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Cost and Features to Develop an Educational App

Mobile in education!!! A big no? What used to be an eerie term earlier is now a common notion? A huge techno-interaction over the smart education system has boosted up the problematic structure of current tech-dominated era, which does not seem to stay compatible with training the children to befit, into a niche that he/she deserves. The emphatic transformation is the result of the replacement of monotonous blackboards, chalks, and dusters with mobile applications over tablets and Smartphone.

Statista states that market of global mobile education volume going to increase to $37.8 billion in 2020, which is much higher than $3.4 billion in 2011. Look at the Stats indicating here volumes of the educational apps.

Mobile Education Market Graph

Ordinary Education System: Where does it Lack?

Education is not a single-go project. It is, in fact, a long process which starts for at least 1/4 part of the life of an average life. If I tell you to throw $1 bill? Frowning eyes? How can you waste the investment done over 20 years of life? Let us become more elaborative and more focused over, where the actual problem lies.

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The core functioning of education must be intensive learning. Putting the complex and entirely new concept chapter by chapter does not build any ground for the student. The high-scoring students keep throwing the blind-shot in the dark, whereas the down-performing students get unable to use the right side of their logical mind, due to the peculiar pattern catered.

Unfortunately, the situation is more adverse for the practical subject, which enforces the complex formulas for no reason at their back-end. Being a mathematics lover, I can bet most of the 12th-grade students can solve the Integration sums, but cannot tell the applicability of integration in the real world. In place of coherent understanding, students are more focused over cramming the stuff. 




Know the Problems of the Education Sector Before

Education must be coherent and cogent. Here are a few issues all over the world with the classroom training methodology:

  • Classroom stays overcrowded.
  • Decreased parental information.
  • Lack of assistive training.
  • Ignorance of smart tools with the application.

1Challenges for adaption of mobile learning to education

The classroom structure is well acquainted where a noisy entrance of internet-accessible devices, has apparently changed the way students used to interact with the teacher and classmates. In the last decade, schools have increasingly shown interest in initiating BYOD and investment.

2Education + Tech = Technoeudcation

Young students preferably make better use of mobile devices. As per the Pearson student mobile device survey:

  • 78 percent of elementary school students are regularly using the tablet.
  • 68 percent of middle school student is taking the help of a tablet.
  • 49 percent of high schools are learning the concept over tablets.

Fallen between the category of Smartphone and laptops, tablets are the most comfortable devices to support the learning. The learning apps let student study without the active internet connection, where the percentage of usage rises in elementary learning.

A student with the mobile devices to use inside and outside of the class is now a norm rather than the exception. Throwing some more light, we get to see some challenges here:

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3. Education app development: uneven path for mobile devices:

Learning leaders are creating the apps, Educators are finishing their projects with e-learning apps, but how long the apps are successful, entirely depends on the following factors:

  • Whether the app conforms to different platforms.
  • Whether the app is befitted to every screen size.
  • Whether the content is appropriate and elaborative with the examples.
  • Whether the book concepts are entirely covered and catered with the two-way approach of getting good scores and effective learning.

4. Privacy issues

Data protection is the primary concern of every organization. All the mobile devices accessing the intranet also come at the door of sensitive data, professional data and managerial information. A set of safety measures to protect the password. Backups and access to the database are essentially required. 

5. Harms of BYOD

One side, the Smartphone, and tablets are widely used for learning but also the other side is their wrong usage. After all, they are communication devices first. Educators have to ensure that devices are only used for education purpose. They can distract the student, and show the adverse impact instead of performance. 

6. Measuring of efficacy 

Mobile learning is not a stand-alone approach. The e-learning helps students in learning the concepts but the importance of teachers cannot be ignored by society. Alongside, it has to be ascertained, why certain terms are more influenced by teachers whereas some are better learned with the help of tablets. This way, it can be very challenging to demarcate the use of devices in the classroom.



Developing an Educational App: The Right Solution

For many years, education has been taking place in classrooms and universities. The technological evolution has transformed the way, training used to take place. Technology and its evolution reformed the way students were taught to perceive the subject through the interactive process.

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How e-learning bridging the gap

Affordable and accessible: The world is full of great teachers, who possess so much dexterity in their subjects that must be spread around the world. The students with very limited resources do not get the benefits of precious classes. The technology brings valuable education to remote areas and deprived children. Alongside, the professionals are also using the sound knowledge of experts and researchers to incorporate in their business model and processes. 

