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Start-up ideas can be from anywhere if you have the will to go through with them. There are opportunities in every sphere of the market and, you just have to find the right place and time to implement your idea and make it acceptable to the target customers.

startup ideas

Mobile apps are seemingly the best places to introduce your ideas for the time being. You will need to hire dedicated developers who can provide the exact needs of the business. Let us know the Best App ideas without any further wait.  

1. Augmented Reality


One of the prime concerns for shopping amidst the pandemic is that you cannot get an idea of how a piece of furniture will look within the home space.

The features of augmented reality can be a fun idea for mobile app start-ups. It can help to create a sense of reality for home decoration purposes. Any mobile app development company will grab this idea for a start-up.

2. Scan and PDF


This app is yet another feature that has come to tremendous popularity among students during the lockdown.

Try to develop an app that will help scan pages and even hand-written documents and create PDF files.

It can be a great help in online studies and the best web development company should target this.

3. Health Check-Up


It might be a great idea to develop an app that keeps an eye on the user’s health by recording the vitals.

Food planning can also be an added feature to the start-up as a part of this app. It can help to link healthy foods and groceries for users.

Making options for directly using the app for grocery or healthy shopping is the bare minimum necessity of any mobile app development company in the USA

4. Railway Tracking apps


Anyone who lives in a metropolitan city realizes the need for schedules and timetables for the vehicles of daily commutation.

You can develop an app with a mobile app development firm that tracks the trains and buses with the help of GPS location.

As a result, the individual can be ready if there is an emergency of a train being out of service and you can take another transportation option.

5. Language learning app


2020 had arrived with a large amount of boredom which was countered by learning different types of new skills.

Given the situation, it does not seem like 2021 is going to be any different. You can try to get a language learning app onboard by enabling voice commands for the new users. This app can be a good idea for a start-up for app developers in the USA.

6. Voice Translation

We already have several apps that can translate the text of users into some language that they need. The better option will be to design an app that can directly translate from the voice.

This app can prove to be very helpful for foreign tourists. It must include many languages for universal acceptability. It is an endeavour that can be undertaken by app developers, the USA    

7. Bike Servicing App


A doorstep bike servicing app by Android app development services can be a perfect idea for a start-up if you have enough resources to meet the needs of local clients.

You can offer high-quality vehicle management and talk with the service providers as well. The system can reduce the problems of waiting in line.

You can also propose emergency services for bikes breaking down on the road in your locality. Start small!

8. Call Recording Apps

call record

Many people suffer from the daily harassment of spam callers. You can turn out to be a savior if you design an app that records the calls and sorts them out in terms of priority. You can also reach the security teams if you think someone is stalking your number.

9. Scan for Shopping


If you like something on the street and you want that for yourself, you can scan it now for a better look. You can get the item online as well if you want it for yourself.

Although it speaks a bit of security infringement it is nothing harmful to a custom iPhone application development.

10. Mall Navigation Apps


A digital mall navigation app can help users to locate the maps which are in the areas. And also find the exact store which contains their required products.

These apps can also show the outlook of the malls so that users know the precise floor to look for when they are searching for a particular product.

11. Criminal Alert Apps


A criminal Alert App can be considered one of the most innovative ideas for start-ups. It can keep the database of missing or wanted criminals.

If you suspect anyone to be a known criminal, you can check it out on the app. If there is a lawbreaker in the locality, you can reach the police immediately.

12. Fitness Apps


A healthy lifestyle is something pursued by everyone in the world who wishes to live a standardized life.

These apps can be equipped with personalized features for their conditions. Chat facilities that allow the user to communicate with health professionals whenever they want can be another feature.

13. Tip Calculator App

It is one of the apps which can come in extremely handy in restaurants. You can also go for fast bill check features.

This idea will be great for a start-up. It can be used by both restaurant teams as well as customers at the same time. You can also ensure good service with this start-up idea of PWA development.

14. Contact Tracing Apps

During the pandemic, it is crucial to keep track of your contacts who have been affected by the virus.

The best way to conduct this tracing is by developing an app that will keep track of the locations of your contact.

It has to be tracked with permission. It can also help parents to keep track of their kids. This app can be a good step for custom ios app development.

