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Fintech mobile app development is progressing with rocket speed, and multiple apps are in the market. Millions of users prefer fintech mobile apps for performing banking, payment, and other financial activities. More than 80% of users confirmed that fintech apps helped them to have updated information about banking & finance and for seamless payment.

After COVID-19, there has been a massive hike in digital payments or contactless payments, in which fintech apps have played a crucial role. Now finance apps are working like full-scale platforms instead of complementary channels.

The fintech brands are leveraging their online presence on the mobile app platforms such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store. That is one of the reasons behind the blooming of fintech app development services.

Some fintech apps gain a fanbase by offering unique features such as mobile payment apps like Cash App. This app facilitates the users with not only the send and spending but also they can buy stocks or bitcoin accordingly.

The Cash App facilitates the users:

  • To Pay Instantly
  • Save on everyday spending
  • Easy banking options
  • Buy, sell, and receive Bitcoin
  • Investment in Stocks

And more functionalities.

Moreover, apps like Cash App facilitate several users to manage their finances effectively. From the market point of view, these types of apps encourage custom fintech app development.

You will be surprised to know that in 2021, the cash app generated $12.3 billion in revenue, and 81% of revenue is due to Bitcoin, making it a fantastic reference to develop a fintech app.  

There might be a question in your mind – How many people will be using Cash App in 2022? Then its answer is 44 million users(monthly active).

We have created this blog to share exciting information about mobile payment apps like Cash App. So, let’s start exploring this blog by reading basic information about what it is and how it works.

What Is A Cash App And How Does It Works?


Apps Like Cash


The application of Apps like Cash App is simple: it is a peer-to-peer payment app that allows users to transfer the amount to their users or accounts. They can invest in stocks and Bitcoins. Additionally, Cash App also helps users to file taxes at no charge.

FDIC, aka Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, provides security to the bank account, and Cash App Investing LLC provides investment services as a broker-dealer registered under SEC, aka Securities And Exchange Commission. The exciting fact about Cash App is that it is a mobile payment or financial platform instead of a bank. Yes, but it is available with partner banks and offers banking services with the help of its banking partners.

Regarding investment, a user can invest as low as $1. The users buy stocks in the form of fractional shares. Including stocks, customers can sell, buy, and transfer Bitcoin through the app, which makes them earn a good profit based on their decision.

All these features make Cash App a one-stop destination for all types of financial services. Now the next section of this blog is dedicated to the working of apps like Cash App.

Among multiple apps, apps like PayPal and Venmo are their strong competitors.

The next section is dedicated to the working of the Cash App. So, let’s move to it.

How Exactly Does Cash App Work?

It might be the question of most of the readers of how a cash app works. Now let’s understand it’s working via steps. To use apps like Cash App, first, you need to download(Google Play Store or Apple App Store) and install it on your device. Then the next step is to sign up on the app.

1. How to Create an Account On Cash App?

The following steps represent how you can create an account on Cash App.

  • Use the mobile payment Cash App to transfer or receive money, invest in stock and buy or sell Bitcoins. Launch the Cash app, and enter your phone number and email.
  • Enter OTP or secret code received via email or phone number and verify your account.
  • The next crucial step is connecting the debit card with the app and providing essential details.
  • Pick a unique username, and enter your zip code.


Apps Like Cash

2. How To Add The Cash To Cash App?

Here are the steps that you can use to add funds to the Cash App.


Apps Like Cash

  • Login into the app.
  • Tap on the bank icon and navigate to the banking option.
  • Select add cash button, enter the amount and add the cash.

3. Money Transfer And Received

Suppose you need to receive or transfer the money to another account or some of your friends. So, the following steps you can use.

Apps Like Cash


  • Tap on the main screen and enter the amount that is supposed $10
  • Search for a $Cashtag, Phone number, or e-mail address.
  • Add a note for reference.
  • Tapp accepts or sends and completes the transaction.

4. How to withdraw cash from the account using the Cash App?

The Cash app allows users to withdraw the amount with ease. The following steps will help you to do it quickly.


