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“Zepto makes grocery shopping an effortless delight, turning daily chores into a seamless experience.”

– Oprah Winfrey.


Quick Summary: Are you a grocery retailer or a startup with an idea to build an app like Zepto–a grocery delivery app? Well, you are in the right place. This blog delves into the essential features and development steps of a successful grocery delivery app called Zepto. Read till the end for valuable insights to guide you in crafting your own outstanding grocery delivery app.

Zepto is one of the most popular grocery delivery apps after it became India’s first unicorn startup in 2023. It shows no signs that it will slow down any time soon. Thanks to technological advancements, you can build your grocery delivery app like Zepto that fits all your needs.

The worldwide online grocery industry was estimated to be worth $ 50.28 billion in 2022 and is expected to increase at a CAGR of 26.8% from 2023 to 2030. By looking at these stats, it is clear that the demand for this industry will double in the coming years. Due to this, various businesses are looking to grab this profitable opportunity by investing in grocery delivery app development.

Read this blog to learn more about Zepto, like grocery delivery apps, their market dynamics, the process to build an app like Zepto, the essential features, the business model, and even the costs involved.

So, let’s begin.


What is a Zepto App?

Zepto, a fast grocery delivery app on demand, promises to deliver groceries within 10 minutes. Aadit Palaicha and Kaivalya Vohra founded the company in 2021. They recently received a $200 million funding round from Y-Combinator and became India’s 1st unicorn startup in 2023.

Customers can select from thousands of items, such as farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, groceries, dairy, personal care and beauty and wellness products, home essentials, and baby care.

So, if you plan to build an app like Zepto, you must hire dedicated developers with experience in app grocery app development. They will assist in creating a cutting-edge app with robust technologies.


Zepto App: Market Stats and Growth

  • Zepto is expected to dominate the country’s quick commerce brand share by 2024.
  • Zepto, collaborating with over 86 dark store owners nationwide, delivered over one million orders by 2021.
  • Food and beverage retail online sales in the United States will surpass 38 billion dollars by 2022, and are expected to exceed the 47 billion dollar mark by 2025.
  • Zepto has a network of “micro-warehouses” or “cloud shops,” allowing the company to fill orders quickly.


Build an App Like Zepto


  • Zepto’s revenue increased 14 times, to Rs 2,024 Crore for the financial period ending March 2023.
  • Retail Delivery is the largest segment within the market. Its projected market volume in 2023 is US$486.50bn.
  • It is important to note that globally, China is expected to generate the most significant revenue of US$226,100.00m for the same year.

These stats show that the timing and market conditions are optimal to build an app like Zepto. You need the right mobile app development company to help you create your custom grocery delivery app based on your concept and estimate the cost and time.


Business Model of Zepto: Grocery Delivery App

Zepto’s business model is the “dark store” model. This model involves setting up warehouses in residential areas only accessible by delivery drivers. Customers can only place orders via the Zepto India website or app. Customers can order products from the stores only through Zepto India’s app or website.

Zepto has more than 100 dark stores located in different locations. Dark stores, while designed for instant delivery, can’t always handle large sales volumes. Zepto, however, didn’t want any compromises on service or quality, so it developed an AI-powered platform that assists with the picking and packing process.


Build an App Like Zepto


This system allows Zepto to offer an extensive range of products for the lowest possible price. The following points highlight the uniqueness and flexibility of the Zepto grocery delivery app development. 

  • Zepto’s strategy revolves around providing fast service to its customers. Zepto has several marketing features that set it apart from its competitors. The model still takes into account these elements.
  • Zepto offers free shipping, making it more attractive than other companies such as Instacart or Amazon Fresh that charge delivery fees.
  • Their website shows an average rage delivery time of just 8 minutes 47 seconds. It’s pretty quick.


Steps to Build an App like Zepto

For optimal success to develop a supermarket grocery shopping app like Zepto, prioritize meticulous planning with these essential steps. Strategic foresight ensures efficient use of time and resources, ultimately leading to cost savings.

