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Looking to create a music player app like Spotify with our innovative music streaming app development services. At Dev Technosys which is one of the top mobile app development company, we are a renowned name in the IT industry offering a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art live music streaming applications development for individuals and businesses out there. If you have innovative live music streaming app development ideas like Spotify in your mind, hire a music app developer and make it possible for your business.

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On-demand Music Streaming Application

The entertainment industry is leveraging technology in the form of on-demand app solutions. From the revenue point of view, Statista reported that the worldwide revenue of live music streaming would be $13.4 billion in 2020. It indicates that there is a high rise in music streaming app development. These apps are beneficial in terms of entertainment and worthy if anyone wants to generate revenue from them. The market is looking forward to having the apps like Spotify and SoundCloud. In addition to the live music streaming app solutions, these can also be categorized as Apps for bands, music editing apps, music learning apps, live music and video streaming apps.

App development experts at Dev Technosys have hands-on experience crafting a live music app based on international industry standards and following the latest trends. We have a range of solutions for media houses, entertainment brands, start-ups, music bands, and event management industries. We promise you the best user experience in the form of on-demand music streaming app development.

On-demand Music Streaming App Development: The
Pivotal Features

Here are the set of key features and modules a typical Music Streaming App is built on.

  • User App
  • Admin Panel
  • Additional Features

User App

  • Listening to Radio Streaming.

  • Creating both public as well as private music playlists.

  • Adding tracks on the music playlists.

  • The searching album, tracks, artists, and track names.

  • Countering player tracks.

  • Ensuring background play.

  • Ensuring background remote control.

  • Getting access to lock screen information including cover, track, and artist.

  • Downloading favorite music tracks and listening offline.

  • Searching covers, albums, tracks, and songs.

  • Liking, sharing, and tracking music on social media platforms.

  • Managing user profiles.

  • Ensuring in-app purchases for an enhanced app experience.

Admin Panel

  • Uploading new music tracks using mass upload technology.

  • Publishing famous music tracks using a single click.

  • Pre-listening to music tracks.

  • Editing tracks, styles, albums, and artist profiles.

  • Deleting tracks, songs, albums, and artist profiles.

  • Adding tracks, albums, songs, and artist profiles.

  • Managing individual users of the app.

  • Managing memberships and subscriptions.

  • Managing promotions and advertising.

Additional Features

  • Push Notifications

    Enhance the overall engagement possibility across all major music categories with innovative push notifications features.

  • Radio Stations

    The revolutionary on-demand music streaming app searches for the available radio stations in the given location –allowing the users to listen to their favorite live streaming songs.

  • Premium or Basic Membership

    Avail basic or premium memberships to enhance the live music streaming experience.

  • Live Streaming App

    The high-end live music streaming applications allows the Android as well as iOS users to capture and send live music or video stream from any location.

  • User Behavior Tracking

    We help in designing AI-powered apps to help in tracking the behavior of the users to enhance their overall music streaming and listening experience.

  • Music Organizer

    The users of the interactive app can organize music in the app as per their choice, mood, and genres for an enhanced music streaming experience.

Music Streaming App Development Demo

Here the demo shows some of the best features of a music streaming app that you can refer to for your application. After watching this demo, you can also go for the customization that we would love to implement only for you in the app.

How Does It Works?

If you have any app idea like the Pandora music app or free apple music, it is a worthy idea for your business and will be a great treat to music lovers. Cloud-based library apps like Spotify, Apple Music, Sound Cloud, etc., are in high demand. Here is a brief process that how a live streaming movie works.

  • 1


    Super smooth user signup and login on finely built music streaming app.

  • 2

    Search The Beat

    Easy & empowered song search applying the filters like title, album, artist, year of launch, and so forth.

  • 3

    Find the Album

    Facilitates users to search for an album that they want to listen to on customized music streaming app.

  • 4

    Join The Live Concert

    Allows music lovers to join the ongoing concerts via a live streaming music app.

  • 5


    Users can save the music preference and enjoy the music till they want.

  • 6

    Payment & Security

    It is for subscription secure payment mechanism including security and user privacy.

Complete Range of Music Streaming App Development Solutions By Dev Technosys

Being a profound mobile app development company- Dev Technosys you can have the desired live music app that will match your requirements and help achieve your business goals. We have core expertise in developing live video and media streaming applications that users can find interesting. We offer a well-developed array of solutions for the live music streaming app that you would find very interesting.

Our music app solutions core parts include-

App for Listeners

including features such as social media logs in, playlist creation, social sharing, user dashboard and many more features.

App for Artists

uploading covers, live streaming of concerts, video recordings, making customized playlists for the users and more.

Web Admin Panel

works like a complete control panel for an admin who can control the overall app and users’ activity.

Including the above core parts, you can demand the following solutions, and it will be an immense pleasure for us to develop the following-

Live Streaming Platform Development
Media Streaming Software Development
On-Demand Streaming Solutions
Live Streaming Shopping Platform
Music Streaming App Development
Event Streaming App Development
Live TV Streaming App Development
IP-based Live Streaming
eCommerce Live Streaming Platform
Enterprise Streaming Solutions
In addition to these, we can also customize the live streaming music app software based on your requirements.

