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Healthcare Mobile App Development Company

The world has taken a digital leap and thus their ways of maintaining fitness, health, and their management of medical records has undergone a major reform. Healthcare is one of the earliest adapters of the technology. Whether it is appointment or merely checking your heart rate, mobile applications are ruling in each sector, they have provided the users a way to bypass the traditional inadequacy of the medical system.

Dev Technosys is a leading healthcare app development company that provides end-to-end quality mhealth app development solutions and fitness app development for industry specific needs of various sectors. Healthcare is seen as a land of opportunities here. Dev Technosys is a healthcare mobile app development company that offers an array of services to meet out your health and fitness needs. Be it portals, apps, websites, IoT, wearables, or software products, everything is dealt and crafted by experts here.

Some Of Our Highly Successful Clients Across The Globe

Excelled healthcare app development services

We provide the most competent healthcare web development & mobile app development standards in the niche of mhealth app development. With our excelled set of solutions, we focus on delivering the effectiveness on the entire healthcare mobile app development domain for improvising all the attuned procedures. Find here a few of our highly empowered solutions that can aid remarkably to your health businesses.

Healthcare app development

Web and Mobile App Development for the better launch of your business into the global market made possible with the right approach and exposure of technology.

HIPAA agreement compilation

Robust and pragmatic customised enterprise mobility solutions or web solutions that best meet your enterprise needs, each layer engineered with experience and expertise.

Integration of medical systems

Systematic streamlined operations that prepare the launch of Startup to an Enterprise. We do the product development for start-ups and make them scalable to get more funding as a brand.

Maintenance & support

Our agency technical partner approach makes it possible to give offshore agencies the right kind of technology exposure that will boost their financial growth and focus on sales & marketing potential.

Cloud and mobility-based solutions

Our agency technical partner approach makes it possible to give offshore agencies the right kind of technology exposure that will boost their financial growth and focus on sales & marketing potential.

Technical Consultation

Our agency technical partner approach makes it possible to give offshore agencies the right kind of technology exposure that will boost their financial growth and focus on sales & marketing potential.

Reserve the best Healthcare Solutions equipped with the latest technical standards

Dev Technosys is a known name when it comes to modernizing the health care app development norms. We infuse the right technological standards including the AR/VR, IoT, Blockchain, etc for magnifying the overall app development.


  • It ensures the integrity of medical documents and records.
  • Can be employed in delivering the patient approval for data sharing.
  • Allotment of options becomes easy for the patient.
  • Easy reward distribution.


  • Surgical training can be delivered by using VR.
  • AR/VR gives access to Remote surgery in the right way.
  • Allotment of options becomes easy for the patient.
  • Easy reward distribution.

Artificial Intelligence

  • It helps in managing medical records and other data in the right way.
  • Aid in deploying the right and customized path for accomplishing treatments.
  • Helps in delivering the appropriate medical consultation based on pre-medical history.
  • It helps to set the virtual nurses for improvising the patient’s condition.


  • Helps in scheduling the appointments and reminders.
  • Patient engagement becomes easy with the chatbots.
  • Accelerate the process of patient monitoring.
  • Helps in examining the major cause of patients.

Benefits of Integrating an App with Apple HealthKit

You can integrate Apple HealthKit into the respective health & fitness apps for iOS as well as watchOS systems. The Apple HealthKit integration allows you to deliver a seamless experience to the users. Some of the potential benefits of app integration include:

Maintaining Health Records

The innovative Health Records API of the app allows the users to share the respective health record data including health conditions, allergies, vitals, medications, and so more.

Designing Interactive Health & Fitness Apps

Using Apple HealthKit, you can look forward to designing as well as developing feature-rich health & fitness apps. The app can work with the health and activity data of the users to provide excellent user experiences.

Health & Fitness Accessories

There are over a million active Apple devices across the world. You can effectively make use of latest health & fitness apps connecting these devices with Apple Watch & iPhone.

Apps for Research & Care

Using the innovative features of the App HealthKit app, you can also design revolutionary apps for research and care in the field of health & fitness.

Streamlined Health Data

Another major benefit of this HealthKit is that it provides access to streamlined health data. Patients can make use of the HealthKit-enabled apps to securely analyze as well as store vital health-related data.

Ease of Deployment

The setup process for HealthKit-enabled apps is quite simpler such that the users are able to configure the devices automatically and seamlessly.

