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Founded in 2011, Xamarin is a Microsoft-owned San Francisco-based software company. Xamarin is an ideal toolkit that enables owners to explore business with the help of cross-platform mobile applications.

The framework allows Xamarin developers to create effective iOS, Android, and Windows applications.

Although Xamarin is new to the software development world, it is gaining immense popularity nowadays. Today, every other business owner is looking forward to hiring Xamarin developers.

This amazing cross-platform framework offers everything, from multiplatform support to flawless user interfaces and prioritizing code reusability and prototyping.

As per the research, more than 1500 organizations from multiple sectors are using the Xamarin framework to go mobile and expand their user base.

Are you also planning to hire dedicated team of Xamarin developers? Before you proceed, read this blog, as it will inform you about hiring Xamarin developers in 2023.

What Is Xamarin?

What Is Xamarin?

Xamarin is an open-source platform used to build cutting-edge, effective iOS, Android, and Windows applications. NET.

Xamarin is an abstraction layer that controls how shared code is communicated to the platform’s core code. The managed environment in which Xamarin runs offers benefits like memory allocation and garbage collection.

Today, developers can share 90% of their applications across multiple platforms. All this isn’t possible without Xamarin.

This design pattern enables programmers to create native performance, look, and feel on each platform while writing business logic using a single language. To develop Xamarin applications, businesses can hire Xamarin developers and compile them into native app packages, such as .ipa and .apk.

Who Are Xamarin Developers?

Who Are Xamarin Developers?

Xamarin developers develop cross-platform applications. They write C# code for mobile devices. Xamarin developers craft user interfaces and draft code for Windows, iOS, and Android from a single code base.

So, businesses that want to develop cross-platform-based business applications can hire dedicated Xamarin developers.

The following are just a few of the many Xamarin features and paradigms used by the software developers who use the Xamarin framework.

Make sure the professionals must be familiar with the –

  • Xamarin.Forms
  • Xamarin.iOS
  • Xamarin.Android
  • Xamarin Test Cloud
  • App Center
  • Visual Studio
  • Azure Compute & Storage Services
  • Azure Cognitive Services

Overall, Xamarin developers create powerful cross-platform apps that work across several platforms.

What Is the Role of Xamarin Developers?

What Is the Role of Xamarin Developers?

Xamarin developers write code in C#, which is further compiled into native app packages like .ipa and .apk for Android. The developers concentrate on using Visual Studio to create cross-platform applications.

The primary objective of Xamarin developers is to improve the appearance, feel, and performance of applications by using Xamarin for various platforms.

They are deeply involved in developing user interfaces and producing code for iOS, Android, and Windows from a single codebase.

To help you better understand, here are some fundamental roles and duties of Xamarin mobile app developers.

  • Deliver mobile apps that are fully functioning and highly scalable.
  • Analyze, create, implement, and incorporate real-world trends & technologies into current applications.
  • Build applications in C# for multiple mobile platforms.
  • Create and implement scalable, high-performing APIs.
  • Produce precise specifications and write error-free codes.
  • Work with UI/UX designers, business analysts, and other members to define app behavior and achieve business goals.
  • Conduct manual and automated testing during mobile app development to evaluate overall performance in a realistic environment.

This is the major role of Xamarin developers. Now that you are versed with the roles and responsibilities, let’s move to the point, i.e., how to hire Xamarin developers.

How to Hire Xamarin Developers to Fulfil Business Requirements?

Today, there are ample options available to hire dedicated developers for the Xamarin framework, which is why businesses often get confused about making the right choice.

We have mentioned the top things to consider while hiring Xamarin developers. Adhering to the following steps will help businesses make the right choice.

1. Define Your Business Requirements

Defining all the business needs and requirements is the first step to looking for professionals. None of the business owners will be able to choose an experienced and dedicated Xamarin developer unless they know what they need.

So, jot down everything on paper and then search for mobile app development company professionals who can fulfill your demands.

2. Consider A Suitable Hiring Resource

Today, multiple hiring resources are available in the market that helps businesses achieve their goals. But here is the catch! In a hurry, businesses generally make the mistake of seeking cheap services and hence hire Xamarin developers who fail to meet the expectations of businesses.

To save from such a situation, choosing a suitable and reliable hiring resource is advisable. For that, you can seek references from friends, other businesses, or anyone who has availed of the services. Outsourcing your work is the best choice to help you achieve perfection and better business results in no time.

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3. Look for A Reliable Mobile App Development Company

If you have already decided to hire a dedicated team of Xamarin developers, look for a reliable development company.

The experienced developers will help craft successful mobile applications that can bring enormous profits and sales. Also, ask the experts about the mobile app development cost to get an idea of the budget required for the development.

Simply search for the top Xamarin development company and choose the best organization from the search result as per your preference.

4. Examine Portfolio & Work Experience

When you finalize the organization, look for a portfolio and work experience of Xamarin developers. Make sure the expert you are hiring is well-versed in the technicalities and must be able to fulfill your project requirements.