Engaging Interface: The classroom session is not bound to be interactive. Sometimes it goes in uni-way direction with a few real-world examples. Therefore, sometimes study is considered boring for such subjects. E-learning brings an amazing level of interaction with the children. The easy to use application allows the two-way communication between the student and app. This way, the educational content goes in high demand. It has made a number of companies for the rush to hire android app developer.

Collaborate and outreach: An app takes away the limitation of boundaries. 24/7 communication is possible with outreach to fellow students and teachers. Anytime, anywhere is also, what mobile app has transformed studies into.



Types of Educational Apps

Once your next decision has come to the turn for developing an educational app, then you must decide which type of educational app you actually want. The educational apps are not actually segregated in terms of their functionality, but in fact, they are categorized as per the terms of their role and objective. Here are some types of learning apps: 

  • Subject learning app: A subject-learning app is most of the time-oriented to just one context or subject. Few professional courses are also run over this type of app. This app sometimes contains several courses, but in fact, the path stays the same.
  • Multi-purpose learning app: Developing an educational app, which are multi-purpose states that the app contains a number of courses? Coursera used to be the subject-specific app, but with the time, it has gained huge support from the educational community and evolved as a powerful tool for learning and development. Developing such app sounds quite interesting, but investing in such app demands large support and powerful server to handle the requests.
  • Supportive apps: Today, education is not just limited to the classroom. The project's files are a big part of the study. A large project demands support. Alongside, there are few educational apps, which help parents in keeping track of their children's studies. In addition, parent easily helps their child in the completion of homework.
  • Educational gaming app: A huge amount of investments in being routed towards educational app development. The study must be interactive and relevant to the real world. Training the student within the gamified environment helps the student in grasping the things easier and the education also become easier.
  • Management learning app: As the name suggests, these apps are oriented to assist in management work of the institutions. Admin department of the school generally use these applications
  • Preschool app: You can hire an android developer for the preschool app, as these apps are doing significant well in the market. The preschool market has seen the immense growth and every parent is putting enough amounts of time and investment to make their child grow smarter. The pattern of education has widely changed over time, so is its market. 


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What Educational App brings for Students?

Mobile app Development Company brings a range of features and easiness for students through an innovative and intuitive educational app. An app, which is interactive and engaging enough, attains huge attention and significantly integrated into the mainstream educational. The use of the tablet in children's education is the most practical example of this.

  • Convenient to operate: The purpose of an educational app is to be intuitive and interactive. These apps are made interactive and quite simple to operate. Being an educational app, most of the times, they are made available for free or at such as lower cost.
  • Complex to Simple: Developing an educational app is meant to be bringing complex concepts into a simpler formation. The hard mathematical terms are decoded into the simpler realistic format, which orients towards finding the real-life applicability of the concepts. Proving this fact, there are stats, which says that there is 63 percent of students prefer to study with mobile apps.
  • Teacher assistance: The education app development is not just constricted to the students. There is a lot for teachers that can be offered as a part of the app and increase its popularity.
  • The study is fun: The gamification of the study is a new concept, which is in high prevalence nowadays. The numbers of learning apps are making education fun for the students and now they can learn hard concepts too easily. Geography has gone easier while history has become the story now. Mathematics is taught with real-world examples whereas science has gone more practical. 


Education App development cost


Cost of Developing an Educational App:

Online education is dominantly stepping forward for kid's education. Because the parents and teacher are incessantly attempting to make society better with education. This has got a little bigger with the developing educational app. The powerful augmented reality concept is more challenging the traditional education.

The companies looking for mobile app Development Company must determine the scope of the app before the design and development work starts. The cost of developing a basic educational app by the approach of conceptualizations, design, and development would cost around $5000 to$17000. The cost enhances as the procedures and functionalities enhance, which vary depending upon the requirements.

There are many leading companies in the market. However, the key to finding the best app development company is to look at the portfolio of the company and the success of the previous similar applications. However, association with an app development company is the best medium,

But still, if you want to hire an app developer, it also depends indirectly over the features to be included. As many the features are, so is the time needed. A good developer for an educational app can be hired at $12-$20, which varies as per the location and inflation rate in the country. In South Asia, cheaper options could be found.


At first, it seems that an education app development is too complex and essential requirements the team o experienced educators. Nevertheless, in fact, once you are on the track of development, the things are not so complex. We will recommend associating with a good mobile development company and sharing them the requirement for developing an educational app.

Also, discuss your wireframe with an experienced educator, as he can only tell the psychological aspect of the children. Experts are a few clicks away. A short effort is the only thing, you have to make.


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