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Food Delivery App Development Company

Do you need a business-centric food delivery app development solution? Dev Technosys can assist you with that. Our food delivery app developers team has deep experience in developing apps for food brands and chains of restaurants. We can offer you the right resources on-demand that you can use to turn your app idea into a fantastic food delivery app.

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Highlights of Our Food Delivery App Development Services

DevTechnosys is a trusted food delivery app development company that combines experience, innovation, and expertise to offer the best food delivery applications. If you are willing to create great food delivery apps like UberEats, or DoorDash, we are an ideal Technology partner for your requirements. The core features of our food delivery app development services are

Dev Technosys

Seamless Ordering

The app's success depends on how it facilitates users to order their desired cuisine and get it delivered in less time. We have expertise in implementing an intuitive interface that users can easily use while ordering food online from restaurants.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Almost all modern apps come with multiple payment options, such as net banking, debit card, and credit card. If you need, we can also develop a wallet for the users. Equipping your app with multi-payment options can enhance user experience.

Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys

Dynamic Menu And Inventory

Multiple food ordering and delivery options are the best to implement in the app. It can be possible with a dynamic menu and inventory from the restaurant business via an app point of view. It gives freedom to the restaurant owners to manage the menus and stock efficiently.

Contactless Payment

Since Covid, contactless payment has been in trend for safety purposes, but now it is the new normal. People prefer contactless payment now, and it is happening with the QR code where users need to scan the QR code to pay the amount. It is the best option to implement in food and restaurant delivery apps.

Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys

User’s Security

Food delivery apps are being used by millions of people where they enter their information for delivery or payment. So, if there is any glitch in the security, it can create a disaster. The Dev Technosys food app developers know the right mechanism to implement high-grade security while developing the app.

Key Features To Consider For New-gen Food Delivery App

Dev Technosys

Customer’s App

  • Menu: users can explore the menu for ordering the food categorized as veg or non-veg.
  • Search: powerful search option allows users to search for their favorite cuisine.
  • Payment Gateway: the app remains integrated with multiple payment gateways.
  • Real-time Tracking: via it, users can track their orders in real-time, including the live location of the driver.
  • Instructions to Restaurant: users can instruct the restaurants about adding ingredients or not or any other.
  • Ratings & Review: users can submit feedback about a particular restaurant or cuisine.
Dev Technosys

Restaurant App

  • Profile Creation: Restaurants can create their profile on the app by following easy steps.
  • Menu Management: Restaurant owners can update the menu with a single click whenever they need.
  • Order Management: Order management includes monitoring the orders, delivery schedules, accept/reject requests, and more.
  • Promo or Coupon Code Management: The owners can generate coupon codes, offer codes, and festive deals to engage the customers.
  • Delivery Tracking: The restaurant managers can track the live status of the driver and delivery
  • In-App Chat: The in-app chat feature works as a powerful medium to communicate with users.
Dev Technosys

Delivery App

  • Registration & Login The drivers can register on the app with their email or phone or from a social media app.
  • Driver Profile Drivers can quickly create their profile and easily maintain it, including all info such as name, contact, etc.
  • Order Alert Once the restaurant accepts and approves the order, the delivery professionals get an update.
  • Delivery Management The delivery professionals can manage and arrange the delivery based on the location and food items.
  • In-App Call or Chat The in-app call or chat helps the drivers to communicate with the customers or vice-versa.
Dev Technosys

Admin App

  • Restaurant Management An app admin can manage the list of restaurants and handle other things, such as adding or removing the restaurants.
  • Menu Category The app admin can manage categories based on cuisine type, delivery options, and pre-cooked food.
  • Operations Monitoring The food delivery app admin controls all app activities and monitors the operations using this feature.
  • Push Notifications App admin can send instant updates to restaurant managers, customers, and drivers.
  • Analysis And Reporting It helps get real-time insights by generating monthly or weekly reports for strategic analysis.
  • Earning Tracker It showcases overall earnings by the app on a weekly or monthly basis. The admin easily views income or expenses.

Process of Our Food Delivery App Development

One factor that decides a mobile app's success is how it will be developed. At Dev Technosys, we follow agile methodology to develop a food delivery app solution.

  • 1

    Requirement Discussion

    You will post your requirements with us and then discuss them on the common table regarding food delivery app development based on your idea. It includes a discussion with business analysts and app development experts.

