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Here we are going to discuss, how to develop a roommate finder app, features and more.

Who would have thought that finding a roommate would be as easy as ordering groceries from a mobile gadget? Technology has amazed us all by creating the best roommate finder apps.

As we all know, renting is becoming increasingly common among people, while owning a home is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s market. However, with the increasing demand for horse renting, the chances of finding suitable roommates have become problematic.

Finding a good roommate is not easy; occasionally, even a friend could make a lousy housemate. Finding the ideal companion is difficult. But in this modern era, technology has expanded its wings to grow better and develop software that helps people connect to find a housemate.

According to your filter search, numerous software developments known as Best Roommate Finder Apps will help you get a housemate.

In this blog, we have gathered some more information that will help you create your fascinating roommate finder app.

We have covered almost everything that required you to believe why you must invest in building a roommate finder app. So sit back and read this entire blog for a better understanding.


What Is A Roommate Finder App?


What Is A Roommate Finder App?


A roommate finder app is a software application with several exacting features and functions that help its users find potential flatmates according to their demands. These applications help people connect over apps to know better and have the capability to live together.


List of Some Amazing Roommate Finder Apps

Below we have compiled a list of the top 6 most popular roommate finder apps across the globe, which you must go through to understand how you can give competition to them.


Top 6 Roommate Finder App Platform Availability Downloads
Trulia Real Estate Android | iOS 10+ Million



RoomEasy Android | iOS 10K+


Roommates By Roomster Android | iOS 1 Million +


RoomMaters: Compatible Living For Roommates Android | iOS 10K+


SpareRoom Android | iOS 100K+



Flatastic – The Roommate App Android | iOS 100K+



How To Develop a Roommate Finder App?

It would help if you learned about the step-by-step guide to building a roommate finder app. In this section, we have covered almost every step to help you create your best roommate finder app.


How To Develop a Roommate Finder App?


1. Perform Market & Competitor Research

When developing any mobile application, it is crucial to research the market. Every mobile app has pros and cons, so whichever you choose, you must know everything about it.

After market research, it is essential to know the competitor’s market growth by reviewing their strategies. The initial development stage will take maximum time in the development process as it concerns overall development success.


2. Choose the Application’s Type

In this step, you must decide which platform you want your application to launch. Based on your platform choice, the next development step will be taken.

However, several mobile applications were developed on both platforms to get a massive user base and engagement on their mobile application. So you can decide between android or ios or both platforms to develop your best roommate finder app.


3. UI & UX Design

In this step, you must go through market research to develop unique strategies to increase user engagement on your mobile app.

Any mobile application’s UX/UI design is the core asset that automatically grabs user attention and engages it for so long. In this step, it is vital to remember that you’re coming up with something new and enhancing to become the most popular roommate finder app.


4. Features & Functions

Now the time has come when you must analyze what features and how many features and functions you want to add to your roommate finder app.

It is essential to choose the features and functions suitable as they will be the ones to take your mobile app highlights out of many with uniqueness. Your app features must differ from your competitors to become the advanced function housemate finder app.


5. Development of Application

It is not the last step of developing a roommate finder app but the most important one. After having a list of features and functions in your hand, hiring a dedicated developers team is essential to help you build the most fantastic sharing app for roommates.

It is essential to know that hiring the best mobile app developer will offer you a successful mobile app with leads. After hiring, you must set up a meeting to provide them with every initial requirement from your application so they can note and perform steps wisely.

The development may take a few months; however, it is crucial to be in touch with the mobile app development team to avoid miscommunication during the development process. You can also get help choosing your app’s UI/UX and features with a team of skilled designers to help you choose the best and most convenient features for your project.


6. Testing & Launch

Last but not least, testing & launch. Testing is a crucial step after the development process as it helps analyze errors and bugs in mobile applications that can be fixed before launch.

It is essential to test the app before the launch, as it can ruin the first impression. However, after testing now, you can launch your app and promote it on several other social media platforms.


Develop a Roommate Finder App


Incredible Features To Add to Roommate Finder App

As you must know the development step now, you must go through some fantastic features you should add to your sharing app for roommates. So make sure to read this section carefully.


1. User Registration

Users can access the roommate finder app development features after using their social network accounts or email addresses to create a profile.


2. Modify Profile

Users may quickly access and change their profile in the app according to current demands. The adjustments can be made and saved.


3. Home Page

It is a crucial feature that is a must in roommate finder app development. Users can go through the home screen app features like the apartments, owner’s profile, locations, number of apartments, and many more. Users can access all information in detail.


4. Filters

With the help of this feature, customers may search for preferences related to their budget, how many rooms they want to share, the sort of house they want, and the dates they are prepared to move in


5. Google Map

Users of the on demand app development can browse and discuss further details with the app owner while viewing the current location on the integrated Google Map function.