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Music Streaming App Development Services

Dev Technosys is one of the leading Music Streaming App Development companies and has a team of experienced mobile app developers. Among youngsters, there is a huge craze for entertainment applications. You can leverage this trend by launching an app that can match the expectations of music lovers. We can help you to develop a feature-rich and fully-functional live streaming music solution. If you have an idea, consult withus;wecantransformyourideaintoareality

Some of our highly successful clients across the globe

Our Portfolio

For years Dev Technosys has delivered Websites and Applications that have worked as the text books for other to follow in the tech domain. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

Live Movie Streaming app

STARZ PLAY brings you Hollywood movies, original TV shows and childrens programs on our on-demand entertainment subscriptions services - anytime anywhere. It is available to 19 countries across the Middle East and North Africa. ...
Dev Technosys

Live Music Streaming App

Stream Hub for iOS is a free app that enables you to search through and stream tons of best hits from the world\'s largest music databases, like SoundCloud on your iPhone, android anywhere and anytime....
Dev Technosys

South Africa Music Streaming App

The Hiphopza mobile app is the South African music streaming app from where you can listen and download best free South African music from different artistes as per your choice....
Dev Technosys

On-demand Live Music Streaming App Development Solutions Cost Estimation

Some factors affect the cost of live music streaming app. So, the overall price is calculated based on all these. Each component is crucial for fine music streaming applications but requires some cost. Check out the road map of cost estimation below-

Dev Technosys

Device & Platforms

The platforms have a major influence on app development, such as iOS app development and Android app development; both have a different costs. On the other hand, cross-platform live music streaming app is a cost-effective solution.

Dev Technosys

UI/UX Components

The UI/UX components play a crucial role to make an app fantastic. When developing live music streaming app, the designing mechanism is complex and requires time and cost.

Dev Technosys


Including basic features requires less cost, but if you want to include some advanced features, it will come with extra cost.

Dev Technosys

Tech Stack

App development tools and technology require investment as most genuine and professional tools are paid.

Dev Technosys

Third-Party APIs

The third-party APIs add more functionality to the app. But behind the additional functionality, the cost is also associated with increases in the overall cost of the music app.

Dev Technosys

App Testing

Only the basic functional testing tools remain free or have very little cost. For deep testing, paid tools work fine. So, the testing cost will also be included in the app.

Dev Technosys

App Security

A strict security mechanism is required to refrain the app from cyber threats, and yes, it also requires some cost included in the live music streaming app development.

Dev Technosys

Content Delivery Network

The content delivery network Aka. CDN works as a soul for any media streaming app. For streaming the content on better & optimized bandwidth, an efficient CDN is required where you need to pay the fee for it.

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Why Choose Us For Music Streaming App Development?

There will be 304.9 million music subscribers globally in 2019, and the expected growth of the music streaming market is $7.47 billion during 2024-2027(CAGR 19%). It is such a worthy idea to create the music app.


The Expert Team

Our app development experts have hands-on experience using the latest tech stack to develop platform-oriented and cross-platform innovative applications. If you have an idea similar to an app like SoundCloud and Spotify, then


Tailor-Made Application

We always like to develop applications using our customization skill set, and it helps us take customer satisfaction to a high level. We can customize the app as per your requirement and market trends.



No matter what app you want to develop with us. We always stay focused on the client's data and privacy. We develop a music streaming app that follows high-security standards and remains safe from end-to-end.


Dedicated Developers

We will deploy the dedicated developers for your project, and the team will only work for you until the project's delivery is successful.


On-time Delivery

The product delivery will be on-time, and there will be no delay from our side. It is our standard practice that we follow for each project.

Benefits of Our Music App Development Solutions

  • Ease of Use

    Music lovers can easily access and listen to the music track of their choice.

  • Ease of Discovering Music

    Through the real-time, interactive features of the app, the users can easily navigate and discover the music track or artist of their choice or preference.

  • Attractive UI/UX

    The attractive UI/UX of the live video streaming applications draws the attention of the users.

  • Ease of Streaming Live Music

    The users can play their favorite songs or tracks through live streaming, downloading, saved, or radio music.

  • Social Media Integration

    The users can create a strong social media presence by sharing favorite music tracks on the leading social media platforms.

  • Enjoying Offline Music

    Even when devoid of Internet connectivity, the users can listen to the music of their choice through offline mode.

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Interactive Music Streaming App Models

Create your Own Music Streaming App

Our music app developers have profound experience in creating innovative streaming functionality and mobile UI for multiple devices.

Music Editing Apps

We combine our UI/UX design expertise with excellent sound capabilities to bring about effective music editing solutions.

Music Learning Apps

Our human-interface interaction aims at contributing effective music learning experiences to the users.

Music Apps for Bands

With high-end in-app subscriptions or purchases, make our interactive on-demand music streaming app development solutions a great source of income, while getting closer to the fans at the same time.

Ready-To-Go Solutions By Dev Technosys – A Renown Music App Development Company

  • Spotify Clone

  • SoundCloud Clone

  • Apple Music Clone

  • Amazon Music Clone

  • YouTube Music Clone

  • Tidal Clone

Frequently asked question

  • How can I build a live music streaming website?

    For the last 3 to 4 years you must have noticed a lot of developing music streaming websites. In this industry of much streaming, there is a lot of competition in this market as well. if you are planning to build your own music streaming platform then you may look for some already established website or you can choose a new team for your website. At an affordable price, you can find a lot of sound cloud scripts.

  • How do I develop a music streaming app?

  • How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Music Streaming App?

  • What are the features that consider when developing music streaming mobile app?

  • How can I find the best music streaming app development company?

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