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“Life is like a courier app – it’s all about delivering the right package to the right place at the right time.”

– Steve Jobs.

Do you think that there should be more courier service apps like Lalamove or FedEx? If you are coming up with ideas for apps or growing your business, the answer is a big “NO,” but with a big “BUT”.

With Lalamove, AmazonFlex, FedEx leading the competition, the courier delivery industry is ripe with opportunities. In specific geographies or if you want to make courier apps like Lalamove, there’s a lot of potential.

In 2023, the courier and local delivery services market was worth $428.72 Billion. By 2030, it’s expected to be worth $636.14 Billion, thanks to a 5.9% CAGR from 2024 to 2030. In turn, this stats highlights the demand for courier delivery app development. This sector is about to expand, so it is absolutely worth investing your money.

As an Author with expertise in crafting blogs for multiple industries, I’ve researched the complex world of courier delivery apps. Through interviews with developers and project managers, I’ve gained insights about courier delivery app development. They’ve shared invaluable knowledge on the functionalities and technologies behind it. This provides a glimpse into the meticulous process of crafting an efficient delivery platform.

If you’re still not sure whether you really need to develop courier delivery apps like Lalamove, read this blog. We describe how to make on-demand courier delivery apps like Lalamove that live up to user expectations and highlight the importance, cost and essential features of this app.

So, let’s begin.


What is A Lalamove App?

Lalamove is an on-demand courier delivery app that allows users to request on-demand delivery services for various goods. It is a multi-services courier delivery app which means it may deliver anything like furniture, moving home & office, food, groceries, flowers and so on.


Lalamove App


However, it connects users with nearby drivers who may fulfill their delivery requirements quickly and efficiently. Lalamove is a last mile delivery app that operates in many cities around the world and is known for its fast and reliable on-demand courier delivery services.


Market Growth of Courier Delivery Service Apps!

Before you begin developing courier delivery apps like Lalamove for your business, you need to be aware of current industry trends. Your decision-making will improve if you are aware of market growth and trends. Let’s examine the delivery services market statistics.


Market Growth of Courier Delivery Service Apps

Source: Statista


  • It is expected that by 2024, couriers and fast delivery services in the U.S. will have made about $95.7 billion.
  • In 2023, the courier delivery market was worth $428.72 Billion. By 2030, it’s expected to be worth $636.14 Billion, thanks to a 5.9% CAGR from 2024 to 2030.
  • United Parcel Service had the biggest part of the U.S. CEP market in 2023, with 37% of the business.
  • More than 10 million people use Lalamove every month.
  • B2C e-commerce companies have asked for and used last-mile delivery services 50% more than they did a year ago.

How Does Lalamove App Work?

The Lalamove on-demand courier delivery app has a simple working mechanism. To utilize it, users need to sign up by entering their email address or signing with a Google account. After that, users may freely use a number of services.

A food delivery app development company has explained the whole on-demand food, grocery or courier delivery process. Let’s look at how the Lalamove delivery app works and how it makes it easy for customers to get orders quickly and safely.      

  • To request a delivery, users put their live location and the courier delivery location into the Lalamove app.
  • Once users enter the location, they now select the vehicle as per their requirements. For example, if a user wants to deliver a small box or package, they may choose a bike.
  • After that they have to enter their pick-up drop-off location.
  • Users may also track the parcel or a delivery item in real time
  • Once received the parcel, users pay using either cash or online method and rate the Lalamove’s services.

Courier Delivery App CTA

Step-by-Step Process To Develop Apps Like Lalamove

When you build a courier delivery app for courier business, it is not that easy, no matter what your plan or business model. To do this, you have to follow the steps to develop apps like Lalamove in the order they are stated below. Let’s look at an extensive guide on how to develop an application for on-demand courier service.


Process To Develop Apps Like Lalamove


1. Validate Your App Idea

Before starting the Lalamove app development, ensure there’s demand for your app idea. You should validate your courier delivery app idea with a courier delivery mobile app development services provider. Also, you must perform market research to understand user needs, pain points, and competitors that will help you create robust apps like Lalamove.


2. Choose a Business Model

Now the next step to create an app like Lalamove is to determine how your app will generate revenue. For example, Lalamove utilizes a commission-based model where they charge a percentage of each delivery fee.

Other options include subscription models, advertising, or a combination of revenue streams. You can select the business model that matches your target market and long-term objectives.


3. Hire an Experienced Team

Once you choose which business model you would go for, it is time to hire an on demand application development services provider. Building a successful courier delivery app requires a skilled team. You must hire developers with expertise in logistics app development.

Look for professionals who understand the complexities of on-demand delivery and can contribute to creating a seamless user experience. The courier delivery mobile app development services team will assist you create an app like Lalamove so you can easily launch and market it.


