Today, with the consistent growth of ownership and use of mobile devices mobile learning is growing. It is characterized and interpreted as a combination of individualized learning with any time and anywhere learning and facilitated by educational mobile apps. Technology proved itself a powerful tool to transfigure different aspect of life. In the present scenario, as the technology in the mobile application is getting wider and better, it has exploded with great impact on the various sectors. In recent years, we have seen a lot of versatile changes in the area of education as well as the smart phone industry.


It comprehensively dominated the educational sector and shown consistent progress. The change in approach to learning encapsulates a wider vision for future generations. These apps are driven as a collaborator in learning, seeking new knowledge and constantly acquiring new skills. Latest educational mobile apps enable students and other group people related to various groups, friend circle to share all the necessary information required from their respective educational organization, from letters to other regular events and many more in their iPhone or Android.

Top Educational Mobile Apps For Student

Design of educational app development does not execute with a blank slate. They have been dominated by the current state of technologies and design, interactions with every update in technology and their dedicated experience and an intuitive sense about the learning process and outcome of the whole development. Evidentially, the emerging trend of optimum utilization of educational mobile applications discovers a necessity to have an extensive look for top apps:

The Great Courses

1) The Great Courses

 Evidentially we all experienced a memorable atmosphere of the classrooms. But it all went problematic whenever we thought of doing hefty homework. So, by understanding a genuine problem and in search of a robust solution mobile app development services came up with, The Great Courses. The Great Courses plays an imperative role for the users and offers a comprehensive solution. It proffers lectures from experienced professors comprising a wide range of subjects including business, literature, history, math, psychology, music, etc.

The app permits you to stream or download the selected courses. Furthermore, while thinking about apps like The Great Courses, it becomes mandatory to have meaningful learning that goes beyond just learning. Magnificently, all the lectures or topics are professionally created with interactive aids. It would not be tiresome for the user to study through The Great Courses app which also offers a free trial for the user.


2) Memrise

 Usually, people find it distressing when they come up with a task to learn a language. Unanimously, it would be more troublesome if one wouldn’t have any scheduled course structure. So, here Memrise offers the solution and enables the user to learn languages through gamification. It makes the user able to grasp numerous words or phrases, spellings, testing on definitions and aural recognition.

The process encapsulates an impressive route to memorize every necessary thing about selected language. It has been one of the best among another app which is more comprehended and compatible. Memrise channelizes different productive patterns to offer a simple way to their users to brush up their language. Unequivocally, with significant features, It becomes an ideal source to keep learning for all learners from nascent to expert. The way mobile app and custom website development leads the user, it ensures that they would be so overwhelmed with the outcome.


3) Edmodo

Usually, people are not able to remember or use that same information the next week sustainable and conducive learning extracts from prior experiences that link to the existing knowledge and it opens up numerous opportunities for educational app development companies. Edmodo is known as a feature-laden social learning platform that is dedicatedly designed and developed to connect and collaborate within a conclusive educational atmosphere.

In a broader sense, it can be well interpreted as a dedicated social media network that empowers teachers, students and parents or guardian to share relevant information in school. Edmodo seamlessly collaborates and connects, shares content and enables access school homework, notices, and grades. Additionally, teachers can easily use the app as an online board and inbox for their scheduled tasks. They can post quizzes, assignment guidelines, polls and invite respective students to submit their finished assignments.


4) Nearpod

Knitted together from linguistics, psychology, computer science, brain imaging, machine learning, animal behavior, neurobiology, etc, It’s imperative to consider how would the learning process become efficient and conducive for every generation. The fundamental reason behind unprecedented vacuum between teacher-student communication is the lack of an organized channel or medium. Nearpod offers a specific dimension which covers up all necessary aspects that must be integrated by educational app developers.

Hire Education App Developer

It offers a simple easy to use tool to the teachers to create various daily, weekly or monthly tasks. They can create interactive lesson plans, assessments, presentations, and digital content. They can comprise slides of topics with text, images, video, question, websites polls, and assignments. Furthermore, it permits teachers to create their required digital lesson plans which can be shared with the students during their class. So that student becomes able to follow everyone delivered lesson on their devices.


