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Nowadays, everyone owns a smartphone, and that has led to an incremental increase in the usage of mobile applications and on-demand solutions. On-demand Doctor appointment apps have gained huge popularity in 2020 and were able to save multiple lives and provide medical counseling quickly and easily.

It already has a huge market share and the market will double within the next six years, reaching almost US $600 million by 2026. One can request medical help immediately while staying at their home.

These applications provide users with doctor consultancy, test bookings, appointment booking, medicine delivery, and much more. Due to the rising demand for online medical assistance, doctor apps cater to a large percentage of the population, and advancement in these apps is the medical industry’s future. Here’s a guide on how to build a doctor appointment app on Android.

Tips to Build a Doctor Appointment App Effectively

Mobile development has brought out a revolution in a number of sectors. With the involvement of technical devices, even the health and care sector is showing remarkable changes. The best of them is the involvement of doctor appointment app development that has shown a new way to make an appointment.

This has made it easy for patients to get application development involved in the new experience. Keep reading if you are willing to know how to create doctor appointment app. 


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IT Sector and Healthcare: What Does the Future Hold?

In the market, there has been a great extension in hotel booking, food delivery, etc. Hence, it is better to be clear about the situations than work on different advancement modes. In simple words, it is essential to do proper research before opting for any of the situations. It will help in getting basic knowledge and flow of an application.

It includes the shortcomings, perspectives, and even issues that one might witness in the development phase. this will help in getting a clear idea to proceed forward with the medical appointment application or medicine home delivery app development.


Guide to Build a Doctor Appointment App

There are more than 10% of applications that are able to satisfy the requirement of users in the healthcare industry. These applications have all the desired features and necessary additions that enhance the user experience. Hence, while working on the development mode, it is essential to know the different elements and features that a user requires.


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Basic Features to Improve User Experience of your App

A healthcare app development company has to lay special emphasis on making the app quite user-friendly and fully featured when it comes to assessing and accessing the treatment costs. In the ever-increasing competition in the healthcare sector, adding all the required features for treatment per patient can significantly play a key role in the success of an application.

1. User Profile 

It is one of the vital points that is added to the development process that helps in enhancing visibility. The fact is that creating a profile is not the favorite work of users and hence it is essential to avoid giving them alternatives.

They hate to put their phone number, name, address, etc. every time. But healthcare is a sector where the user profile is a vital part. Hence the best app development companies must keep it in their mind and keep things minimal. The essential items must be a full name to easily recognize appointments, age, address, sex, etc. to make treatment easy.


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2. Search 

This is mainly divided into two vital points in the application that is scheduling and searching tools. The booking is one of the essential features of the applications that are added to an application. Hence, it is essential for application users to be careful about it when choosing a date.

So, while developing an application, developers have to make sure that the interactive nature of an application is maintained. It can be in terms of calendar interaction or direction appointment. Then comes the tool through which searching can proceed. It gives precision to an application as per doctors’ criteria, proximity, price, specialty, etc.

3. Profile of a Doctor

Not only user profile but android app development company focuses on the doctor’s profile as well. It is not just the availability of a doctor but his experience and other details as well that matter. To make it easy for the users, developers focus on developing an application that covers doctors’ profiles.

There should not be an issue with checking out the profile and one must focus on browsing things. it will include the location, review, competence, and photos of the doctor.


scheduled an apppointment

4. Appointment

Once the basic details are covered up in doctor appointment app development then comes the vital part of setting an appointment. It is essential to make sure that there is no error in the appointment so that they can send out their request.

Even if there are some issues or questions for the clients must be covered up with the chatting feature to be transparent with clients. When things get a clear idea about working then the doctor must confirm it to the person and then follow it up with an assigned record step by step.


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5. Payment gateway 

The medicine home delivery app development must have a payment system like other e-commerce websites or applications. This is a vital addition since many customers prefer online payment whereas others work with cash on delivery.