Apps Like Cash


  • Navigate to the cash app balance tab and tap on the banking tab.
  • Select the cash-out button
  • Enter the amount, tap the cash out button, and withdraw the amount.

5. How to Buy, Sell or Send Bitcoin Using Mobile Payment Cash App?

Bitcoin is known as a signature currency for cryptocurrency. Apps like Cash App facilitates users to buy or sell Bitcoins at their comfort. Here are some easy steps to follow.


Apps Like Cash


  • Select the Bitcoin icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • On-screen, it will show a Bitcoin value graph and Bitcoin balance.
  • Tap on the options such as buy, sell or send.

6. How To Invest On The Cash App?

Investing some portion of the money is always the right decision to utilize the funds appropriately. The mobile payment apps like Cash Apps offer multiple options to invest your money. The best part is you do not need to invest more amount; you can buy fractions of shares (tiny pieces of stocks).


Apps Like Cash


  • Tap on the investment tab and choose investment options.
  • Explore the possibilities of investments and choose accordingly.

Apps like Cash App represent the concept of new-gen fintech mobile app development, and fintech companies are trying to produce unique apps to lure customers and generate good revenue.

If you are looking to develop a mobile banking app or fintech app, taking reference of Cash App is the right idea. But wait! For brighter insight, it is best to read some key stats about mobile payment apps like CASH. Let’s move forward to the next section of this blog.


The Key Stats You Need To Know About Apps Like Cash Apps?

Here are the key stats you need to look at while developing a mobile payment app like Cash App or any other fintech mobile app. So, let’s start reading some interesting stats.

  • In 2021, the app earned a net profit of $2.03 Billion.
  • The Cash App’s annual revenue in 2018 was 0.4 billion, which will grow to 12.3 billion in 2021.
  • In 2020, the annual Bitcoin revenue was 4.57 billion USD, which turned $10.2 in 2021.
  • USA users mostly use the Cash App.
  • Venmo and PayPal are considered strong competitors.
  • 7 Million users use Cash App debit card

These above are some key statistics of Cash App. Including these here are some key stats referring to Statista about fintech app development that you also need to look at.

  • The share of USA citizens using digital banking will be 65.3% by 2022.
  • The fintech market’s largest segment is digital payments, with a transaction value of $8,488 billion in 2022.
  • Digital payment users are expected to reach 5,480 million by 2027.
  • By 2022, the total transaction value of the digital payment segment (Fintech – Europe) is estimated to reach $1552 billion.


Apps Like Cash

Reason That Makes Cash App Popular

Several reasons make apps like Cash App popular among users. Offering convenience and making money transfers easy are the key reasons behind the popularity of apps like Cash App. Although there are some other reasons as well, let’s read them one by one.

Apps Like Cash

  • Easy Payment Options: it offers the fastest cash transfer for peer-to-peer-payment. For money transfers, users only need to enter their name and amount.


  • No-Fee For Basic Services: the app does not charge any fee for using basic services. Ex: money transfer, inactivity fee, foreign transactions.


  • Investment In Stocks At No Cost: one of the best things about Cash App is there is no commission fee for investing in the stocks.


  • Compatibility For Bitcoin Trade: Cash App is super compatible with Bitcoin trading. Users can buy or sell Bitcoins with ease.


  • Optional Free Debit Card: users can opt for a free debit card by Cash App. Once a direct deposit is set up, users can perform free ATM withdrawals.


  • Cash Withdrawal: from the Cash App, users can easily withdraw amounts with a single tap on the screen.


  • Money Saving: users have exclusive discounts via purchasing through Cash App and from listed vendors on the app.


  • Referral Bonus: on referring friends, there is a cash bonus of $5 on each referral once signed up by the referred persons.

What is The Cost of Peer To Peer Payment App?

Steps To Build A Mobile Payment App Like A Cash App?

For developing apps like Cash App, you need to implement a fail-proof strategy and steps that can lead you to a final result in the form of a mobile payment app. For the best results, you can take help from fintech app developers. Let’s traverse the steps one by one.


