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“Fantasy sports is like chess for the armchair quarterbacks.”

– Rick Pitino.


Fantasy sports have become a massive cultural phenomenon, captivating millions of sports enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you’re a football fanatic, a basketball buff, or a baseball fan, there’s a fantasy sports app to fuel your competitive spirit. Sleeper, a rising star in this arena, has taken the fantasy sports experience to a new level, redefining how we interact with our favorite sports.

If you’re an entrepreneur or a passionate sports fan with a vision to create your fantasy app like Sleeper, one of the first questions on your mind is likely, “How much will it cost to build a fantasy app like Sleeper?” The average cost to build a fantasy app will be around $10000-$25000 or even more. However, this estimate can fluctuate based on your specific requirements and ambitions.

We’ll go over the main factors that affect the costs of developing a fantasy sports app in this blog, providing details on every aspect that goes into the total cost.

What is a Sleeper App?

Sleeper is an application for fantasy sports fans. It is a popular platform for managing fantasy sports, especially fantasy football. These apps include features such as player statistics, draft management, and social interaction between league members.


Sleeper Fantasy Sports


Sleeper apps and other similar fantasy mobile apps like Dream11 are designed to improve the fantasy sports experience for users by providing unique features, real-time updates, and a community that encourages them to compete in leagues against friends and fellow

Why Must Businesses Invest in Fantasy App Development?


Invest in Fantasy App Development


  • Fantasy football was the most popular fantasy sport in the United States in 2022.
  • The online fantasy sports market is expected to reach 9.48 billion dollars in the U.S. by 2022.
  • The number of fantasy sports players in the U.S. has steadily increased between 2015 and 2022. By 2022, there will be 50.4 million fantasy sports players in the United States.
  • A survey was conducted between January 3rd, 2023, and January 8th of the following year to determine how many adults in the United States wager on daily fantasy sports.
  • Dream11, the biggest fantasy football sleeper app and real-money gaming company in India during the fiscal year of 2022, with revenues exceeding 38 billion Indian Rupees.
  • A 2022 survey found that fantasy football was the preferred fantasy sport for season-long fantasy players in North America.

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Cost to Build a Fantasy App Like Sleeper

The cost to develop fantasy sports mobile apps is influenced by many factors. Budgets are influenced by the complexity of the app, its features, and where the development team is located.

Costs for building such an application can range from $10000 up to $25000. A basic app that has minimal features can cost $10000-$15000, while a fully-featured application like sleeper costs around $25000.


App Complexity Time Duration Cost Estimation
Simple App 2-3 months $8000-$15000
Medium App 4-6 months $16000-$20000
Complex App 9 months $25000 or more


These numbers are only estimates that may change based on the complexity of the features you need and the hourly rate of your development team. These are only estimates for the cost to build fantasy sports app like Sleeper and do not include maintenance costs. However, if you want to develop a website, then you must know the fantasy sports website development cost can be around $8000-$16000.

A great app will provide users with an engaging and rich experience. Working with a qualified team of fantasy sports app developers and defining the requirements for your app will help you to get a better estimate on overall cost to develop fantasy sports apps like sleeper.

Factors Affecting the Cost to Build a Fantasy App Like Sleeper

A fantasy sports application’s development is a multi-step, intricate process with hundreds of components. These components may significantly affect how much it costs to Build a fantasy sports app like Sleeper.

Comprehending these variables will facilitate your comprehension of their influence on the development expenses of a Fantasy Sports application. Below, we’ll talk about each component that is given by a mobile application development company.



Factors That Affect Fantasy Sports App Development Cost

1. App Platform

Before you begin creating a mobile application, choose the platform you want to employ. The two most widely used platforms for app development are Android and iOS. Every platform has pros and cons of its own. The platform you choose will rely on the requirements and tastes of your project.

Cross-platform app development or hybrid app design is the best choice if you want to develop an app that can be used on both platforms, without having to create two separate apps. This factor should be considered when determining custom football app development cost.


2. Tech Stack

Several technologies are used in the construction of the application, depending on the project’s specifications. Metaverse, IoT and AR/VR are examples of technologies that have a significant impact on an app’s performance as well as the sleeper fantasy football cost.

The type of programming language used in an app can also influence the cost. So, it is crucial to take assistance from on demand app development solutions that can help in choosing the best technology for your app development.


