challenges arise, what are the impacts and the suggestions to address those issues.

Mobile device management

Now BYOD can not be called a trend. A few years back, the employees were not given access to the system and therefore work redundancy used to increase. Today, it has become the trend to allow the employees for using their device over business requirements. With 95 percent of the organizations permitting employees to use their devices for work purposes, still, there is a dearth of the optimum security for the businesses. Even the huge companies do face problems in building trustworthiness with the client and therefore stay away from giving full-fledged access. The IT departments face many challenges in handling the devices and therefore they are running to hire an app developer.

The enterprise mobility policies imposed for protecting the business information and the central server causes discomfort to the workforce. An employee feels that his devices are being monitored all the time and its privacy is lost. The universal pain point, employees face can be balanced with Mobile device management solutions. When the MDM is applied to nurture the Bring Your Device concept, it often impacts the productivity and the work which is being carried out by the employees’ devices.

Industries are growing rapidly with mobile development services. Therefore, the number of employees is also growing at the same pace. During this, it becomes too hard to cope with the pace, the devices are being released and distributed. The operating system is needed to be updated, but still many enterprises feel that the MDM system they implemented in their company, is unable to fully maintain the security. Also, they feel is difficult to fulfill the business goals. The major issue and challenge is the regular update of the operating system, where too the employees tend to take services from outside for their mobile requirements.


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To overcome the situation, attention must be paid to diverse contexts. Mobile Device Management solution alleviates the security issues and stops the corporate data from being lost. It is important for the IT companies providing mobile development services to deliver sufficient access to company data and ward off any misuse. IT decisions must look at mobile devices, something more than the way to ease the problems. They must work to secure enterprise data, devices are accessing. The Mobile Device Management solution helps the data transaction, but there is a huge risk of security breaches from all directions, which require a high level of precautions supporting each other.

Mobile Security

The huge influx of varied mobile devices in enterprise mobility solutions causes an emergency for enterprises. In the wider spectrum, the protection of corporate information is crucial. The ever-changing mobile landscape arises the number of difficulties in setting up security measures. This is one of the priorities of mobility practitioners. First, the security can be implemented with the right authentication methods within all channels imposed while accessing the corporate data. This includes separate user identities in several cases. The Enterprise application must be secured for stopping the data leakage for the use of the personal device.

When the employees access the information through multiple mobile devices, this also poses a great risk for the security The behavioral pattern like emails and document sharing through the unauthorized app also raises the concern for IT leaders. With the above issues, it is crucial to maintain the power of mobile channels while making them secure without the adverse effect on employee’s satisfaction level and productivity.

Security is the debatable question in mobile development service space and organizations cannot wait and watch for some miraculous solution. Unlike other aspects of enterprise mobility, security is a constant figure across industries and every business case. Organizations need to ensure the appropriate actions are taken for the sake of securing the business information. Regardless of the size of the business, enterprise mobility solutions are necessary to be implemented with optimum security measures. The necessary resources are needed to be incorporated and the IT departments should be prepared for trail challenges. They can learn from the mistakes and can implement a better strategy to ward off the severe attack.


Companies Fear Enterprise Mobility Adoption


There are hundreds of agile solutions available in the market and the majority of them focus on the application and data being transacted. These solutions are good to work out with your data security complications with meticulous capacities. The IT leaders need to encourage the right use of high-quality mobile security tools, across all line of use cases. For determining the complete security, the organizations need to nurture the multi-layered authentication approach for preventing the threat against sensitive information. Enterprises are recommended to authenticate the enterprise applications, reinforce with agile devices and ensure to equip the wider corporate network with the same protection measures.

User Experience

The main motive of bringing mobile technology into the business workflows is to develop the working environment, which enables employees to perform the task at the same pace and efficiency from any location and anytime. Employers always wish to maximize productivity while streamlining the task. The professional app must have an amazing user experience and businesses need to hire app developer for it. The only possibility to drive the productivity of employees is to overcome challenges through implementing the positive user experience. The MDM solution must leverage the system capabilities’ existing system capabilities and meticulous strategies for increasing efficiency. The core challenge that emphasizes the strategic decision to mobilize the employees’ tasks is to encourage the user adoption of apps. This is only possible with the intuitive and interactive interfaces along with optimum user experience. User experience stimulates the user adoption and user adoption enables better ROI.

Without the positive UI and UX, the full potential of mobile phones enabling enterprise mobility solutions cannot be used. And if the mobile apps are fully adopted, the organization will never gain the desired ROI. The user experience matters a lot for the success of mobile deployments and IT departments often mistakenly overlook the user experience and have to settle for the average. IT departments must ensure that shortcuts are not taken anywhere, otherwise, neither the employee satisfaction can be attained nor the strong ROI. For overcoming the challenges, the planning and development must be done by the job, function, industry, and frequency of use.

Wrapping up

Enterprise mobility services are essential for the industry growth and the enterprise must ensure the strategies to overcome the challenges. The necessary investment can be made to focus on the quality and security of MDM solutions. Working with the right and meticulous strategy can help in building, deploying and managing effective enterprise apps for overcoming the difficulties to achieve ROI and reap the desired rewards.