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The growing competition in the ecommerce sector has boosted the requirement for reliable associated services. It is necessary to stick to the delivery challenges because courier delivery is the complementary part of ecommerce. A project must be delivered by the right time, at the right place and without any physical damage. Do you want to build a courier delivery app for your courier business ? You will get the complete guide in this blog.


build a courier delivery app

Ecommerce service providers use third party courier services, which are reliable and provide the shipment at the perfect time, location and day. Courier delivery app automates the process where customers can reap the advantage of tracking the services and shipment. Use can check the whole process of shipment progress in just a few clicks. According to data, the industry is rising at the rate of 17% per annum and higher is expected for coming years. Entrepreneurs are finding Logistic app development a lucrative chance for revenue generation.

What is The Courier Delivery App?

A courier delivery app provides you with complete control over the product delivery. Whether it is same-day delivery or booking, booking apps empowers you to keep track of deliveries. Courier delivery apps and tracking services are offered via an app that can be utilized for the perfect shipment delivery. Such apps are considered the approved method for transporting goods.


Courier delivery appNot only ecommerce but also in our usual lives, courier delivery and tracking services are famous, which customers can utilize for sending some courier or sending some precious thing to a certain location.

The courier delivery service achieved great growth in the past few years, which gave the industry a sudden rise and a huge marketing opportunity. The courier service app offers 24/7 service availability making it one of the most upbeat with the customer requirement.

Business Models for Courier Delivery App For Courier Business

Courier delivery service and logistic service is not limited to any specific industry. It is permeated too many industries where there are many valuable opportunities.

Business Models for Courier Delivery App

Here are some:

1. Postal and Courier Service App

Here are many famous services such as FedEx and DPD, which allows users to create a shipment and order the delivery. These apps contain a full-fledged admin panel.

2. Package Tracking Service Providers

These are apps used by ecommerce or other vendors who keep sending the couriers through different courier services. All the data from different services are aggregated at these apps and a single app is sufficient to track all the packages. The carrier ID is added to the app for tracking packages. Apps such as Parcel Deliveries offers timely updates with push notifications.

3. Branded Delivery Solutions

These are apps with tracking capabilities for your order.  The successful delivery of the product is checked and verified over there. Here customers can know if the order is packed, when it is out for delivery, when it is shipped to the location and when it will be received. Retailers make use of branded delivery solutions, which gives them a strong competitive advantage for transparency and support. Similar apps are Doorman and Delivery.

4. Parcel Delivery App

parcel delivery app

A regular on-demand parcel delivery app allows the customer to track the package in real-time. When a product is ordered by a user from an ecommerce app, it is added to the sections of the order. Here, the customer can check the whole journey of the product, till it reaches the destination and is delivered to the address. There are few points about build a courier delivery app for your courier business are listed here.

Points you Need to Consider Before Courier or Logistic App Development

Courier delivery service offers a competitive advantage. For stakeholders having a strong business strategy, can make quadruple business opportunities using user-friendly apps.

need to consider before courier or Logistic app development

1. Market your App

Hiring a top mobile app development company and launching the app is not enough for app success. Promotion of an app must be aggressively met before expecting the return. The initial curiosity of an app must be made and the marketing of any app must be done via social channels, where users can be intimated about the ultimate app features.

2. Local Requirements

You need to identify the target audience and build a great relationship with customers. For boosting the business, feedbacks are necessary and a satisfied customer gives feedback.

3. Offers Are Beneficial

For promoting an app and encouraging the customers to use the app, you need to give offers.  You need to confirm what offers do you need to target the audience. Trying with the different variations can give you the best understanding of what could be offered to the customers.


4. Feedback Matters

Always take feedback seriously. This feedbacks are best to make long term customer relationships. You need to take an instant reaction to client feedback. For client service, it is a valuable lesson.

5. Custom Messages are Important

Custom messages are important to let users feel personalization. You can offer instant offers to the client, but limit the messages to the lowest for avoiding annoyance to the client.

There are multiple reasons to increase the demand of courier delivery app development so you have to an idea how to build a courier delivery app.

Reasons For Increasing Demand of Courier Apps For Courier Business

Mobile apps build life easier. You can pay bills and make any transaction using few taps on the app screen. Cross platform app development eases our lives by breaking the barrier of separate apps for iOS and Android. You can have the same app workable for different platforms.

Reasons for Increasing Demand for Courier Apps

Parcel delivery services are popular because of varied needs and now it has become the need of time. For amazing customer satisfaction and maximum benefits for users, apps are an amazing way. Here are few reasons why people are relying on courier delivery services.