  • 2

    Project's Blueprint

    Once you analyze your requirements, our designers and developers will prepare a blueprint, and then again, we will discuss it to reach the final points. Once the blueprint is finalized, the next step is choosing the tech stack.

  • 3

    Choosing Tech Stack

    One of the advantages of food delivery app development services is that we have in-depth expertise in using the latest and trending tech stack for developing food or restaurant app development companies.

  • 4

    Project Initiation

    The next crucial phase is food delivery application development. As a joint effort, our experienced designers and developers will help you to transform your food delivery app idea into reality.

  • 5

    App Delivery

    Once the application is developed, we will test it in real-time conditions to bring out its real potential. Once we are satisfied with the app, we will hand it over to you with the source code.

Our Portfolio

Dev Technosys has experience of more than a decade in developing mobile apps for industries and brands. Our food delivery app developers have developed multiple food & restaurant delivery apps for global brands. Here are some glimpses of projects we have done so far!

mjam.at - Food Ordering

Simply order your takeaway via smartphone and choose from more than 1.500 delivery services in Austria. You enjoy pizza, sushi, burger or Asian food? With mjam you will always find the right takeaway. ...
Dev Technosys

Wongnai: Restaurants & Reviews

Wongnai will help you to discover great restaurants, spas, and many other beauty services which cover over 250,000 locations from all over Thailand such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chonburi, Korat, Pattaya, Hua Hin, and Hat Yai....
Dev Technosys

Halal Trip: Food, Restaurant, Travel

Plan your Halal travel experience right here. Book Muslim friendly hotels, tours and holiday/vacation packages. Find city guides, airport guides, Halal food & mosques nearby....
Dev Technosys

Our food and restuarants Solutions

At Dev Technosys we deal with your enterprise’s industry specific needs with innovative food ordering solution and cutting edge technology. We have endless food solutions to your everyday business needs whether they are B2B or B2C.

Food Ordering Solutions

Reach out to your customers on their mobile phones and attract them with exciting offers such as cashbacks, free coupons, discounts to enhance your customer reach.

  • Dev Technosys

    Push Notifications

  • Dev Technosys


  • Dev Technosys

    Real-Time GPS Tracking

  • Dev Technosys

    Easy Payment Options

  • Dev Technosys

    Social Media Integration

  • Dev Technosys

    Reviews & Ratings

Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys

Restaurants Mobile App

The apps that make your restaurant management much more easier and caters best in class user experience to customers leveraging better customer engagement

  • Dev Technosys

    Relationship with a loyalty program

  • Dev Technosys


  • Dev Technosys

    Location-based marketing

  • Dev Technosys


  • Dev Technosys

    Easy Order Placement

  • Dev Technosys

    Social Media

Order Management Solutions

Let technology take a lead and guide you seamlessly throughout restaurants food orders. Now no worries of orders coming and going at same time.

  • Dev Technosys

    Centralized order management

  • Dev Technosys

    Multiple payment gateways

  • Dev Technosys

    Inventory management

  • Dev Technosys

    Shipping services integration

  • Dev Technosys

    Customer management

  • Dev Technosys

    Shopping platform integration

Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys

Inventory Management Solutions

Manage your restaurant inventory software efficiently, now track down delivery vehicles and also look into your inventory in one go.

  • Dev Technosys

    Barcoding & Tagging

  • Dev Technosys

    Inventory Tracking

  • Dev Technosys

    Reporting Tools

  • Dev Technosys

    Inventory Forecasting

  • Dev Technosys

    Inventory Alerts

  • Dev Technosys

    Inventory Security and Backups


Now teach, experiment and announce your love for food. Increase your customer engagement by adapting to an interactive platform such as blog.

  • Dev Technosys

    Consistent Themes

  • Dev Technosys

    Pleasing Food Photography

  • Dev Technosys

    Novel Navigation

  • Dev Technosys

    Recipes which work

  • Dev Technosys

    Well-organized recipe index

  • Dev Technosys

    Mobile-friendly aka responsive site

Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys

Restaurant Search Portal

Forgot the name amazing restaurant you last went? Dont worry, we will fill you in with this amazing restaurant search portal.

  • Dev Technosys

    User engagement

  • Dev Technosys

    Easy Search

  • Dev Technosys

    User Generated Content

  • Dev Technosys

    Beneficial for Businesses

  • Dev Technosys

    Advertising Option for Businesses

  • Dev Technosys

    Additional revenue sources

In 2022 the online food delivery market is projected to reach $0.77 trillion. Do you want to contribute to it?

