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Have you ever thought of playing an exciting video game on your smartphone and getting addicted to it like nothing? Well, this is what exactly happened with 2D game app like Pokemon GO. Rather than creating a smooth balance between the real and virtual world, the game has formed super digital entertainment and a social phenomenon within less time.

Even the research states that the US people go out searching for Pocket Monsters – Pokemon. We must say the Niantic, Inc. has done an incredible job and developed a proven and well-thought marketing strategy. The ever-growing popularity of this game has urged many businesses and even startups to create app like Pokemon GO alternatives that are exactly the same.

Are you also planning for game app development like Pokemon GO? If yes, here is a complete guide highlighting everything about Pokemon GO app features, cost, development process, tech stack, and more.


What Is Pokemon GO?

Pokémon GO is a mobile application that links virtual and real-world things so that the former can only be found in specific places. In addition, the most recent Pokemon game modifies an image taken with a smartphone camera and superimposes other features to create an “AR.”

Users of less-powered devices merely see a 3D gaming realm connected to real-world locales without access to augmented reality mode. So, this is what Pokemon GO 2D game development is all about, enriching users with the best gaming experience.


Mobile Gaming Insight


Mobile Gaming Insight


How Does Pokemon GO like Games Work?

For beginners, the app like Pokemon GO game is just a virtual pet requiring training the players need to take care of it. Although this is thrilling, players can join one of the three international teams to compete for territory. Gamers can simply access the animated earth map data with secret street and square names after downloading the gaming app and creating their own character.

These places have genuine objects related to particular Pokémon. The players’ main character imitates the motion and course of someone strolling about in the real world. You will then have the opportunity to encounter Pokémon at random, catch them, and add them to your collection.

It is how app like Pokemon GO work and grab the attention of game lovers. Well, there are ample best games like Pokemon GO that work the same way, but this is one of the most popular ones among all games.


Essential Features of App like Pokemon GO


Essential Features of App like Pokemon GO


An app without exciting features is nothing and won’t be able to grab the attention of the users and bring in the desired revenue. So, focus on implementing the right set of features while planning to develop game app alternatives to Pokemon GO. Here is the list of the best Pokemon GO features to include while developing a game app.


1. Sign-up & Profile Creation

This feature will let the users to sign-up on your gaming app and build a profile. You can integrate social media integrations to make the registration process easier and hassle-free. It is the foremost step of any mobile app development process, so be careful while inserting this feature.


2. Adding Friends

Playing Pokemon GO like games helps the users connect with the other players to bring the engagement level higher. Such features offer an amazing opportunity for users to communicate freely and make strategies to win the battle like a pro. The same features are integrated into the top NFT games to add more excitement to the gaming applications.

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3. Create Events

Whenever the players want to create an event while playing Pokemon GO or celebrate a special event, they can use this exciting feature. It allows players to capture digital collectables that hold special significance. Businesses planning to create mobile games like Pokemon GO shouldn’t avoid inserting this feature as it increases engagement.


4. Geolocation

The Pokemon GO app is solely focused on the native geolocation tools on the device. As the player’s location is required while playing Pokemon GO, you can resist inserting this crucial feature while developing app like Pokemon GO. Mastering such features will help you build an even better Pokemon GO alternative.


5. Clubs

While the Pokemon GO gaming application has gyms where the players can practice, train, and engage in exciting activities, you should include the same in your mobile app. Adding clubs into your gaming app alternatives to Pokemon GO will increase app engagement and result in better business profit.


6. Push Notifications

 With just one tap or click, you can send push notifications to all of your app’s users or a specific subset of them. These alerts are excellent for promoting specific sales, promotions, or discounts while luring inactive users back to your app. Unlike any other mobile application, push notifications are the crucial features of Pokemon Go like games that help to keep the users updated on the application activities.


7. Dashboard

The users, admins, and others can access everything in one place. A user-friendly dashboard is essential to keep the users engaged and get a perfect gaming experience they haven’t thought of.

The list doesn’t end here! The best features of games like Pokemon GO are numerous, but these are the crucial ones that every business owner should incorporate while creating a gaming app. Now the features are revealed to you, why not move to the Pokemon GO game app development process to craft a masterpiece this time?


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Step-by-Step Process to Develop App Like Pokemon GO


Step-by-Step Process to Develop App Like Pokemon GO


Developing a popular gaming app like Pokemon GO isn’t a cakewalk and requires immense expertise and technical knowledge. So, to make the game app development process a little easier and hassle-free for business owners, here we have mentioned the step-by-step mobile app development process they will find handy. If you are also wondering – ‘How to create app like Pokemon GO?’ refer to the following steps.


#1. Game Conceptualization

We all know that Pokemon GO has won the hearts of game players for more than a decade; beating the competition is a hard nut to crack. So, you should develop a unique game app idea and concept highlighting what makes your 2D game development apart from the rest.

Also, define the levels you want in your app, like Pokemon GO. Finalize the characters, power, and omens to make your application more engaging and exciting. But make sure to keep the sequence of events interesting so that you can easily grab the users’ attention.


