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Software as a service is the next generation innovative software development model that is drawing the attention of many organizations as well as developers.

It alludes to a cloud model in which the software solution is licensed on a monthly or annual subscription basis and is hosted centrally.

In other words, Software product development is generally a business solution delivery model that has the application hosted on the IT infrastructure involvement of the solution provider.

saas development process

When the application is developed by the organization then it is not required to be downloaded or installed on the device. Software as a service application is higher in demand at present as they offer an array of features as compared to conventional applications.

Using SaaS applications, organizations can witness a major increase in their overall growth and productivity. As a premier SaaS development company, we assist our clients to bring the most out of their platform.

In this article, we will explore how to organize the SaaS development process with our assistance to have access to multi-tenant, secure, and powerful solutions.

An Introduction To SaaS Development Products

Software as a service (SaaS) technology is becoming a widely adopted software delivery model all across the world. All thanks to its credibility, many software-as-a-service models are mobile and web applications that do not essentially require installation.

Instead, the users can pay a monthly or annual fee for using the same product. This feature makes the SaaS model a great solution for the users as well as the company.

In Simple words, SaaS development company undertakes SaaS as the latest sales model that is swiftly replacing conventional software licenses for quite a while. It refers to an online software program that can be easily accessed by users.

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For your reference, the most prominent SaaS development companies are Google apps, DropBox, etc. to use this platform users are not required to install any program on their devices as the product can be hosted by the server itself.

Moreover, further maintenance and updates can also be performed by the host server which is invisible to the user. The most important thing about SaaS application development is that the application is not sold under license; instead, it is distributed through a subscription model. Software as a service model has a list of advantages, and some of them are mentioned below:

  • Security: SaaS models make sure that the data is stored in a safe and well-protected place
  • Scalability: SaaS can easily manage the upgrade and downgrades wherever required
  • Reliability: It is evident that the service can be located all across the world. It means that even if either of them goes down, other install units can continue the work
  • Minimum cost: SaaS app development can reduce the development cost for your project as there is no requirement to purchase or maintain expensive hardware units
  • Accessibility: SaaS solutions are available to the users all the time and they are only limited in case of internet issues
  • Generate Revenue: SaaS software development ensures frequent revenue for the application developers.

Let Us Understand SaaS Business Ideas And Application Development Life Cycle

It is said by the leading professionals in the industry, the business is that purchasing software as a service model will always remain on the top with organized teams and well-constructed operations.

Software as a service model is highly beneficial for enterprises as well as users. One of the major reasons is indeed the fact that the entire range of produced data remains in the cloud, relieves the users from purchasing unnecessary hardware, and most importantly the data is stored and managed safely.


Moreover, SaaS products prevent spending costs on hardware operations and Management. It enables designated employees of the Enterprise to access data anytime, anywhere.

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In fact, SaaS developers are companies that offer great security as compared to the in-house security provided by the Enterprises. Keeping it simple, SaaS products offer a reliable solution that is loaded with cable advantages to the organization struggling with conventional and inefficient in-house Systems.

In terms of delivering absolute benefits and convenience, the leading IT development company platforms are expanding the potential of this technology. Many entrepreneurs are getting into the niche of SaaS app development solutions to resolve the issues of Enterprises.

The SaaS app development process, whether for internal usage or external sales, requires a particular life cycle. And each element of the specific life cycle is crucial for developing an effective, useful, and appealing solution for the in-house staff as well as customers. Let us walk you through the development process and life cycle, and how our involvement can bring excellence to the final solution.

Saas Development Process

Software as a service development process is one of its kind. The process is unique and requires a specific set of skills for product development.

Now that the industry has started acknowledging the advantages offered by this service model, more and more app development companies are willing to put their own solutions to the customers.

Speaking in terms of advantages, SaaS processes account for scalability, reliability, upgrades, integration, User experience, etc. As the SaaS process is a multi-tenant as well as a cloud solution, the amount users are required to pay is far less than as if they were built from their own techniques and keep the solution on-premise.

To conduct a great SaaS software development, you are required to follow well-versed research protocols. You can start by identifying the requirements of any business that are crucial to meet.

For example, start by collecting the ideas, strategies, and elevating the existing market. This will help you get a fair idea about the final product that is going to be successful and useful for the users. In this segment, we will walk you through the process of SaaS development.

Step 1: Planning

It is obvious that you cannot really develop any product until you have a great plan and source behind it. You must understand why and how you are going to build an incredible SaaS solution for your business.