5) Udacity

One of the most prominent names that revolutionized educational app development is Udacity. It offers the users thousands of courses on different topics, that may be free or paid. The users can pay for a nano degree services where they would get verified certification, feedback from professionals and coaching. Udacity offers different courses that improve the skills and discover new opportunities for users. It encapsulates lesson material of data science, artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, iOS, Android, etc. The users can learn and test themselves with various exercises and quizzes.

They can also broadcast their sessions on big screens and manage personal learning experience. Through Udacity, nanodegrees students can also earn their credentials. The best aspect for the users, they can easily download various courses and contents without having an internet connection.

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6) EdX

 As we know that Education has always remained a fully structured process for every individual. So with proposed plans, goals and customization, it would be very easy for students and teachers to keep their efforts through various educational mobile apps.

Today EdX has simplified the learning process with a certification from some of the distinguished institutions. It offers free online courses on different topics from the prime universities and institutions like Harvard, UC Berkeley, MIT, Tsinghua University, etc. Here, the users receive credit after the completion of their courses which they can put toward their college or university application, for their professional development and to kick-start their desired higher education.

The users can easily go through their learning materials using online lectures, quizzes and given assignments. It fits the learning into the busy schedules of the people. They can stream or download the selected videos to watch at their convenience. It also connects learners around the globe with easy-to-use discussion forums.

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7) ClassDojo

 It is a classroom management tool that is comprehensively designed to assist teachers. With the help of hire app developer fundamental functioning and objective of ClassDojo augment the teacher’s efforts in improving student behavior and in establishing effective communication with parents. The users can use it according to their extent with customized purpose, time, and interest.

The educational mobile apps offers the students positive points for their specific behaviors like on-task, persistence, working hard, etc. and negative points for their negative behaviors like being off-task, blurting out or bullying. It mushrooms better opportunities for further development and therefore educational mobile app developers in today’s competitive market are a leading part of the digital revolution.


8) Duolingo

 Globalization has kicked off heavy commercial and cultural exchanges between different countries. It ignites the need to establish communication among countries. So, here Duolingo mitigates the problems and explore new opportunities for the users. It’s a platform that comprises a language-learning website, mobile applications, and an assessment exam for language proficiency. The users can translate their real-world texts into various language -i.e. German, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian, etc. Duolingo follows the fundamental structure of video games to engage its users. It offers a reward system where users get “lingots”, an in-game currency.

They can spend it on in-app features like character customizations or bonus levels. Furthermore, public leader boards discover an opportunity for users to compete against their friends. The app also gives badges that represent their achievements that they earn after completing specific challenges or objective. Due to unprecedented competition and demand, custom website development has garnered the potential space for these apps.


9) Popplet

 The ideation of app development or custom software development is well interpreted with the proliferation of mobile apps in contemporary market trends. The adaptability of these apps fortifies the significance of mobile app development services in the respective sectors of the industry. Here, Popplet app exemplifies extraordinarily. It is used to organize idea and thoughts through diagrams, mind maps and charts in visual forms for elementary students to the high school students.

It encompasses them with a minimalist approach for their proposed presentations. It is a wondrous way for all students to develop graphic organizers so that they would be able to share and organize the material they learn. It’s easy accessibility and usability permits the users to incorporate text and images so easily.

Today, with the high penetration of devices like smartphones, tablet, and laptop educational ecosystem has also influenced. The innovative pattern of learning is beginning to enhance skills or knowledge of the people. These educational mobile apps significantly enrich people’s abilities and they become active learners understanding the complex subject matter. We are at a unique and important time in the development of apps.


In the past few decades of research in the Science of Learning have transformed the way we think about learning and teaching. By melding these parallel threads, educational app developers can develop better educational apps, and parents can evaluate apps’ learning potential for their children. Undoubtedly, active learning in a frequently transforming ecosystem through education mobile apps boosts academic or social outcomes for
every learner.