1. Book Order With Ease

Latest technological upgrades have made the user addicted to the online process of ordering the services. The courier delivery apps are in tune with the technical ups of the market. You need not travel to the office for parcel booking. The automated booking allows the user to book a parcel by customizing the date and category.

Book Order With Ease

2. Swift Tracking

In a traditional parcel delivery service, the tracking of the parcel is difficult and you face hurdles if the parcel is not reached on time.  The process of tracking is simple and on-demand app development for couriers makes it simpler to know every process. Such things are possible with the help of a unique identification code over the product which is used to track the shipment. Real-time tracking enables the customer to track the packages anytime they want.

3. Regular Updates

Regular notifications are now a habit of users. The user needs to know every detail of the parcel. Regular notifications are a great medium to stay in touch with app users.

Regular Updates

4. Increased Customer Satisfaction

On-demand app development has made people happier. Today, customers book any service without any stress for service delivery and delay. The mobile apps are an impressive medium of customer engagement, but alongside, seamless booking system timely updates and other features give a sense of satisfaction.

5. Better Inventory Management

Store management is the key functionality of such kind of app. Tracking is easy, store inventory is all managed in a database, which makes the data secure, viewable and quick to update. You can keep the warehouse in touch which ensures better inventory management.

How to Build a Courier Delivery App For Courier Business?

For building a courier delivery app, you must create a clear mind map. A mind map can help you in translating the requirement to the actual software.

For building a perfect courier delivery app, you need to follow below steps:

1. Decide The Business Model of your Choice

The scope of courier delivery service is wide and before development, you need to focus on selecting the right business model. You can choose from the business models given above.

2. Determine the Set of Features you Want and USP for your App

You need to determine the features you want to offer. Analyze other competitor apps and know what your USP is.

How to Build a Courier Delivery App

3. Determine The Budget Threshold

Limit the set of features to your budget. There is no expansion limit for the features. Therefore you need to curb the list down and offer what is required.

4. Hire The Mobile App Development company or Dedicated Developer

Choose the best possible development resources for the app and elaborate your idea.

5. Develop and Launch The Courier Delivery and Tracking Service

Get your app built and launch with the proper marketing strategies.

To build a courier delivery app you must know the salient features associated with the app. Let’s understand a few salient features of the on-demand courier delivery app and then we will discuss the panels of a professional courier app and their features.

Top Features of Courier Delivery Apps For Courier Business

The on-demand app development for courier services needs to include the below features, which make it outstanding.

1. Customer Friendly UI/UX Design

A great looking app speaks itself for your business. Your courier delivery app development needs to incorporate the design for attracting customers. An app needs to be navigable and smooth for travel all through the app features.  The loading speed of the website also matters for wooing customers and engaging them with the app. Before launch makes sure to solve all glitches and import all the exciting competitive features to your app.

2. 24/7 Courier Tracking

Courier Tracking

Mobile app developers working over such on-demand services are experienced with bar code scanning enabled features. A product is managed with some identification number and the customer uses that ID for searching the status of the order.

Timely notifications keep customers updated with the status of the parcel, whereas he must be able to check the current status too. An app also uses GPS enabled features, where customers can find the live location of the delivery vehicle.

3. Quick Delivery

The quick delivery service feature makes an app stand out from the crowd. You can offer options of faster delivery to customers who wants fast service and agree to purchase the premium service. Same day delivery service is also beneficial for local delivery tasks. Also, you can offer shipping discounts to customers on billing over a certain amount.

4. Offline Availability

Not always and everywhere, a good network is caught. Sometimes on the move, you find bad network issues, but you need to stay updated. Drivers can use Wi-Fi and stay connected during transportation.

5. Flexible Payment

You need to have flexible payment gateways to make your customer pay through different channels when a customer checks out of the app, he needs to receive a receipt with the detail of the order, relevant information, and product description.

Flexible Payment

The payment gateways on your app should be flexible enough to make your customers pay through any channel. You should enable customers to receive a digital receipt that would contain information like time & date of delivery, product description, and charges.

6. Asset Handling

A parcel delivery service may need to handle a larger fleet too.  These large fleets need to be managed with proper care. Find the best to hire a full-stack web developer for complex algorithms while staying connected all through the day.

7. Contact and Review

Customers may need to communicate with you. A full-fledged chatbot app development is not needed, instead, a capable chatbot system is sufficient to answer customers on the spot.  A customer must be able to communicate through a chatbot without any issue. During any awkward circumstances, a chatbot is beneficial.

Panels of Courier Delivery Service App

Panels of Courier Delivery Service App

There are three major panels of courier app, customer panel, driver panel and admin panel. Top app development firms focuses on making the panels as rich as possible.

Customer Panel of Courier Delivery Service App

It is user section, where user can book delivery at own convenience. Here are few features which are included in the customer panel.