Features of Apple HealthKit

Apple HealthKit is known to provide a huge database for vital data related to health & fitness on Apple Watch and iPhones. With the help of the permission of the users, Apple HealthKit provides access to the vital data while allowing them to share the same effectively with the help of advanced healthcare mobility solutions.

Some of the essential features of Apple HealthKit development services include:

Dev Technosys

Medical ID

Out of the four tabs of the app, Medical ID is an essential tab. This tab allows the users to store and access important information in case of some medical emergency. In addition to this, the users can also enable the Medical ID page to be accessed only with the help of a lock screen by supplying a finger scan.

Health Data

This is yet another feature that helps in aggregating all important app data related to the user’s health. Using this feature, the users can enter vital health-related data including weight, age, gender, height, and so more. Some of the additional data that can be entered are the number of hours slept, blood pressure, heart rate, and so more.

Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys


The interactive dashboard allows you to reach out to different pages or sections of the app easily. The dashboard also provides access to weekly or monthly health reports of the users.

Intuitive Interface

Apple HealthKit is known to offer assistance with the help of an intuitive interface. Using this interface, the patients can learn more about their respective conditions while looking for effective remedial steps at the same time.

Dev Technosys
Dev Technosys

Safety of Data

The app is built by keeping security in mind. For instance, the Touch ID feature of the app allows the doctors to make use of the fingerprints as passwords for accessing information related to the patients. At the same time, frequent software updates from iOS can help in resolving major security concerns.

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Our Portfolio

For years Dev Technosys has delivered Websites and Applications that have worked as the text books for other to follow in the tech domain. Some of these highly precious products- the fruits of our exceptional acumen in technology and breakthrough solutions are:

Smart Body Fat Scale

PICOOC app connects with the PICOOC Smart Body Fat Scale which uses high-precision weight sensor and high-speed fat-measuring microchip to collect body data. Here you can synchronize 13 important body measurements such as weight, body fat perce...
Dev Technosys

Brain Sensing Headband

Muse app is used in conjunction with Muse(The Brain-Sensing Headband). It helps to guidance in every session and tracks the process as well. It is easy to understand and set the weekly goals yourself....
Dev Technosys

The specialized team of healthcare app developers that focus on mHealth app development

Infuse a robust, seamless and a wireless mobile framework and infrastructure that is capable of addressing the ever-evolving demands created of versatile healthcare providers and patients.


A healthcare web development company must stick with all the rules and regulation that are attuned to healthcare app development. The app is compliant with appropriate safety measures, for instance, HIPAA.


Well, undeniably you can deliver a lot with your Healthcare app solution. In the niche of developing an app, one thing that remains the same is that: how much your app comprehends the user's demand?


A seamless, reliable and a secured app is the need of the hour. The app must be able to connect the doctors and the patients in just the right way.


Well, it is important to make the app in such a way that it delivers the information as and when required by the doctor. The app we develop yes is true to the doctor community plus also authentically saves the user info.

Why choose us

Our marketplace development solutions enable the sellers to extend their service radius and bring visibility to their brand and products.


Consumer-focused and process-driven approach.


A healthcare app development company imbibed with the proficient healthcare app developers .


Stick with the deadlines and delivers work as promised.


Proficient in delivering advanced health care app solutions.


Adopts Agile methodology for mobile apps and other empowered services.


Reserved with the strongest workforce and infuses the high-quality performance standards.


Sticks with the perfect technical paradigms and is capable of shaping the complex ventures in a much easy way.


Award-winning company in the niche of delivering the most comprehending services in the domain of optimization, publishing, marketing, and maintenance.

How Dev Technosys delivers Business Value?

At Dev Technosys our converging focus is at delivering you best in-class healthcare solutions that make you a leader in your business domain. We try to capture the essence of uniqueness in your idea and embellish it with relevant features that help you gain long term benefits and gain high business returns.

One Stop Vendor

Dev Technosys is a one stop healthcare app development company that deploys advance technology healthcare solutions to meet enterprise modern needs and help them combat business challenges with latest tools.

Knowledge Retention

We cater fitness app development services that are best at retaining knowledge and use it for further utilisation. We try to capture the essence of knowledge and expertise with latest technology.

Dev Technosys

Team Scalability

At Dev Technosys we have a balanced team of health app developers; here you will find experienced and expert healthcare developers that are creative and innovative with a strong leash on latest development frameworks and platforms.

Dedicated Working Environnment

Our developers work in a well incubated environment that increases their productivity and work proficiency. Our healthcare app developers are highly dedicated to deliver you highly functional apps that make your enterprise standout from competitors.

Frequently asked question

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