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Efficiency is the key to progress. Grocery delivery apps are a testament to the power of optimizing our daily routines, allowing us to focus on the bigger picture.

-Elon Musk


Do you want to build a grocery delivery app like Publix? If yes, then you should read this blog. In an era marked by technological innovation and the growing demand for convenience, the grocery delivery sector has witnessed a significant transformation. Among the pioneers in this realm stands Publix, a grocery retail giant that has seamlessly integrated technology into its business model, offering customers the ease of shopping from the comfort of their homes.

As the demand for online grocery delivery continues to surge, entrepreneurs and businesses alike are keen to replicate the success of Publix by developing their own grocery delivery apps.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the key steps and considerations to build a grocery delivery app like Publix that emulates the efficiency and user-friendly experience of Publix.

So, let’s begin.


What is a Publix App?

Publix grocery app allows users to order groceries directly from their local Publix store and receive them via Instacart. Publix offers grocery shopping that is convenient for anyone, wherever they may be. Publix users can order grocery items at low prices and grab deals from their devices.



Users may purchase at the shops, get deliveries to their homes, or take advantage of Publix’s curbside service at specific locations around the US. Either way, shopping on Publix is quite convenient and hassle-free. So, if you are planning to build a grocery delivery app like Publix, then you must hire dedicated developers.


Current Market Stats of Grocery Delivery Service

Build A Grocery Delivery App Like Publix

  • By 2023, the Grocery Delivery Market in Worldwide will reach a staggering US$627.30bn.
  • This market segment will also grow at a rapid rate between 2023-2027. The projected market size is US$1,140.00bn.
  • Retail Delivery is the largest segment within the market. Its projected market volume in 2023 is US$486.50bn.
  • It is important to note that in a global context China is expected to generate the largest revenue of US$226,100.00m for the same year.
  • The average revenue per customer (ARPU), in the Grocery Delivery Market, is expected to reach US$449.00 by 2023.
  • The number of users in this market will reach 1,995.0m by 2027.
  • Online grocery customers number around 150 million, or close to half the population of the United States.

5 Popular Grocery Delivery App Like Publix

Below is a table listing the top grocery apps, as well links to their respective app stores. The table below makes it easier to identify the key features of each grocery-ordering app, and will help you decide what features you need to include when you build a grocery delivery app like Publix.

Grocery Delivery App Like Publix

Available Platform



Instacart Android | iOS 4.2 10M+
Zepto Android | iOS 4.8 10M+
Shipt Android | iOS 4.6 1M+
Wolt Android | iOS 4.3 10M+
Amazon Fresh Android | iOS 4.4 500M+



1. Instacart

Build A Grocery Delivery App Like Publix

instacart is one of the most popular grocery delivery apps. The app offers same-day delivery from stores such as Costco, Aldi Kroger Safeway and others, depending on the location selected by the user. A grocery delivery app like Blinkit has some specialty shops like fishmongers who have partnered with Instacart in order to expand their online business.


2. Zepto

Build A Grocery Delivery App Like Publix


Zepto simplifies tracking expenses and budgeting with its user-friendly app. The app’s intuitive interface lets users set financial goals, categorize expenditures, and track spending patterns. To build an app like Zepto, focus on creating a clean UI, incorporating budgeting features, and integrating secure transaction tracking.


3. Shipt

The Shipt app is available for major cities in the Southeast, Texas, Arizona and Ohio. Shipt, a major grocery delivery service, offers products from supermarket chains Publix-like online grocery apps, Kroger and Fry’s.

Build A Grocery Delivery App Like Publix


Apps like Shipt are very popular among users who use local shoppers who hand-pick items for online users to ensure they are fresh. The user can also benefit from mPerks membership and Costco membership to encourage their loyalty.


4. Wolt

Build A Grocery Delivery App Like Publix


Wolt, a user-friendly app for grocery delivery, simplifies your shopping by delivering a wide range of products to your door. Users can browse an extensive catalog with ease, choose items and place orders. you must build an app like Wolt that is user-centric and offers a variety of products for seamless browsing selection and ordering.