#1. Profile Management

The personal profile includes the registration of all necessary details of the user.  The profile must have the name of the customer, history of bookings, rating, and all other relevant information. The profile also includes all the related information of the previous booking.

#2. Flexible Sign-in Options

The profile can be logged in using an email id, valid credentials and other social media options. The login must be available through the OTP over Gmail, or a mobile phone number.

#3. Pushed Notifications


The customer panel is integrated with the push notifications for timely updates. Push notification is a powerful engagement tool, which gives an amazing customer experience through regular updates over the customer panel. Customers can get knowledge on its panel.

#4. Hassle-free Payment

Payment gateway is a crucial part of any on-demand app development. For cross platform applications a native app, third-party payment integration is used. Choose a reliable third-party service provider wisely and ensure a hassle-free payment process. It contains online banking, debit/credit card, mobile wallet payment methods.

#5. Reviews Section

This is the customer feedback section. Here customers can give a rating, reviews, and feedback, which are useful for the companies.

#6. Chat

Chat options are available 24/7 where customers can ask for information about orders and get a real-time answer to queries. Chatbot app development is integrated into the app. whenever a customer finds any issue in services, he can communicate with the service provider using the chatbot.

#7. Order-Tracking


It is the most important feature in the courier service app.  GPs tracking enables the customer to find the real-time status of the parcel.  Remember to wisely find and hire dedicated app developer for an engaging app.

Driver Panel of Courier Delivery Service App

This panel is given for the driver, where he can regulate the orders.

Here are few prominent features of the driver panel:

#1. Accept or Reject Courier Orders

This feature is used to let the driver accept or reject the orders, which depends upon the availability and the workload for the day. The feature helps the manager to know updates. Also, the driver can render the parcel to another driver for delivery.

#2. Status of The Delivery

As and when an order is delivered, the driver needs to change the status of the delivered item. Also, managers can send the status to customers, without burdening the driver with the extra work of updating the status.

guide-to-build-on-demand-cta 2

#3. Driver Trip History

Here, the driver can retrieve the complete history of the entire list of delivered items. The driver can easily calculate the commission and get feedback, if applicable.

#4. Delivery Details

The driver gets detailed information for the parcel. The driver can easily manage the trip as per the location and sensitiveness of the order.

#5. Digital Signing

Digital signing reduces the work and makes less use of paperwork. Delivered items can be digitally approved and the manager automatically receives the notification of delivery.

#6. Track Earnings

Earning of parcel delivery boy is calculated over the parcels delivered over the day.  The driver can calculate earnings for the day here and get the accurate target for the next day to come.

#7. Delivery Men and Fleet Information

Sometimes, the driver needs to reach the information for other fleets and delivery men. The feature is majorly helpful for the trip supervisor, where he can check the available manpower and allot work accordingly. The information must be given neatly and retrieve the real-time status. For such interactive features react native app developers are hired for being most concurrent with the UI/UX.

Admin Panel of Courier Delivery Service App

This is the section for app owners, where app owners can manage the necessary prerequisites. Here are some features to be included in the admin panel.

Admin Panel

#1. Secured Login

An app owner must be secure and built with two-way authentication.  An owner needs to be able to take an entire view of the app and make edits accordingly. More security can be assured with iOS app development.

#2. GPS Tracker

An app integrated with GPS service helps the manager to receive real-time information for the fleet. In any adverse situation, management can find the defunct vehicle and deploy the deliverymen for same.

#3. Customer Portal

Managers can communicate with customers and track their profiles for orders.

#4. Dashboard

The dashboard is the collective informational page of the admin panel.  The dashboard contains the summarized information, which managers can analyze.  Managers can take the prompt decision for the reports available over the dashboard.

#5. Warehouse

Admin panel shows the order history, items in process and the items delivered. You can access the receipts and all records, which assist management to go through the entire process.

How Much Does it cost to Develop a Courier Delivery App For Courier Business? 

Whether you hire android app developer or an iOS developer, we cannot estimate the accurate cost of an app. Here we need to look upon many other factors.


It is good to map out the team:

  • Backend developers
  • UI/UX designers
  • Developers’ team
  • Business analyst
  • Testing engineers
  • Project Manager

The cost of courier delivery increases with the list of features and requirements for native or cross platform application development. The rough cost of a courier service app developer can go between $15000- $30000.


The traditional business is replaced with on-demand apps, where users can receive the service with just a few clicks.  These apps provide a greater customer base, high opportunity and impressive customer engagement. Having an app with engaging features and extraordinary customer support is helpful for business. Above is detailed information to let you know how to build a courier service delivery app.  You can make a digital presence and earn huge benefits.