6. Search Filter

This feature will help users quickly search for roommates on the app by criteria such as price range, availability dates, number of roommates, and apartment photos.


7. Users Preferences

This feature will help users to view neighbouring apartments or the best roommates based on their interests. It will also allow them to identify potential matches and email them quickly.


8. Apartment Display

This feature will help users review all photographs of the available apartments for rent and various views, types, locations, and monthly rent amounts.


9. Chat Box

The best feature of the app is that it allows users to communicate with each other. Users seeking an apartment can easily communicate with owners or users who have listed their apartment data.


10. List of Potential Housemates

Users of the roommates app can search for various roommates based on their preferences. However, this feature will help users to select the best matches and put them on a shortlist before sending them emails to continue contact.


How Much Does It Cost To Build a Roommate Finding App?

Please read the information below if you intend to build an on demand app development but are unsure about the cost estimate.

The development cost is not known with certainty. It is vital to know that the cost of finding a roommate app varies between $8,000 to $25,000, from simple to complex.

It’s essential to be aware of the various elements that influence how much it costs to develop a roommate finder app. The elements that affect how much it costs to create a finder app are listed below.


1. Type of App

The main factor influencing app development costs is the type of app. The table below shows how various types can affect development costs.

  Type of App Time   Estimate Cost
Simple App Development             3-6 months $10,000 to $15,000
Complex App Development More than 15 months


$15,000 to $25,000+



2. Features and Functions

Adding numerous features and complicated functions can also affect the development cost. But when creating a finding a roommate app, it’s essential to provide identical features and capabilities, which could raise the cost of app development. The intricacy and the number of features will significantly raise the cost.


3. UI/UX Design

It could be more expensive to build a find a roommate app development

because you might need to integrate a similar UI/UX or other features. The development cost may increase if you hire expensive designers to create this app that you desire to stand out from the crowd.


4. Development Team

The development team’s frequent turnover often raises the development cost. Understanding that more than 1000 hours are required to develop a roommate finder app is crucial. The development cost will rise, boosting developers’ hourly rates. The hourly rate developers charge to create a roommate finder app is listed below.

  • US developers charge $150 per hour squared.
  • The typical wage in Eastern Europe is $50 per hour.
  • The standard rate in India is $20 per hour.


5. App Platform

Depending on the development platform you select, the development cost will rise. The cost of creating an iOS app will be slightly more than that of creating an Android app.

Always inquire about the hourly rates used by your development company to determine the cost of each platform. Therefore, the criteria listed above were advantageous to you in estimating the price of creating apps for housemates. However, you must work with specialized programmers if you still have a concept.


Develop a Roommate Finder App


Tech Stack To Create Roommate-Finding Apps

Without knowing about the potential tech stack that creates find a roommate app development, you won’t be able to get the best results in roommate-finding app development.

So to offer you a guide, we have made a list of the tech stack that will help you create your roommate app.


Functions Techs Stack
Back-End Node.js
Mobile Application Tech Stack


Swift (iOS)

Kotlin (Android)

React Native


Database MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgres, MailChimp Integration
Real-Time Notification Socket io
Cloud environment AWS
Utility Program






Location Services Google Maps

Google Places

Google Directions


In a Nutshell!

Hopefully, you liked this blog, and now you have everything you need to know about the development of roommate or housemate finder apps. We tried to comprehend everything possible in this blog to assist you in the development of on demand solutions for the roommate app.

However, now the time has come when you must know that any mobile app development isn’t successful without a team of the best developers.

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How Long Does It Take to Build a Housemate Finder App?

It’s critical to be advised that the roommate finding app development will take 10 to 15 months. The cost to develop an app to find roommates will depend on several factors, including the project’s duration, complexity, size, and platform type.


2. How Can I Monetize My Roommate Finding App?

Each roommate finder software needs a method of revenue generation. These roommate finder applications have a business model they use to generate revenue. You should adhere to the following procedures for monetization:

  • Advertising
  • Subscription fee
  • Commission of the rent


3. How To Hire the Software Development Company to Create a Roommate Finding App?

You could be aware that choosing a company to create mobile applications is a difficult task. It would be best if you completed a few crucial duties. We’ve supplied some information below to assist you in making your choice of the best mobile development companies for your next roommate-finding app project.

  • Confirm Your Budget.
  • Review the Experience of the App Development Team.
  • Interview the App Dedicated Developers.
  • Contact a Developer or a Company.
  • Hire a Mobile app development company


4. What Are Some Best Social Media Apps For Finding Roommates

Other than these fascinating roommate-finding apps, there are the top 3 apps used as roommate-finders by many individuals across the globe. Here are the top 3 apps you should look at.


Top 3 Social Media Apps Downloads User Base
Reddit 100M+


Over 30 million users are active monthly
Instagram 1B+


Over 2 billion monthly active Instagram users






Over 2.91 billion monthly active users