3. Sports Apps Types

The kind of fantasy sports app you choose to develop will also determine how much it will cost. Every sports app has a unique cost. Because the features you want included in each sport are different, you cannot expect a mobile app development company to charge the same fee for a fantasy football app and a fantasy cricket app.

Many other sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball, and golf also have similar requirements. In-built features and requirements will vary depending on the sport. The cost of the app will vary depending on the sport you select.


4. App Maintenance

Costs associated with designing Sleeper fantasy app can also be significantly impacted by app maintenance. A fantasy software needs frequent bug repairs, server maintenance, technical support, and the creation of new features.

Therefore, setting aside money for app maintenance early in the fantasy cricket app development process is crucial to ensuring that the app remains safe, current, and offers customers a flawless experience.


5. App Features

One of the most significant elements influencing the price of developing a dream app is this. Numerous features and functionalities make football app development challenging. Imagine that the more features you have in your fantasy sports app, the more complicated it is and the longer it takes to develop.


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Top 5 Fantasy Apps like Sleeper

If you are looking to develop a gaming app like Sleeper, then you must know its competitors and their USP. So, we have jotted down the top apps like Sleeper for our reference.


Top Fantasy Apps

Available Platform



ESPN Android | iOS 50M+ 4.4
CBS Sports Fantasy Android | iOS 1M+ 3.0
Fleaflicker Android | iOS 50K+ 3.3
NFL Fantasy Android | iOS 5M+ 3.1
Yahoo Android | iOS 10M+ 4.3


We recommend a fantasy sports app like ESPN Games, whether you are a fantasy veteran, or preparing for your first season. It is a full-featured, robust fantasy-sports service with an intuitive interface and many customization options.

By far, it’s the most popular platform. A poll commissioned by FSGA found that 43% of fantasy sports players use ESPN Fantasy Games regularly. That’s 13% higher than Yahoo Fantasy, which was the second-closest option in the poll.


● CBS Sports Fantasy

CBS Sports Fantasy offers two levels: a free tier with limited customization (you are stuck with a 12-team sleeper fantasy league with standard scoring rules) or a $150 paid level that gives you all the customization features found on platforms such as Yahoo and our pick. We can’t justify spending $150 on a service that offers these features for free.


● Fleaflicker

Fleaflicker, a simple, football-only application, offers many of the same features as our top pick. It is a functional platform with a simple interface, but it could be intimidating to some players. Its $25 barrier conceals a wealth of analysis, which may further reduce its beginner-friendliness.


● NFL Fantasy

NFL Fantasy is owned by the actual league. However, it does not match our top pick. It has a lot of customization options and provides current information. The platform also offers some automation features, which allow players to set lineups automatically and optimize their teams based on projected results. However, these features are not necessary for most players or commissioners.


● Yahoo

Yahoo Fantasy, according to the FSGA’s data, is the second most popular fantasy sports platform. It offers a customizable, robust platform similar to ESPN. The interface is extremely easy to use and presents useful information. It also has projections and automation tools, as well as draft tools.


Essential Features to Build a Fantasy App Like Sleeper

Your fantasy sports app’s features and functionality are at the core of the user-experience. These features are what users use to interact with your app, and their complexity and number can have a significant impact on both the development time and cost. Here are some features that you may find in your app and their costs.


● User Registration

Almost every application has the feature of user registration. At this point, you should only request the information that you absolutely require. For the fantasy sports app it’s details such as the user’s personal number, their email address, and unique username.


● Landing Page

Users are sent to the landing page after finishing the registration process. They are able to see the sports being played here. Users can search for items using the filters based on their preferences. Sport, date, and kind of match, tournament, etc. are some of the criteria.


● Contest Details

Through the fantasy sports apps like FanDuel, Sleeper etc, users may see the specifics of the competitions in which they have taken part. Users may filter information in this area according to a number of criteria, such as contest type, ranges, sizes, number of winners, winning amount, and entry costs.


● Join Contest

This feature integration in fantasy sleeper apps is crucial to get users to join the contest. Users are required to pay a fixed fee to play the fantasy sports game.


Features to Build a Fantasy App Like Sleeper


● Profile Setting

An even more significant aspect of the Sleeper android app is its ability to uniquely identify players. Users may add names, photographs, and other details to personalize their profiles. Users may examine account data, transaction histories, bonuses, referrals, reward points, and other information in this section in addition to updating their profile.