Along with this, considering the work experience of Xamarin developers is a must to ensure that you have a team of dedicated experts.

Focusing on this point while looking for Xamarin developers for hire is crucial to ensure that you have made the right choice.

5. Discuss Your Project Requirements

Finally, move to the next step when you have the right person to begin your project with and have also referred to the portfolio and experience.

Discuss your project requirements with the dedicated mobile app developer. It will help you get an idea of a developer’s analyzing and understanding skills and help you make a decision.

For the best results, it is advisable to write down the requirements on paper so that the Xamarin developers can easily understand your expectations and quote accordingly.

6. Ask About the Pricing Model

Coming to the most important skill to consider while looking forward to hire mobile app developers, i.e., the cost. Ask for a free quote from the Xamarin developers to get an estimated cost of mobile app development. After that, you can decide whether you want to hire Xamarin developers full-time, part-time, or hourly.

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7. Check the Communication Medium

At last, ask the professionals about the communication medium they follow. Getting timely updates on the project is crucial to know what’s going on.

That could only be possible when the custom android app development or any mobile app development company you’ve chosen follows a transparent communication process.

The checklist doesn’t end here! There is a lot that you can consider to hire the best Xamarin developers for your project.

Now that you have a list of points to consider, it is time to follow them. You’ll surely hire a dedicated team of Xamarin developers who can adhere to your business requirements well.

Business Benefits to Hire Xamarin Developers In 2023

If you are still confused about whether to hire dedicated Xamarin developers, here are some strong points to resolve your confusion. So, without thinking twice, let’s look at the benefits of developers from a renowned mobile app development company.

#Benefit 1 – Get Customized Business Applications

One of the major benefits of seeking mobile app development services is businesses can easily get customized applications.

All you have to do is share your project requirements with the dedicated developers, and they will deliver a tailor-made application adhering to your business demands.

No matter how complex the requirements are, Xamarin developers can easily simplify the entire process of custom software development with their knowledge and expertise.

#Benefit 2 – Decreased Overhead Cost

Whenever you hire Xamarin developers from a well-known app development organization, the overall cost of the development infrastructure and onboarding decreases greatly.

Besides development, the Xamarin developers can handle your application maintenance, saving a lot of your time.

Overall, an investment made once during Xamarin-based mobile app development will benefit you for years.

#Benefit 3 – Guaranteed Business Outcome

Finally, the last major benefit of hiring a team of dedicated Xamarin developers is that business owners can get guaranteed business outcomes.

With an in-house team of experienced and fresher developers, there is no 100% guarantee that the person you have hired will be able to work on complex projects.

But, when you hire dedicated developers for a project, they provide a work guarantee along with the desired project completion deadline. What could be an amazing benefit than this?

There aren’t only three benefits as the list keeps going. We hope that after taking a look at the advantages of hiring Xamarin developers, you must have got assurity of hiring experienced developers.

What Is the Cost to Hire Xamarin Developers In 2023?

What Is the Cost to Hire Xamarin Developers In 2023?

Xamarin developer’s costs vary from one type of project to the other. On average, the Xamarin app developer cost ranges from $20 to $50/hour, depending on the time frame, project requirements, and complexity. Besides this, other major factors affect the mobile app development cost, such as –

  • Developer’s Location
  • App Size
  • Complexity
  • Features & Functionalities
  • Tech Stack
  • Development Platform

Ready to Hire Dedicated Xamarin Developers? Consult Us!

In this ever-rising demand to hire Xamarin developers, every other business owner is looking for the best-suited developer for their project.

But, in all of this hustle-bustle, several businesses make the wrong choice, and as a result, they finalize Xamarin developers for hire who fail to meet their expectations.

But, we hope that after reading this blog, businesses can save themselves from making the wrong choice and choosing the wrong professional.

Now that you know everything about hiring dedicated developers, it is your turn to make a suitable decision. Get in touch with a leading mobile app development company like Dev Technosys, whose experienced professionals can help you develop Xamarin-based business applications. We have a team of dedicated experts who can tackle even the complex business app development demands like a pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Average Hourly Cost to Hire Xamarin Developers?

On average, a Xamarin developer will charge up to $25 to $50/hour and more, varying from one region to the other.

How to Find the Best Xamarin Developers?

There are multiple hiring resources available in the market where you can find the best Xamarin developer for your project. One of the best options is to consult a reliable mobile app development company where experienced and dedicated Xamarin developers work.

How Long Does It Take to Make An App with Xamarin?

Like any other business application, the time required to develop an app with Xamarin is similar. So, the time required to build an app using Xamarin will completely depend on your project needs and requirements.

Is Xamarin Free to Use?

Yes, Xamarin is free to use and access. But, beginner business owners cannot develop Xamarin-based mobile apps and hence need to hire Xamarin developers.

Who Is A Xamarin Developer?

Xamarin developers craft fully-native business applications for iOS, Android, and macOS using C# or F#. At the same time, Xamarin developers get access to native APIs and can share the logic with others .NET.