15. Real-time Car Sharing apps

This app will be one of the coolest ideas for a start-up. You can put in the location of your car and the route you are taking to reach your destination.

If someone else wishes to go in the same direction, they can contact you on the app. You will have the option to choose whether you will be allowing the other user or not. It will be a fun idea for progressive web app development.

16. Food Recommendation

Food recommendation apps can be great for cuisine lovers in any country. As a start-up, you can add ideas that are very closely related to the restaurant ratings.

You can also equip it with options for the classified customers to review the food they enjoy.

17. Parking Space locator apps

The increasing number of traffic worldwide has made it really difficult for people to find parking spots when they are out for a shopping trip or even to the movie theatres.

This app can be developed using GPS and track the areas which are available for parking. In this way, the user will be sure about the places they can park, away from their destination.

18. Restaurant Booking

Sometimes, the customer may wish for a private space in the restaurant. Instead of booking with the help of calls and emails, it will be best to look for the tables available for booking on a mobile app. The transparency achieved with this app is unattainable anywhere else.

19. Virtual Study Group

Virtual Study groups are considered vital nowadays as the entire education system is standing on thin ice of online connections.

If you develop an app that can connect people from different parts of the world for virtual study groups on the same topic, it will be great for students who cannot afford private tuition.

20. Karaoke App

Everyone has a secret singer who resides very quietly inside them. Music will always be a great way to reach audiences.

For a start-up, you can always try to develop an app that caters to the musical needs of the singers.

You can also connect the app with social media platforms and the users can post their music for others to hear.

21. Supermarket Checkout App


No one usually likes to stand in long lines when they are off to the supermarket. The best way to tackle this irritation is to develop an app that will allow users to scan the price when they are purchasing along the corridors of the supermarket.

This app will make the use of cashiers at the counter redundant. This labour-reducing app can be developed by the top app development companies in USA.

22. Video-editing apps

video edit

Video editing apps are the recent favourites of social media stars who wish to reach their target audiences with creative video content.

You can add some new filters to your app that makes it different compared to the other video-editing apps in the market. This difference will provide leverage to your idea for a start-up.

23. UPI payment app

You can improve upon the UPI payment apps used nowadays or develop a new app that enables ease of payment. This app can be a great idea as most people are trying to deal with virtual currency now.

24. Gift Suggestion App

If the customer is among the people who are not great at choosing gifts, your app can turn out to be a lifesaver for them.

You can either hire professionals who will advise on gift choosing or, you can post the ideas yourself as well, as the developer.

25. Logistics App

It is not easy to find the right delivery team that keeps an eye on the time and quality of delivery. You can develop an app which will provide the contact numbers of good delivery services in the locality.

26. Buy or Rent Online App

This app can be a new step in the direction of social media marketing. You can try to extend the connection made on the social media platform for sharing, renting, or buying goods of preferred choice.

27. Virtual Clothes checking app

It is not always possible to put on a dress when you are shopping. It can be a perfect idea for the start-up if they can provide views about the customer’s appearance when they put on the dress.

It is quite a good idea in terms of augmented reality for any Android app development company.

28. Recipe Apps


You can try to develop an app that will provide a recipe based on the materials present in your fridge.

You can also add some of the most delicious recipes to users who have no idea how to cook a great meal with the available products at home.

29. Toy exchange apps

This app can be the best idea for new parents who have millions of other expenses other than buying new toys for their children.

You can develop a start-up which can help to exchange toys between small children. A playdates option can be added to this app.

30. Money Tracking App

The nasty habit of people who borrow money but never seem to return can be tracked with the help of this start-up idea.

You can keep track of the money loaned with the assistance of this app and set reminders on when they have promised you to return the sum.

31. Fridge Use App

It is often possible to lose track of the things that are finished in your fridge. There might be an unplaced carton of milk that no longer has milk in it.

One can develop an app that keeps track of the lowering levels of food in the customer’s fridge.

32. Recycling App

The new trend in the world is to go for recycling. The earth will continue to perish otherwise. However, many people do not have a clear idea about the rules of recycling.