You must also get answers to the questions like how much the project development will cost you when you will launch it, and which market strategy you will integrate.

The software development strategies incorporated by a web development company in SaaS products will assist you greatly in terms of answering all these questions.

But keep in mind that sometimes even excellent plans require modification as per the project iteration in order to accomplish the best possible outcome. Make a room for little adjustments and modifications in your planning stage.

Step 2: Subscription

Once you have decided on the application architecture, strategies, essential cost, and other terms, now are the time to select your cloud provider.

However, there are various decisions that are required to be made. Considering SaaS platforms, the selection of cloud providers is indeed one of the most challenging tasks.

It is because plenty of interaction and testing is done for evaluating the performance quality and capabilities of the service provider. This process should essentially culminate or subscription with the cloud provider, and it is accompanied by a detailed overview of the essential services that are required to be offered.

During a subscription stage process, SaaS development company believes in formulating disaster recovery and backup plans to ensure delivering top-tier performance to their clients.

As per the project iteration, as soon as the project is finalized, it is tested and the performance of the cloud service provider is audited. In some cases, the subscription information required to be modified, but it is a common practice anyhow.

Step 3: Development

The software as a service development process is extremely complex. Multiple decisions are required to be taken in order to finalize the project architecture. Below listed are some of the requirements essential to be considered for developing a valuable SaaS project.

  • Multi-tenant: There is absolutely no major concern in building a software as a service model until and unless it is ideal for multiple users and has the option of scalability.
  • User experience: The software as a service model must be easy to use and user-friendly.
  • Security: The required model must offer an elevated level of protection and security to its uses. It must also be aligned with the fact of providing exceptional data protection, as well as secure access.
  • Customer support: The product must be developed with a built-in support process, non-disruptive updates, and 24 hours access.

Best SaaS Business Ideas And Approach 

1. Selecting the Software development company and methodology

There is an abundance of software as a service development company and their methodologies that are often known as software development life cycle. For your assistance, let us break the most efficient ones on the list

  • Rapid: In this methodology, any prototype is fastly put together to increase the overall speed of app development, and then it is tested
  • Iterative: It means small scale app development with corresponding iterations ideal for the scaling purpose
  • Spiral: The app development process is divided into various cycles. Each of the cycles is evaluated to then later impact the next cycle
  • Waterfall: The entire process of application development is conducted through a series of phases
  • Agile: It is a type of application development in which project iterations are evaluated as soon as it is finished. Project iterations are done to obtain the positive changes and adaptation in the plan.

Apparently, agile methodology is most commonly used by the leading IT development company and developers. However many platforms are also considering other methodologies for developing a specific phase of their project.

2. SaaS will align with HTML5, especially for desktop

New SaaS product simply means using HTML5 which is highly suitable for today’s app development requirements. It is because it can offer rich internet applications without any requirement of the legacy plug-in.

Back in 2014, Microsoft announced that it will be stopping the support of Microsoft platforms and Windows XP that no longer support HTML5. There are still a few lingering issues considering the use of HTML5 for mobile devices.

Nonetheless, evaluating and testing the product on mobile devices must essentially be considered. If there are potential errors, then the native app development approach is considered the best course in action.

3. SaaS needs application programming interfaces

Software as a service product must essentially have application programming interfaces that offer for the development of extension and external widgets by the value-added developers.

The application programming interface can incorporate other software like analytics or big data. If the users can not access its data and somehow accept it through the software as a service package they have purchased then the project vendor must offer the API.

It is required that the APIs must be consistent and they have to be thoroughly maintained after publishing. Application developers must also make sure that they are extended through a sought-after architecture.

4. Multi-tenant architecture

By definition, SaaS development refers to the server-side app development process. Especially when multiple clients have to share a common server, the expectations from application developers are far higher than the ones for developing a tenant application.

Thorough security must ensure that the data of each of the clients are isolated from one another. In simple words, it means that the application developers must select a model for a multi-tenant data storage system. The types of data storage models are:

  • Single-tenant: In this model, each client receives a dedicated database
  • Multi-tenant: In this model, each user is accessing their data from a common server through a personal id.

Your decision on the data storage model must be based upon the client segment and industry you are channeling.

5. Stateless architecture

Stateless architecture is much preferred in software as a service model as it offers smooth performance, security, fault tolerance, and scalability. If the SaaS product is stateless then there is no requirement to allocate storage from the previous request, the cost can be reduced.

The stateless applications can be easily scaled up which makes them ideal for dealing with the spikes in usage. The stateful architecture of the application on the other hand requires extreme management and also takes up infrastructure resources.

