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We live in an age of technology and mobile technologies stand peerless as most used on part of it. One such example is Enterprise mobile app development. You see, mobile is being used everywhere and by everyone across the globe. And mobile applications aren’t just being used by the general public, but also have their use enterprise world.

As such, the global phone application industry is forecasted to reach $365 billion by next year. We can say this is thanks to the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend which leads to increased use of these devices.

All in all, more and more enterprises are using mobile technologies for automating and improving their business processes. Let’s look at some stats supporting it:

  • More than 70% of business organizations are forecasted to invest in Enterprise mobility solutions
  • 84% of companies have reported improved productivity with enterprise mobile apps in their business.

So, it is clear how mobile app development can add to the overall improvement of business operations and their productivity.


Enterprise Mobile App Development: All you Need To Know


There is a lot more to be known about mobile application development than what we saw. That is why we shall be looking at each and everything related to Enterprise mobile app development in this blog. This covers everything from enterprise mobile application, their different types, benefits, to mobile app development cost, things to consider, and a lot of other things.

With this being said, let’s get right into it:


What is Enterprise Mobile Application Development?

Enterprise Mobile App Development refers to, as the name suggests, the process of developing a mobile app for a business organization. These applications are custom made to fit well the business needs of the enterprise.

These mobile app solutions are not only specifically made but also quite scalable. In addition, these application solutions add to the overall productivity and speed of business operations.

In today’s time of technology, an app development company can help enterprises grow and become more productive. In this way, businesses also provide more value to their customers. Now, there are a lot of different types of enterprises application and strategies related to them. But before we get into that, let’s look at the difference between a normal application and an enterprise application.


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  • Difference Between Enterprise App and Normal App

So, what is the difference between the enterprise application and normal applications? The answer to this question is very simple. Normal application isn’t made for a specific purpose in mind, but more to the user demand or unique ideas with the main aim of generating revenue.

On the other hand, enterprise mobile app has nothing income with the former one apart from the fact that they are both mobile apps. These forms of applications are made specifically for business-related purposes. Often the goal is to automate something or improve the overall productivity of a business.

Now, when you consult a mobile app developer company, you will know how to differentiate between those two.



  • Enterprise Mobile Development Strategies

Some of the enterprise mobile development strategies are, as mentioned below:

  1. Packaged Mobile Application: These are pre-made mobile apps that help deploy enterprise mobility solutions as soon as possible. 
  2. Integrated App development:  in this strategy, a new idea is applied, however, it is made to comply with business requirements.
  3. Custom Enterprise app development: as the name suggests, custom enterprise apps are made ground up to fit business needs and as per their requirements.


How To Create A Mobile Application?

Types of Enterprise Mobile Apps

You can find any PWA App development company to create an enterprise app for you. However, before that, you should know what kind of enterprise mobile app you are looking for. In this section of the blog, we shall be looking at these different types of enterprise mobile applications.


Types of Enterprise Mobile Apps


These are, as mentioned below:

1. Employee Level Enterprise Mobile Apps

Here, the SaaS application development provides solutions for the employee level of the enterprise. As such, it only deals with the internal purposes of the workplace and has features to comply with the same. These types of apps allow quick and uninterrupted follow of information.

2. Department Level Enterprise Mobile Apps

As the same suggests, this is one level above the employed level. They serve the need of a particular department, say the finance department or the HR department. These types of enterprise applications not only add to the internal functions but also help deliver value to the customers.

3. Company Level Enterprise Mobile Apps

Lastly, a company-level enterprise application covers the whole organization. In simpler words, this form of enterprise application connects the particular departments to the top-level management and creates a company-wide network. This is one of the popular custom iPhone app development solutions for enterprise apps.


Benefits of Enterprise Mobile App Development

Before you go to hire mobile app developers, to develop an enterprise mobile app for you, you should know about the various benefits related to enterprise mobile applications. That is why, in this blog, we shall be looking at the very same thing.


Benefits of Enterprise Mobile App Development


With this being said, let’s look at the various benefits related to the enterprise mobile app:


1. Transaction, Account, and Payment Management

One of the big advantages related to enterprise mobile applications is that they provide improved transaction and payment management. This is quite beneficial for e-commerce related businesses and it can be integrated with other business operations.

It goes without saying that having a mobile application that is completely focused on financial management, can considerably improve business operations.


2. Information and Data Management

Today, businesses from almost every industry handle a lot of information, let alone sensitive information. Now, information and data management is quite a big challenge that businesses these days face. But this can be improved with a simple enterprise mobile app. This improves operations like data processing, verification, analysis, adjustment, and whatnot.

Overall, it can improve business operations considerably.


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3. Business Goal Monitoring

Running a business is all about setting goals and meeting them. However, this simple task often proves to be a little more than difficult. One of the reasons is that the information and data related to business operations are scattered throughout the organization.

Thus, it is a good idea to hire an iPad app development company, to build an enterprise app for you. This can be used to monitor business goals effectively and base strategies around that.


4. Supply Chain Management

The supply chain is an integral part of almost every business today. However, the supply chain in itself is quite large and quite hard to manage. And improper supply chain management can lead to various problems and inefficient business operations.

An enterprise mobile application can be used to Omni-channel the supply chain management process. in addition, it can also be used to improve across the various aspect of the same. This includes planning, delivery, and management. Thus, ensuring better control and monitoring of the supply chain.