So, it is essential to have a monetization model for the application to make things easier for the developers. There are basic principles that are followed up by the payment gateway in an application to get desired results. It will include fast, easy, and secure payment options.


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6. Geolocation module 

Nowadays, the geolocation feature has become an essential point for the development sector. The best app development companies are incorporating it into their business scope. One has to focus on the application guide in the doctor’s office to easily locate it without any issue.

There is no doubt that one can use Google Maps as per their requirement but having additional help from an application can add value to the system. it helps in having an advantage so that users don’t have to switch applications and can locate everything in a single place. 

7. Emergency services 

Adding an emergency option to an application can be a great addition to the services. It gives information about broken bones, burns, and even different aspects that might require instant care.

In such a case, having a list of emergency room availability on the application can save someone’s life and add a rating to the website. It will save a lot of wait time and help in getting into the action as soon as possible.


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Steps To Develop Doctor On-Demand Mobile App

In order to create a dynamic and robust android app for doctor appointments, you need to follow certain steps. One can develop doctor on-demand mobile application like practo easily with an experienced Hybrid Application development company. 

 Here are those 6 steps with which you can create an application to ensure your business success.


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#1. Strategy 

A unique idea to create a doctor on-demand business is not enough to succeed in this competitive market. You should have a proper strategy, a business model, and an application that can execute your idea efficiently.

#2. Analysis and Research

Rushing into various crucial decisions can because downfall. You should be patient and run a thorough research on the present needs of the users and the ongoing trends in the market.

#3. Design

Adding too many functionalities can slow down the app processing speed as well as increase the development cost. Providing an app with basic features without compromising performance is more profitable.

#4. Development Process

Try to choose the correct development procedure and tools to develop your application as suggested by the hired experienced developers.

#5. Quality Assurance and Testing 

If your application contains lags and glitches after launch, it may affect the reputation of the brand. So it is better to implement all kinds of quality assurance techniques and tests to ensure the smooth performance of the application for the users.

#6. Launch 

You can launch your application in both the android and iOS app markets. For that, you have to hire iOS developers along with Android developers. That is not all. Be sure you note the reviews and comments of the users. And use them to make a better version of your app.

Doctor Mobile App Development Cost

Doctor mobile app development cost depends on its features and functionalities. Also, it depends on the type of development services you are hiring for the development procedure.


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Here are some of the factors that affect the cost of developing doctor on-demand applications.

  • User interface or UX design gives a better user experience to the users.
  • Web development tools are used to develop the software. Usually, a reliable framework is the best decision to develop any application.
  • Launch platforms where you will launch the application, i.e., iOS or Android.
  • Development procedures were implemented to develop the application. The full-stack development company you have hired will figure out the best way to develop your software according to your business requirements.
  • Functionality and features implemented in the software. High-end functionality will be the doctor mobile app development cost higher.

Usually, the developers will charge you on an hourly basis, and the rates can go from $20 to 200 dollars depending on the location and brand value of the company. So, the development cost in countries like the USA or the UK can go from 40,000 US dollars to 70,000 US dollars.

But if your basic requirements of doctor appointment mobile app development are fixed. You outsource your development process to countries like India, which creates an MVP product from 8,000 US dollars to 20,000 US dollars.



Benefits of Doctor On-Demand Application Development

The medical and Health institutes still are contradicted about providing their services online and should consider the numerous benefits that these Doctor On-demand Applications have in themselves. The role of healthcare apps is huge.

Hospitals and other medical institutions are now utilizing the inherent benefits of healthcare apps are not only providing better services to their patients but also maintaining their different tasks such as administrative procedures, record maintenance, billing, etc. Health app developers are now coming up with innovative and intuitive healthcare apps that address the requirements of hospitals.


These are the basic features that make doctor appointments or medicine booking easy with the application. The android app development company works with these features to ensure that nothing is missed out and things are under control.

Also, the planning phase can go in a steady manner to avoid any sort of error into it. There is no doubt that the development of an application has gone to a new level but with the right involvement, it will be easy to work with.