By adhering to this approach, you’ll pave the way for your app’s seamless and successful implementation, delivering a user-friendly and reliable experience for customers. So, let’s have a look at the steps to build an app like Zepto:


Build an App Like Zepto


1. Decide Your Value Proposition 

Any successful business idea will have a value proposition. For an instant-delivery business, the main value proposition would be quick delivery. However, you can also include other features. This might consist of premium packaging and 24/7 accessibility, etc.


2. Select What You Want To Deliver

In 2023, Zepto will offer a variety of products. However, in 2013, it was a platform for grocery delivery. You should start small. Consider carefully what you want to begin with. Over time, you can add to your collection. Therefore, don’t rush to build an app like Zepto. Do your research and make a good decision.

Expert Advice: To improve user experience, incorporate “virtual grocery stores” using AI technology, where customers may have genuine store comprehension and dispel their worries about fresh veggies, storage, nutrition information, and other hygienic issues.

3. Choosing a Technology Stack

The choice of a technology stack is based on the platforms you are targeting and the kind of app you plan to build an app like Zepto. For an Android or iPhone app development, you will need tools for the front-end (front-end), back-end (back-end), database, security, and more.

You can use various tools, including mobile app frameworks and programming languages to create an app like Zepto for your grocery delivery company.

Make sure to highlight all your mobile app requirements to choose the best option amongst your available options for mobile app development.


4. Start the Zepto App Development

Mobile is the most popular way to do business in today’s world. The desktop traffic was long gone. M-commerce is the most popular form of online shopping today. You must therefore be fully prepared and available on mobile devices, regardless of your niche, to build an app like Zepto.

You can create a mobile app (or web application). You can either hire a food delivery app development company to help you or do this yourself. You will need to include:

  • A business owner can use an admin panel to streamline their operations.
  • The app allows buyers to place orders from the app.
  • The board will enable partners to control their offerings and their visibility on the platform.

It is essential to thoroughly test your mobile app after its creation to ensure it contains as few bugs as possible.


5. Launch Your Mobile App

When you have finished the process to build an app like Zepto, the time has come to release it. Ensure you keep the bugs to a bare minimum, and add the features your app needs. To ensure you do not build an app with no market, you should first create a minimum viable item.

It will enable you to launch your app without spending a lot of money on required features. If you want to verify the technical feasibility, you can develop a proof-of-concept document.


6. App Maintenance and Updates

The maintenance stage begins immediately after your Zepto-alike app launches. You should avail grocery delivery app maintenance services support for any unanticipated issues or vulnerabilities that may arise as users start using the solution. After the initial weeks of use, client feedback may reveal features that need to be fine-tuned and others that are unnecessary.


Key Features of 10 Min Grocery Delivery App Like Zepto

The power-pack features ensure that on-demand applications are always reliable and completely scalable. So, let’s go over all the distinct features of grocery app development like Zepto that can empower your business.


Build an App Like Zepto


1. User Panel


i. Easy Onboarding

We ensure that users don’t waste time filling out their personal information. Logging in is as simple as entering your phone number or email address. The rest of the details can be entered when you place the order.


ii. Aesthetic Feel and Look:

Zepto is a neat, clear and easy-to-use interface. Our Android app development services provider strives to build an app like Zepto that looks the same on screen. We can understand that users who have trouble searching for an item they need will abandon the app.


iii. Clear Navigation:

We ensure that your users can easily navigate the site and that you will generate profits. Users can find what they want in well-defined categories, saving time and effort.


iv. Accurate Location

We can develop an app like Zepto that will pick up the client’s exact location without manually inputting many details. Communicating the delivery point with the customer and the delivery agent is easier.


v. In-app Payment Gateways:

It is easier to pay and track transactions with an in-app gateway. With payment gateway integration, we affirm that your customers can choose their preferred payment method and pay without any hassle.


vi. Push Messages

It is possible to be constantly updated on what the app has been doing and what offers are available. It increases the user’s interaction with the app, encouraging them to purchase new products.


vii. Reviews and ratings:

Users can easily rate and review the product and the delivery person. It is easy to place orders and make the right choice when others can easily do so. The admin can also intervene if some products are receiving bad ratings.


viii. User Dashboard:

The dashboard lets you quickly check your previous orders and repeat them exactly as they were. The dashboard allows them to check out the delivered products and pending orders.


ix. Real-Time Tracking

After placing the order, the user can check the order’s location and the agent who will deliver it. It is much easier to plan your next steps. By availing of the on demand app development services, you can quickly build an app like Zepto with advanced feature integration.


x. Scheduled Delivery

Zepto, like other grocery delivery apps, allows you to schedule delivery times that will make your day easier. It is crucial that the working class can select a time when they will get the best solutions.