5. Less Paperwork

While we are in an age of technology and most have the world have adapted to it. There are a lot of industries that are still transforming to industry 4.0. This means there are still businesses that highly use paperwork. But paperwork as we know it can be confusing and can be expensive in the long run. Physical documents are also quite prone to being lost and hard to manage.

But all the thousands of these documents can be replaced by simple enterprise mobile app software. This is quite an advantage for the business and the right step toward the future.  So, this is high time to consult a Laravel app development firm for enterprise mobile app solutions.


Everything You Need To Know About Mobile App Development Process


Essential Features of Enterprise Mobile App


Essential Features of Enterprise Mobile App


While enterprise mobile applications are specifically made for each business organization, there are some features that you should put in your app. While an android application development service will offer you a full guide in it, we shall also be exploring the essential features of an enterprise mobile app.

These are, as mentioned below:

  • High-level security
  • Real-time chatting feature
  • Analytical features
  • Ability to share data and information
  • Cloud Storage
  • Push notification
  • Offline Mode
  • Target setting feature

These are some of the basic features that you should include in your enterprise mobile applications regardless of type or the strategy you follow.


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Custom Enterprise Mobile App Development Process

Now, that we have decided which features to include. It’s time to hire android app developer and get to the development process. In this section of the blog, we shall look at the development process of a custom enterprise mobile app.


Custom Enterprise Mobile App Development Process


Steps for the same are, as mentioned below:


1. Set  Business Goal

The very first that you need to do before betting on enterprise mobile app development is set business goals. after all, the solutions shall be focused on nothing else but these goals themselves. Here, you need to see what do you need the app for and what strategy you will follow as well as, what kind of enterprise this will be.


2. Choose a Platforms

Since we are dealing with mobile application development, a platform is needed. There are a few options when it comes to mobile app development platforms. Two big players in the market are, iOS and Android. Apart from these two, you also have an option to get the cross-platform application.


3. Technical Stack

Applications are built using programming languages. and needless to say, there are no (few exceptions) programming languages that can be used for full-stack development. that is why you need to choose a stack. Here, you will get a combination of front-end, back-end, and database frameworks or languages which will give you the full stack development needed to develop an enterprise application.


4. UI/UX Design

UI/UX design forms an important aspect of an application’s front-end. While it is true that enterprise applications being strictly business-related doesn’t have to be attractive, they still need to be interactive and fluid. After all, if the business-related associates can’t understand what is going on in the app, what is the benefit of the application?


5. Development

This is the part where all the heavy lifting is done. Whether you hire android app developer or iOS, they will begin doing the coding work. Here, everything is built from scratch since we are looking at the custom app development process.


6. Testing

Following the development completion, it’s time to test the application before it is handed over to the client. Here, developers will be deploying the app in a live environment. Here, it will be tested for use to see if it meets the business needs or not.  This is quite an important process.

Since this is an enterprise application and not a usual one, it won’t be deployed into the market. Nevertheless, app store or play store deployment isn’t out of the option.


7. Maintenance

Maintenance isn’t strictly a “step” but a process in its own right. This is because it won’t end but keep going on for the lifetime of the application. Now, many people wonder about the maintenance cost of mobile app like these ones; however, it entirely depends on the specifications of the app.


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Things To Consider in Enterprise Mobile App Development

Everything about the development process is out of the way. However, there is something that you need to keep in mind while looking at enterprise mobile app developers.

These things are, as mentioned below:


Things To Consider in Enterprise Mobile App Development

1. Business Objectives

You need to keep in mind your business objectives. If enterprise mobile app development is something that won’t add to the value of your organization, you shouldn’t invest in it. Nevertheless, it is recommended for most of today’s business.


2. API Integration

Most of the businesses already have some kind of existing software that is used in business operations. Now, you can’t expect the new software to adapt to your business operations as soon as it is launched. This is why you should consider using third party APIs.


3. Security Issues

While enterprise mobile apps can greatly add to your functioning, you need to also keep in mind that security is an important part. You don’t want your sensitive information flying around the organization to people who have no use in dealing with it.


4. Administrative Aspects

There is a lot more that goes to Enterprise Mobile App Development. This includes legal work and support from administrative authorities. This is something to consider before you hire chatbot app development firm.


5. Development Strategy

As we discussed the various Enterprise Mobile App Development strategies above, you need to select which one you want to follow. This is highly dependent upon your company’s aims and business operations.


Enterprise Mobile App Development Architecture

Python app development services will let you know about enterprise mobile app development architecture, it won’t hurt to know about it beforehand. Thus, a graph of the same is, as mentioned below:


Enterprise Mobile App Development Architecture

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Cost of Enterprise Mobile App Development

Cost to hire mobile app developer for enterprise app development can depend on many factors. This includes:

  • Location of the developer
  • Complexity
  • UI/UX design
  • Features
  • Size of the app
  • Type of the app
  • Development strategy


Cost of Enterprise Mobile App Development


Nevertheless, the average cost of Enterprise Mobile App Development is anywhere between $20,000 and $200,000. The range is so high because of the various variations present in these Enterprise Mobile Apps.


Enterprise Mobile App can help business improve their operations, improve productivity, streamline the process, and a lot of other things. We also looked at a lot of other things including Application Maintenance Services, the cost to develop, things to consider, and essential features. After reading this blog, you know everything you need to know about Enterprise Mobile App Development.

Nevertheless, it is recommended to consult a leading enterprise application development company, as they can guide you better.