#2. Choose A Suitable Game Engine

Undoubtedly, it is not a development step but is one of the crucial parts of Pokemon GO alternatives. Just like we can’t imagine a moving train without its engine, running Pokemon GO isn’t possible without its gaming engine. It is a booster of the application that integrates all the crucial aspects of the game app creation, including animation, graphics, audio, codes, and systems.

The game engine is not required in normal game apps, but if you want to create an app like Pokemon Go, the developers must use the game engine. A unity engine was used in Pokemon Go, so you can think of using similar game engines to keep your app working for years to come. If you find it tricky, it would be advisable to take the assistance of a leading game app development company where experienced professionals work.


#3. Creating App Prototype

App prototype is basically the application’s initial appearance. It is a basic drawing of how the gaming app will look like. Make sure to include all screens, icons, tap options, menus, wireframes, and more in your app prototype. It will offer you a perfect view and impression of the application’s overall appearance. The process will also make it easier for you to explain everything to the game app developer, and he/she will be able to suggest the changes, if any.

So, before you develop final gaming app like Pokemon GO, it is advisable to create a prototype, get it approved, and proceed further.


#4. Incorporate Unique Features & Tech Stack

Features and technologies are the two most useful assets of a business application, so this development step definitely holds enormous importance. Rather than adding the basic features into your app, like Pokemon GO, think of something unique that could withstand the competition and help your application earn success.

Besides this, try to use the modern-age tech stack to ensure seamless application working. If you are unsure of which tech stack will be used to create a perfect Pokemon GO app, it is advisable to hire mobile app developers who can do the work for you. The professionals possess the right knowledge of using the technologies, so go for it.


#5. Deciding on Game Design & Development

A game app design also holds crucial importance as it can be a major factor in catching the users’ attention towards your gaming app. Isn’t it? The more complicated the app design is, the fewer users will use it. So, try to keep your Pokemon GO alternative app design simple yet elegant. It will help you make your application successful in no time.

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Once the design is finalized from your side, go for the Pokemon GO game app development. Take a step further and develop a masterpiece to make some in the gaming industry.


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How Much Does It Cost to Develop A Gaming App Like Pokemon GO?


How Much Does It Cost to Develop A Gaming App Like Pokemon GO?


Finally, this blog concludes by revealing the cost to develop a Pokemon GO app, i.e., $10,000-$25,000.. There are no fixed criteria to define the exact game app development cost as it varies from one project requirement to the other. Also, there are some influential factors affecting the gaming app development cost, such as –


  • Designing

A good design adds life to the business application. So, if you want your app to be interactive, the design should be more refined. So, a good gaming app design costs around $4,000 to $6,000 and more.


  • Back End 

To make a gaming app smart with sensing and functionality like Pokemon GO, strong backend development is required. The estimated backend development cost lies around $8,000 and might increase depending on the project.


  • Animation 

When developing app like Pokemon GO, the animation is the soul, so it should be interesting and interactive. Make sure to keep the game design and characters relatable enough to make users understand easily. This process would cost up to $3,000 to $4,000 and might rise.


  • Server 

Like our heart, servers are the heart of a mobile application. To create successful Pokemon GO like games, you need a good server that offers users a smooth gaming experience. Its costs depend on the type of server chosen for gaming app development.


  • Testing 

To draft an error-free mobile application, testing holds immense importance. The procedure helps identify the gaming app’s flaws; hence, it results in improved business success. The cost of game app testing lies around $5,000 to $7000.


  • Maintenance & Support 

 Similar to development, mobile app maintenance and support are important. It increases the lifespan of the mobile application and keeps it updated as per the latest trends. So, the maintenance cost would be around $2500 and more.

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Before Final Thoughts Look Over Mobile Usage Trends


Before Final Thoughts Look Over Mobile Usage Trends


Final Thoughts On an app like pokemon go!

Whenever it comes to playing and participating in games today, we do not think of playgrounds, but battlefield screens come into the picture. Yes, we are talking about gaming applications. As you’ve already discovered about ‘How to develop app like Pokemon GO?’, now is the time to implement it in the real world.

With the right knowledge of features, tech stack, development process, and cost, you can build a perfect gaming app within a reasonable budget. Now, all you need is the assistance of a gaming app development company or hire dedicated developers for the same. A better investment made today will benefit you tomorrow. So, go for it!


Frequently Asked Questions


1. How to Create An App Like Pokemon GO?

Developing Pokemon GO alternatives requires a unique app idea with proper creativity and documentation. But you must figure out what makes your gaming app distinct from the rest. For better output, consult a gaming app development company with a team of dedicated game app developers, designers, and testers.


2. What Technology Does Pokemon GO Use?

Augmented Reality is used to develop Pokemon GO to display the Pokemon via smartphone. Geolocation is also incorporated to locate the players across the map.


3. Is Pokemon GO A Native App?

Pokemon GO is a native application that incorporates the smartphone’s native functionalities, including GPS, compass, etc. So, you can also consult a native app development company to create apps like Pokemon GO.