2. Delivery Partner Panel


i. Instant Update:

The delivery agent becomes frightened by the delivery schedule when the order is accepted. The delivery agent is alerted to the delivery while the order is packed.


ii. Shortest Route:

This application shows the shortest route to reach the 10-minute delivery goal. The delivery agent can quickly deliver solutions to maintain the reputation of the Zepto-clone application.


Build an App Like Zepto


iii. Delivery Partner Dashboard:

They can easily find the best solution. They can see the deliveries they have made and those that are scheduled. They can also visit their earnings at the end of each day and make a report if there are any issues.


iv. In-app Wallet:

The driver can easily see the tips they have received and how much has been added to their account. The driver can also see the rewards and incentives they may earn throughout the course.


3. Admin Panel


i. Check Stores:

The warehouse inventory can be updated and you will know what products are available at the retail stores. The dashboard lists all stores as well as the order list.


ii. Delivery Agents:

You can track the performance of your delivery agents and their availability. You can also check the areas where you need to add more delivery agents, or make any changes in the operation.


iii. Review Revenue:

The application allows you to check your gross profit and the amount invested. You can earn more by displaying the engagement clearly on your screen. This feature set is found in every app for fast grocery delivery.


Leading Grocery Delivery Apps Like Zepto

If you are planning to build an app like Zepto for your Grocery Business, then it is crucial to know the competitors and their USP. So, we have compiled the best grocery delivery apps that you can take as a reference.


Apps Like Zepto

Available platform Features    Download



Android | iOS

Schedule delivery for a time that’s convenient for you.

Track your order in real time.

Communicate with your Instacart shopper directly.




Android | iOS

Largest employee-owned supermarket chain

Known for its high quality products

Publix offers online shopping and delivery services

1M+ 4.8
Shipt Android | iOS Plan for same-day delivery, prompt payment, and a gratuity for the delivery person.

Access to member-only discounts

mPerks and reward schemes

With go-to grocery lists, you can save time and place orders.


1M+ 4.6
Wolt Android | iOS Track your order in real time.

Pay with cash or card.

Get notifications about your order.

Leave feedback for restaurants and stores.

Use promo codes to save money.


10M+ 4.3
Kroger Android | iOS One of the largest grocery retailers in the United States

Offers a wide variety of products, including groceries

Known for its commitment to sustainability





1. Instacart

Delivery of groceries can vary from a few minutes to several days, depending on the service you choose.




Instacart is proud to offer delivery within an hour—an app like Instacart partners with national and local retailers who deliver groceries all over the U.S. The retailers available will vary depending on where you are, but the fast delivery is well worth it.


2. Publix

Publix is an app that makes grocery shopping easier. The app allows users to clip coupons digitally, view their weekly ads, create shopping lists, and order groceries.




The app also gives users access to their Publix accounts, where they are able to manage their prescriptions and view their purchase history. They can also earn rewards. Build a grocery delivery app like Publix to provide users with a convenient and rewarding grocery shopping experience.


3. Shipt

Shipt works with local and national retail partners to deliver groceries, household items, and beverages in just one day.




Shipt is currently only available in the United States. Apps like Shipt cover more than 5,000 different cities, including Birmingham, San Francisco, and Austin.


4. Wolt

Wolt, a food-delivery app, operates in 23 countries across Europe, Asia and Africa. Wolt works with more than 40,000 restaurants in order to deliver food directly to the customers’ offices or homes.