5. Amazon Fresh

Build A Grocery Delivery App Like Publix


Amazon Fresh, the grocery delivery service from Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers in the World. Amazon Fresh has a large selection of products including groceries, household goods, and personal care. The company offers different delivery options including scheduled and same-day delivery.


How to Build a Grocery Delivery App Like Publix?

You must understand that there are several steps to follow to ensure the success and popularity of an app similar to Publix. In this section we outline the major steps to build a grocery delivery app like Publix using an excellent grocery delivery app development company. We will give you a brief overview of the most important aspects.

App like publix


Step-1: Select a Business Model

When discussing business models to build a grocery delivery app like Publix, the main things to keep in mind are supermarkets, single stores, aggregators and supermarket chains. These factors will also help determine which app concepts are most popular for companies.


Step 2: Analyze Core Concepts

After selecting the business model we begin by looking at the central vision, goal and product specifications, along with the end-user to build a grocery delivery app like Publix. It is possible to estimate how well a solution will perform, and the amount of time and manpower required to create the product.


Step 3: Design the UI/UX

After the pre-design phase is complete, we move on to UX/UI. We create user flows and stories while keeping in mind the product specifications, personas and pain points of users. Wireframes and sample apps are used to show our clients the visual aspects of an Publix online grocery application.


Step 4: Start Publix App Development

All design accomplishments are brought to life during the iterative process to build a grocery delivery app like Publix. You must consult a grocery delivery app development company for creating an amazing app with the latest technologies. Each iteration is devoted to a particular piece of functionality, which we thoroughly test and then submit to the client.


Step-5: App Texting

Once we build a grocery delivery app like Publix, the next step is to test the app thoroughly for usability, security and functionality. Beta testing is a great way to get feedback from a small number of users and make improvements. Verify that the app has no bugs and is able to handle high loads during peak demand periods.


Step 6: Launch and Maintenance

Launch your grocery-delivery app in popular app stores. After that you must avail the grocery delivery app maintenance service to regularly update and maintain your grocery app. We offer support for any unanticipated issues or vulnerabilities that may arise as users begin using the solution. After the initial weeks of use, feedback from clients may reveal features that need to be fine-tuned and others that are unnecessary.

grocery delivery app


Unique Features of Grocery Delivery App Like Publix

On-demand applications always have a reliable and fully scalable approach thanks to the power-pack characteristics. Let’s talk about each of the features of grocery app development.

App like publix


1. Features of User Panel

  • User Registration

Users may easily create an account by providing a phone number, email address, or social network account. By making a profile, customers may control their address, payment information, and personal information. To save your preferred retailers, shipping preferences, and interests, create a customized profile.


  • Search the Product Catalog

Display a complete catalog of groceries with images and detailed descriptions. Implement a search and filter system that allows users to find products quickly or browse categories. Include personalized recommendations based upon past purchases or preferences.


  • Shopping Cart and Order Management

Users can easily add, remove, or edit items in the shopping cart. Give a summary, with itemized details and prices. Users can schedule deliveries, specify delivery preferences and track their order status in real time.


  • Secure Payment Gateway

When you build a grocery delivery app like Publix with the help of a mobile app development services provider, you should integrate a user-friendly and secure payment gateway to enable seamless transactions. Support for a variety of payment options, including digital wallets, credit/debit cards, and other widely used ways. Ensure that the payment information is secure and private.


  • Delivery Tracking and Notifications

Tracking orders in real-time to keep the user informed of the status. Order confirmations, dispatch and estimated delivery time are all sent as push notifications. Live tracking via a map interface allows users to track the progress of delivery.


  • Promotions and Loyalty Programs

With the help of developers, implement a rewards program for frequent purchases and referrals. Users can view and use available promo codes or discounts during the checkout process.


2. Features of Delivery Panel

  • Order Management

Drivers can get a good overview of the incoming orders. This includes details like delivery addresses, items ordered, and special instructions. Allow drivers to track each order from acceptance through to completion. This will help them stay organized and efficiently manage their deliveries.


  • Navigation and Route Optimization

Use GPS technology for a navigation system to accurately guide drivers to delivery locations. Optimize routes for delivery to reduce fuel and time cost to build a grocery app like Publix.


