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The mobile application development companies have something very alluring to build and sell SaaS products. Determining the cost of building the SaaS app is dependent on multiple factors. Here, we have assembled the guidance of industry experts to determine the cost of development beforehand. Before building any software, it is essential to give a second thought. Is your investment worth it? Many stakeholders might be facing the same concern. To satiate the craving here is a quick view over the stats:

SaaS trends are doing great and SaaS development companies have taken a major part of online B2B business. The overall market for the cloud-based operation is going higher in hundreds of billion. Around 78 percent of the businesses are running their 80 percent of business operations over SaaS. SaaS, IaaS and PaaS are surprising the market collectively. There is a huge competition in the market, so are the opportunities. The innovative thinkers are working to build a sustainable niche, where a whopping amount is already running there in the market. Here in this article, you would get to know the cost influencing factors irrespective of the size of the application.

Cost to consider before starting the development

The biggest misconception for mobile application development company is that the product can be created and brought in the marketplace. Your SaaS product is like a toddler and you have clean the mess to get it run smoothly. The benefit alongside is that just like a toddler, your SaaS application will take less time and attention later. Building and maintaining the SaaS product needs some ongoing support. The budget involves the cost of SaaS hosting, Supplementary software cost and bug removal. The influencing factors of variable expenses are:


For the website, you will need hosting. You may contact some hosting service provider and the cost varies.

Team of Developers

A successful project demands a great level of expertise. For the same, you need a team of developers that can support you all through the ongoing development.

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This involves the entire suite of required software and nit limited to the tracking, billing and CRM software.

Ongoing Development

As we mentioned earlier, the SaaS application development is not one time task. To leave it running in the marketplace, you need to give constant support and regular updates. Continuous development not only keeps your software updated but also helps to stay the competitor away.

Scope of SaaS

Determining the scope of enterprise mobility services through SaaS is important beforehand. If you are building the app the first time, we will highly recommend you to keep your scope limited. Building the tool is cheaper than the development of a fully-fledged platform. Determine the scope of ideas and then try to start with MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

The development of a SaaS application costs more than the coding for SaaS Development Company. The major part of the money is spent on the team. Also, the cost of staff varies depending on the experience level of staff. Here is a quick guide for the costing according to the multiple phases of development.


It might take 10 to 50 hrs of validating your idea. Getting your concept approved is essential. This introduces in-depth concepts and potential competitors. If you working for the B2B project sitting with the business owner can let you learn what exactly they want. The process cannot be bound in the time and roughly take 10 hrs.


It seems easy, but a crucial phase. Here the end goals are finalized and the most efficient route is decided. Though it takes time and few developers underestimate the power of planning, but the businesses who invested more time in planning tend to take less time overall.

UX Design

The step is closely related to the development, it may seem like the extension of planning for enterprise mobility services but it is, in fact, deeper than the planning. The best SaaS projects try to make things intuitive for the users. It does mean anticipating the user needs and incorporating the simple methods for the implementation of validated ideas. The process might take 100 hrs.

Project handling

Project management takes almost 20 percent of the total hours of project development for mobile app Development Company, keeping the skills of developers and designers in mind.

System-specific cost factors


The actual creation takes place here. The major part of costs is spent here to make the product work exactly what was demanded. There is very little echo at this level.


Once you build your product, you like to test the product. If you test your product manually, it turns up increasing the cost. You have to pay for every hour of engagement. Whereas setting the upfront automated, testing saves from the huge costing and eases the bug free development, resulting in the quality product.

Web and App Development

Release and market

Releasing your product goes hand in hand with marketing. Market your product draws users into the business. Alongside, the other elements such as customer relationship management and email marketing also payback. User testing and analytics work is also the cost-affecting factor for the first few months of release.

Whom should you hire for SaaS application development?

The thing to consider the development cost also includes hiring a good SaaS development company. If you hire any custom software development company from your local area, the cost is always less while if you hire a good and experienced SaaS development company, the cost goes a little higher. However, the agency offers security for the project. When you hire a good agency, the development cost comprises the assurance of task completion and code security. A renown IT company never leave the project abruptly leave the task at mid and stuck with a half-made SaaS system, which is such a nightmare.

Cost of hiring a SAAS company around the world:

USA: $40 – $250 per hour
India: $15-$35 per hour
Southeast Asia: $15-$35 per hour
East Europe: $20-$85 per hour
West Europe: $35-$110 per hour

App Idea


The cost of developing the SaaS system ultimately depends on the choices mobile application development companies make. With the right set of information, you get able to judge where you should spend the money safely and to recognize the cutting corners. The information given above can help the business owners in determining the cost, researching, and planning and calculate the ongoing expenses. You can save the money by investing over the right place, but my recommendation is not to glue over some fixed budget. Most of the fantastic SaaS projects are made out of passion and released to make an astounding impact on the way business works. If you have any amazing ideas, go for it.