● Virtual Reality for Drafting

You can join your friends in a virtual reality draft room for fantasy football. Users can communicate and pick players in an immersive environment.


● Voice Assistant Integration

Users can manage their fantasy teams using popular voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. So, if you want to integrate such advanced features when you create a mobile app like Sleeper, you must know that it can affect the development cost.


● Augmented Reality for Avatars Customization

Users can create their own team avatars with AR technology and view them on the sleeper fantasy website. Users can also share their custom avatars to other league members.


● Social Media Integration

Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can be integrated with the platform to allow users to compete and share information about their fantasy teams with friends. Thus, if you want a social media integration in your app, then consider hiring an iOS developer.


● Fantasy Football Chatbots

Chatbots are a great way to help users find their way around the platform, and can also answer questions regarding their leagues. It offers users real-time support and responses.


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How Does A Fantasy App Like Sleeper Make Money?

Like many other fantasy sports apps, Sleeper generates revenue through several key methods. Let’s have a look at them:


● Ad Revenue

Sleeper may display ads within its app. These ads can come in various forms, such as banner ads, video ads, or sponsored content. Advertisers pay Sleeper to promote their products or services to the app’s user base. The more users the app has, the more attractive it becomes to advertisers.


● Premium Subscriptions

Sleeper often offers premium subscription plans for fantasy sports enthusiasts. These subscriptions usually come with additional features and tools that can enhance the user’s experience. These features might include in-depth player statistics, draft analysis, or early access to certain content. Users pay a recurring fee for these premium services, providing a steady source of income for the app.


● In-App Purchases

Sleeper may offer in-app purchases, such as virtual goods or customizations for users’ fantasy leagues. These can include special avatars, digital collectibles, or unique league customization options. These small purchases can add up and contribute to the app’s revenue.


● Commission on Cash Leagues

Some fantasy sports platforms allow users to participate in cash leagues, where they can win real money based on their fantasy team’s performance. Sleeper might take a small percentage of the entry fees or winnings from these cash leagues, acting as a commission. This helps generate income while providing an incentive for users to play for real money.


● Sponsorships and Partnerships

Sleeper can partner with sports-related brands, teams, or media outlets for promotional activities. These partnerships might involve co-branded events, contests, or exclusive content. In return, Sleeper receives financial support or a share of the profits from these collaborations.



You’re done! This guide to the cost of fantasy app development should have given you an idea of what to expect in terms of budgeting and cost control.

You can now build a fantasy app like Sleeper with the assistance of an Android app development company, regardless of whether you are a fantasy sports expert or a novice. Prepare yourself for a thrilling journey through the world of fantasy sports app development.


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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How to Build a Fantasy App Like Sleeper?

To build a fantasy app like Sleeper, follow these key steps:

  • Research and choose a specific sport.
  • Develop a user-friendly interface for drafting and managing teams.
  • Implement real-time scoring and updates.
  • Add social features for community interaction.
  • Monetize through ads, in-app purchases, or premium subscriptions.
  • Test thoroughly and launch on multiple platforms.

2. How Long Does it Take to Build a Fantasy App Like Sleeper?

The time to build a fantasy app like Sleeper can vary significantly based on the complexity and features desired. Generally, it may take 2-3 months to a year or more, depending on the development team’s size and experience, as well as the specific functionalities and design goals of the app.


3. What are the Advanced Features to Build a Fantasy App Like Sleeper?

To build a fantasy app like Sleeper, consider advanced features like integrated chat and league-wide communication, real-time player updates, personalized content recommendations, customizable scoring systems, and AI-driven player insights.

Additionally, incorporate unique social and community features to enhance user engagement and offer innovative drafting options for a more immersive fantasy sports experience. So, to integrate such features in your app, then you must hire sleeper fantasy app developers.

4. What Are the Benefits of Creating a Fantasy App Like Sleeper?

Creating a fantasy sports app like Sleeper offers benefits like engaging users with unique features, promoting social interaction, and enhancing user retention through innovative game play elements. The Sleeper web app can also generate revenue through advertising, in-app purchases, and partnerships with sports leagues, making it a lucrative business opportunity.

5. How to Reduce the Cost to Develop a Fantasy App Like Sleeper?

To reduce the cost of developing a fantasy app like Sleeper, consider using open-source tools, leveraging cloud services, outsourcing development to cost-effective regions, and prioritizing essential features. Use agile development to iterate efficiently and minimize unnecessary expenses.