4. Determine the Scope of Features  

Now, list the main functions and features when you develop courier delivery apps like Lalamove. Some of the most important features for a Lalamove-like app might be the ability to register users, handle orders, track packages in real time, and accept payments.

You can also take assistance from an iOS or Android app development company for choosing the best features that fits in your budget. Also, you must focus on the courier delivery app development process by putting features. It is based on what users want and what market study shows.


5. Create MVP of Your App

Now the mobile app development services provider will create an MVP to test your idea for an app with real users while saving time and money. When you make a courier delivery app like Lalamove, it is vital to focus on the essential features that address the most essential user issues.

To quickly make changes based on user input, make the app design very simple and visually attractive. An MVP offers insightful information for upcoming versions and aids in further idea validation.


6. Testing & Launch

Here comes the testing stage where your apps like Lalamove will be tested by experienced testers. They will test your courier delivery app across different devices to ensure it performs flawlessly.

Also, the software testing services provider conducts usability testing to gather feedback on the user experience. Once you’re confident in your app’s stability and usability, prepare for launch. Follow every guideline of app stores when you release the courier delivery app.


Key Features To Include In Courier Delivery App like Lalamove

An on-demand last mile delivery app like Lalamove has three elements: the user panel, the admin panel, and the delivery agent panel. The activities of your business can be observed with these three panels when you develop apps like Lalamove.

So, as per the courier delivery app development company USA, you should add the following features that are exclusive to these online courier delivery apps:


1. User Panel


User Panel Features of Lalamove app


  • User Registration:

Make it easy for users to sign up, make profiles, and change their personal information.


  • Order Placement:

As per the pickup delivery app development company, you should enable order placement feature in your apps like Lalamove. It will give users an easy way to place delivery orders that lets them choose where to pick up and drop off the package, as well as their delivery choices.


  • Rating and Review System:

Users can help keep service quality high and build trust in the community by rating and commenting on their delivery experiences.


  • Push Notifications:

Send users timely updates on the state of their orders, confirmations of delivery, and special offers. So, you can add push notification features by consulting with an on demand courier delivery app development company.


  • Customer Support:

With courier app development, you allow users to contact customer service through chat, email, or the phone for help with questions, problems, or feedback.


  • Real-time Tracking:

With GPS tracking app development, users can check where their packages are on a map and get updates on when they’re expected to arrive.


  • History and Order Management:

Users should be able to see their order history, keep track of past deliveries, and quickly reorder shipments that have already been sent.


  • In-app Messaging:

When you develop courier delivery apps like Lalamove, enable users and delivery staff to communicate in order to coordinate and get updates during the delivery process.


  • Multiple Payment Options:

By integrating payment gateway, users can easily use a number of payment options. For example, credit and debit cards, digital wallets, and cash on delivery, to give users more choices and make things easier.


  • Customization Options:

With courier app development, make the service fit the users’ wants by letting them choose things like preferred delivery times, vehicle types, or specific delivery instructions.




2. Driver Panel


Driver Panel Features of Lalamove


  • Driver Dashboard:

When you develop apps like Lalamove, integrate the driver dashboard feature. A single location showing all the important data like allocated deliveries, routes, and earnings.


  • Order Management:

The Lalamove delivery app development services provider creates the app which enables drivers to accept or reject delivery requests based on availability, scheduling, and distance.


  • GPS Navigation:

Just as location based mobile apps like Uber or Waze, you should also add a GPS navigation feature when you develop apps like Lalamove. It is easy to find the way to pick-up and drop-off places in real time.


  • Delivery Status Updates:

Customers can keep track of their packages in real time by being able to see the state of each delivery as it happens.


  • Earnings Tracking:

Clear views of earnings, including income from each transfer and overall, making money management easier.


  • In-app Chat:

You should hire mobile app developers to integrate in-app chat features. Drivers can use in-app chat features to talk to customers, dispatchers, or support staff about any problems or questions.


  • Feedback System:

You should develop apps like Lalamove with a feedback system to get and give comments on deliveries, which improves service quality and accountability.


3. Admin Panel


Admin Panel Features of Lalamove


  • User Management:

When you create a mobile app like Lalamove, allow admins to handle user accounts, which includes creation, verification, and storage of user data.


  • Driver Management:

Admins may manage driver accounts with this functionality. For example, performance tracking, background checks, and onboarding.


  • Order Management:

Orders can be assigned to drivers, their delivery status can be monitored, and any issues can be resolved by admins.


  • Fleet Management:

With the help of a logistic app development services provider, you must integrate fleet management features when you develop apps like Lalamove. The fleets ready for delivery can be managed by administrators, who can also plan maintenance, optimize routes, and add or remove vehicles.


  • Payment Management:

Admins can control all aspects of payment processing with this functionality, including commission rates, transaction management, and dispute resolution.


  • Analytics and Reporting:

Detailed analytics and statistics on a range of platform elements. It includes driver performance, order volume, and user activity, which are available to administrators.