Integrating stateless architecture in the application is not a SaaS requirement, however, it may offer the best performance to the users.

6. SaaS upgrades must be frequent

The Web development company considers the upgrades in applications that are required in a way that can not disrupt the User experience. Speaking in general terms, SaaS Enterprises do not consider a lot of versions here, mostly there are only two.

If the new version is built, it can be developed on an individual server without any client migration to minimize their descriptions. The top software as a service Enterprises distressing the experience of their clients should carefully go through any user interface changes that can cause an error. The software architecture has to be precise and resilient to overcome long-term and short-term failure.

7. High availability and redundancy

Data availability, software failure, network descriptions, machine instances, and various disruptions are bound to occur in SaaS product development.

Therefore the application architecture must be capable of recovering from any such issues with absolute ease and it must cause minimum destruction to the clients.

The redundancy in the application can be either offered by infrastructure as a service or by a database platform. Some of the Mobile app development company offer their clients up to two or three copies of the data and make sure the availability of all time data.

Data corruption is the hardest issue out of all to be dealt with. It needs the software to be developed in architecture in such a way to consistently recover the data from its earlier state.

8. Operations and implementation

The tenant and on-boarding services must be developed into the software service architecture. The same approach goes for detecting, fault intrusion detection, monitoring, and security.

The software must offer load balancing and on-demand additional resources to the users. Once the software solution is deployed, frequently security patches and maintenance take place to undertake the support requests to the minimum.

It will also keep the customers happy with your application. SaaS project development is usually time-consuming and complex. It means that there is no specific Technology stack for developing any such solution.

However, you can consider Ruby On Rails, PHP, Python for server-side development, AngularJS and JavaScript for client-side development, and my SQL for database management.

Why Choose SaaS Application Development from premier companies?

The leading companies in this domain hold the expertise in SaaS product development that encompasses a wide range of features and premium functionalities in their solutions.

Within no time the platforms can help you become the SaaS leaders in the industry. You can get access to scalable, secure, and extremely successful software as a service solution to lure your clients.

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The leading companies give you an opportunity to keep abreast of the latest technology with their services. It is because they have a team of experienced and qualified developers to build applications that can potentially reduce operational costs.

You can hire the leading companies to strengthen your organization’s infrastructure with their high-end SaaS solutions. If you are still wondering why choose them? Let us walk you through their expertise in various domains.

1. Agile development approach

The premium platform focuses on user delight with the SaaS development process and they strive to deliver amazing solutions in fewer sprints. As a leading Mobile app development company, they believe in practicing a secure app development approach through their processes.

The prominent Software engineering Company specializes in delivering cutting-edge technology and user experience design. You can partner with the leading platforms of all sizes and enhance the reach of your platform.

2. Client engagement

The prominent SaaS development companies have the potential to engage clients through their app development process and we believe in delivering quality solutions as per their requirements.

The SaaS application development process is backed by Agile methodology and tools to create a positive impact on businesses as well as clients.

Their SaaS process truly understands leveraging emerging technologies across the web and mobile solutions. They integrate all the components to retain user engagement.

3. Proficient Software product development team

The top companies have highly skilled and certified cross-functional teams to develop SaaS applications. They specialize in building custom solutions in cloud environments by using programming languages such as PHP, C#, .net, etc.


They also have a highly skilled team of developers to build corresponding applications for Android and IOS platforms and deploy them in the cloud through DevOps CD/ CI automation.

4. Future aspects and DevOps

Many business owners hire dedicated developers from globally recognized platforms as they do not only plan to offer a workable system but also focus on making reliable strategies for the future.

The SaaS products are specially designed to keep performance in check irrespective of the domains. They ensure delivering reliable and frequent code changes to the clients by their highly skilled and experienced app development team.

Their application developers also follow through with a set of principles that lead them to enhanced software quality, better collaboration, and less time to market.

5. Bug-free sprints

The SaaS Software development company works towards delivering perfection and credibility in all the sprints for the application wherever the developers are required to follow as per the client’s requirements. Their dedicated SaaS resource model helps the clients to choose from a rich pool of talented application developers.


Software as a service solution has increasingly become an ideal option for many Enterprises. Their availability, scalability, and pricing policies provide users with an array of advantages.

Many companies hire dedicated developers to open new horizons clients and relieve the business owners from their frequent management headaches.

Even if you are looking to adopt this technology in your business or planning to develop a solution for your own, you must focus on innovation. If you have any such idea in mind, you can bring it to the leading companies.