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Dev Technosys

Technology Stack

The latest tech stack helps us to ensure fine product delivery in the form of a food delivery app. While creating the solutions, we also focus on implementing high-quality security mechanisms using the latest technical standards.


  • Ethereum
  • Multichain
  • Wax


  • React
    Ruby On Rails
  • Angular
  • Vue.js
  • VanillaJs
  • VanillaJs
  • VanillaJs


  • Ethereum
  • dGoods
    Digital Ocean
  • TRC-721


  • AWS
  • IBM Bluemix

Version Control

  • IPFS
  • Filecoin
  • MongoDB

Communication Tools

  • IPFS
  • Filecoin


  • IPFS
    Google Meet
  • Filecoin
  • Filecoin
    Goto Meeting

Project Management Tools

  • IPFS
  • Filecoin
  • Filecoin


  • Golang
  • C++
    React Native
  • Python
  • Php
  • Php


  • IPFS

Why Choose Us?

We make it affordable and reliable for business owners to start their own food delivery business. Built a high performing and powerful solution with our expert services.


Experienced Food & Restaurant App Developers

Our responsibility is to provide our clients with the best food delivery app development services. Our experts start the application development process by understanding client requirements. Our developers have the potential to tweak application features that can suit your requirements the most.


App Customization

Customization is one of our specialties, and we have solid experience. The idea will be yours, and we will customize it based on your business requirements. It is also called the app's personalization to meet a focused audience's expectations. The ultimate goal of customization is one size fits all.


Unmatched performance

our online food delivery app has an array of features and functionalities that deliver unmatched performance to the users. We give liberty to the customers to choose the payment and delivery options based on their preferences and convenience. Our applications deliver high performance in terms of order history and Management, order tracking, contacting the delivery boys, etc


High Security Standards

We facilitate users' use of food delivery applications in a safe environment. Our food delivery app developers integrate high-security plugins and technology to ensure the application's security. We close check on third-party integrations and customer support to protect our users from malware and help them initiate secure payments.


Support and maintenance

being a reliable restaurant app development company we offer consistent support and maintenance services to our customers. We also formalize the strategies to add value to their experience while making orders through the food application.


On-time Delivery

Our developers understand the importance of on-time delivery. To achieve this, we plan the food delivery app development process ahead of time. Doing so allows us to anticipate unexpected setbacks during the project. Such practices help us maintain our professional obligations to our clients. Also, by ensuring the timely delivery of the products, we can help our clients earn more profits.

How Dev Technosys delivers Business Value?

At Dev Technosys, our prime focus is to deliver the best-in-class products that can provide a cutting edge in your business domain. We capture the essence of uniqueness in your idea and embellish it with relevant features that help you gain long-term benefits and gain high business returns.

One-Stop Vendor

Dev Technosys is a food delivery app development company trusted by many brands that deploy advanced technology solutions to meet the food delivery business’s modern needs and overcome challenges with the latest tech.

Customer Retention

We have expertise in developing food delivery app solutions to help restaurants or eateries retain and onboard new customers.

Dev Technosys

Scalable Food Delivery Solutions

Scalability is a must for a new-gen food delivery app. Whenever you need, you can scale your food delivery app developed by Dev Technosys. It makes future expansion easy.

Dedicated Working Environment

Our food delivery app developers work in a well-incubated environment that increases productivity and work proficiency. They possess skills to help an enterprise stand out from competitors.

Frequently asked question

  • How to develop a food delivery app?

    • Below are some of the steps that will guide you for food delivery app:
    • A proper and unique idea for a food delivery app.
    • Need to fix a food delivery model.
    • Helps in Aggregator model of requirement.
    • Need to finalize the major features.
    • Tech stack to robust app base.
    • Tech factors and UI UX design to be considered.
    • Need to select the right development partners
    • Marketing is one of the important things to maintain.
  • How much does it cost for online food delivery software development?

  • How much does it cost to create a restaurant online food ordering mobile app?

  • How much should it cost to develop a food delivery app on Android and iOS platforms?

  • How long does it take to start with food delivery app development?

  • Do you have experience in food delivery app development?

  • Which features are most useful in a restaurant mobile booking app when on the go?

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