Apps like Lalamove

Best Courier Delivery Apps in the Market

Here is a list of the best courier delivery apps like Lalamove including its downloads and ratings. Reviewing these applications can assist you in understanding how to develop Lalamove delivery apps on your own and what should go into your Lalamove app clone.  


Top On-demand Delivery Apps Available Platform Downloads
Uber Android | iOS 500M+ 4.6
Careem Android | iOS 50M+ 4.3
FedEx Android | iOS 10M+ 4.5
Borzo Android | iOS 1M+ 4.4
DHL Express Mobile Android | iOS 1M+ 4.3

Budget Estimation For Making App like Lalamove

The courier delivery app development cost can vary greatly based on the features and functions you require. Usually, the cost to develop an app like Lalamove can be between $10,000 – $14,000 to make a simple courier delivery app.

However, there are more advanced features that cost a lot more. These include AI, monthly subscription and order pooling etc which can cost you around $15000 – $30000 or more.

So you have a better idea of cost to build an app like Lalamove, let’s break down the cost into more specific parts:


App Complexity

Cost Estimation

Simple Lalamove App $10000-$14000
Moderate Lalamove App $15000-$23000
Complex Lalamove App $30000+


When making your choice, you should also think about the costs to make an app like Lalamove. These are just the rough estimate of cost to develop a mobile app like Lalamove, you can calculate the app development cost by following the below formulae:


Total Lalamove App Development Cost = Hourly Rate Of Developers * Total Development Time 


Now you know the cost to build an app like Lalamove, you can now consult with the courier delivery app development company USA to know the actual cost of Lalamove delivery app development.


What is the Maintenance Cost of Apps Like Lalamove?

Do you have a the cost to maintain a mobile app like Lalamove may range between 15-20% of the total courier delivery app development. For example, if your Lalamove app development cost is $10000, then you will be charged $1000-$5000 annually on its maintenance.

Additionally, some factors like hosting, security, bug-fixes, new feature integration etc may affect the maintenance cost. To get a more clear image, you can look at the below table:


App Maintenance Type


Hosting Charges $35 to $120 Per Month
Bug Fixing and Updates $1000 to $2000
Functional Services $2000 Per Year
API Integration $3000 Per Year
IT Support $1000-$5000 per hour


So, whether your courier delivery app is outdated or needs to fix the bug, availing mobile app maintenance services from a reputable company will be beneficial.


Courier Delivery Application CTA


How to Upsurge Your Business With An On-Demand Courier Delivery App?

Having on-demand courier delivery apps like Lalamove is crucial for a courier service or business to grow effectively. You may increase your app’s conversion rate and make your users happy by integrating the features we’ve already discussed. Your app will make matters easier for delivery drivers and help managers get more done in less time.

But don’t worry if the idea of starting from scratch to make a reliable last-mile delivery app seems too expensive for you. In that case, we can help you! Our courier delivery app development solutions take your courier delivery business to new heights with a robust mobile app.

You can fully change and customize the courier management app to fit your business’s needs and brand characteristics. So, what are you up to? Share your requirements with an on demand courier delivery app development company and take your business to new heights.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. How Does Lalamove Make Money?

Lalamove makes money through a combination of fees:

  • Commission on Delivery Fees: They get a cut of the service fee that the customer pays. This commission is usually a share of the total price, and it’s known to be low in the market for on-demand service.
  • Convenience Fee: Each sale made on the platform came with an extra fee. People are willing to pay for Lalamove’s service because it’s easier for them than setting up their own deliveries.

2. How Long Does It Take To Build Apps Like Lalamove?

Usually, the time to develop an app like Lalamove may not be fixed as it fluctuates depending on your app complexity. A simple Lalamove clone app can be built in 2-3 months while a complex Lalamove delivery app may increase the time up to 4-8 months. You can consult with one of the best courier delivery app development companies to determine the exact time required to develop apps like Lalamove.

3. What Are the Benefits Of Lalamove App Development?

Businesses may get lots of benefit from Lalamove app development. It makes logistics management easier, lalamove tracking in real time, and it more convenient for both users and business. Also, a courier delivery app development solution makes operations more efficient, makes customers happier, all of which help the business grow.

4. How Do I Get An On-Demand Delivery App For My Business?

The on-demand delivery app has three parts: the customer, the service provider, and the delivery boy apps. It also comes with a web control panel for running the business. Another thing you need to do before an on-demand delivery app development business can give you a quote is list the features you want the app to have.

5. How Much Does Building An On-Demand Courier App Cost?

There are many things that affect how much it costs to make a shipping app. For instance, the features, the platform, and the products that need to be made. If you make apps like Lalamove with minimal functions, it can cost you around $10000-$15000. However, if you create apps like Lalamove with advanced functions, it can cost you more than $30000.