You can develop an app that can guide customers about the correct methods of recycling household waste.

33. Credit Card Apps


Many apps can keep track of the credit card spending made using a card. However, for a start-up, you can develop an app that keeps track of the higher credit card rewards.

34. Vacation Spot Finder App

Travel apps are rapidly losing their popularity as they show only places that have a tourist attractions. You can try to develop an app that shows the rare vacation spots and the best time of the year to visit them.

35. Automatic Voucher App

The best app to develop for a start-up for now is a voucher reading app. You can add the features which no longer require the coupons to be added.

Instead of choosing the voucher by going back to the gift section, it can be added to whatever deal is availed.

36. Consult a Doctor App


An app that can help you to contact a doctor immediately if you are not feeling quite well. This app does not need any physical interaction with the doctors.

Develop an app that can cater to the needs of telemedicine for high-risk patients as well. Try to contact doctors who can help you in this case.

37. Water Reminder App

Drinking more and less water than needed can lead to serious problems in the lifestyle of an individual.

Many health apps can provide a diet plan but, none of them provides reminders on fluid intake. You can develop an app that can help with regular water consumption.

38. Social Networking for Single Moms

It will be one of the best ideas that can be a start-up in 2021. It can match single mothers of similar tastes.

It can help ensure that the parenting load is shared between two shoulders. It can also help single parents to exchange parenting advice.

39. Warranty Expiration Apps

You can try to develop an app as a start-up idea that caters to the warranty needs of the customers. You can add reminders that will note the expiration of warranty periods of the validity period of mobile plans.

40. Note It Down Apps

It is not always possible to gain pen and paper for noting something important. Instead of relying on the mobile chat sections, you can develop an app that creates notes for important events.

The app must also be available for jotting down the images that might be helpful for the event.

41. Band App

Young musicians can be helped out by adding an app to the Play Store. Equip the app with features that help to find band members in case anyone needs a replacement. It can turn out to be a perfect idea for a start-up for the benefit of the band musicians.

42. App for Business Tips

As a start-up, you can start an app that provides advice to other start-up businesses. You can add the necessary books and resources that might be required to run a business.

The entrepreneurs can be connected on this app and thus, create a community of support.

43. Internet Speed Checker

Is it not the most irritating part of internet surfing when the wheel keeps turning & you do not get to see the right video or page?


The best way to pacify oneself during such time is by using an app that checks the internet speed of the device or Wi-Fi. The network connection can be a matter of great interest for every user.

44. Travel Planner App

This app can be developed as a part of the start-up plan provided for the users of travel apps. You can allow the users to plan their ultimate trip and give them the expected expenses in each aspect of the trip. You can choose your destination and modes of travel with the help of this app as well.

45. Subscription Alert Apps

Some dates can determine the validity of a subscription package. The development of an app that will notify the subscription periods with Netflix, Amazon, or any other platform can be extremely helpful for the modern-day customer.

46. Tenant Finding App

You can also try to develop an app for your start-up which connects real estate agents, house owners, and tenants.

It can make house hunting easier. It can also create an ambient relationship between the landlords and the tenants.

47. Food Donation App

It is one of the most philanthropic things that you can do in terms of app development. You can design an app for people who would like to donate food or other necessities but do not know the right groups of approaches. You can help them with good locations.

48. Birth Control App

This app can come in handy for women in tracking the progress of their birth control pill and menstruation cycles.

This app can be a great idea for a start-up as modern women need these facilities for their day-to-day work.

49. Home Security App

It is also one of the common ideas that can be thought of when you decide to go for a mobile app start-up.

You can add the features of a home security alarm that connects with the phone and alerts you whenever there is a breach.

50. Tutor Searching App

This app can be a useful idea for parents who are looking for good tuition teachers. It can also be helpful for the students who give out these classes to earn some extra money.


Even the sky is not the limit when you are going for mobile development start-up ideas. Imagine the best things that you wish to provide for your customers and design them with good developers.

If you want to change the pattern of your business that is going on around you, you have to bring something new for the audience.

There should be something new on the plate that will attract their attention. The ideas which have been stated here can do this exact work. Therefore, do not waste any more time and get on with your startup idea right now.