Apps Like Cash

● Requirement Collection And Analysis

Although it is the first step, it is more crucial. For developing a P2P payment app like Cash App, it is always best to collect the requirements of what exactly you need in an app. It includes functional, non-functional, UI/UX requirements, and others.

The App’s Architecture

The Cash App’s model is a standalone service with its own payment system. Other mobile payment apps like Zain Cash, PayPal, and Venmo are also based on it. So, here you also need to decide about it. An experienced fintech app development company can help you with it.

Features Shortlisting    

Once you have decided on the requirements and architecture of the app, then the next step is to shortlist the features you want to include in your app.

UX/UI Design

UX/UI plays a crucial role in customer engagement. UX/UI components decide the app’s look and feel, so you must choose it carefully.

App Development

App development refers to developing frontend and backend components and combining them into a single unit. It is cost-saving, and its testing is easy. The best way is MVP development.

Test Your App

Now test your app based on security parameters and functionality as it will be related to the payments, so it must possess high security and bug-free functionalities.

MVP And Its Feedback

Once the designing and development are over, it’s time to launch MVP versions. You can leverage it as a beta version and get real-time feedback from users. Later you can make, based on this feedback, launch the final version of mobile payment apps like the Cash app.


Apps Like Cash

Top Apps Like Cash App

If you are looking to build a mobile payment app like Cash App, then it is also better to know about other top apps like Cash App. These apps facilitate users to pay for their purchases, money transfer, and other fintech activities seamlessly. The best part about these apps is most applications are available on both platforms, such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store. So, here are some of the best payment apps.


PayPal Verified Logos, Icons, Images - PayPal Logo Center


It is one of the popular payment platforms that are available on mobile and the web. The users can send or receive money online via the website or mobile app. Apps like PayPal are one of the best ideas to implement for business.


Apps Like Cash


Zelle is known as one of the most secure apps for mobile payments compared to the other apps. The reason is without verification, it does not allow any transaction, and information remains encrypted.


Apps Like Cash


The Venmo app is nearly similar to the Cash App, or when it comes to finding what other apps like Cash App exist? Venmo is the first answer to it. With the Venmo app, users can connect their bank account or debit card securely.

Google Pay

Apps Like Cash


Google pay is one of the legendary payment apps that is liked by millions of users.  App like Google Pay work on the concept of tap & pay. The best part is that you can unlock the app with a fingerprint.


Apps Like Cash


The wise app is specially designed to make money transfers easy. This app is empowered by social graph technology, allowing users to transfer money in a blaze.


Apps Like Cash


Revolut is a mobile app that provides a digital banking service for people to manage their money. It also includes a contactless card with no fees for spending abroad.

Meta Pay

Apps Like Cash


One of the newly launched mobile payment apps launched by tech giant Metaverse earlier, Facebook. Earlier, Meta Pay was known as Facebook Pay. It works best with Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Messenger.


Apps Like Cash


It works on a similar concept to PayPal and allows you to receive payment from any part of the world. Payoneer users can send or receive money in multi-currency and deposit or withdraw money to their bank account.

Xoom Money Transfer

Apps Like Cash


Xoom is a US-based app, and 40 million people worldwide are using it. It is one of the apps produced by the company that owns PayPal. Including money transfers, users can pay bills online.


Apps Like Cash


When creating a list of apps like Cash App, Paysend is one of the apps you can consider. It also provides cashback to the sender and receiver.


Apps Like Cash

The Final Thoughts

Mobile payment is one of the innovative ways to transfer funds from one account to another with the help of an application such as Cash App, PayPal, Google Pay, or more. This blog is about mobile payment apps like Cash App, one of the most popular apps and trusted by nearly 44 million users worldwide. This app is an inspirational model for creating an online payment app for generating revenue.

If you want to develop an app on a similar model, hire dedicated developers with experience in fintech mobile app development. They will help you to create unique mobile payment applications.