The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Additionally, with the huge demand and popularity of grocery delivery apps, you must invest to build an app like Wolt


5. Kroger

Kroger’s app allows you to save time and money when you shop at Kroger.




You can use the Kroger app to create shopping lists, clip coupons, and order groceries. You can earn fuel points and track your progress toward Kroger Rewards.


How Does Zepto Make Money?

Zepto, grocery delivery apps, have revolutionized the way we shop for essentials. It is a prominent player in this arena and has not only streamlined the grocery shopping experience but has also crafted a robust revenue model. Let’s explore the mechanisms behind Zepto’s financial success.


Build an App Like Zepto


1. Surcharge on the Dark Stores

Dark stores are required to pay a registration fee in order to be registered with the application. The registration fee is payable quarterly or annually. The Zepto-like app charges a minimal cost, ensuring that the stores have no problems working with these solutions.


2. Delivery Charges

Apps can earn money by charging basic delivery fees on orders that don’t meet minimum shopping limits. People don’t always make large orders. They prefer to pay for a small delivery fee rather than delay the order.


3. Members Fees

They can make a lot of money with the basic membership fees, which cover discounts and rewards for the products in the application.


4. Sponsor Ads

Sponsored advertisements targeting similar audiences provide a portion of revenue. Earn money by collaborating with services that are targeting your audience.

The business model is similar to Zepto and can be used for generating revenue. Your idea can become a reality if you have the right team of mobile app developers on your side.


Cost to Build an App Like Zepto

The grocery app development cost that delivers groceries depends on a number of factors, including the features you wish to include, your choice of platform, and the location of the target market.

You can expect to pay between $10,000-$15,000 for a basic app. If you wish to add additional features to your app or have it launched in different locations, expect to pay between $16,000-$25,000. 

 To estimate the time required for your app solution, go to the table below, which shows the approximate time needed by developers to build an app like Zepto. Examine it out.


Function Approx Hours
UI/UX design 50 Hours
Front-end and Back-end development 350 Hours
Technical documentation 40 Hours
MVP testing 70 Hours
Maintaining and bug fixing 40 Hours


If you want to get a precise mobile app development cost estimation for Zepto application development, consult an expert who has years of expertise, like Dev Technosys.


Build an App Like Zepto


Ready to Build Your Grocery App Like Zepto?

In this blog, we have covered the unique features, the steps to build an app like Zepto, as well as the monetization strategy and development cost of the Zepto grocery shopping app. The next step is to find a grocery delivery app development company like Dev Technosys.

We can assist you in cross-checking any grocery delivery app ideas you may have. We are an experienced iPhone and Android app development firm. We have expertise creating applications and websites for multiple platforms, including Android and iOS.

All you need to do is share your requirements with us and our qualified developers will build an app like Zepto with the latest technologies.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. How Long Does it Take to Build An App Like Zepto?

The time to build an app like Zepto depends on complexity, features, and team efficiency. On average, it may take from 2-4 months to 5-7 months or more for development, testing, and deployment, considering the design, coding, and iteration phases.


2. How Does A Grocery Delivery App Like Zepto Work?

To know the working mechanism of a grocery delivery app like Zepto, you need to follow the below steps

  • User Registration: Customers create an account on Zepto.
  • Product Selection: Users browse and select groceries on the app.
  • Checkout: Customers add chosen items to the cart and proceed to checkout.
  • Payment: Users make online payments.
  • Delivery: Zepto processes the order and delivers groceries to the user’s specified location.
  • Feedback: Users provide feedback on the delivered items and overall service.


3.   Why Invest in Grocery Delivery App Development?

Investing in grocery delivery app development offers a lucrative opportunity by tapping into the growing demand for convenient, online shopping. With the increasing reliance on digital services, a well-designed app can enhance customer experience, streamline operations, etc.


4. What are the Benefits Of Online Grocery Delivery App Development? 

The benefits of online grocery delivery app development include convenience, time-saving, and a wide product selection. It enhances customer experience with personalized recommendations, easy navigation, and secure transactions. Retailers benefit from increased reach, customer loyalty, and operational efficiency.