  • Real-time Communication

Use the Publix-like mobile apps for Android and iOS to facilitate communication between drivers, customers, and support teams. This can be done in order to resolve any issues, confirm details of delivery, or give updates. Push notifications can be used to keep drivers updated about any new orders, delivery status changes, or important updates.


  • Delivery Confirmation

Drivers can capture proof of delivery using food delivery app features like photo capture, digital signing, or QR code scans. This will guarantee responsibility and openness throughout the delivery procedure.


  • Performance Analysis

Drivers can access their history of deliveries, including orders completed, ratings and feedback. Display key performance metrics (KPIs), such as customer ratings and earnings. This helps drivers improve their performance.


3. Features of Admin Panel

  • User Management

Admins must be able view and manage profiles of users, including their personal information, past orders, and preferences. Separate customers, drivers and store managers by assigning them different roles and permissions.


  • Order Management

Tracking orders in real-time to ensure timely delivery. So, it is good to hire a business app development company to incorporate order history features in the app that include details like the date of order, items ordered, and status of delivery.


  • Inventory Management

Manage the products that are available for sale, adding new products, updating prices and removing discontinued items. Track and manage your inventory to avoid overselling, and to ensure that you have accurate product availability.


  • Store Management

Admins must be able manage information about partners, such as location, hours of operation, and contact details. Analyze the performance of each store based on their order volume, customer satisfaction and delivery time.


  • Delivery Fleet Management

Admins must be able view and manage data about drivers including their location, availability and performance metrics. Implement features that optimize routes for delivery drivers to increase efficiency and reduce delivery times.


  • Discounts and Promotions

To draw in new business and keep existing ones, administrators should be able to develop and manage coupons, discounts, and promotional offers. Make educated decisions by evaluating the success of sales and marketing.


  • Analysis and Reporting

Monitor key performance metrics such as order volume and revenue. Also, monitor customer satisfaction levels, delivery times, and other factors. Reports on revenue, costs, and profit can be generated to aid in financial analysis.


Cost to Build a Grocery Delivery App Like Publix

The question that has been on your mind for quite some time is now here. If you’re planning to build a grocery delivery app like Publix, it is only natural to think of the costs involved. Estimated cost to build a grocery delivery app like Publix is dependent on your app marketing and unique app requirements. These are some of the other factors used to determine the mobile app development cost.

  • App features
  • Size of the development team
  • Platform selection
  • App development location
  • App complexity
  • Testing & deployment
  • Maintenance and updates

Costs of developing grocery apps like Publix are calculated by several factors. However, they typically range from $10,000 to $25,000 This is an approximate estimate to build a grocery delivery app like Publix.

App Complexity

Cost Estimation

Time Duration

Basic App

$10000-$14000 2-3 months
Medium App $16000-$20000

4-6 months

Complex App


8 months

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Frequently Ask Questions


1. What is the Cost to Build A Grocery Delivery App Like Publix?

Costs for a MVP can vary depending on a number of factors. These include the features, the technology stack, location of the development team, etc. Usually, the cost to make a grocery App like Publix can vary from $10,000 up to $25,000.


2. How Long Does it Take to Build a Grocery Delivery App like Publix?

The time required to design a supermarket app will depend on how complicated the app is and how many features it has. Investigation indicates that the duration of the development process can range from 3-5 months.


3. How to Build a Restaurant Mobile App?

To build a restaurant mobile app, outline features like menu display, online ordering, reservation system, and payment integration. Choose a platform (iOS, Android) and use frameworks like React Native or Flutter for cross-platform development. Ensure user-friendly design, efficient backend, and rigorous testing for a seamless dining experience.


4. What Are the Benefits of Creating a Grocery Delivery App?

The grocery delivery app has many benefits, including providing customers with a convenient shopping environment, enhancing their engagement, increasing revenue and sales for grocery stores, and improving order fulfillment.


5. Why invest in a mobile grocery app development?

Investing into the development of a mobile grocery app can have a variety of benefits, including increased customer loyalty, an improved customer experience and better order management. It will also result in more efficient delivery operations as well as higher revenue.